Ink 3d

When the pressure builds on your shoulders
And you’re on the verge of breaking
Let me be your first call
To stop your voice from shaking

When the nights are achingly short
And the days seem to drag on
Know that I’ll listen to all of your worries
Until the crack of dawn

When you find your life is hostile
And the world is harsh and cold
Remember that you are fragile when alone
But together we can be bold

When these days are long passed
And our memories become foggy and strained
I hope you’ll remember your friend in high school
That cared for you when it rained

When we grow old and tired
And our days are filled with regret
We’ll look back at these high school years
And friends we hope we won’t forget

I’ll be glad I had thanked you then
For shielding me from the eternal storm
And wish that we'll meet in sunlight soon
Where we are not our thorns

For Noor. It's a continuation of the poem I wrote you before.

Sorry, it sucks. I have writer's block.

A repertoire of thorns.
Beseeching for care.
A Circuitous motif.
Awaiting to flourish.

Serrated dirk it may be.
Rooting on sullied galaxy.
Appeared with instilled animosity,
But hidden is an abyss of ever-flowing magnanimity.

A gift I got from a girl for my birthday.
Miss Weirdo Jul 13

Of all the thorns
That ever stuck me,
You were the most beautiful one;
It bled out my everything,
But somehow it didn't hurt..

Just like a rose
I remove your thorns
To only wear them as a crown
If this is what it will take
To make you believe my love
Then know now I love your thorns
As much as I do the rose

Sam Jun 9

They say the black rose has the fewest thorns.
The truth is, she wears them on the inside.

Ryan Holden May 13

Thorns give us scratches,
But not all can take insults,
With delicate skin.

Dandelion spirit, and a thorny rose fighter.

You can't go carelessly picking up flowers without expecting one to be a biter.

For every petal that wilts, you'll get a sting.

Prickly thorns clinging to every single thing.

Nature can be soft and sweet, but in every beautiful landscape there is a nearby guarding beast.

You cannot deceive flowers, for you are already deceived.

The petals sheild a warrior, and their sword is hungry to feed.

for ashley, one of my closest friends in the world and perhaps the one i hold closest to my heart. sometimes my maternal instincts take over and i feel the need to protect you from everything i can, but then i remember, you are so much stronger than youre given credit for. i'm so proud of you! i love you! thank you for being apart of my life

I love when people,
think they can do no wrong.
Think they're in charge,
of everyone else's fate.
Hurt just feel
a sense of superiority.
you see,
when you play with fire,
you will get burned.
And if you play with a rose,
you will get the thorns.

When you realize you're more powerful than you think, the world becomes less scary. Stay strong. They only win if you let them.

Petals, plucked by "he loves me"s and "he loves me not"s,
Roses, the symbol of perfect love and eternal beauty.

Such a bright vermillion, matching
Such a dulcet aroma with
Such a charismatic lust
Emerging from layers of velvet.

Maiden's lips resemble it so, as if
Nature graced it with its own paintbrush.
Drops of dainty words and heavenly sighs escape like
Drops of dew in the calm of light at dawn.

A scent of eros romance
Rings around her neck and wrists, able to
Entrance any passersby.
Beauty of those able to challenge Aphrodite,
Whom wishes to lacerate gradually,
Fueled by hatred and jealousy.

Fair, both skin and hair.
Poise as an angel with a
Face to match.
Eyes say otherwise, however.

Yes, she is a rose, but
Even roses have thorns.

Alan Brown, thank you for teaching me a new word: vermillion.
Jenna Erwin Apr 6

Dirt roads are like mazes
Wrapping around in never ending knots
Till you find the path that leads to your destination

My life is a dirt road
Forever going in circles
With no end in sight

I cannot find the path right for me
Every time I think I found a good one
The thorns end up ripping me to shreds
And I am left to sew myself back together

I am stronger because of the rips the thorns cause
Soon I will find the right dirt road that I have been searching for

For those who are looking for their dirt road, you will find it. Everything will work out the way it is supposed to.
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