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Betty Jul 28
Faded sunset clouds
Waiting moon and infant stars
A subtle blending
She was the twilight
that lit up in my eyes.

She was the moon
that lit up my dark night.

She was the star
that guide my way home.

She was here before,
and now she belongs to someone else.
Indonesia, 17th July 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Betty Jun 1
Twilight is a spark
Saturday's penny candle
Lights Sunday's fire
Brian Yule May 27
Six degrees below
Planetary motion shifts hues
Sunlight blues scattered
Splattering a blood halo haze
Across the swift darkening scene
Healer May 20
Even black has a shade of blue,
when I see it from your point of view.
Your love has the power to change every wrong to right.
With you by my side, these hollow and dead night turn's into a beautiful twilight.
Your laughter is an assurance that everything is fine, it'll be alright,
hope is everywhere so is the lingering light.
Your eyes are like sacred raining of starlight,
like the drifts of leaves, immovable and bright,
filling the world as fair as white.
Your talk is so magical it feels so right,
I just want to listen as you talk in the spotlight.
When you look in my direction,
I feel a connection, it makes me want to grow into your definition of perfection.
Still undecided on the title part.
This poem is dedicated to the reflection I see every time I pass by my mirror.
Even when there is chaos in world and life feels ****** up, one self talk sessions with myself in the mirror and I fall in love with myself again. So I wanna thank me for nurturing the beautiful soul that I am becoming.
as twilight set in
crickets began chorusing
a sameness of song
in their nature its innate
to be well synchronized
The sky is on fire
In the spaces
Between tree tops
Swaying to the
Orchestra of twilight

The full moon penetrated
His glint through my
Battered victorian
Sash window at twilight,
Whilst poem 52
Was made known
Unto me by Yeshua,
My Muse.

''Let not thy imagination
Run wild with idle theories
Echoed by voices of dubiety
Under the lawless one
Hellbent on wounding
Me by making sin,
Man's daily bread''.

''Guard thy faith with
My scriptures, and lean
On scholars well learned in
Her near eastern culture
That their twisted Words,
Will take no effect on
Hadrian Veska Feb 27
Lay still beneath the swaying leaves
The gentle green and awning eves
Late evening sun to slip away
From purple gold to silver grey
Stay with me here as twilight falls
And shadows grow along the walls
Ivy covered and of ancient stone
Long centuries has this garden grown
It will be here still when we awake
When sleep has left and dawn does break
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