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JJ Inda Sep 7
thoughts are passing cars today;
ever changing,
on the move.
colors blur
and details clash.
one after the other,
the next
faster than
the last.
B D Caissie Aug 17
I lie awake my thoughts are racing. In the hallways of my mind I hear echoes of their pacing.

Pitter patter what’s the matter. My mind rewinds the previous days chatter.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda. ****! My minds like the Energizer Bunny it never quits.
Stephen Moore Jul 17
Greyhounds bolt,
Elastic dogs,
Trapped till the rabbit runs.

A gun fires and punters wave papers,
Smudged smutted hankies,
To wish poor puppies on.

Rabid run,
Rabbit run,
Dogs ‘fun’ done,
Punters wins to spend on ***.

Dogs retire to a night behind wire,

Punters swagger to a night of vice,
blackbiird Jul 3
i didn't pay my rent and i don't
give a ****
i forgot to do laundry and wash my sheets brush my hair comb my teeth (whatever).

i forgot to look in the mirror
and whisper words of affirmation to cure
the depression within me
and i don't give a ****

i got a speeding ticket flying 180 on the freeway
and i don't give a ****
i forgot to punctuate this i forgot to structure the voices in my
head i don't give a ****
Random but it's something to get out my feelings.
mary liles May 12
i look at you
you look at me
i have never felt more alive
chitragupta Mar 29
Her bright red sweater
surrounded by the yellow of the sunflowers
Captured is the heart
it seems - though the lens has failed to focus

The bend took me away.
- Snap!
Ever felt your heart race faster than the shutter of a camera?
Or maybe my camera is defective.
Either one of those.
Immaculately organizing every letter of the alphabet in slightly different ways to make what you read today.

My brain is the battery charged with the words I say in different ways,
And until I am depleted,
I am defeated to keep writing the words flowing like a fresh summer's flash flood monsoon,

Hopefully soon I will fall asleep,
So I can put away this curse of a brain that keeps saying things I can't help but see.
Bhavani Gopi Feb 10
Silence, is that mean solace.?!
Silencer is less bubbling heat than silence..
Shuffling thoughts struggling inside..
Suffering soul second by second..
Sinking in a ocean of an unopened  valve..
Valve where the still born dreams..
Unsaid words,muffling pain closes itself..
Jostling ideas,feebling heart..
Beaten up betrayal... unexpected abondanment.
Turmoil of tearing up thoughts ..
Teases the awkward words..
Smile and silence always been a riddle to un reaveled counts..
Sudeshna D Feb 3
My thoughts race
So does the heart,
Happens so often
It feels default.

My fingers fail me,
I cannot type.
My hand shivers,
Can’t hold the pen right.

I feel ants crawling
At the back of my head.
I know there are none
But can’t help be afraid.

I try taking a deep breath,
Always end up in a cough.
Paranoia is ingrained,
It can’t get enough.
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