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Flame of the forest
Burns bright, envies not the green
Vibrant crimson blooms
Tom 3d
Roaming auburn sea, broad birch and old oak,

Autumns bitter chill warmed by dawn chorus,

Sunlight dances in the grass's morning dew,

Buzzing forest falls silent around me.

Sharp, unseen eyes drilling into my back
From distant bush, shivering with movement,

One eye closed, and one narrows in on me,

A deafening flash, leaps from narrowed eye.

In my chest, dull ache builds to searing pain
Heart beats fast, time flows slow, the eyes surge up,              

Tall and slender, out of place, there it stood,
Watching keenly with fixed gaze, poised to pounce.                

As all who live here naturally know,

Avoid the slender beings, immortal, 

Whose bodies or bones have never been seen,

Throughout the forest, they walk with no fear.

Crimson warmth dripping forth, I sprint away,

Through forest, thickets and farmland I flee,

No sign of pursuit, pause at ancient oak, 

Strength ebbs from my wound, spiral into sleep.

Woken by twig snap, piercing still dusk air,

Those determined eyes, gleam in the moonlight,

Scan the treeline, ruthless and resolute,

How did it find me, called by beating heart ?

Running again, heart pounding, chest burning,

All breath is gone, the world spins around me,

Glowing eyes loom, announced by loud footfalls,

Ten feet away they lock with mine and freeze.

Heavy antlers burden my weary head, 

Tired of running, i hold the humans gaze,

Arms raised to two eyes, one eye, narrowing,

A fingers twitch, a sudden flash, darkness.
Rainy Days Sep 29
My pine tree eyes
The darkest green
Overwhelming me
With a sense of bliss
Smelling like wintergreen
And a smile like a breeze
Oh, my pine tree eyes
Stay the Winter
Stay for a while.
aziza Sep 28
Apa yang terjadi ketika
minyak tanah bertemu api?
Itulah yang terjadi pada kami
Saling menghabisi sampai terlalu sering.

Tapi terkutuklah!
Tiada habis-habisnya sumber daya kami,
mungkin baru habis kala reyot nanti!/
Saat-saat kami melebur
menghasilkan bunga api yang berkobaran—
saling mengadu tinggi lidah api,
hingga disembur air mata
dari mulut sang jawara,
itu lebih berharga dalam sarekat ini
dibandingkan bercokol bagai sahaya di kelas./

Sungguh absurd.
Sepertinya kami harus jauh-jauh
dari lahan gambut,
biar tak ada lagi karhutla bersengkarut.
Sebab Lautan pun
membara dekat-dekat kami./

Jangan serius-serius betul lah
Kami lucu benar, percayalah.
Kami lebih suka berkelakar,
daripada diciduk karena jadi makar.
Kai Sep 26
I came upon a man
weary now with age
with a deep cracked tan

He looked and told
of the old forest
that reflects ones soul

Is that why I walk
and only see eyes
that follow and stalk

Me through the trees
dark and sunken
as they peer at me
He was an old god. His knowledge was a warning.
Arthur Blank Sep 22
To the humble ant,
A blade of grass is a tree,
In a vast forest.
A Haiku.
HeWhoExplores Sep 21
Guided by thick blankets of fog; Morning-time

Anxious thinking remains her close ally during this journey

The wooing of the spring winds clamber fourth

And as the dire dredge towards Santiago de Compostela carries on; she stops

Her pursuit of a goal takes a momentary crash

This heroine remains nameless, but only to a select few

As she paces along the lonesome road, where silence sleeps

A single tear, channelled from her right eye; falls

Her map makes for confused reading, a blinded book

Darting around for new meaning, a whisper of life is summoned

A townie owl, a juvenile of sorts

Sits atop a moss laden branch, its eye’s so wide

And in this moment of hesitation, the circular sun rises from its slumber

Bursting to life with energy

The road awakens

A passage? Perhaps

She marches on; hopeful

trf Sep 18
the escape that i get
when i take a deep breath,
chest pains cease
their restless wander,

air fleeing trees,
a textured braille,
branches gesture peace,
motors parasail.
even the blind see what's happening
I am half wild
A creature in between
Soft and inviting
Only sometimes seen
Feral and free
At home in the green
Drinking clear water
Pure crystal and clean
Do not seek to tame me
Though I seem serene
I walk in both worlds
My senses keen
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