Our tale is of a cinematic love.
But darling, life isn’t a movie.

Our love is a cinematic masterpiece,
and just like all the good ones,
it must end.

Akash Mandal Jan 1

Two souls in motion
Friction, a spark, then fire
Birth of a new Sun.

Poetic T Nov 2017

I was a clock always on time,
          but under the surface
     I was winding down.

Till that finite cog cracked
      And my face became static.

I was now just an empty shell
                    with no time to tell.

My Father used to say,
"There is no accounting for tastes."
Some people might think
That I've completely lost my tastes?
I'm into all sorts of things
That I didn't have a taste for in the Past.....
Melancholic Sufi Music from Uzbekistan
And Nude Photos of Strong  Black Women.
Spiritual and Erotic Dimensions
That agree with my current state of mind.
Would my tastes today
Conform with the Critics Choice?
Probably not,
Especially when combined!
However, it must  be
What's best for me
To move on to
The next step in life.

Durbin Oct 2017

Diana of the woods and
Wild animals, as swift as winds
That rustle leaves, her muscles are as
Mighty as the brown bear, her legs are as
Steady and strong as the wolf dog that yips
At her swiveling hips, her motion as graceful
As the rushing rivers, yet as fierce as a tornado’s
Spiral, pouncing, bounding, she cuts the air as sharp
As the arrow that springs from her bow, eyes transfixed
On her target—

Diana, goddess of the woods and
Wild animals, captured in black bronze
And displayed atop marble like a prize won.

I wrote this while observing a sculpture. I tried to capture the power of her figure and contrast the dynamism of her legend with the stoicism of the art form. I hope you enjoy. Please leave comments. -DD
Alice Wilde Oct 2017

When a butterfly floats past,
How do you feel?

The masses respond with vacant eyes,
"I feel empty"

Paul Jones Oct 2017

The sunset looks beautiful at twilight,
piercing through the underbelly of clouds,
the sky painting vehement, orange light
against the darkened faces of the crowd.
We listen to the sound of a sitar play
and feel the rapture of the beating drum.
Everything the spirit could want to say
is spoken by the motions fingers strum,
reverberating through the evening air,
and those who move to its smooth harmony.
I hold you close, sway with your gentle care.
True beauty is this rhythm, dancing free,
far from the dissonance a dark world cries,
an orange glow reflected in your eyes.

22:30 - 14/10/17
Sonnet - 30 -
Kayla Pasion Oct 2017

life will be hard
especially if you have a good heart;
that pain in your heart that you feel
it is only with time for it to heal.

with all the chaos happening
it won't mean your world is ending;
I promise,
days won't feel like years
and those tears will fall dry.

keep fighting
keep living
for you have a purpose
your better days are coming.

Josephine Mary Sep 2017

"Don't be angry with the rain; it does not know how to fall upwards."
- a quote about rain.

My feelings for you are like raindrops, it does not know how to fall upwards.
It is falling-- a downward motion that hits my heart hard.
Can you hear its beating sound?
Can you see how you make my pale skin blush?
Do you know that you have that kind of effect on me?

Thud- thud! It becomes louder everyday.
You give me sleepless nights thinking of you.

Just like how the raindrops fall, this is how I fall for you.
My feelings grow and I know at the right time it will bloom, soon.

I cannot reveal your name. This will remain a rekindled feeling, a sweet admiration, a one-sided love all over again.

Poetic T Sep 2017

We are but a raindrops
                        among many

All falling together,
                  never  knowing
our destination

But its the falling that
                            gives us gravity...

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