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Nyx Mar 13
I want to drown in this intoxicating feeling called you

Taking me deeper with each wave of blue

further and further you drag me out to sea

Weighing down my body so I cannot be free

To the point that I can no longer see the land

nor touch the surface or feel the sand

Sink me deeper into your abyss of you

Drag me down into these feelings so true

Swallowing all that I am, all that I know

Let the vast ocean take me real slow

Filling my lungs till my chest burns in pain

till my heart begins to scream, and the oxygen leaves my brain

Consume my very being with your saltwater taste

I'll take it all in, it won't go to waste

Floating within that gorgeous ocean of blue

Drown me in this existence called you.
I try to grasp reality again, but my mind falls short
Grief fills my lung
The waves swallow my cries
My heart flattened by the weight on my chest
And its pieces clogging my veins
The world goes dark

I wash ashore a shell of my former self
Aug 2020
tryhard Feb 25
opened my heart once
after keeping everything in
years and years
filled to the brim
and now i'm spilled, entirely
maybe nobody
can be fully prepared
when the cracks in my heart
can no longer bear
all of its weight
the dam finally breaks
and i am the flood that drowns them
i am spilled, entirely
you see
victims of a flood
have the choice to leave
and i will be left here, still
caught in all the debris
spilled, entirely
Jellyfish Jan 23
I'm still ripping out my eye lashes
It makes me sad.
I lay and wonder about the woes I cast
and why I feel so bad.

Reflection is a tricky thing.
It can bring up so much, but is never-ending
Like the hyphen between never and ending
Reflection is a process that loops.

You can feel as if you're on top of the world
Once you've climbed out of a pit after reflecting...
only to fall into a ravine after taking a few steps outside instead of running.

The journey to healthy is a tough one.
I feel like I'm splashing in this gorge
Flapping and flailing around,
trying to escape and get warm

Overtime, I slow down more and more
until finally, I want to give up
Succumb to the bubbles...
and perhaps, never wash up.
Humble Poet Dec 2023
Turbulent waves crashing over my head,
driving me down into the sand,
only a few yards from shore.

Alone, in the cold waters of the Pacific.
Another wave tumbles over me pulling me under, dragging me along the bottom.

Tumbling, I occasionally smash my head looking for which way is up.
Finally, I felt something to push off from
and sped headlong into the rocks.

Blackness enveloped me, then silence.
No more pain. Void. Senses have gone away.
Voiceless screaming, motionless thrashing.

It was then, as if my body exploded.
Electricity surges, ignites every hot nerve.
Uncontrolled convulsions and I retch ocean water,
blinding brightness and I can’t see anything.

Sharply, I gasp for air and flail about,
trying to find my way.
I feel a warmth touch me
“You’re okay. You’re alright.”

The brightness fading, frightening me. Shapes appeared. My entire body ached, and I felt a warmth, flow from between my fingertips.

I recognize faces around me, I smell salt in the air. My heart is pounding in my ear. I taste the sunshine on my lips. I couldn’t feel my fingers only warmth of them being held.

Euphoria and hot pain wash over me. I begin to feel my feet.
The adrenaline in my body subsides.
Foreboding, replaced by content.

I looked into her eyes as she held my hand.
“You asked, what it felt like, to love you.”
A pregnant pause with an
uncomfortable look.

“It feels like that.”
"Afraid I'll drown in your love.
Afraid that I won't.'
Danielle Sep 2023
They say don't test the waters
but absentmindedly dived
in blue and black
engraved with the souls that once adorned my body— bone crushed and barely breathing. Drowned in lovestruck, a ***** to an armor.
Deep within her stare value-laden eyes bare
Thou liketh compete with disciplined man
Prim proper equanimity assembled as plan
Serve glory to God; begone any despair

Grasping thy reality of excellence profound
Access vast depth of emotion- drowned
Dangling medals reaching out to touch
Through tranquility, stand by your ground

He pushed me open like a book untold
Words of the gospel used by mean
Daring as His veracity He loved me as bold
By sworn duty, I shall perpetually convene
this is an excerpt that i’ve been wanting the world to read.
it has been a while since the last time that i posted.
welcome back to me, i guess?
Maja May 2023
The ledge was slippery,
Like my mind at the moment.
A time in space
that didn’t seem to matter.
I fell,
I didn’t jump
- I was pushed.
I might have made the leap,
but I never made the choice.
I might have made no sound,
but I never had a voice.
I fell,
but the truth is still that
I didn’t jump
- I was pushed.
I silently drowned.

I had been dead for a long time
before I even hit the ground
KG Dec 2022
From across the waters of sky and sea, a quest for fire remains.
Contained by borders Zues & Posiedon laugh at this homonculus
What are signs set by stars
division and duality
Smoke drifts from mouth and fingertips as once again the beast howls at the juxtaposing light.
Why then do these walls whisper
"Burn me down,"
"You've suffered us enough,"
"Nothing worth doing was ever easy,"
"Divinity is given to those willing to drown."
Frown turns to grit turns to Grin turns to me and I give my word of agreement.
vanessa marie Sep 2022
99 bottles of her on the wall
99 bottles of her
drank one down
trying to drown
98 memories of her all around
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