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Janna B May 28
Happy non-anniversary to you.
I marked it emotionally
but I forgot what the day was.
I marked it by
processing, tracking my progress;
taking a very rare breath to reflect.
I recognised the barriers still left,
looked at ways to overcome them.
You meant so much once,
and now I forget.
Happy non-anniversary
to me.
Juno Apr 17
It feels surreal to be here now
when I stood at this spot years ago.
Only then, I was happy,
and now my thoughts are bittersweet;
for all the things I’ve gained have surely come with a cost.
The years slipped by so fast.
Bell Apr 12
I'm am utterly abashed
I so badly want to be filled with fury
but I cannot
as you always
and forever
will be my sweet evanescent orange
not yellow
even though some may think
because yellow is simple
easy some might even say
orange is rough and allusive
it is filled with a desire so pure
hidden between many layers of said skin
but also soft
and dulcet
not pliable in any way shape or form

Orange queries
she asks
because I fell in love with you
and then I fell in love with life
before it was dull
to mask the bitter
but citrus is not bitter,
even out of season
it is bittersweet.

So I pray you won't break your promise a second time
because this time
I cannot follow you
because now I find myself relishing the bittersweet of life that rests on my tongue.

With, or without your grace.
Karijinbba Oct 2020
Dearest everything:
I don't want you to leave empty-handed please take it all
every treasure known
and unknown, every loot
you are familiar with
upon that hill.
It's all yours I will only be harmed
take even my beloved precious children
I won't miss them or worry about them if you have them
to love them
as your very own!
They know no other father than you.
Those three children you lost,
I have them against all odds.

I trust only you after God
only you after any other human
on Mother Earth
after poverty joy and happiness,
after caos after
every terrible disaster.
You got heart brains charm grace heart understanding
you are a King of kings
God sent by heavens bridge
I love you so much.
I always have, always will;
before and after every treasure
every blessing is you.
All copy rights apply.
words left unsaid are more than just any bittersweet regret.
They are knives wounds that never stop bleeding
Morgan Vail Apr 8
The choir’s mewling dips low,
And is raised back up by loving hands.
Bestowed upon them his grace,
Soft nectar for their sides.

Double knots and silk collars,
Frilled white dresses on the girls,
They seem to sink in record time,
Adorned by practiced, innocent chastity.

And when they finally meet their key,
In gold or silver, sent with love,
Bowing their heads they walk back inside,
To obey the every whim of their ordinance.

Like flocks of bird they come flowing in,
To restful sheep along on the pews.
And each alone in their pleasant song,
They dip low with each passing note.
Edmundo Apr 5
Little coffee cups in the little round table
For you I will always be grateful
Rain making our little window cry
I can’t help but wonder how and why
You and me early in the morning
Thunder and noise as a warning
But always safe by your side
Watching the sun rise and hide
Coffee, rain, clouds, thunder as company
Most importantly
You and me
deadhead Apr 4
pineapple kisses
in the middle of summer
taste so bittersweet
Emily Mar 29
“How do you deal with a dying friend?”
asked the child to the tree,
who had lived for so many years,
the tall giant much older than he.

“You remember them in the wind,
and in the dirt beneath your feet,
you remember their laughter in the forest,
even if you do not feel complete.

You remember their name
in every person you meet,
you remember them by being strong,
so the goodbye can be bittersweet.

For in life we are who we care for,
both the sickly and the sweet,
so remember those who said goodbye,
and hope that in the next life you’ll meet.”

The tree replied these words to the boy,
hoping he would heed,
for soon the poor boy will realize,
the tree is much wiser than he.
blake Mar 29
the solid beat along the floor
the echo of the violin
the pace of pining breaths
against each other's skin

the music kicks up
you part with my waist
and the longer i'm away
the more time seems to chase

my eyes open to darkness
i'm left with a dream fleeting
all i recall are the notes of a song
such a bittersweet meeting!
inspired by merry go round of life from howl's moving castle

legit just let me dance with sophie pleaseeeee
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