At the crack of dawn, in an open jeep
We sit, as chirpy as the birds
Our eyes wide open, ears perked
Waiting for a call to be heard

We begin our journey, full of hope
The thrill of adventure in the air,
Binoculars at the ready
To meet a tiger's deadly glare

We canter through the dense forest
Through the shallow river and the whispering trees
Past the gentle deer and the mighty elephant
And a sense of danger in the breeze

We wander along the gravel path  
Beneath langoors swinging from the branches,  
And from the grass, the jackal watches,
Patiently resting on its haunches

We drive through twists and turns and ups and downs
The elusive beast refused to be found...
This time our efforts were for nought,
But we'll see him next time around!
I went to a tiger reserve recently. Did not see a tiger but had a wonderful time driving through the forest!
For pictures, check out my insta page, those.who.wander24 :)
follow right

down the way

soft and lush

gardens lay

tender day

borrowed brush

the feeling of hunger

the feeling of love

my steps so silent

coy and light

wandering whispers

trees at night

golden glow

sun’s silky glove

chirps like gossip

high in the trees

me on the ground

heart skinned like knees

pain sufficient

tender touch

carpeted forest floor

where we rush

underfoot, i surely run

catching up

the rays of the sun

but who does wait

beyond the trees

trampled paths

fallen leaves

find my step

stay in line

don’t wander from the path

gilded lies

rings of age

too many to count

your heart swollen

down to pounce

wake me when it’s safe to leave

my footsteps behind

amongst the trees
Under roofs of aging pine
Where the trees in rows align
I awake a forest doss
On a strip of golden shine

Missing shoes is not a loss
When I step a floor of moss
Feel the urge of turning spread
But the light I have to cross

All is faint that comes ahead
Staring at my feet instead
Then I’m left with just a nose
As I in the light embed

Pine cones fall under my toes
Where it’s going, no one knows
But I’ll keep the forest close
Forest close, forest close
The social media forest
is dense and tense
noisy and filled with trolls
seeing our favourite trees
can be problematic when static
so in this instance
chopping down trees
is a necessary evil
to view our favourite
oak, ash, beech or lime
that's just fine
to act the lumberjack
with no comeback
we can see clearly now
the pine has gone
The observant will notice the title looks similar to a Beatles song
Ash 4d
she runs barefoot
through the forest
her braid kissed by
the brush of the wind
sunlight dances on
her almond skin
shes an etheral beauty
of the wild.
for the wild ones
Poetic T Apr 14
The waves were like vipers,
picking of weary sailors from
                                           the deck.

Plucking them with fangs of stinging
waves, taking those unsuspecting
                                            from the deck.

Drowning them in the sorrows
                   that suffocated them beneath the
        planks they were washed upon.

So many swords were never lifted
                             but fell submerged silently.
Falling beneath the honour that sank before them.

But like creeping ivy, they were woven upon.
                    Seaweed forests clasping upon those
weary travellers that sang into slumbering bereavement.

Still the forests that fed on the rainfall of what
             decayed falling statically from above,
                              nourishment in silent surrendering's.
prompt: pirate
i believe i get left wherever i go
little bits and pieces of me
are scattered all over the world
a segment of my heart in the ocean
became one with the water and with the sand
so now whenever the big blue body engulfs me
i feel found again
some pieces of me floated away in the breeze
of my favorite forest
so now when i am barefoot in the dirt
sprawled on the grass
i feel connected to myself again
nature is a place you can always go
its okay if your soul whispers into the gravel
because you can always retrace your steps
and be found there again
but what about places you cannot return to?
places that are not places
but people
lost lovers, lost trust
how am i supposed to find myself again
when you've buried my most crucial piece
within yourself?
could you give it back, please?
Kkø Apr 13
Artists cut from clashing fabric.

We spoke in vibrant, fading colors
baby blue and forest green.

Inherent distance
land and sea.

You aren’t brave enough
                                     to tread my ocean.
I have no interest
                                    in climbing trees.
III Apr 12
It's so much more
Than the daffodil sunrise
Exhaling puffed purple trails of smokey
Cotton ball clouds
Reflected across the stitches
Of your hazel-green iris
That captures my attention so,
And refuses to return
My breath you've stolen.
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