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Ephemeral Dust, Primordial Soup
Essence in swirl,
Conscious of Unconscious
Thoughtless, Sway like a Leaf.
Under sunlight, Rejuvenation
Under moonlight, Exhalation
Vacant Plane, I wonder in Circles
Gnosis, I have to break these Chains  
Realization drenches over me
Smiling alone in the Rain.
your gunpowder steel
on my sycamore blues
haunted by vanity
on a string just out of reach
escape the perpetual debt
we have to our makers
captive in sun strewn streaks of shade
never to feel the warmth of its gaze
willingly judged by sunburnt noses
for being less than
I just want to sparkle
in the ultraviolence.
pile of folded clothes laying on my bed
doused in sunlight
coming in through the blinds;
today my eyes ache,
only managed to sleep in the early hours
of the morning, i could cry.
i want to go out
forget about my thoughts for a while,
focus on me and my little mind:
wind’s lashing though.
i hate the wind, it blows my skirt
and my hair askew.
wish i could go down by the river
and see all of the little painted boats;
forget i am alone.
annh May 21
t r a i l s
of light-glazed ephemera
w      a      f      t
from plain to hills;

*G i l d e d*
grams of silken
warm with pine
and noon.

p i t t e r - p a t t e r s ,
D a N c E  S t E p P i N g
the length
of a polo field.

‘Is not this a true autumn day? Just the still melancholy that
I love - that makes life and nature harmonise.’
- George Eliot
Words' Worth May 19
Your arms
Can carry the sun

The sunshine is on your shoulders
Because the light overflows

If you only looked at me
You could make me happy with a hug
I feel horrible.
noren tirtho May 16
It survives.
Hanging on to that
wee bit of sunlight,
and grounded in that modicum of soil
which has just about enough moisture
to let it exist.

Its leaves don't flutter much;
Nothing blooms;
the twigs don't sway;
those tentacles can't spread out.

It lives, though it may not be as lively as others.
It stands, though it may not be too firmly rooted.
It survives, though it barely has a reason not to die.
halle May 12
i'm gasping for air
i'll never get
maybe if you'd miss me you would care.

who am i kidding?

i've been trying to get you to see me
for years beyond years,
but here i am with the sunlight pooling through
and you don't look at me

you never do.
You were mine,
                           A Wildflower.

Sprout up in the most unlikely of places,
Peaking yellow and green through the copper chipped bricks,
You spread out, wrapped around my hand,
we grew together.

Iridescent - reflecting each other.

Until - your grip loosened,
Once effervescent,
I watched your colour fade -
Now waned, wilted, worn.

I tried to love you back to life -
Though I don't know you anymore.
all colours fade when exposed to direct sunlight
Lushi May 6
sunlight pouring in
through pavement planted trees,
my heels clicking on
old cobblestones,
a tiny coffee cup in hand
pinky up,
sugary taste of
baked croissants.

white dress, big hat
i smile,
i see everything with
pure wonder,
that moment
frozen in time.
I've always had a dream to visit Paris in the summer,
and one day, I know it'll come true.
lua Apr 26
i could see the sun in her eyes
and the yellow light that danced on lashes
that drooped downwards
casting a faint shadow over blown out pupils
and pools of amber
pools of honey.
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