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Torn Heart Mar 10
Like the attention the moon shows the sea
making tides ebb and flow in motion
her attention  moves blood through my heart
filling my body and soul with emotion
Maja Jan 21
He was a mountain.

She was the ocean.

Reaching for the stars,
Bound by his roots

Still and storm
Black and blue

She was the ocean
Beating against his rock

He was a mountain
And waves could not a mountain block

A bottomless fountain
Breaking with every motion

He was a mountain


She was an ocean
Man Dec 2020
festering like the fungus on rotting fruit
moulded to the shadow

torn from it
motion making it's stop
the flatline
an event horizon
        and   i  

blank became the canvas
as existence shrunk from view
and i saw it all;
and it was glorious

but the curtains were closing
momentary was the sight bestowed
which fleeted faster than life
from this withering device of animation

elapsing back to nothing
a fade to black
Ces Sep 2020
A ceaseless motion
hither and yonder
like the jumbling of blind ants
in a narrow path
of wet pheromones.

Backbreaking labor
A cruel slaver
lashing his whip
that cracks painfully
drawing blood from the back
of the hapless wretch.

A joke that amuses no one
An insufferable itch
demanding to be scratched
so hard that it bleeds

Then in a moment

Asphyxiated and forgotten.
Brian Yule Sep 2020
Suspended in brackish undulations
Dunes shield this lagoon speculation
From seething currents
hiraeth Sep 2020
We died in the middle of life
Faded away silently
And the earth‘s motion continued
Because we are not the world.
July Gray Sep 2020
A repeating line of patterns of something deeper then memory
It's the motion of waves of wonder of maybe something like pain
A wanting to lessen to soften to gently lay my head down
It's not what's happening now
This feels unfinished, but I suppose most things do.
Norman Crane Sep 2020
The mountain grows much slower than your perception of the mountain growing taller, as the dynamics of the sea, which sculpts the earth beneath your feet, speaks—summoning the breeze: isn't it surreal, living on God's pottery wheel?
Mrs Timetable Aug 2020
I was conceived
At a drive-in movie

Maybe that’s why
I get motion picture sick
Both are actually true...I forgot to ask what the movie was
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