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Sharp broken heart parts in her chest
Made her bleed for a few days

Her rain clouds arrived
Eyes went to the sky
Saw how the raindrops
Fell on her forehead

She grew taller
Became stronger,
Prettier and dangerous
Than before

Like a beautiful rose
That blooms
With sharp thorns.
Thorns 5d
How could it be you
Why do you hate me so
And act the way you do
Never have you thought of me
In a good way
Or in a good place
How could I have loved
Why would I have continued to love you
And cherish the thought of you
Never again I will
How, why, and never again that I will give my love you
Thorns 5d
Through the night my heart is so deceiving
I can’t even help but breathing
It won’t stop
Every time
The night is black and lushes
It shows the beauty of the darkness
Expresses the wonder of blackness
I see you
Standing there
In the middle of road
Under a street lamp
Your arms wide open
Beckoning me to come into them
I run to you
To have you fade
To blow away like dust
And the lights go out
I am alone
All through the night I’m missing you
Your standing there in front of me
I look at you, you look at me
And then your gone
Into the night
Gone without a trace
The sky isn’t the only blackness at night
In the dark
In the cold
Without you
Without you
In the night
The black, dark, and deceiving night
Amber 7d
As i first saw the beauty, i walked in. The garden flowers so fresh everything seems nice but the horror lays within, i sighed.

Oh the peacefulness as i strolled slow paced, not needing to look back but once i do i’m never coming back.

What happened, why is time passing away so fast, like we are running through a never ending garden filled with thorns.

Scraped my knee as i fell and i screamed for this to stop. Help me, please save me from this maze i can’t seem to figure out this place.  Guide me out or give me a map, i want to come out from this mess.


The rain pours down, i laid on the ground. No one there for me in this lonely town i cried... But no one seems to hear me, i cried... Someone please help me.
Mallory Blake Oct 10
Beautiful roses, growing in a field
But unknown to me; the weapons they wield

I know they’re sweet
I know they’re pretty
I know that their thorns are a pity


They’ll always be beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
They’ll always be beautiful but full of thorns.
This poem was a suggestion of a friend. We were talking about how people are like roses, beautiful on the outside, full of thorns on the inside.
Thorns Oct 9
I dream of you
Every time I close my eyes
I think of you
Trying not to let me cry
For in every note I’ve wrote to you
I express the love I feel for you
You know it’s true
I dream of you
You loved me
I love you
I dream of you
Thorns Sep 27
Birth papers

Mother don’t try you can’t hide it
We both know you can’t deny it
I found an old folder I thought I’ve seen before
Though I didn’t look inside then
This time I couldn’t deny it
For I didn’t know what secrets lie inside it
Opened it up found a small card with her name and his name
Though I only knew what the abbreviation of the first name ment
I now know my fathers name
But I shall not tell you
Or trouble might brew
The initials are SMJ, if you read this I’m Julia Marie Renyo
I love you dad. I wish you stayed Sean Michael Jackson. <3
Infinity Sep 20
I am a rose,
I’ll ****** you with my beauty,
Then hurt you with my thorns.

Heed the warning,
I’ll only say it once,
Because once you reach for me,
We’ll begin our little dance.

I am a rose,
I hurt you when you picked me up,
I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to!
I just really wanted to dance.
Why’d you leave me in the vase you picked?
Sitting in the same water you poured on our very first day,
You pass by me as I whither,
And won’t give me a second glance?
Because I hurt you when we danced?
But why blame me, when you didn’t listen!
When the tears in my eyes glistened
When I told you about my thorns…
rebecca Sep 16
It starts with a seed: small and dark
It starts to grow: a stem and a thorn
It grows some more: twisting inward on itself
Now its a bush: one that smothers
It has sharp thorns and soft, black leaves. they ***** out all of the light
It tightens around something soft. you cant feel it but you sense it
You keep watching the plant as it grows
once it was a seed, now a still growing plant
until one day...
...you cant...
Thorns Sep 13
You made me laugh
You made me smile
You were so warm and friendly to me
But after a year I became your fear
I have not changed
I think you have, and alot
You were really nice to me and a good friend back then
That’s why I loved you so
I still might
And that’s the thing
I feel like I’m fooling myself
I am, I’m not, I do, I don’t, it is, it’s not
Now you do not wish to speak to me
You ignore me
Even when I’m literally right in front of you
You never look me
But when you do
You look at me
You look at me like I’m the dirt on the street  
Existing but not mattering because I’m on the floor
I am below you and them
I don’t matter
I am constantly ignored, pushed around, and hated by you
I’ve done nothing to you to deserve this
Think about how others feel
It's not that hard to have the least bit of consideration
Think of the Golden rule your breaking
I've done nothing to you, you liar
Why me
Why you
Why is the question we've all asked at one point. I feel like I'm living in the incorrect answer.
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