Luke 3d
I didn't know anything
you so suddenly left
never even getting
another chance to speak

I wanted to hear your laugh
but instead I sit and cry
wishing I could see you
waiting for the emptiness
to just go away

Like a leaf blowing
no one hears its cry
it is just a simple
lackluster leaf

Holding hands
now that's a feeling
it is warm and always new
the sensation and memory

It remains the same
yet the feeling changes
the swirling, warm feeling
it never feels out of place

I remember little
but have some vivid
very long lasting memories
you were so nice

Summer breezes and fireflies
whistling and watching
stars appear in our eyes
as we gaze into the campfire

I remember the taste of mint
the laughs and gelatin snacks
movies with each other
and especially, holding hands.
This is for my uncle David. He might've not been with me long, but I remember him fondly and hope he finds his way into the sky. Fly high man, fly far.
Shanne 4d
Endings don’t have to be bad. They don’t have to be chaotic either. It can be gradual and silent, seeping into things until you don’t realize it’s happened.

It can be the hesitant stutter of words begging to be let out. Or the way one ponders where the beginning of the end has started.

Really, endings aren’t that bad.

Sometimes endings can be just as sweet as beginning.
life is bittersweet you could say,
you'll die one day
live the rest,
everyday is a chance, a miracle,
things happen,
thick and thin,
yet I'm so happy I get to spend my bittersweet life,
with you and only you,
m y    l o v e
Luke 5d
A siren's song,
no one had heard,
too easily mistaken,
for the remedy to our wounds.

A boy lost,
his life only a day,
before I realized,
why stay here?

This life can be broken,
shattered easily with touch,
but I remember now,
why it is so beautiful.

I have many companions,
a woman who loves,
for me and my life,
I have friends.

I would miss the snow,
as it falls in lacey grace,
covering the Earth,
in blankets so heavy.

Some words are hard,
to spit or roll off my tongue,
but that is why I push,
press through life.

The universe serves,
only who stay true,
and who stay calm,
collected in their thoughts.

Clouds don't scream,
only cry through the rain,
but always live to see,
the next day.

A crow's caw,
doesn't pierce the air,
unless someone is willing,
to hear it themself.

And a man can only love,
if they open their eyes,
face the battle,
and step forward.

My observations serve,
only as a reminder,
hard to say,
whether judgement will serve.

Hard to say,
goodbye and even sometimes,
I love you,
but it will get better.

Reach forth and take my hand,
let's walk through the fire,
close our eyes,
and leap.
This is also on my account Anonymous666 on
This is a bittersweet poem on how I view life.
Amanda 7d
Lost in bittersweet
Memories of us. I hope
To never be found.
Thoughts anyone?
Stroke by stroke,
moment by moment,
love is like the painter's
We paint this picture with
gleeful hands, but it will
never truly finish.
Lost Mar 14
The barricade surrounding my core is cracking, my thoughts swim circles around the whirlpool of emotions that cascade down from my heart. The ever-changing waterfall of colour and darkness flows from the between the cracks.

The flickering ember that painfully fuels me, sparks a light as I smile at my screen again.

My porcelain mask tears and opens a minuscule door that you’ve put your foot right through. The screams of a thousand dying suns are made quiet by your presence, even for a short time. The relief from the agonising cacophony is frightening and sudden, but welcomed.

The empty, forgotten halls of my heart feel full of peace instead of abandonment. Their lonely corridors instead feel humbled and content in their fate.

Such feelings get thrown in with the gratuitous violence of the maelstrom that thrashes inside these walls.

Amidst the solitude and the painful sobriety to the outcome of this existence, there is hope. Like a glittering jewel at the bottom of a merciless ocean, you shine. Bright and proud, tempting me to take a leap of faith through the teary waters I’ve endlessly cried.

The doubt infects me like a virus and the selfishness lurks behind me like a menacing shadow, but I’m blinded by the shimmering gem of light you entrance me with. Mesmerised, I dive headfirst into the depths, praying it isn’t merely an oasis of the mind.

My shining star, my hopeful dream, my new day.
I’m still experimenting with this style...
I Suppose Mar 11
Somewhere in the system
It now says I have grown up
That means its time to get an addiction
and get my limp dick sucked
Not by my girlfriend
And not by my wife
No, by the girl my wife knows about
And causes all our fights
I was thinking I should jump
But maybe I should not.
But its always there and watching
I think I've turned into
A Mindless Bot  
One day I will die
And I don't know who would care
Its been fifteen fucking years
since your smiling face was here

So let us toast our glasses
filled with rum and lies
And we can focus on the moment
Instead of our last goodbyes

I can't wait until the day
That I can party hard
I wanna be so drunk I forget
To buy my mom a birthday card
And my dad would phone me up and say
"Dude your life is fucked"
And I'd tell him so is his
And I inherited all his luck.
I wish I could wake up in the morning  
In a familiar strangers bed
And wonder where my pills went
And why there's lipstick on my head.

I know that sometimes it gets tough
When you have gambled all you've got
Only to realize, You're out of luck.
But I really hope that one day
You all realize
It'll all be okay.
Eh, this is more on the "lyrics" side of things, but eh I liked how it turned out
skyler Mar 11
she carried reminders of him with her
memories in her head and old keepsakes of the past

like a promise ring on your hand
polaroid in your wallet
his old clothes with his scent lingering
a love letter in your back pocket

these little reminders
that love exists
she kept them close
so she wouldn't forget
that love is there
beyond the struggle
and no matter the outcome
it will live eternally
in the memories

The sun dances with the ocean,
His forbidden love.
They perform forgotten motions;
The horizon bleeds above.

The ocean dances with the sun,
And she tries not to think.
For surely as they’ve spun,
Soon he must come to sink.

The sun dances with the ocean,
And tries not to despair,
At the bewitching notion,
That soon, he’ll leave her there.

The ocean dances with the sun,
But now, he must take leave.
He melts away at once,
And she is left to grieve.
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