miki 11h
the tang of your freedom
laced my tastebuds with a bittersweet aftertaste
that incessantly made me want more

and with every dose
i became addicted to everything you had to offer
until i sucked you completely dry

it was then that i realized, that when life gives you lemons
you shouldn’t always make lemonade

savor the tang
Your sweet quiet voice makes my face shift hues.
Almost everything you speak is tasteful.
The ideas of you turn my salty tears into sweet honey, but
honey wouldn't be the right thing to describe my feelings, would it?
Because honey doesn't rot.
It doesn't become bitter.
You are honey.
Sweet and kind and everything I'm not.
I am dark chocolate.
Bitter and jealous and sad.
We go together in theory, but more people enjoy sweet than bitter.
You know you can do better than bitter.
They say dark chocolate makes you happy which is funny because
I'm not happy.

keeps dark at bay
pressing in
as night wind stirs

like mocking breath
of life now lost
to light-less realm
beyond the chill
encircling me

to remain

no emotion
save grief

apples spilled
on broken stair
where rail eluded
grasping hand

no voice came
to futile cry

those lips
will not know again
sweet fruit

nor love


rob kistner © 2008
I feel a poem of light can express the joy of love,
while a dark poem expresses the depth.
I went for depth on this one.
happy birthday, love
hope this year carries your heart
where it needs to go
Amanda 7d
A lot of my favorite memories were made with you
In this old cozy cabin, most of them took place
Before I saw your other side, before I knew
Darkness hiding behind that handsome face.

The first day I walked through the door
Back when you were barely more than my friend
Tense attraction between us we couldn't ignore
We caved in though we were scared of how it might end.

The night we slept together for the first time in your bed
Felt like the thousandth time
We didn't have sex, just basked in the glow from words unsaid
That was the start of a steep and dangerous climb.

All the parties hosted together
We would laugh with our friends and drink
We didn't care if it was Monday or if there was bad weather
Would push it to the very brink.

Owning a puppy, losing him to death
I don't remember ever being held so near
In that car I cried so hard greif captured my breath
You didn't let go until the fall of every last tear.

I met your parents, I was nervous
Knew I would never be the girl of their dreams
Certain their opinions could not stir us
Still relieved to see approving gleams.

Out back, I'd let the dogs run around
Cannot imagine a place I'd call home more than here
I resist the urge to collapse to the ground
Give up, succumb to my deepest pressing fear.

To me this house will always be baunted, yet perfect
Do you come here and think about me?
It is worn furniture and bloodstained ceilings that make me recollect
The bittersweet shadows of your ghostly memory.
Home is where the heart is
Danielle Jun 14
To go back. It’s a fond wish.
One that’s locked up and buried deep,
Because it can never be fulfilled.

But in the dark corners of the night,
When the stars, eons old, dance
And the sweet temperate moon,
Washes the harsh day away.
I can pretend in my dreams.

In my memories you never left.
I went left instead of right.
That the hurt never happened.

And in these moments I’ll try to find,
What happened to my happiness.
When I find it again, then the dawn
Will no longer shatter my illusions.
Leaving me to drown in bittersweet reality
I like being able to post poems back to back that have very different feels to them. So here's a gentler poem dealing with dreams.
Ilia Jun 13
The wind carries a faint whisper
Murmured promises beneath the new moon
A soft hand caresses my cheek
As my breath rises in swirling puffs

Fingers leave a trail of warmth
It’s phantom I still feel
The press of lips
Steal my words
A night of which
I’ll never reveal
Softmoon Jun 11
you don't know
how being alone feels like
until you find someone
after a lifetime of being alone
share the same bed
hand in hand warm
promises made
heartbeats calm
and when they leave you
you feel every loneliest night of your life
all at once.
and someone in school once told me
that time heals almost everything
but almost,
was never enough.
and I
was never enough
Rebecca Jun 9
And they tell me
It's gonna be alright
but who are they to assure me?
I mean it's never been their fight

And for all these years I
listened to their tales
on how to be brave
and behave like 'a good kid'.

But I've grown since then and
now I understand
they pushed the buttons
to make me move
the most convenient way
for themselves.
Nivine Nahli Jun 7
I remember telling you,
I’m bittersweet.

My delightful laugh,
A saccharine smile, unforgettable.

My painful cry, causing distress.
Leaving a cicatrix in your mind.

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