Walking through the forest
Looking at the pitch dark sky;
Even the stars didn’t shine
They were trying to hide,

All alone;
didn’t have anyone beside;
Just me and myself;
And the broken flash light

As the wind blew
I quickly kept my hands inside;
It was as cold as my soul
Even a smirk on my face wouldn’t lie,

The warmth of the fire ;
Was all I wanted to feel tonight
With my body aching
Just couldn’t continue the plight

Came in to the jungle
To come close to death
Had cut down the rope
When I was just out of breath

Mind plays games
Says me it wants to die
Body says another thing
There is still life inside

Lost ,
with no hopes
can I continue tonight?
Alas, I want the misery to end ;
the reason I came there
Was the same thing, right ?

The Japanese jungle
Gave me what I wanted
There was nothing new to expect
I was just lying on the ground dead
Looking at the sky
Just Perfect!
The Japanese jungle is famous for suicide,
Even though it’s a hard thing to kill oneself , many Japanese people have sacrificed themselves in the history of time,
There was no shame.
But now things have changed
People come here to kill themselves often have a change of heart
And try to escape the jungle
Only to realise that
The jungle has delivered all the wishes one asks for.
Your eyes are as green as the forests that you love
And I know that you
Would spend every second of every day in them
If you could

The way you come alive in nature
I'm almost sure
That you're actually a nymph of the woods
Lost in the trees, flitting here and there
Friends with all of the forest

Examining the strangest fungi
Eyes lit up, voice excited
It makes me smile
Watching you where you love to be

A squirrel darts across the ground,
And your attention shifts
For just a second
Before you're back to the trees

This, right here
Is where you belong
And I'm lucky
To see it
the forest in June

i can feel the trees breathing, the wind whirring past their twirling leaves
the bark is course and clammy beneath my hands, notches and winding paths telling my palm a story of ages past
i can almost reach out and grasp the dancing smell of pine and wisps of a cloying floral tone
it's almost too heavy to breathe, and yet it fills my lungs with omnipotent liquid sun
flowers snake into my throat and down, deep into my chest
settling their roots like worms on my diaphragm
i exhale deeply and my breath leaks out like a creeping fog
it dissipates and past it my eyes bleed onto my cheeks,
dazzlingly delightful colours fill my vision, blossoming over my brain
and all I can think is how wonderful it must be
for my heart of green
to belong to the breeze

veritas 7d
there is a place i have to go, where i will always have to go.
and it is a place you cannot follow, because only i know how to find it.
it's a secret, but it's everywhere, and it lives in the groves and bowery inside me,
flourishing and green and quiet and steady.
its lungs are my lungs, so i must go to give it air,
but to also breathe a deep breath of life back in when i feel most stretched or worn thin,
and especially when life has been quite through with me.

but it grows cold and lonely at night,
and i have to visit it then, too,
when fell things awake and bright suns slumber in their shadows,
because im just as much a part of the day as the night.

if you will wait for me, where i've left you on the edge;
if you will trust me, believe in me, even when you don't fully believe it yourself;
if you promise you will leave me my hidden place,
then i will always, always, come back to you.
Carla Aug 5
The trees stand before me,
Like a crowd of men,
A jury of wooden minds,
Facing me again.

Unknowing of the consequences,
Of my actions’ reply,
These trees are the gates,
To the forest’s eye.

A whole journey ahead,
And I shall trek on,
I shall take the chance,
Before it is gone.

Take that chance,
Take that risk,
Just believe me,
It shan’t be brisk.
hazael-fae Aug 4
dancing under the moon light
the stars bright
the breeze sings to us
the souring waves syncronize with your ocean eyes
melt into each others skin
like a candles wax all night
the flame falls
as our eyes finally do
twirled beneath the blanket
your skin drifting along mine
a feeling im shy with; safety
embodies me
our laugher fills the air
creating a flow i didnt know existed
as your finger tips run along my skin
awoken with a kiss,
as the morning dew sparkles
and the restless waves crash
we soon breath the same breath
and kiss with all we have left
the morning sun peeks above the trees
infinite light
Gemini Aug 3
Deep in the forest
Hidden in the trees
You’ll find a fuzzy creature
Its eyes agleam

Wandering around its home
Its yellow heart begins to ache
For no one wants to play
With a banana hearted thing

Salty water fills its eyes
Soft whines escape its snout
It too is a bear
That’s a promise to you all
And just because his heart is different
Doesn’t mean he doesn’t care
During freshman year my Creative Writing instructor had us draw a fruit and an animal, then told us to write a poem about them. I... got a bear with a banana for a heart.
Alexander Jul 18
7 16 2018

Life is more than a box of marshmellows
But marshmellows smell so good
Marshmellows smell so good
Share them with your neighbors. You should you should you should

Carry them around the world
Going door to door
For in your mind and your heart
Life is more than an empty cart

So fluffy plushy like a cloud
Bouncy bouncy with little mounds
I love marshmellows. And so can you
Please let me make a smore with you

Baking and cooking for my friends
The smelly sweet flavor
That never ends
Its just so fluffy... And sticky when warm

Theres so much inspiration for music in the world
To make your smores
You need your marshmellows grilled
Singing with friends. Around the campfire

Warm and huddling together
Staring at the stars dotting the sky
Surrounded by the sounds and smells of nature
Marshmellows have shared this moment with us. Over and over

Give thanks to such an awesome creation
Thats been passed down
Generation to generation
Shared like a memory for everyone. Through time

Marshmellows smell so good
But the connections they've brought
Its not so easily understood
So much love. Fun and laughter. Shared for many nights. Ever after
I love the smell of marshmellows
Blake Jul 22
The maiden so fair
In all her grace
The gold leaf in her hair
And snow pedaled face
Night and day we sing
In elysian song
A rhyme to our queen

      And look Oberon!!!!!
Acrostic poem that correlates with another
Blake Jul 22
Of all the kings
Bear him to mind
Eternal ruler of these
Riches, magic, and wine
Of fairies and song
Now praise Oberon
Acrostic poem
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