Tara 8h
My parents tell me to sleep
I take my sleeping pills
Sit alone in the darkness.
The record skips once
And again
And again
My mind races
Will the record player ever stop

My parents scolded me
The sleeping pills are worthless
I sit with my thoughts
The record player dies
It’s silent
It’s to silent
My mind pauses
When will it return
I take sleeping pills and this is actually something that happens to me a lot. My record player is lovely but the records have their skips....
Vexren4000 Jun 7
Redlining down autobahns,
Highways and twisting side roads,
Country cornfield straight streets,
As the meter passes red,
The car begins to shake,
A violent sound,
Then silence.

liv Jun 4
i swear this website will be the death of me
racing thoughts in my head
how am i suppose to write anything
there’s so many people better than me
yet i’m not really sure who i’m trying to be
i just wanna be anyone but me
late night thoughts got the best of me
i really just don’t know when i’ll stop comparing myself to others
Miira Jun 1
The never-ending chattering
Like a bullet train forcefully dashing
Across the endless tunnel, wondering,
“Is this a curse or a blessing? “

In the bottomless pit, clearly drowning
Clearly struggling
While others are just intently watching
Thinking it’s all just... acting.
PoserPersona May 14
The mind and heart switch roles
          For reasons to stay untold

                               Silently screaming chest
                    Racing and quivering head

      Thoughts whip light speed modest
Body barely leaves its bed

          Unhappy for nothing
               Motivated for nothing

                    Paralyzing deadlocks,
                  Anxiety's Paradoxes
Form is supposed to be a twister or whirlwind. Hoping that's apparent before you read this lol.
Danielle Mar 24
My lungs scream at me,
While my mind races thoughts in ever faster laps.
The winner undecided as flames begin to lick the outside of the car.
The waterworks fall.
Is now a wailing siren
Wailing sirens,
With lights exploding behind my eyes.
I try to pull the car over, but that steering wheel is stuck in the drive position
The noise is too loud and this hallways too crowded,
But I can’t go back to that peaceful pond.
Because, Lord help me, I’m afraid I’ll drown.
Currently dealing with some unexpected anxiety in my life and it needed to be written about.
lins Mar 3
I can't tell if
my heart is racing
because of you...
or because of my
heart condition
just a little something
SeaChel Feb 20
My brain is moving

a million miles per hour,

though it pleads to stop.
Carter Ginter Jan 18
Glowing screens in the
Dark dark dark
White smoke against a
Spark spark spark
I'm consumed by this fucked up
Heart heart heart
And I need an escape from all its
Parts parts parts

I feel so broken and lost

My mind is a skipping record
Repeating everything until it's
Dead dead dead
I'm on the couch
And my love is in my
Bed bed bed
And I feel so trapped
Stuck in my
Head head head

I can't break this cycle alone
But I'm losing my cool
This is fear
This is panic
This is irrational
It's useless

And I need it to stop
Before it rips me
Sara Jones Oct 2017
I just hope one day,
Someone will look right at me,
Like he used to do.
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