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Ces Sep 25
A ceaseless motion
hither and yonder
like the jumbling of blind ants
in a narrow path
of wet pheromones.

Backbreaking labor
A cruel slaver
lashing his whip
that cracks painfully
drawing blood from the back
of the hapless wretch.

A joke that amuses no one
An insufferable itch
demanding to be scratched
so hard that it bleeds

Then in a moment

Asphyxiated and forgotten.
Brian Yule Sep 24
Suspended in brackish undulations
Dunes shield this lagoon speculation
From seething currents
hiraeth Sep 4
We died in the middle of life
Faded away silently
And the earth‘s motion continued
Because we are not the world.
Ginger R Sep 6
A repeating line of patterns of something deeper then memory
It's the motion of waves of wonder of maybe something like pain
A wanting to lessen to soften to gently lay my head down
It's not what's happening now
This feels unfinished, but I suppose most things do.
Norman Crane Sep 4
The mountain grows much slower than your perception of the mountain growing taller, as the dynamics of the sea, which sculpts the earth beneath your feet, speaks—summoning the breeze: isn't it surreal, living on God's pottery wheel?
Mrs Timetable Aug 26
I was conceived
At a drive-in movie

Maybe that’s why
I get motion picture sick
Both are actually true...I forgot to ask what the movie was
I never understood
When someone dies
Why we say RIP
And why not VIP
Then MIP to VIP
Motion is the law of creation
No motion is the sign of death
So do we wish the dead to be dead in the afterworld
By no means, I understand
Isn't it appropriate to wish MIP to the dead
Who becomes VIP on his death
For he is then the top priority
Requiring special attention
Everybody getting emotional
To send him off as early as possible
His time being so precious
Any delay may invite punishment
So my strange logic coaxes me to wish
To the dead who becomes Very Important Personality (VIP) on his death
Lest he should become a dead piece in the afterworld too!
Hotter than hell, the sun is burning
The firm, fixed earth that isn't turning,—
The firm, fixed earth that's very, very,
Verily, very stationary,—
Immovably firm on its foundation,
As God has made it, His creation.
Alan Jul 4
The stillness after motion,
looking over the balcony
under a foggy gunmetal sky,
damp hair blown by westerly wind.

The rush of traffic,
returning from drudgery or joy
or something in between,
but always a sense of rush.

No rush.
Erian Rose May 2
We saw a world
bruised and beautiful
The world kept moving forward
constantly in motion
while ours fell apart
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