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Sunny street
Sky is blue
The leaves are swirling
On the ground
I feel like time stopped and I walk
In a still heavenly cloud of air
That's spreading warm autumn light everywhere

Love will follow you wherever you go
As long as you take it with you
I love you always forever
For T.♥
I love you

Written while listening to the song...
B Sonia K Jan 5
I stared at the sun
Until it blinded me
I ran and hid
That I may recover
In the darkness
But I still couldn’t see
I came back to the sun
Its light overtook me
And we became one
There was no more darkness to run to
And I heard the sun say
“You’re mine and I’m yours”
Then,  I became the sun.
Ian Robinson Jan 2
I wake up
Every morning
To a brand-new day
At one am

Which *****
At one am
there is nothing
to do

So i wait until daybreak
to write something new

and i start my daily routine
all over anew
i just woke up like 5 minutes ago so this may not make any sense
claire Dec 2018
the path
before us

winds & loops

it is trodden
but not overused

mulch & grass
line the walkway
subtle foliage

flowers & ferns

the sunlight stretches
across the trail

hand in hand
we stroll along
clark Dec 2018
*******, *******;
as pigeons unfurl their wings to take flight in a blue, blue sky,
a ricochet of dandelion seeds soar with them,
creating a matrimony of silent parade
that is kissed by the suns rays.

they sleep soundly;
do not wake them.
Saint Audrey Dec 2018
Glanced at my hands
And told me where I'd been
Something she said
I hadn't gone that far

Fell short again
Woke up in the back
With the sun setting

I will see you
Again, some day
It's not hopeless
It's something to reclaim

Living in our
Past mistakes that
Willfully, we recreate
Will end no better
Watching as this
Fade away
I'd be remiss not to say
I'll see you after

Through the smoke
We keep regressing
Though I
Let it go
I still hope
I'll see you after
Gabriel burnS Dec 2018
light blue - as in light enough to fly; blue enough to fall; a pull in both directions; pooling inflections of the light-wave sifted through the dark weave; near-symmetrically mindful of the sent and received
Why June when it’s December...
Just... thinking ahead...
Dominique Dec 2018
Taste the sunlight
Wrap up in the golden thread
The 40 carat golden thread
That leaks like honey on your head

Feel the sunlight
Open up to gamma streams
The seeds of life in gamma streams
That donate such vivacious dreams

Be the sunlight
Buoy the dust motes with your smile
The guileless, butter-melting smile
Illuminating clouds a while

And linger amber in the light.
When all else fails, turn to the warmth within to drive the shadows out. <3
K Balachandran Dec 2018
Sunlight sings to me!
A momentary pleasure?
That’s all in the end.
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