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Late night talks
Of boys that Ive loved in the past
none have ever loved me
Except one boy i thought truly understood me

For once in my life my feelings felt reciprocated
Possibly fell harder then I for them
We spent nights together laughing until dawn
We stayed up smiling all night fighting the yawns

He told me sweet things so casually i always wanted to hear
It wasnt a pickup line he just said how he felt
I felt a touch of this could finally be something for the first time
He made my heart and mind all a mess i could not rhyme

I wasnt afraid to be myself
He enjoyed every aspect of me
each night spent closer then the last
I grew to fall deeper
he made me love myself with all my so called sins

Too afraid to truly let it be
I ran away and hid
Thinking i ruined it all
he seemed to understand and not blame my fall

It was all happening
A real date something only in fantasy
Twas to happen after I confessed myself to him
the nights went by and i felt a sharp pin

My heart filled with worry as the day grew close
He went silent as a complete ghost
I wrote him with a sliver of hope the night before
He casually said nah I'll go with this other *****
This happened a while ago and tongiht ny mind decided hey im not over it.
Been in kinda isolation lately and just
Thinking about how I'll always be alone and always have ans the one time i got close
And it hurts
It also hurts to see others just like me also crt about being alone
Life is just constantly sad
thisgirl: cornfield prince 2:05 A.M.

Everybody told me
love is like a bomb.

thisgirl: you're just another James Dean 2:05 A.M.

The trigger's in your fingers
it never takes long.

thisgirl: little boy with a man's dream 2:06 A.M.

But touch is just the **** switch
and love is just a song.

thisgirl: you never speak your mind 2:06 A.M.

Only takes a second
then you sing along.

thisgirl: loving you is killing time 2:06 A.M.

Body count of nothing
audience of one.

thisgirl: killing time is killing me 2:06 A.M.

Lyrics like a symptom
feelings are an illness.

thisgirl: but at least it's not killing you 2:06 A.M.

It's everywhere you go,
it's everywhere you go.

thisgirl: if it does just **** me too 2:06 A.M.

Can't even hide
you remember each part.

thisgirl: anything is better than this 2:06 A.M.

Lyrics like a symptom
they'll always plague your heart.

thisgirl: drain me with your dead eyes 2:06 A.M.

Love is just a song
but feelings are an illness
never play along.

thisgirl: im so sorry 11:34 A.M.

thisgirl: dont leave 11:34 A.M.
Drunk texts; the greatest innovation of our time.
Writing under a warm drizzle
Of chlorinated showers
Trying to forget the bitter regret
Of all the hellos and goodbyes
I see that face sitting in his car
I see another lying on my futon
That one holding my hand
Him, singing that song
He, wishing it was me all along

They’re all gone.

Its a curse i tell you.

blue mercury Dec 4
i. i've been praying all week for my shaky bones to harmonize with the crash of the city downpour, but right now they just yearn to collide gracefully with the strong bones of someone who has yet to learn the meaning of 'rhythm'. i ask myself, staring out at the rain, "what does it mean? to conduct an orchestra of chaos? of thunder?"

ii. i've been praying for this grief to be good to me, to solidify my roots, to ground me & make me the version of myself that i couldn't be when my heart was still at its fullest. i can't stop begging for loss to be what makes me before it breaks me.

iii. i've been praying for an autumn angel again, to remember how it feels to be so fragile beneath the cool & careful touch of another that i can't help but shiver / revive / shrivel / fall / die. (one more fallen leaf lain to rest among the others.) maybe this month i will rest again, my ghosts whispering "suddenly" or "finally", knowing it is all the same.
i wrote this last month. cathartic writing is what i live for
Trish Dec 4
With a sweetest smile of yours
In every strum of your guitar
A closer look into your eyes
Another color added into my life

Who are you?
Why are you like this?

Tingling feeling
Butterflies in my stomach
Heart beats
Faster than the usual

Strange feeling towards
A strange person
Loving and trustworthy
Is this love or what?

Nope, hopefully not
Never again, please

Fragile heart of mine
Still mending as time goes by
You suddenly came into my life
Hoping for real not fantasy this time

SHH! Heart... are you okay?
SHUT UP! Mind... don’t overthink!
WOAAAH! Self... do you even know him?

With all the doubts and worry
About what I feel towards him
Eagerness to know you well
Snapped by the reality of everything

Heart got broken.. ONCE AGAIN...
Shattered in pieces and everything
Mending it back again is hard
Unrequited love story with bittersweet ending
it was inspired by the guy that i met in the broadcast station i visited for a msuic show. he was the invited guest while i was the extra person for their performance that was chosen from the audience who gave me mixed feelings.
Teal Nov 28
I love that smile.
It makes my day.

With the clear, morning sky,
And the smell of fresh, recent rain,

Let's take a walk
down my favorite lane.

Stay by my side
Let's enjoy the endless time we have.

It's amazing how
The presence of someone really special to you
Can uplift your world entirely.
The poem is not what it seems to be.
As long as you aren’t mine.
I am reduced to a nothing but a littering
of bittersweet lines.
Bella R Nov 20
Lingering touch
Concerned voice
Teasing texts
Playful smile--

Since when
Did my unwavering heart start
Yearning for more,
Unapologetically greedy.
Ah. He's
The One.
My heart whispers
As gentle as you
But my mouth pridefully yells
Grace Nov 10
He asked me for advice
On how to get a girl
I guess, my advice
Went well
He hasn’t talked to me since
Always make time for friends
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