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fraudelle 19m
The sun is drowning
The moon is MOURNING
The next day without YOU
Lemme cry for a day
zxn 3d
I wrote this poem for you but you’ll never know it
My love runs true but I never show it
I sealed it in a bottle in hopes that it would find its way to you
Wishing that you’ll be able to read the love between the lines and through
I drowned trying to swim across the ocean that was you
J J 4d
Prickly morning sun strings up
      the hair on her arms as she gazes,
watching the waves bobble and weave and listening
to their dead seashells and shellfish;
       ricketing and momentarily floating.

For a moment, her heart is the ocean.
  Always beating and providing life without
knowing why. She sighs and begins to forget she is lost--
The synthetic shores of everyday life at her backfoot,
   the burning sand ridden with childhood memories.
She slowly allows it to dissapear
and recaptures a piece of her self
                                                            ­  in return;

Belonging to this ocean as much she does the sky it reflects.

Calling, lamenting her name without a word, the ocean
     lullabies her soothing sighs, falling rythmatically now--
Raindrops disinter the clouds and tickle the rythm
     of her pulse. Soft, soft backing instrument to her final
            calling. There is no need to look around again;
There is no guard in sight. The prickly sunshine fades
  To ruthless cold air and she walks forward, mouth agape
        and ready

For the ocean to swallow her and recapture her, entombed,
     enwombed forever more.
alanie Sep 24
the sun might rise
but no amount of light could lead me out of darkness
my body is suspended in space
my thoughts are underwater
and when i finally lift my head from the deep blue
i find myself caught under another current
and i swim
reaching out for the glimpse of life
stretching further and further
into the inevitable nothingness
A M Ryder Sep 23
We are all alone
In ways no one understands
We drown under
The waves of words
We aren't saying
Sometimes I can feel my bones
Straining under the weight
Of all the lives
Im not living
And I wanted to save you
But I needed saving too

All we've got is
The precious knowledge
Of our own
Self destruction
chay n Sep 21
my love for you is much stronger
than the tidal waves at the sea,
the rain of the typhoons,
and i was hoping that you’re fine with water
because i want you to drown for me.

Anastasia Sep 18
may i tell you
how pretty you are
how your smile
is the melting sun
how your eyes
are like oceans
that i just want to drown in
may i tell you
how i can't help
but want to hold your hand
to run my fingers through your hair
to fall asleep with you under the moonlight
may i tell you
how perfect you are
how you make my heart swell
and give me butterflies
how my gaze always travels to you
may i tell you
how much i love you
Flower C Sep 14
I saw a person,
Breathing still in the ocean,
Staring back at me.
Breathe as i bleed,
Drink as i drown,
Dream as i die,
Sing as i sicken,
Leave as i love,

                 But dear love, please learn to
Love  someone who loves you as much as i did.

P.S: I Love You, forever and beyond.

                                          Yours lovingly,
        The one who misses you the most.
A gentle note/remainder to your loved ones to move on even if you are no more. Dedicated to a lost soul.
R.I.P. dear
Flower C Sep 11
I’ve been too drowned in my own cries,
Too used to suffocate,
The coldness doesn’t even reach me anymore,
That I am unsure of my own feelings,
If I have any,
To say I have none would be misleading,
When the tears are still streaming,
And the nights are always long,
Where the sun never rises.
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