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Syv Elena May 29
In its incorporeal form
I do not know her
But what I do know
Is that I want to be with you
Even after my corporeal life ends
love ***** atm but then I found this old poem n now I feel better
I listened to a song
long forgotten
I felt as though I wanted to cry
what was it,
this sadness?
not solely though,
for I felt joy, and happiness
As always, this associative memory of mine,
it stung me
A beautiful melody to embrace
A cruel and perfect joke
it transports me from my banality
what is it,
about music
my associative memory.

I see now,
I'm six years younger
I've yet to make a choice
I have all my doors open
The taste of love,
it runs in my mouth
a freshness almost
I taste spearmint,
I feel a nice cool breeze,
I witness sundown
I was just heading out to town,
wondering what I'll get up to tonight
a certain youth to it,
a charm, more apt
I felt free.

it saddens me,
am I unsatisfied,
perhaps just bored
life gets dull,
it needs that, certain spice
no clue what terrors await?
no clue what I'll enjoy next
I know, the four years that follow,
will drill me into dirt
but right now,
the thought of going back,
perhaps feels
sweeter than nectar
and as the song ends,
so I stand, painstakingly trying,
for this associative memory of mine,
to fail me,
Music, memories and nostalgia are perhaps one of the most bittersweet combinations to experience. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but it gives me those certain, stinging butterflies
Vellichor Jan 17
I can’t help but wonder,
What happened to you?
Did you ever find peace,
After all you’d been through?

It’s been more than five years,
Since I last saw your face,
But I remember the tears,
At our final embrace.

We shared so much laughter,
On 31st street.
But when life forced us apart,
The joy turned bittersweet.

If I saw you again,
Would it be like old times?
What would run through your head,
If I showed you these rhymes?

Would you respond to a message,
If I were to hit send?
Has life been good to you?
Has time been your friend?

I wonder who you’ve become,
And if you’re out there too,
Do you wonder about me,
How I wonder about you?
SoVi Dec 2021
I walk down this unknown road
But I am not afraid
Of the dark or silence that follows
So I keep walking forward
Arms swinging by my side.

With my head turned
Turned up towards the sky
As I welcome the sun's rays
And the rain that falls
Bathing me in its life.

I've traveled far and wide
But never by myself
This is a new experience
It's a little bit scary and new
But I am not afraid.

The stars twinkle brightly
I remember your eyes
Reflecting back on the memories
Happiness and sadness
I'll hold them in my heart.

Whistling the songs
That you sang during dawn
As we eat breakfast and laughed
Such vivid noises and sights
That I will dream as I travel.

I know this may seem unexpected
But I need to leave the past
So don't be afraid
This is not a goodbye forever
I promise I'll see you later.

© Sofia Villagrana 2021
Inspired by Wo Qui Non Coin in episode 24 of Cowboy Bebop (
It’s much easier not caring
About anything really
I wish I didn’t
I cared too much unfortunately
I’d be more free than I am
More upbeat, more happy
Living is easy with eyes closed
So leave me alone
I’m only sleeping
I’m putting up walls
I prefer to hide away
Cuz I took a risk a few times
Like a fool
All alone on a hill
Where I can see everything
But they don’t see me
No contact
I don’t want to look
Sometimes I want to disappear
Leave people with the memories
Of me in this moment
Or moments past
Go to the wilderness
Free as a bird
But I’ve learned once
It’s the next best thing to be
I wish I never experienced
The best feeling in the world
Wipe my memory of you
A clean slate
Leaving smudges
Take me away sweet song
I’ll cry anyways
I still feel the void
Cold and familiar
And through the absence
Leaving behind a sense
Of something warm and calm
It creates the most pain
Slowly decaying, withering away
Eroding the walls and revealing
My emotions of you

MuseumofSoph Dec 2021
Can’t control what I say
Hope that’s ok

I try my best to distract
From what is and what’s

Wolves coming from all over
During the night

Will you stay or will you fight?

I like your presence it makes me feel warm

I guess I kinda like
Being wrapped in your arms

It’s weird for me
Because I expected someone else

But no matter what
My heart will always

To: Lemon boy
MuseumofSoph Dec 2021
Lemon boy

Tuesdays on my mind
Walking through my brain
I feel insane

Are you thinking of me?
I can feel it
Your manifestations are immense
But I’m intense
Are you ready to handle me?
I’m not sure
I’m a witch and a bit of a *****
Biking isn’t always so easy
When you’re climbing uphill

I don’t need your protection
I just need your energy
But I still want to hold your hand
I’m in a girl band

I think we have synergy ?

You’re the Tyler to my creator
I’m the Thumbalina to your daddy issues

I’ve been listening to my instincts
Watching the signs and feeling my tics

They’re pointing to you
I guess it’s a clue?

I’m trying hard to show you,
What we can be
Will you accept or will you disagree?

Honestly whichever is ok
I just wanna stay around you

Hope you do too?

Did you you know I’m a Hufflepuff
I think you’re a Slytherin

You’ve got the brains, I’ve got the sass
Not to mention a pretty good ***

Keep trying with me
I know it’s tiring

But you’re breaking down walls
And it’s exciting

I’m enjoying this
Whatever it is

Is that ok?

I don’t see the issue
But let me know if you can’t handle it

One hand on my ****
The other on my neck

That’s right I’m freaky
Let’s get *****

I don’t want to ruin this but I don’t think that’s possible
You kinda make my heart feel full

I’m not used to this, this fast
But with you it feels like a blast

I still need breaks and late night walks
But if you wanna come along I don’t mind
Never know what you might find?

I keep thinking I’m done
But turns out I’ve just begun

Didn’t want love but it wanted me
You’re nice and I like your face
Do you like mine?

I know I’m a bit clueless
It might appear foolish

But I’m actually pretty cool
Let’s ride the waves
One day at time
Till the end of this rhyme

I’m not done yet
Almost there but not quite

Hold my hand when I need it
But don’t hold me back

I’m strong and independent
I’m mac millers descendent

The Ari to my Miller
My psychological thriller

It’s scary but good
Scary good?

I know what it’s like to deal with ****
I can take it but I don’t like it

Look at this fit
I’m a lil like Rue
****** up, stepped on
Beaten to a pulp
By my ex father

Time to evacuate
Separate from the past
And start moving on
If you wanna come along,
I don’t mind

I see you’re hurting
I don’t mind learning
I’m a good listener
Just ignore the tics, they tend be *****

You’ve grown I can tell
But so have I
Let’s keep growing together?


What a cruel world we live in

With you it doesn’t feel so bad
Why are you so sad?
A note to a friend who could be more?
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