Jobira 1h

There are deadly thorns, lying between
your chocolate molten cake lips
I am yearning to kiss.

I am tasked to either die alone
in fear of the inevitable darkness,
In hunger of your lips without a taste of it,
without basking it for a moment longer,
or just be stung by "kiss of the dragon,"
and remembered as a happily dead man.

I want to die a happy man at the end!

@jobiranyc (9/24/2017)

Maria Etre Sep 4

She left her beauty
in the shade
preserved for those
who dare
walk into her darkness

She left her other self
in the shade
covered by the innocence
whose scent seduces those
bewitched by
the beauty of a rose

B Chapman May 13

I saw her and I knew.
The ring on her finger mocked and teased,
she wasn't meant to be mine.
The fire in her eyes danced a story few could stand to watch.
The force behind her fist defended her lack of obedience.
Scars of feral deeds decorate her cheeks,
Yet the shape of her spine demands you see her as dignified.
The tears on her lashes reflected how weak I had become.
With curiosity in her eyes, she saw me-
more than I wanted.
The tilt of her head and the part of her lips
whispered that her heart matched mine.
The taste of her kiss warned me,
she was brimming with poison.
With a sigh of her voice
she screamed how I completed her.
With a grateful bite of her nails I brought her peace,
however temporary.
She hissed my name as though to serenade me.
In that moment I held her love.
Never to be mine,
Yet I am always hers.

Vyscern Aug 29

The one i love, loves me not
So am i chasing a beautiful girl
Or a nightmare?

These feelings that I've got
They make me scream
Make me plead
Oh God I'm guilty

Of falling for you

And its so hard to breathe
When you're near me
I feel like an intrusion
On someone, too pure

Admist the confusion

I, cannot sleep,
I am melting
Falling through my dreams

And there's one thing to be seen

I, will wear this Crown of Thorns
If only to be by you,
For one second more

I will fly
Spread my wings
If only to fall
And wake with you beside me...

But i know, one things for sure
I keep waking on the floor
Amongst the dust
And all my broken thoughts

And so you see, for all i say
These words won't change the way
That you perceive
It might just be a bad dream
Or an unfortunate reality

I, will wear this Crown of Thorns
If only to be by you,
For one second more

I will fly
Spread my wings
If only to fall
And wake with you beside me...

*music *

For just one second more...
Oh, for just one second more..

I will endure this pain
Like a cage it contains
My punctured heart

And so i say,
Even though these scars will stay
Are a beautiful girl?
Or are you my nightmare?

Either way it hurts..
But i no longer care!

I, will wear this Crown of Thorns
If only to be by you,
For one second more

I will fly
Spread my wings
If only to fall
And wake with you beside me...

I, will wear this Crown of Thorns
If only to be by you,
For one second more

I will fall
Even if i try to fly
But thats okay, at the end of the day

I'm falling for you

idk if i should make this a part of my EP

Dandelions Daisys
and Daffodils
ultra twilight
Mourning Glorys

Beau coups of tragically
beautiful Buttercups

Scarlet Lillys
and Royal Violets
Violently pursued
by less than
gentle sunlight

Sharp piercing
cutting thorns
enticing with
yellow blush
and crimson Roses

Beauty for a time
a moment less
maybe moments longer
Then wilted away

Another then springing
from darkness unto light
and brilliant breath
...and another

Each purposed only to
the sustenance
of the thorns
and the beauty thereof.



Laurel Leaves Aug 22

Ok so I just walked through a garden
The sprinkler went off
It was dark
The rose bushes tickled bug bites
I couldn't focus my eyes

He told me in a manic frenzy
That loving something
So indecisive felt like
Biting the air
Watching as the leaves just float away

Felt like mountains cascading towards him

I told him loving me
Wasnt suitable for anyone
Not even myself

You see I stand perplexed by the idea
That I could even be held
That anyone could even feel the sensation
Of my own still body

As I dart
Dodging moments where they lie through their teeth

Who could even conceive
My rotting body adjacent to
A mind that is inhabited by land mines

A mapped out memory of each trauma
As it crashes towards me

He said that I was easier than
Southern deserts
Stuck in the car

Forgot to mention it contextually
Do you wake it up if you cannot dispose of it later

Do you reach to touch it

If you know you can never feel it?

The sprinkler went off
The water didn't even get me wet
Yet I stood there leaking
Stood there
Thorns cutting
Every side of me.

sage Aug 19

When I first met you there was a garden growing in my mind,
But it was never beautiful.

Filled with thorns from the dead roses I had been given by someone I used to love,
My thoughts hurt me every day.

My head was bleeding on the inside,
The outside willing to collapse at any moment.

My tears watered the thorns,
Helping them to grow stronger, and sharper.

Then you came along one day,
And said hello.

My heart skipped a beat as I stared into your bright green eyes,
Admiring your sunkissed skin.

Freckles scattered across your nose,
reaching your softly blushed cheeks.

I bit my lip,
Saying hello back.

Now I know you,
That garden is no longer dangerous.

That garden that wanted to be beautiful,
Finally was.

You cleared the thorns,
And replaced them with daisies.

Now every time I close my eyes,
I don't have to fear myself.

not my best but I liked the idea.
Jae Thorns Aug 10

have you received it already?
the yellow rose i had dropped
this morning?
do you know what does it mean?

it means you,
a gift from heaven,
an angel of happiness,
my happy little bean.

your smiles are like those
roses, happy and shining.
you may also have thorns,
but there are soft spots.

chuffed from your smiles,
i believe you're the sunshine.
chuffed from your happiness,
i believe you're an angel.

you're my yellow rose,
my friend.
you're my very special rose,
my flower.

Nashoba Aug 9

Oh what a prickly thing.
Oh what a fuzzy thing.
Oh what a misconception you can bring.
Some of your petals soft looking with maybe no thorns to stick. Some fuzzy that makes us want to cuddle but oh shit watch out for that prick.
The cactus the beauty in the desert. Blooms with flowers then withers up. Always there to trip you up.

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