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You put a such a strange taste in my mouth.
I taste your melancholy, and I worry
What has got you feeling this way?
I taste her lipstick, and I realize
Why you feel the way you do.
I feel your pain, and I put
A strange taste in your mouth.
We share a bittersweet kiss.
You locked yourself away,
When we were fighting and screaming.
You refused to open the door,
When I was pounding and pleading.

The flashing lights came,
You were on the ground.
I was crying and praying,
For you to come around.

You looked lifeless on the bed,
Without you I'm incomplete.
The black raven bows its head,
I can't hear your heartbeat.

I still need you,
Please don't go.
Jules Anton Sep 8
i remember for a long time i was trying
i tried to remember your smile
and your words
i tried to remember your laughter
and how your fingers skim over skin
i told myself
i will never forget
but i came back to those soft-pressed papers
just to find you
I wish I could forgive you for
What you have done
Stupid *******
I wished that I could be with you
But that won’t happen

I wish I could forget
Your actions
I wish I could kiss you
And see your eyes
Smiling at me
But that won’t work

I wish I could love you
But your stupidity
Have made me
I wish we could be in
Our Saudi Arabia
But that blessing
Ain’t happening

‎أتمنى أن أغفر لك
‎ ماذا فعلت
‎ موظر غبي
‎ تمنيت أن أكون معك
‎ لكن هذا لن يحدث

‎ أتمنى أن ننسى
‎ أفعالك
‎ أتمنى لو أستطيع تقبيلك
‎ وانظر الى عينيك
‎ يبتسم لي
‎ لكن هذا لن ينجح

‎ أتمنى أن أحبك
‎ لكن غبائك
‎ جعلتني
‎ الكراهية
‎ أتمنى أن نكون في
‎ المملكة العربية السعودية
‎ لكن تلك النعمة
‎ لا يحدث
ari Sep 4
his words
like tea
unsweetened and
bitter on my tongue
but now he's
added honey
and the love is
all the more sweet
im back after an extended hiatus.
Glimpses of what it was,
Moments of sweetness,
Left a tang of bitterness,
And... a smirk
Roro Aug 30
Sweet melting ice cream
Sunrise beamed in blue and pink
Snowflakes drizzling, a silent scream
Soft pillows for her cheek to sink
Scents filling her nose like a sweet stream
Lying in her same bed
Eyes open but not awake
Senseless to her frozen core
Not sure if it’s all fake
Her reality now a distant dream
Memories of the world she made, erased
The rainbow sprinkled donut that was her life
She couldn’t recognize or taste
Derealization can make someone feel the world and life they built around them is not real, like living in a hazy dream in an unrecognizable place.
SomaSonata Aug 20
Take a seat and settle in
The masquerade will soon begin
Fallen heroes and angels in the snow
I listen in and clutch the ropes
Gridlocked traffic lines the roads
Satellites are good to go
All the people cheering
For the man who breaks the ceiling
Astronauts who time forgot
Pioneers and cosmonauts
The hairs upon the dogs stand still
I feel a shiver and then a chill
The flowers withered in the gardens
Jet engines roaring
All systems go, the show is starting
I ****** a feather floating in midair
Frozen cold and solid, caught her icy glare
We're living proof of bitter days to come
Chase the rabbits down the holes they run
Hold the light don't let it go now
Grab the love don't let it slow down
Love, joy, grief, belief, hope, and fear
Seize the moment
Hold it dear
Don't let it end like this
Don't hold out waiting for the final kiss
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