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Louise May 1
Your skin, the color of the early morning sunlight.
Your taste, sweet and sublime.
As I bite into your flesh, I forget everything
just like how the light forgets the night.
Your tree is groovy, however mighty.
Your fruit, the dream of every honey bee.
As I savour every drop of your juice, I forget my name,
like we're in some cliché first love story.
Your seed, caller of more mangoes this season.
Your cheek, red, orange, sometimes yellow.
As I devour your entirety, I forget the promise of storms,
only remembering your sweetness from now on.
Summer is a sweet mango.
uv Mar 25
"I have a hundred photos lined up to be posted.
I edit them, I think about them, and I let them be.
I let them be in my gallery for the right time.

And the right time never comes.

Days become months, and months at times turn into years.
But the right time never comes.

I don't know why!

But it is alright!

It is alright because I am not in a race, nor am I in a hurry to tell my story.
I don't mind waiting at the stop like this bus.
I don't mind being forgotten about
Or just not talked about for days.

But I, in my own way, after making those stops, I will carve my road ahead.
Uncover the true beauty of my story
In the most unusual way.
Just like how sunlight lights up a simple road and makes patterns with the help of shadows.

Shadows have their own ways.
Shadows glorify those pretty rays.
P.S: Thank you for following me through the years.
And sticking by even when I just disappear.
Zywa Mar 2
Clouds passing over

the sun give life to the floor --

it breathes up and down.
Leadlight windows

Collection "org anp ark" #4 (September 23rd, 2011, November 19th, 2011)
rk Feb 16
on soft twilight mornings
when the world
still sleeps soundly
the blackbirds singing
their daily sermon
i stretch lazily
the crisp sheets a shroud
i feel the warmth
of the sweet summer sun
kissing my back
and i smile
knowing that you had once
done the same.
- we were a shooting star, a fleeting moment.
Ghostverses Jan 13
Today's sunlight will forever be my eternal darkness
Just a little quote I made up. Wanted to get some opinions about it
Malia Jan 12
We are
Different fingers
Of the very same hand.
We are
Born pure,
Then forgotten.
I am the flowers
And the river.
Mother Nature—
What can I give her?
She is all I cannot be.
She is all I once was.
The children of men
Have twisted her personage
Until her portrait no longer
Is recognizable.
The children of men
Have twisted themselves—
Trains, cars, factories!
Nothing but awful galleries
Of memories, a eulogy
For the truth, the natural way.
And yet, it all runs through us.
Like our blood, and the breeze
And the sunlight’s dappled stream,
Like a rope, but not a chain,
Sustenance, our meat and grain.
It is One, and we are It.
We are One, and separate.
Whenever given the option, I always choose doing poetry for school projects :p
Em Dec 2023
I settle on a seat distant from the world and my life
Here I observe the souls of those overcome with strife  
Settling on a bench sheltered with fallen flowers
from the shivers of trees recovering from nighttime terrors
Red plaid shorts damp beneath me
A book sprawled open on my lap watching with pure envy
as my eyes trace a phrase my mind is quickly trapped in
"its the truth even if it didn't happen"
I experience the sun blaze its rays down onto my thighs
Drawing crimson marks with my nails, I analyze
There's a strange sense of comfort in the burning sensation
The fear of not knowing what to expect consumes my self isolation
The unknown lingers in my mind, crimson now engrossed
I can always trust that the sunlight will never stop sizzling sunburnt skin
So instead of cursing the pain, I find it sublime
for it is the most secure I've felt in a long time
rewrite of a previous poem
Nigdaw Oct 2023
I enter what I can only describe
as a waking dream
staring into the future
I see him, a hint of recognition
around his eyes
grey hair, no,  more silver
like the light has brought it
far wiser than me
more forgiving
I realise that for all
my chasing
hunting the sunbeam
it has always been there
in the landscape, captured
by my photographic obsession
it never left me
I have always been a part of that light
and my future self
has been struck
like a lightening bolt
As a small boy I wanted to sleep in the sunbeam that flooded the carpet of our living room, but my mother wouldn't let me.
Savio Fonseca Aug 2023
Wake-up to a Day, that's spilling Sunshine
and let Sunlight, keep nourishing your Soul.
If there are Grey Clouds and Rain around U.
Don't Worry, as up there's God in Control.
Inhale the Beauty that surrounds U,
look at Nature from near and far Away.
Discover God's beautiful Gift to Mankind.
Thank Him for having given U this Day.
When the Day is Done and Dusted
and the Sun is setting beyond the Hills.
Wait for the mighty Moon to show up,
as U sit patiently near your Windowsill.
The Universe is wrapped with Darkness,
eagerly waiting for a Spark to Light.
That's When Romance shows up with Aces
and Passion keeps seeping thru the Night.
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