I need a flower of hate
For my love has turned into a thorn
But don’t you know what a thorn can do?
Thorn can pierce out the things
That’s hurting you...
Thorns are epic.
I’ll stand,
an awkward flower amidst your thorns
Perhaps a touch battered;
Most definitely worn.
Red and invoking dreams-
I’ll stand.
Another one of those poems were it was written about a friend, but the tables have turned and I'm the one standing now,
Danielle Apr 11
I’ll sing you lullabies
Of sticky toffee
And Fairy’s wings.
Falling stars to taste.
Whispered rhymes,
My soul to take.
Rosy thorns that grew
Into golden thread
And tied, my heart to you.
Oh the sweet start of a relationship. Not that I'm particularly in the mood to write such things, but sharing them is probably a good thing,
you deserve love
served on a
bed of roses,
do not, I repeat,
do not
settle for the thorns.
Giving others
the roses of your life
while holding them
by the thorns
is sacrifice
sacrifice is pity, not love.
KM Hanslik Apr 4
I fall apart
into the unspoken things,
I tremble at the touch of silence which keeps me company on the park bench,
in my car and
in my bed alone.
I sharpen my teeth on all the fragile things -
"maybe we are all just robots" -
I grate my skin against everything you never followed through on and I
push my fingers so far into my temples I'm not sure
if it's the cause of the pain or not, but I can't stop anyway.
I twist myself into knots in fear of
being smooth like a sheeet of paper
you might've scrawled your name on a million times,
a million strangers who never
called back
a million lives where you might have known
what it was to wake up with your name still warm on someone's tongue,
instead of scrawled in hasty black ink
in a crowded room somewhere.  
The silence loves me so much it becomes
my passion, I carry it around with me everywhere and I tell it
everything I will never tell anyone.
It comes to love me so much, it wraps
its cold fingers around my throat so that I
do not have to be alone, it sinks
its thorns in deep so that I can
feel something tonight
when the dog barks two doors over and
I begin to lose myself in everything
that wasn't ever said because
I kill myself a little every night
and every morning, put the thought away in its box
So that you won't know how I
dig up the graves of past lovers,
because I wish that I could fall into
someone instead of into
the blinking lights on my computer and the voiceless call of
anything to get rid of the memory your touch
on my skin, half beautiful, entirely
I kiss the thought of all the headspace I have left for
drawing up new remedies to stop feeling so distant, so
alone, and I lay them out gently
inside of a felt-lined box
and I put it away,
until you leave me alone
with my thoughts.
Gene Rose Apr 3
With my deep eyes
I've been looking in you
the love that i need,
the love that you cannot give.
With my strong soul
I'd still intertwined
my fingers with yours,
Even if it means
i'd hold flowers with thorns.
With a big and fragile heart
You broke it, yet most parts remain
intact to heal myself again.
The greatest thing about having so much love to give is that, you will never run out of it.. even if you gave it to the wrong person, or to someone who doesnt even want it.
You will never run out of love for yourself too and for everyone around you. :) just keep spreading love, the world needs it. ♡
I'm a rose
You touch my
Body's beauty
I'm just so soft
Your thought gets
Entangled in me
I absorb you
We become one
But as you sink to
The realities
Of my bottom
Prickly thorns
Prick you
O baby!
Be careful
Sweet roses
Can take life
Out of you!
Roses are beautiful...but what d'you think?
Ki Marie Mar 28
I used to be in control of
who I fell in love with
now I have the scent
of lavender fogging up my brain
and rose thorns
pricking my heart
KMH Mar 21
Everyone remembers
That roses have thorns
And that ivy is poison,
But nobody told me
That the fire in her eyes
Would rage and ravage
My heart and soul.
And nobody told me
How much I would love it.
© KMH 2018
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