Sanny 2d
As the rain hits my window I feel comfort in my loneliness.

Safe from the storm, I listen.

The chaos from the outside calms my own.

The sound drowns the thoughts in my head.

I close my eyes.

Is this how my inner storm would sound?
Sanny 2d
Along with the spring sun the memories of my long lost love arises.

The memory fragments are getting pieced back together.

I see him in strangers on the street,
looking for him though I know he's not here..

I know it's stupid, the person I miss no longer exists.

The harsh reality turned my dreams into nightmares.

His lies and deceptions are now haunting me in my sleep.

There's no place left for him and I to be.

Waking up, memories fresh, aching heart.

Lips longing for the bottle, like so many nights before.

Anything to drown the hope of something that'll never be.

And the pain of a time that was..
Slowly drown, embrace the dreamer and the pride.
Cherry, peachy, blood dries out of sight
I can now, open my eyes
A thousand moons revive the night.
Peter Balkus Feb 10
em>The poem was inspired by the news that "Italian Coast Guard let dozens of refugees drown" (Independent, 8.05.2017)

How beautiful would be the sea
without these dots of human lives?

Let's leave them there,
it's wrong, I know,
it breaks my heart,
it breaks
I can't believe my own words.
It's not me who is saying this,
it's someone else.

No, it's me.

you do things you'd never do,
if you weren't here,
if you weren't you.

Let them drown,
let them rest in Peace,
for this place
is the worst to be.

how beautiful would be the sea
without these dots of dying life?

How beautiful would be this world
without us,
who let them die.
ApoetIsonly Feb 8
I’m like standing water on a broken road
Seeping into the cracks and holes
Filled with dirt and debris

Pleasing to the eye
It’s inevitable to get jumped in
Once again spread too thin

Whatever the case may be
There are no complaints to be made
Caution: when frozen I become a slippery icecapade
Irene J Feb 4
Help me,
I'm drowning.

Nobody see's me,
I'm invisible.

There was no air to breathe,
there was nobody listening,
I was all alone.

The darkness pull me down,
and the light slowly slipped away.

I didn't take a chance nor I try
because nobody could save me,

except myself.
Rebel Heart Feb 2
Forever it returns
The gripping feeling of
Tides reeling you in
Waves fading you out
The thundering of your heart
The rumbling of your thoughts
Forever stuck on
What could've been
What should've been
What would've been
Only to be disillusioned
By the gasps of reality
And the cracks of truth
Before being pulled under
To be washed away
Finally Unburdened
(Another piece of another masterpiece and a tribute to those still haunting the waters... Enjoy ~BM)

(Front Page 2/2/2018)
Lucia Jan 30
I've had a recurring dream,
In which I swim myself into deep ocean,
Ignoring icy waves that crumble atop me,
Until I'm just a pale face in the water,
Staring up
Reflecting a blank sky.

That's when I exit myself,
I watch myself drown and,
I realise it may not have been a dream as much as I thought.
A real dream a keep having but I don't know what it means
Stara Jan 24
Used to your pattern
Yet I still drown in the pain
Re-finding my strength
The strength to love you, and to walk away.
CGW Jan 22
The plane quivers restlessly on the swollen air.
Used and abused people drunk on their ignorance surround me.
I'm packed in with them like sardines in a can. Thousands of miles from solid earth.
The plane dies like a stumbling horse in a thunder filled war zone.
It was if space had reached down and grabed the falling plane and had pulled it up towards the heart of the heavens.
All the drunken humans floating like planets.
Planets in a falling plane.
That is
Until the ocean ripped through the sky like a hand made of knives and grabbed the plane and drowned it.
This is just from my imagination
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