Holy shit;
I haven't seen you in a year.
Maybe more;
And I'm almost twenty four.
I still fell seventeen.
Coffee pours;
It's running out the door.
The ground beneath my feet.
Never ends;
Time don't always mend.
Here I am;
Sitting like the damned.
Missing you;
My hearts empty room.
Somewhere under the darkness of my room,
the depths of the ocean spring around me
sounds warped in infinite finished bursts of time

and found itself in a new dimension
and forgot to invite me along

still, I love the sounds of things
I can never be apart of
like the gaggling school of fish in this sea

like the coffee cafe conversations
like the whispered chisme
this part of the world
this dimension
just isn't for me
i feel closer to you
when i put words on paper

this one's difficult to write
even years later

do you believe me now?
you thought i was a liar

how could anyone love
a soul full of fire

you have demons of your own
i know it's bittersweet

see, you're a stubborn love
you're just like me

i wave goodbye to the past
because i don't wanna see

i'll love you from a distance
that's how it has to be
Hungered All Along
Though Only Just For Him,
The Currents Are So Strong
Across The Sea I'll Swim.

He Taught Me How To Love
He Told Me Not To Dim,
He Was Neon To My Heart
Never Cold Or Left In Parts,
Acid Sugar I'm So Tart
Misdirection Throws The Darts.

Empty From The Gong
Made Of Space I'm Vaccum Sealed,
Empathy Was Arson
So I'm Still Charred & Not Quite Healed.

Apples Are Peeled,
Lemons Are Lemonade,
Destiny Has Killed,
So The Fates Eliminate.
Harry Roberts - Eliminate © 18/08/18
Lloyd Aug 13
"They met by chance and knew it was fate,
But even they had no idea that it was a little to late,
Their love was a flower starting to blossom,
But it was already destined to fall at the bottom

For he was in a battle she didn't know,
He was swimming against the direction in which the river flows,
He is a clock that runs all day without stopping
She is one of the cogs that keeps him runnng

But as irony has it,this clock is running out of time
Even though all of its components and gears were fine,
He was already struggling for sometime,
It's sad that this clock is in a race against time

And now the love that was just beginning,
Took a sudden turn,...it started dying;
He was lying about his pain,She was trying to stay sane,
They were both suffering because of God's little game,

And now that the dusk has settled,and everything was clear,
He only felt sadness,even though the end is near;
Tick...Tock, as the clock stops working,
Tick...Tock, She drops on her knees...crying,

Finally the boy is not in pain,he is at peace;
But the girl was broken trying to to fill in the missing piece;
And like the boy did before ,she also cried in pain,
With a heartbreaking reason that is oddly the same,

They couldn't be with each other, this was the truth,
Their love was never gonna bear fruit;
So she says a final goodbye to the boy in the suit,
And their love that was a flower with a poisoned root"
Sometimes in life, there are ups and there are downs
some things can make you as happy as a clown
while another thing can bring you straight down
and force you to parade around
with a fat, unpleasant frown

But such is life
and such are feelings
sometimes they'll string us up as high as the ceiling
but also bring us down so low with no clear meaning

but, through our life we must remember
that these unatural feelings won't last forever
Gabriella Aug 12
I've known you since we were kids.
And now we're all grown up.
It seems to me that you have always
Been someone who would not stop.
But now it's time for us to go, and continue our own lives
Of which we may not be a part of within a year or five.

I've known you since we were kids
And now I'm feeling concerned.
Because the choices you have made now
Have never really been heard.
You say you want to and that's okay and all is looking swell.
But all I can think to myself is your own personal hell.

I've known you since we were kids
And it's time for me to move on.
Your life is changing as well as mine
And you won't be gone for long.
A lot of change going on for me.
Madison Aug 11
I press play

And the first song that comes on

Is one that you love.


Wouldn't you know it

The next track

Is the one that played in the background

When we first met.


Up next is a favorite of yours

That I can't hear

Over the imaginary you in my head

Singing along.


Hey, what a coincidence!

The next three

Were all on the mix I made you

That you never got to hear.


The one after that is just fine

Except, oh

Did it mention a wolf?


That reminds me of you

Dressed in sheepskin.


Oh, you hated this one!

But, wait

You thought it was so funny

That I liked it.

Ha ha ha

S k i p.

Here's a new one

That I never got to recommend to you

But it rubs salt in the wound

When I apply the words

To me and you.









I press skip

And the next song that comes on

Is one that you love


I loved it first

Before I knew your name

Or what songs you listened to

Or of your place

As a tiny speck

On this big, big planet.

Yes, you love this song

But I did, too

Probably before you loved it

And definitely before I knew-loved-hated you.

How can I ever find joy again

If you're constantly there

A trace of you everywhere you're not

A ghost that keeps pressing


How will I ever rid the music of such tainting memories

If I don't try making new ones

Of my own?

You loved this song

I love this song

And I press

Heard you say

Not today.
Glasses clashing with a clink
Sophisticated men of good health drink
Congratulating one another on a deal
Wondrous wealth the root of its appeal
And laughter loops in-between the night air
Months later a young boy can only stare
As his father returns home with all his tools
Midday heat hounding him as he sat on a stool
His calloused hands covering his face
Tearfully told the family that he’d been replaced
But not just him, every buddy that he could see
Said the job had set sail far over the sea
The young boy couldn’t understand the notion
Ran out the house and threw rocks at the ocean
Yet as the days went on there was one caveat
Prices at the stores did mysteriously drop
So once rare treats became as commonplace
As his father's work shuttling from place to place
Thought of you once more
Even though I know
Every time I do
You leave me tasting bittersweet

But I can’t help myself
I see your fingerprints
On the walls
And your smile
Each time you closed the door

Bittersweet ain’t sweet
But it sure as hell is
Better than nothing,
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