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Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 8/15/2018

Late moon
takes the baton
- offering to the twilight
a bow in sacrifice:
with glow greeting
star aesthetes
- an orchestra of crickets
- eternal poets,
so that songs of love
inspired by the muses
- they would loudly sing
in the thickets.

Wieslaw Musialowski 10/9/2001
Friends, I am asking for your understanding, because all my translations must be proofread and corrected. Poems are hard to translate (even in free verse translations). The original is rhymed. Regards.
myrrh Sep 15
Light crawls in through the curtains
Stains the floor in shades of yellow & white
Sets pools of obscurity bright
As the sun retires from our sight
Twilight cometh, like one's mind at night
annh Sep 15
As the twilight contracts
And outstretching sleep escapes me,
The darkness offers me its small hand to hold,
Sighing gratefully for the flame I place in the window
To pass the night through.

Xant Sep 7
I'm lost
Lost in a merely daunting hallway
I've walked what felt like miles,
I'm worn
Something's been pulling my legs,
my arms,
and my head
closer to the walls
trying to swallow me whole
all night long

Only light there is
is a yellow light
born out of a twilight;
dim and soft
soft as a kiss
But as I got deeper into the hall,
twas the time my eyes could see
everything that lies in the dark;
the creaky wooden floor,
the creeping spiders,

A door

A lady walks out of it
She cries,
she walks fast
She also sheds a tear
with her white wool sweater
that's been red from blood

I peek inside
And what I see,
Is a grey figure lying on the floor
his neck ******
his mouth open
he was the lover
of the weeping lady
and he's been ****** to death

So I run away,
further into the dark
for methinks I could be next,
I think no more,
I run nowhere,
I bump into another door

I slam it open

and you're awoken
from your dead-like sleep
You scoot and spare me a space
in your casket
just for me to hide in
Then you cover my trembling frame
with a warm white wool blanket

And with the yellow moon shining behind you,
I can barely see your face but-
I see gorgeousness,
That in a second,
I've forgotten where I am
I smile and say
"Thank you for the blanket,
It's warm"
It's a trap ! The weeping lady is a vampire and so is the man in the casket. But too late, soon the white wool blanket will turn red. This poem is based on a dream I had.
Shofi Ahmed Aug 27
What will you do, should you do
If you are led pass to fly
far from the sight at the twilight?
Slip into a tucked away serene sky
Keeping your head held high
Sway free by posy astro ewers.
And as you please pick n fill them  
With your so exquisite star-flowers!
Then you may well fancy reaching out
to the Moon bubbling on the edge of the night.

If you then swing back at the day peep
Wake up listening to the nightingale singing
Now can you interpret what is it saying?

Or when all is in place something is missing?
Pooja Jajoo Aug 6
That night she cried hard so long
I was not able to restrain myself..

I holded her back and
pulled towards me
Licked her tears &
Laped up her

I hided us in the blanket
Unwrapping her saree
Made her go quiet and still

The moment I plant a kiss on the belly ring
She twisted her face from left to right
She took a deep breath which I could feel,
I could feel

I came up a little bit
My breath around her rift..
Made her go woo
That love bite on neck
She asked for fresh
I started smudging her coloured lips with mine
The cuddling of nose with mine
Kissing on forehead
Licking her cheeks
Made her go cozy

As I bited her ear
She went reverse gold
One foot up and another down

The curves of her *****
That bulging waistline
I could feel, I could feel

As I started kissing those sides..
I could feel her sensations
That electrifying fur
She made a sound of unwrapping the sheet
She folded her fingers tight

I tucked her fingers in mine
And kissed her lips in and out
She deviated herself slowly
wrapping herself in my trunk

Her nail bite on my back
Gave me goosebumps
Her licking of chest..made me feel happen ..

We both rolled over again and again from dusk to dawn

The sounds of breath in and out
Heartbeats pound is what we could hear,
Is what we could hear

She asked for tightness around
I clamped her more..
Till the chest felt that flesh more..

That Night❤️

-Pooja Jajoo✍
8M Aug 6
The twilight sky gives off feelings, of...
Amor, is that the word?
Regardless, a feeling lingers in my heart
And I don't know what to call it

and everything in between

For him,
My sweet son of yore,
The knight that would do anything for the safety of mine
And for his kingdom too,
I shall sing this twilit lullaby.

A blanket on your body,
A pillow to rest your head,
And a book to read the stories
Of love, fear, and dread.

And when you fall asleep,
It's when the madness begins to resound.

Your mother, your guardian, your angel
Like a golden goddess, with her sword,
To cut away the fear.

She, too, shall sing this twilit lullaby,
And with her sword, shall vanquish the madness and fear.
Part 2 of my trilogy. There's also a reference to one of my older poems.
Keiri Aug 3
It's a morning world in my evening life.
It's a genderless world of husband and wife.
It's a green world with a dusty end.
It's a lonely world with nearly no friend.

It's a dawn new world in my twilight life.
It's a new beginning in my honey hive.
It's a slimy end for my gruesome begin.
It's a lonely day for me and my sin.

It's a sunny world in my rainy life.
It's a waterless world and a pointless dive.
It's a lovely day for my night to come.
It's a horroble night and my head goes numb.

It's a bright world in my dark life.
It's a weird dansfloor, for my mistimed jive.
It's a beautiful butterfly for my bitter sky.
It's the worst timing ever, to ask myself why.
Ikigai Poet Jul 25
Let's laugh in the silence
For the world shouldn't know
That we're together.  
And when the sun sets  
Let's paint the skies with  
Darker shades of purple  
And let's fade into forever.  
Let's paint our hearts a little darker
So that they don't resemble the broken ones
We're not broken, nor our hearts are  
We're complete and unified as long as we're together.  

Let's run on the sand  
That takes us to nowhere  
I'm too sure that we'll reach
The place where we always wanted to be.
Let's call this night our own
And just feel each other  
Cause this is where we're supposed to be
Cause we've been here before.  
When the silence hits us
And Hush takes all over the place  
We'll know where to go.  
Let's walk a little bit faster
Let's scream with our footsteps  
Which are a bit too chained
We'll break those chains  
Those cage, those constraints  
We'll not call it a home.  
Let's be the music
Not what everyone expects us to be
But the one we wanna be
We don't know the music but we'll change the lyrics  
And call them Hope.
Let our heart beat a little faster  
Let's sit on the moon  
And let's chase those Shooting stars
For I know we'll always chase the infinity  
And at the same time we're infinite.  
Let's count the breaths  
That we never took
And dance on tiptoes.
Before we swoon  
Let's get drunk on the night
Chase the madness  
Trip a little and stop.  
Let's just be as we are  
Our flaws, our scars
Our laughter, our Chaos.
Tonight let's chase who we are
And fall for each other.  

-Ikigai Poet
CM Lee May 30
Most days, I feel alone
Most days, I can feel it in my bones
The way the dark wind blows
It’s like I’m the only one against the flow

I wake up each day in a twilight zone
I look to my left and my right, I’m on my own
But when I look up to the sky, there you’re aglow
Be with me, in this land down below
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