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Maja Oct 18
I took ten lives
to save a thousand

I lost a battle
to win a war

To hold up the halo
I got my horns,
because I cannot take the rose,
without taking all its thorns.
Does the end justify the means?

can the means justify the end?
there are girls made of storms,
and girls born of fire;
but the ones I love best are roses.
they’re beautiful, with thorns,
and roots that reach deeper than the winter frost.
Anastasia Oct 7
he is a rose
a rose with thorns
a rose I can see
but a rose I cannot touch

apart and never close
one within and one without
a coil that will never meet
a heart that will never beat

tell me your sins, dear child
my love belongs to one
but he is one
I cannot have
another love poem, got the inspiration flowing today
Jay M Sep 14
Yellow rose
Beauty so bright
Thorns drip of crimson

So sweet
Only to be taken through pain

Yellow rose
Burning sun
Smile for me
Lure me with your scent

Yellow rose
Petals rays of light
Shine down on me
Ever so bright
Get me through the night

Yellow rose
Bloom for me
Show me your inner beauty

Yellow rose
More than your protective thorns
More than your petals of gold

Yellow rose
Take me back
To times of bliss
When chaos was aside
Where we did not hide

Yellow rose
Slowly wilting
Remain for me
Just be

Yellow rose
Slowly it does decay
Veins of brown
Slowly taking over

Yellow rose
Fire burning low
Embers flutter and flow
Soon to go dark
Turn to ashes

Yellow rose
Decay and dry
How you did try
To display your inner beauty

Yellow rose
I suppose
This is just how it goes

- Jay M
September 14th, 2020
Oh yellow rose.
Is it about you or God,
Does your religion teach hate,
A bed of roses may not be your life,
But is was Jesus who wore the thorns of strife,
Don't judge but show love everyday,
God will sort us out on judgment day,
Live your life so when you die,
Nice things people say won't be a lie,
If you're going to be religious,
Instead of a nut be a fruit spiritually delicious,
It's good to talk the talk,
More pleasing to walk the walk,
If you keep your eyes on God above,
Then how can you not know love.
I fall short every day and God knows it. We often complain and we judge others but we have no right. It was Jesus who suffered and wore the thorns so that we might be saved and love one another without condemnation.
Frivolous thorns thought
They would receive huge applause
For protecting 'roses' beautiful and pristine
But to their dismay
They find themselves thrown away
While 'roses' getting praise and care all the way
They regret why they born
Nobody appreciates the thorns!
At least we know now
What we did not know then.
© Teri Darlene Basallote Yeo
romy Jul 29
crimson roses for breakfast
glass of wine adorned with thorns
stems wrangled around my figure
scaled petals as my skin
Cox Jul 13
Rose in a upright-full pose,
wear your thorns as your clothes.
Sun ruthless,
soil dry.
There really is no ‘good’ guy.
Be patient, be kind.
Another will pick you as they come by...
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