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Brett May 29
I don’t know who I would be, without the darker side of my personality.

The painted desert of night allows me to explore the eternal moonlit forest of my life.

The beating compass of my heart, points in no particular direction.

I pace my steps on its rhythm, though the deeper I venture, the less I can rely on its repetition.

Neatly trimmed hedges devolve into bogs, witches to the west, sirens sing to me through the midnight fog.

The road less traveled stained with blood, a path beaten with hurried footsteps and battered love.

I take to the tress; beneath the wind-strained leaves, the monsters are now stalked by me.

Demons by day evade my pleas. Now, stuck in a dream, they can’t leave.
Ziploc May 28
Soft, a damp; an umber forest. a mossy way.
rain; wet trickled dirt. distant ravens.
boots; crispy ferns. snapping twigs.
just breathe; a deep gray whisper, the irresistible scent of fern.
falling back into the dark musty bristle of a bear, quickly being submerged by deep grey, smokey clouds.
Look up, in the feathery pines - a flying squirrel! his eyes, lips, and spirit all at once smile saying,

"hi. little duck,"
Just a little thing I wrote a while back... makes me feel good
Kailin Biver May 27
All you do is walk blindly into a forest
Do I dare follow you into these dark woods which so happen to look modest?
Must I dive into that mind which is so deep?

Yes, because I’ve got my own promises to keep.

I hear you murmuring to yourself; “people are all so easy to read, but not me.”
I don’t quite get what you mean.

It suddenly starts to darken and rain
And that’s when you collapse and cry out: “I’m miserable having to deal with all this pain!”

You then get back up...
Hoping you can get out in time before your legs start to give up.

Think you can make it?
Maria Mitea May 17
as I go up and down the stairs,
the rain stops abruptly as if struck by lightning,
the breath of spring deflowers my lungs,
I see two eyes bathing in the outpouring of sounds,
the chirping of birds snatches my mind,
pulls it on a string,
- the thought
sits on the lilac leaves,

I cling to everything that gets in my way,
I feel like then
when I was drowning in the pond at the far end of the village
hanging from a willow branch
at the bottom of the water, I hear your voice,
you were whispering:
"breathe, breathe, move your hands
move your legs,
it will come, it will come "

with the tightness of my heart, I take my head out of the water,
expire water,
for the rest of my life, I stay away from thirst,

at times

I prefer to be a sauerkraut
or dilute like a mercaptan
which passes through its own volume of air,
raising its value to an acceptable limit,

I search,
I give myself time,

I end up in a world of smells,
lichen, moss scent the forest
without losing patience
or weight,
lazy molecules (arouse my envy),
- little magicians on stones,
faithful masters of the forest boulders,
a carpet of green moss
I will be,
without blood in the veins,
without flowers,

today I will be
a moss that absorbs all the moisture from the rain
until I get over my own invisibility.
Mel Apr 29
As flowers and dirt covers
the cautious ground
A long lure of leafy gray

Clear nectar runs into the water
Running down the mountain and
To the end of the river
Svetoslav Apr 27
brown • branches
break • white • crystals
into • disappearing • pieces
Man Apr 27
down falls the old growth
to be cut to pieces

dropped into the ropes draped
towering, it is now laid to rest

the forest floor becomes a new bed
dread before, what comes next
As , I walk between the trees
There energy pulses in me
It's a wonderful blessing
To feel there beauty
What they do
How they grow
It truly amazes me
The live through years
of rain and snow
They survive fires
Yet still stand tall
That is strength
That is a gift
we all could use
A tree can be so many things
It can be wild and free
It can be colors of red
A tree can live for years
But if we do not give it
the respect it deserves
We could destroy and loose
When you stand in a forest
Stop and listen
You will hear it's
voice it's song
You will feel it's pulse
The trees will talk and sing to you
So take a walk among the trees
So you may experience the
beauty of trees
and let me tell you
it's worth a walk or two
this , I promise you.

© Jennifer L Delong 4/13/2021
MoonFlow Apr 13
I am lost
In the wilderness of my youth
I fight
with every ounce of my might
To keep the dark forest of desires away from haunting me
I try to flee
To the right path, I see
but thorny branches of nightmarish trees grab me so maliciously
And reach my heart
To pour some venom
I sink
Into a shuddering oblivion
The soulless devil invites me to his enmity
I refuse
As I hearken the sanity
My Lord had provided me
And I cling to it like ivy
Indeed, My Lord helped me to seek Him
Before the devil and the sinful hankerings sought me
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