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Jac May 7
let us go to where
one can hear the angels sing
and the sky is painted
a soft pastel violet

let us go to where
one can jump on the clouds
but not fall
and the wind carries the melodies

let us go to where
one can dance all night
surrounded by light

oh, that would be
a wonderful sight
Shelby Marler Apr 22
Make me an ocean,
So I may still all my dreams,
And my motions' devotion,
For sweet melodies.
so close within your eyes..
resides the world's most scintillant light..
when you cry...the stars WEEP and release symphonies that cascade from the skies,
azure temples intimately disguised,
yet in the dark your heart falls apart and calls out my name,
every day i think of you, as my soul grows cold and old..i struggle 2 control the pain..
Its odd..
the facade.. that the'world in all it's awe
performs so worn'from the applause relentlessly,
Nothing MUST be..
we're born and formed to be flawed,
created cracked and clawed
from earthly debris,
Misanthropic melodies, manifolds of madness never before heard-confessed and conveyed
Expressed and displayed-through violent variation of words,
I await..
and in silence observe,
Confounded and disturbed.
Not sure what it means..but there it is.
Amanda Oct 2018
When gone what will my days amount to?
I can be caring yet conceited
But always remained loyal and true,
I somehow ended up lonely and defeated.

I do not pray to a whimsical God,
When I sing I bow my head,
Stumble in a temple or church,
Cannot see the light, worship music instead.

Seems the thing I idolize,
The only solace I've found still innocent,
As I lose myself in the lyrics and bars,
Fear gives way to reassurance; heaven-sent.

In melodies shown the only safety I trust,
For notes and words will continue to resound,
Though miles away from the nearest pew
Headphones become an altar, sermon written in song's sound.
Music is the only thing I worship
nightdew Oct 2018
And I sing my melodies to the
crystal waters, hoping-- praying
that the sound of the ocean waves
will carry my song back to you.
Kemy Sep 2018
Can I write you a love song
I’ll sing it softy in your ear all night long
Blow gently without words on my saxophone
Diamond and Pearls behind the throne
A beautiful ensemble meant for only you
As I give credence too
Take my hand
Cross this journey with me as I sing about faraway lands
Past Egypt pyramids shifting Morocco sands
Lay back my love, allow your mind to silently drift
Feel the enchantment of my piano keys as it spiritual uplifts

I’ll sing love songs of old
A cappella chorus echoed from deep within my enlighten soul
I’ll sing to you about the blues, society’s injustice, and elements of darken storms
Keep your heart warm, while playing my French Horn
Enrapture foretold from this dedicated symphonic poem
A music sheet of percussion, woodwind, brass, keyboard, and strings
Harmony carrying the mind away as the joy of coming spring
I’ll hum your favorite beats, can you feel the crescendo now
Fiddle from the heart by the sweat of one’s brow

Submerge your cerebral cortex, lose yourself in the sultry tunes
Harp sounds bathe of light kissed from the illuminating moon
Destiny overcasts in the lyrics
Fate floating stratospheric
Karma of others handled in the eyes of satiric
Opera, I give you so grand in its grace
French Creole dialect murmured among silk and lace
Sounds of my flute resonant to face
Allowing my Cello sounds to thoroughly embrace

Can I write you a love song
Body and soul serenading soprano to keep you standing strong
My guitar stringing your philosophies along
An equal equation, one plus one equals two
Emotions, feelings, sentiments, its tenor expressed only for you
No compass to my heart, my seasonal love found in hidden melodies
Trombone guiding back and forth breathless as it please

Orchestra sounds
Ascending minds, bodies, souls, pass the opening clouds, divine and profound
The last note sung by me as we gradually come down
Beautiful music embraced, needs never to make a sound
Shh, close your eyes
Meditate on the music for a little while

Hush sweet baby don’t say a word
My heart softly tweets to a mockingbird
If that mockingbird don’t sing
Can I write you a love song created only for your being
As minds are sightseeing
Hearts fleeing
Timpani drums guaranteeing
Entwined of our divine wellbeing
Emotions freeing
Crooning of bodies heard as the day is long
Can I write you a love song
Love songs are one of the great essences of life, the only thing that's lasting.

George Benson
Maxim Keyfman Jul 2018
along the embankments along the highlights
along the dark light ahead
along the embankments along love
along the beauty and dreams of melodies

i walked I walked one on one
with his own great destiny
i walked I walked one on one
with his own bravery of the wild

and the waves on the shore of the shore played
played waves in the ocean in the sea
and the sea was black black and dark
but the faces are bright but faces

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