Tonight I am drowning
Waves of missing you
Crashing all around me
My swirling current of thoughts
Pulls me under
Lost in a sea of my own tears
Longing to see your lighthouse
To guide me back to safety
Gasping for breath in a sea of sadness
Terrorized by the lonely howl of fierce winds
Grasping for hands to pull me up, but nobody is there for me
Longing for the feeling of warmth against my cold frail body
Wishing that I would just drown in the salty waters formed by my tears and lost hope
So badly I want this to be over
So badly I want to drown
Maybe there is no land
How can I be sure for
the sea is all I know
knowing is not important I guess
so for now, I sink,
water damaged.
Vale Luna Jun 14
I’m barely keeping my head above water

Other people
Made it look so easy
To backstroke through their days
With nothing to worry about
Except pruny fingertips
And what swimsuit to wear

It looked easy

Only after I jumped in
Did I realize that
I wasn’t born to swim
I wasn’t born with the ability to float
I wasn’t born with the talent to tread

Maybe I’m just dense

With a brain full of blanks
And a stomach full of stones
I’m guaranteed lungs full of liquid
To drag me down
To make every moment a living hell

I was born to sink

I often think of quitting
Letting the ocean consume me
Swallow me whole
As the waves seem to be
The only things
That ever wanted me

I’m barely keeping my head below water.
Kayla Jun 8
People keep telling me to just give you up
People tell me you are not worth it
Not worth the tears
Not worth the pain
I have cried to people
I have never thought I would cry to
I cry over you
I never thought I would
But maybe I should give you up
But for now
I am just going to keep having fun
And drowning in my own pain
AllAtOnce Jun 7
i want to touch the stars
in the skies
like you touched me—
with all kinds of
steady hands and
breathing confidently.

i wish i could brush stardust
off of my fingertips
like your thigh brushed against mine—
with all kinds of
painful knowing and
just trying to get by.

i would love to watch
you disappear like stars in the
smog-city sky,
but the stars somehow shine
even brighter
in your ocean-colored eyes

so maybe i should start
wishing on stars to
and drown,
and die.
Iska Jun 6
This world is such a beautiful place. So bright and full of wonder. And color....
and I am so devoid of it all. I am the smudge of grey, the bolt of imperfection in this breathtakingly beautiful picture.
And it makes me wonder.. why me? Why can’t I just be.......
I am constantly reaching out, as if attempting to grasp the colors into my hands.. and maybe smear the color across my skin. So that I may feel “happy” again.
And if I’m lucky maybe it’ll stain. Then perhaps I wouldn’t feel so “grey”

So I have come to the conclusion, and this is just a thought, that maybe... I am not made for happy. Perhaps I am made a little for sad. To forever be that smear of grey as I drown in a sea of color, slowly dying from the very thing I wish to be the most.....
I'm stuck in my
memories, sinking
in all the smiles
remained unseen

through our past
you make me drown
I've been hiding
for so long that
I am constantly
In these rains,
Drown I, in this petrichor,
only to ascend.
Just as the raindrops fall across my window, dripping I thought of writing a 3-5-3 poem. But yes, that's exactly what I feel when it rains.
Tiger Ayres May 27
Koh Lanta
Stretching out further than this stanza
A calm chilled place
But less than a fraction of the human race
Waves for surfing
Volley ball skills constantly rehearsing
But none of those things
Will comfort those cold dripping screams.

Just normal people minding their own business
Till a wave came along more exciting than Christmas
And another and another pile on top
Till the waves had to fall and drop.

Then another came along and the next thing we know
We’re scared
No excitement no surfing no volley ball
We’re scared
No calm no chill
We’re scared.

Water dripped from the young and the old
Young and the old dripped from the water
The volley ball rolls from the beach to the sea
The sea rolls from the volley ball to the beach
The houses never stood so tall and strong
So tall and strong the houses never stood
Koh Lanta
In class we were watching a documentary about a tsunami in Koh Lanta which we then told to write a poem on. I spent the rest of that lesson, which was a bout 30 minutes, and some of the next. I just saw this poem and was so proud I decided to post it for people to see.
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