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Eloisa 7d
And she adorned her evenings
with roses and rhymes,
words and thorns.
A night even with her sacred vessels,
she still got lost in a storm
Today,  I picked up flowers of life with glee

Tomorrow, the thorns of death shall pick me without any glee

Today I enjoyed the temporary pleasures of the world

Tomorrow, I shall dwell with the displeasures of death

The funeral ahead is declaring ‘O humans of this earth’
‘Follow my lead since I am your guide.’
Sayyidunā Abul-Ḥujjāj Šumālī رضي الله عنه narrates that the Holy Prophet صَلَّى اللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّم said, “When the dead person is laid into the grave, the grave says to him, “May you be destroyed! Why did you forget me? Didn’t you know that I am the home of troubles and darkness? Why did you use to walk on me arrogantly?” If the deceased is pious, a voice from the unseen says, “Oh grave! He is one of those who always spread goodness and prevented evil” The grave says, “If it is so, I will become a garden for him.” The body of the person then becomes Nūr and his soul goes towards the court of Allāĥ Almighty” (Musnad-e-Abī Ya’lā, Ḥadīš 6835, V6, P67, Dār-ul-Kutub-ul-‘Ilmiyyaĥ,
Sharon Thomas May 24
I never want to bleed again;
The way I did before.

For an unrequited love,
That was worth dying for.

The beauty of the rose;
Deceived me,
My love for it,

Thorns pierced through my skin,
With a single touch,
Making its way to my

Thorns that shot poisonous darts;
That lead straight to my heart..

"Oh the torment!"
I cried in pain;

Why was I in agony,
When all I did
was love.
StormriderIX Apr 21
Idle days thinking...

All the time we
Make mistakes.

Time heals us.
Is it true?
Roses have thorns.
Evidentially the same applies to time.
Doesn't it?
I'm tired.
KyleB Apr 11
Not all flowers have thorns
but roses do

roses are special, they are beautiful
just to the likes of you

so many flowers are pretty
but nothing compares
to the aesthetic of roses

and that's why they are aware.

their thorns protect them
they are born to fight

but they keep us silent,
cut our voices
they make us die

some people don't like roses
or don't like their thorns
they'll cut off their leaves
because they aren't thorns
and they'll cut down the thorns because nothing should be in the way

of their love

or so they say

when they cut our thorns
they are so proud
but do they know they take the rain out of clouds?

they break the spell,
they obstruct the beauty
sometimes they go ahead and just shoot me

I wonder, I wonder
oh dear rose of mine
why you die, oh you die
without your thorns sublime

not all flowers are roses
but none wishes to be
for the life of a rose

is as miserable as torture makes us be
Ronin Mar 15
you told me
the roses in my garden
weren't red enough,
so i changed them.

you told me
the roses in my garden
weren't big enough,
so i changed them.

you told me
no matter what i did
my roses would never be pretty
enough for you,
so i cried.

i let you trample up all
my roses
and i took the thorns and the petals
and i chewed them up,
and spit them in your face.

but one thorn
got swallowed
and it
remains stuck in my
throat to this
very day.

for every lie i get told
i swallow a thorn
how many boys would it take,
to get my rose garden back?

& i never even promised you a rose garden.
based on the book titled "i never promised you a rose garden"
Kyle Feb 5
Pain from thorns;
Fragrance from flowers;
Storm that troubles;
Fairweather that comes;
That's how life goes.
Man Feb 4
in her clenched hand
she held a rose,
recently wilted
i saw its thorns
dug into her palm
like wire barbed

small and unassuming
gasping for breath
she had the heavy scent
of gasoline
each iris was a match lit
and she laid her gaze on me

let me be your fuel,
burn me down
and lament over the ashes
Apollo Jan 8
Sometimes you have to forget
about the thorns
and pluck the rose.
A risk worth taking.
When the pleasure cancels the pain,
the action will never be in vain.
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