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Jade Jan 29
I had my heart broken,
Not by anyone in particular,
It just accidentally slipped out of their fingers.
I sat there in the dark
Hoping to find
Some solace in the shadows that
Danced with the too-bright lights,
But I guess I didn’t want to get rid of the lonely,
It was all I had at the time.
I convinced myself that this cut was just a bruise,
It would heal in time,
Other people have scars,
I’ll get over this little ache.
I turned away from the laughing sun,
Finding a comfortable silence in the shade.
I sat there till my bones grew tired,
And decided I didn’t want to fight.
I didn’t blame the ones
Who couldn’t see me in the dark,
I could go on without them.
I didn’t need anyone to hold my hand.
I talked to myself in the dark shell of my mind,
And while I played hide-and-seek
I shamelessly cheated
And hid where they couldn’t find me.
And in that secret little cave
Where my chest sometimes forgot
It was supposed to be beating,
I found myself a stranger to
My own little bruised heart,
But slowly I began to see who I was
And the murky ink became clear.
I recognized the colors that mixed into
Beautiful rainbows,
And… yes, less flattering shades.
But I decided that this was good enough,
I could let go
And paint with my own little dark.
I’m an artist.
A poem about me =)
Yuki Jan 22
A bruised body
doesn’t hurt as much as
a shaking soul
and trembling heart.
It’s the winter in me.
My ice-covered mind
is too cold to think properly
and my hands so frozen
aren’t able to
reach out and hold
Courtney Jan 17
I feel your arms around me, but turn and you’re gone
I feel your breath on my neck, soon replaced with the cold draught
I see the scratches on your back but open my eyes and see the bruises on mine
They’re matched with the scratch running up my side from the night I made you mad
Your face burned red and your hand was raised as I cowered and feared and cried

He said things that broke me but now my mascara is too expensive to be ruined by his harsh words
I told them I was broken but they passed it off as a bad day and all they could say was
“you’re okay”
Jenna Jan 15
i am an architect
though my hand has been guided many a time
i have etched my own path
into a tome of starlight
but it is a path i will walk alone sometimes
and that’s okay

i am a writer
though my heart has been swayed into submission many a time
i will continue to be
the main antagonist of my story
but i bleed ink from my fingertips and i will write my own chapter
and that’s okay

i am a warrior
though i’ve wielded my sword many a time
i have seen many wars
and fought many battles
but it’s still the small victories i celebrate most
and that’s okay

i am a dancer
though i’ve tripped over my two left feet many a time
i have broken many bones
and danced still with a smile
but my feet grow tired and i must rest sometimes
and that’s okay

i am an artist
though my hands have often been stained
my heart is my masterpiece
and i’ve put it at the forefront of my choices
but maybe it isn’t the kind to go in a museum
and that’s okay

i am damaged
i am battered
i am bruised
but i am trying
and i am healing
and that’s okay
I seem to prefer the cold
As if to sooth my bruised heart
So it freezes and no longer bleeds
Frozen around and between the parts
Because a cold heart is still whole
Even if it can no longer feel
When the warmth has been lost
Losing its attraction to appeal
Only a fool would fall in love
Having the intention to steal
This fool's gold of a heart away
One that has been shut and sealed
Ezzah Saleem Jan 9
She did not know her own name.
All she did was,
A bruised soul from their hurt,
A dead heart from them,
Empty eyes for them,
A body swelled from their abuse,
Her lips bleeding,
But all she wants is them,
And all she says is that she will wait forever,
Her tired mind that wants to sleep,
But then she calls herself a strong women.
Van Byrde Dec 2018
If all the best characters are a little broken...
does that make
the favourite?
Becca Dec 2018
honey heals my bruises
milk heals my cuts
buttercream heals my scars
and you heal my heart
Jedda Nov 2018
You painted thick acrylics across the thoughts you lured into my mind. You mumbled “ let them dry “. You smeared bliss like it was a hue, left bruises in black, white and you
- j
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