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Shadow 2d
Farewell now, peaceful dales, farewell to
Familliar hilltops that I call to
Farwell, familliar wood nearby,
Farwell, the beauty of the sky,
Farewell, glad nature that I cherish;
I am exchanging my dear peace
For noisey, glittering vanities...
Farewell my freedom that must persih!
Whither and wherefore do I strive?
What can I hope for in this life?
Eyes as green as forest leaves

Eyes as sharp as cactus spikes

Eyes as calming as a cup of green tea

Eyes as rare as a chameleon

Eyes as acidic as an apple

Eyes as valuable as a green garden rose

What's your favourite eye colour?
We crowd into a darkness of neon and strobe lights, sweating grasping thrusting jumping,
Deafened; ears by bass and spirits by alcohol
As of a single mind, like the maggot, we wriggle and crawl  blindly back to the darkness from whence we came-

But I dream

Of not seeing you

In a faraway forest,
Touched and untouchable,
Naked and triumphant,
Wild and free.


In a sunbeam

A shaft of light
Penetrating the throbbing verdant green canopy,
Shining brighter for the privilege of caressing your cheek
As the wind plays with your hair,
And the earth trembles under your toes,
Eyes bright, soul soaring,
Enraptured by the music of the wild god of the world,
Ears filled with laughter at the very notion

That you could ever be anything less

Than a goddess
Yaoyan 7d
Once, the wild forest
Treaded beneath,
Its vestigial remains laid under my feet,
In pockets of youth that grew out of the ashes.

Once, the wild forest –
I dreamt of it, sleepwalking, moontalking,
I dreamt of walking down that forest floor,
down mountain slopes and crowded ravines,
and curving around the canopy as the birds do.

Oh, the wild forest,
How you sleep and slumber,
How you call to me with all your moss and your green.
Your spiders spinning webs, the old sequoia tree
Who has seen more than I will in a thousand lives.

Once, the wild forest,
Treaded beneath my feet.
How that ancient spirit slumbers,
How the forest sleeps.
Yashika Oct 3
I want to be an ant that is simple yet resourceful
I want to be a butterfly which is beautiful to look at but hard to catch
I want to be humming bird to detect sweetness in human
I want to be a fish that keeps moving with the flow…

I want to be towering rocks which is so durable and brave
I want to be the glorious rainbow which rarely occurs but leaves its marks besides
I want to be crisp wind that leaves its fragrance wherever it travels
I want to be captivating clouds that wanders alone …

I want to be wondrous rainfall that might be noisy but the hopes of many
I want to be the moon that brightens in darkest hour
I want to be verdant forest that is home to many
I admire nature because it is pleased with simplicity.
nature is beautiful and it is very closely associated with our lives...
Alienpoet Oct 2
Deep in a forest of fake news
Where headline games are people’s views
where pandemics become plandemics
where anti Vaxxers avoid vaccinations
and billionaires avoid taxation.

The forest of fake news
didn’t just spring up
watered by raining lies
governed by media moguls
and Facebook spies

Google and the internet shows us what we want to see
inverted mirrors of reality
each showing trees
a forest for all
with no clarity

How do see the forest from the trees?
or the trees that are fake?
life is forest full of trees but they are increasingly on the make
or plastic
or diseased
or just tricks in our sight
digital trees born out of spite

then cut down into newspapers
there’s no one to save us
we want to see the truth
that wasn’t always hidden
but we’d rather see the fake that’s not guilt ridden.

Truth the tree of life is now overrun
No one can see it
It’s been over come
and in the dark all trees look the same
it’s you and I who are to blame
We allowed them to plant
there fake news trees
and lies and untruths are a disease.
Max Oct 1
The electric wires form a fox
Eyes and ears pointed at my face
Her mouth nips in the air
She's watching me
Trying to figure out if I'm prey or predator

The woods whisper your name when you walk by
When you sinned we weep of your graciousness
Rejection is a script you know too well
And I'm sorry for being a ghostwriter

Do you know? I ask
How they view you,
You are cunning and they fear it
You are smart and it's terrifying for them
You are the legends scratching cracks into history
What you have done is birth a new era
Our spines read of your sly rebellion

Millions of people have been touched by those stories
But sides have formed
And you have become a martyr

They’ve made you an example,
And I am sorry that your story is not unique
I know so many foxes
Some with white hair
Braided and ready for war
Reckless with ambition
Others with piercing black eyes
Sharp and not scared of death
Saw the injustice and called it out of its shadow

They are scared of them
Called them witches riddled with sins
Killed them without a remark for justice
Leaving their bodies in the forest
Abandon and erased
Trees have been born by their hearts
Nourished by their blood

I walked into the forest
Touched the ground
Felted the air
And came out a phoenix

So I understand the hesitation
The double step before you move
The hitch in your breath before you ask
But I am stone and statue
I speak when spoken too
Just like you, they have made me a lie
So staring will solve nothing now

Ask and you shall know what side I am on
Prey or predator?

You are still staring and I am looking back
I can see the wheels turning in your head
Prey or predator?
And taking pity
Taking rebellion by the hand
Taking you by the hand
Refusing to make you my enemy
I say "neither"
Because exil is also an exception
Because love unite foes
Because I have played the game for too long too
And you look tired of always needing to pick sides
This is 1/3 of my school assigment
Theme: Nature
Place where I wrote this: Looking at the electric towers from my window
Vintage Dive
In elder times
humans filled
caves with
watching summer’s
fall into
the seasons of night

As a surprising

we were gifted Autumn

with her vintage
palate of violet
plums and gilded

buried under
mosaics of
variegated leaves

which dive through
the dawn
letting go

the season’s ***
the forest floor
a masterpiece
of welcome
Fall is an inspiration for all artists and creatives. Often a fan fave. Easy to write about. A joy to experience.
Iska Sep 19
There is a forest,
Under the sea,
To which I desperately
Long to see.
I’m back :) been ages
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