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internetgirl Apr 30
i was taking pictures of you
with flowers in your hair
and i couldn't help but notice
the way your eyes held the sunlight
like the way
Rea Apr 28
lately i've been mourning something.
i think i miss loving myself.
i grieve for the girl of sunlight and pride.
she is not here anymore,
what has taken her place feels like
the fog of no man's land.
chloie Apr 21
soon the porch will be in shadows,
and my sunlight will be met
not by my hair or hopeful eyes
but by concrete walls instead.

and I fear I will have nowhere
but I won't go back inside.
as dreary as the porch will be,
I refuse the chance to hide.
TomDoubty Apr 18
Is this what writers do?
Conjure the worst then set you there, contorting
to listen for the beauty that sings in suffering?
Your boiling body fights, trembling
and next to you in darkness, brooding
I see the struggling and the worst
and imagine  your beauty

as a memory that enters a room
full of mourners-
sunlit breeze captured
in billowing fabric
which turning and holding
you there for a moment
lets you go
as the tears and the chatter
go on

Jan 2021
LC Apr 17
the flowers spread their limbs
basking in the sunlit glow
as the refreshing morning dew
caresses their curved leaves.
their vivid petals flirt
with the colorful sunbirds,
pulling them closer and closer
to the sweet, sticky pollen,
which rains all over the soil
as more flowers begin to wake up.
#escapril day 16!
Riley Apr 12
8:52 AM sitting at my local coffee shop. Looking out  into the overcast sky. Strong breeze knocks my napkin onto the ground, and I go to pick it up. Look up and down the street I see her, yellow dress white skirt the most vibrant person I've ever laid eyes on. She lights up the street, without doing anything out of the ordinary, just walking, but I find myself staring at her in awe of the beauty set before me. Beautiful amber eyes, long brown hair.  Shining ray of sunlight pierces the gray clouds of my boring life, swiftly illuminating me and wrapping my heart in the warmest comfiest blanket.  Still being crouched over caught in a situation I've never been in before I attempt to get up and return my napkin to the table. I won't probably ever see that girl again, but those few seconds of absolute radiance reminded me that there is a life worth living.
LC Apr 6
closing my eyes as the sunlight kissed the window
a blooming rose lightly caressing my face,
confessing his deep, passionate love,
wrapping his leaves around me,
protecting me with his mild, earthy scent,
loving me with softness and strength.
#escapril day 5!
ArianLlwyn Mar 31
They say the sun shines bright
Beyond the hills of night.

Perhaps one day I might
See this beautiful light.

For now my days are dark
My dreams are nightmares wrought.
M Solav Mar 20
Who has decided that yesterday
Should ever rhyme with distant and gray
(Is this the product of a rapidly fading memory?)

Who has chosen that this tomorrow
Should ever rhyme with hopeless sorrow
(Is it the consequence of our inescapable fatality?)

Well I think that this person ought
To have paid it one more thought
For that yesterday rhymes with far away
And this tomorrow rhymes with glow

And why is it that sunlight
Should ever come to rhyme with night
(Is it perhaps that in what we lack we find similarity?)

And how come it is that this shadow
Should rhyme with "oh well, you know"?
(Is it that maybe we're always stuck in some circularity?)

Well I guess this buddy of yours ought
To have pondered for one more thought
For that sunlight rhymes with insight
And this shadow rhymes with "let go".
Written on June 2nd, 2018; completed on March 19th, 2021.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
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