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pa3que Feb 10
i ought to wake up
from this nightmare i’m in,

i ought to forget
the world that i’ve seen.

a bottle of saturn tears
in my hand,

ready to get emptied
on my every command.

she was who i shared
my dreams with at night,

now nights only trip
over fears that i hide.

we once danced in desert,
with sand in our eyes,

but she’s now in hiding
wearing a different disguise.

the stars cry
and milky way echoes.

i drank half the poison,
shattered my soul.

i weeped horizons
in your belonging.

  forgotten myself as
i’ve fallen asleep.

now you and i
  and stars remember.

    but new memories
   cannot be made.

   i’m leaving you now,
    alone, to surrender

     the past into nightmare,
that i’m living in.
Amanda Sep 2018
Hold the universe inside my palms
I alone understand it is but a solitary dream
Between stars I make out memories
Connecting dots, forming images ingrained in my mind

I look in the unfilled depths of sky where suns have yet to burn out, remaining eternally preserved in an explosion of beauty lightyears away wondering about humans peering at their ambience through time and space

This isolated reflection I witness change in compliance with the predetermined path set in motion by the astrological forces of nature
My hands must be trembling
Scared of sorrow and frustration they undeniably confront

The fear of the uncertain, the inconsistency of the unapologetic future awaiting
Solemn visions of an imperfect outcome, enough torment to push strength a bit too far over the edge

Fragile balance of peace and chaos resting within cupped desperate hands
Ignorant, the quickness of extinction among synapses in the cavern lighting the entirety of my skull
Pinned under familiar self-induced delusions
Galaxies silently begging for permanent freedom
Such fate to let their wishes dangle ignored
Urges within bursting, released
That moment I also give in
Forcefully close my fingers into a fist
Instantly crushing wild constellations scattered around my consciousness
A great deal more fragile than realized

Once unshakable destiny budged a millimeter by one lone act of rebellion
Against a powerful pull the majority pretend is rigid
Elusive control by way of self-combustion of life's temporary illusions
Proof one touch can fell worlds of fantasy

Founded on fiction

Or maybe

I was inspired by Horton Hears A Who
Isaac Aug 2018
milky way a spot
in the span of the
resting in the hands of
our creator
to be nursed

web of stars spread
generously abroad
could creatures born
into this world
ever become bored?

from the heavens'
full perspective
this planet is oh-so small
though for us humans
who live on it
it is a mega ball

the architect
of everything
looks after heaven and earth
his gentle love so evident
how could I not thank him
for my birth?
Written 14 August 2018
Kewayne Wadley Jun 2018
When we're high
We dance inside my head.
We dance in a way that we've never danced before.
You and I on a stage of collected thoughts.
Without fear how we move.
Without fear anyone watches.
We move in intrigue.
Without chairs or walls.
We dance among stars and eons of galaxies.
Your eyes trail the milky way.
Things otherwise complex.
Fully understood when we're high.
High off each other.
High off life.
You and I the experience of pulsating neon.
Swirling around and around.
The places we visit with a hop and a skip.
Your thighs a dress covered by stars,
Inside my head.
The place we go without fret.
Worry or fear.
Under the neon lights.
Every time I look at you.
K Balachandran May 2018
securely encrypted,
the Milky Way and beyond;
my billion nureons!
Alegria Mir Apr 2018
g a l a x y
her lips are a galaxy
i was not ready to explore
yet tasted with glee
and she, herself, is a galaxy
forget the milky way
for she is my galaxy
her heavenly bodies never fail to astonish me
The Alphabet of You
Artyprose Oct 2017
The scars I tried to bury
are now floating
between my ribs
trying to **** all the blood
that runs through my heart;
that flows to my hands
that she used to hold
and loved.

My visions became narrow
pointing to the future where
I am alone and she’s happy.
Then slowly, there are tears
in my eyes that no muscle
in my system could lift back.

I miss her so bad; so much
I’ll dive to hell and
search in heaven.
I’ll fly to the milky way
to plead and pray
that if she’s not for me
then I am now willing
to give myself to flames.

I miss her so bad
I’ll do anything
to take her back,
I’ll do everything
for her not to leave.
Nashoba Jul 2017
The sun is hot in the open desert. A shadow of hope from the plants that look like they have withered.
Shade we seek the critters scream. Little feet scorching as the sand seems to melt.
Why must I live here. Many folk ask. Would you rather have the ocean to see versus the forever ending rows of Joshua Trees.
My skies are full of glistening stars, when the hot sun sets deep down afar. I have darkness you can never see.  I can see the milky way you see.
I don't need the beach house. I can always hear her waves.  A memory recorded deep in my mind.
The night skies are forever now mine. I fear not the heat of the day. I live my life simple like the old days. I have no wants. My needs are all meet.
As long as I have you with me at night. The stars are our peace in this crazy world.
I love my desert as I love you. Harsh at times. Life gets rough you see. But in the end it is just you and me.
Nashoba copyrighted 2014
Nancy Starry Jun 2017
Are you happy?
Are you happy with me?
Because my thought haunts me
That probably somewhere
There is someone else who could makes you happier than I do
And it terrifies me
I can not promise you today
I can not promise you tomorrow

All I know is...
That when our hearts attached to each other
And our hands holding one another
We could survive the storms together
And anchored in the beautiful islands
Like we always do for thousand of days

Last night I saw you sleeping
Are you dreaming of our dreams?
Discovering our fine days
Looking at the blue sky
Laying on the field of daisies
Because I am dreaming too
On a starry night
Laying on the beach with you
Kissing under the shining milky way
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