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gabrielle Feb 7
the wonderful world
would cover up my affection

the sky's gradient in dawn and twilight
would cover my colorless feelings and self

the earth's breezy wind
would blow my tears away

the cosmos' luminous stars
would outshine my unconditional love for you

the land's flowers
would bloom before me to hide myself

in the latter time, i  will be forgotten
caused by the pain of a one-sided love

the world's grace and the universe's elegance
will conceal every agony i have
we have an amazing world,
it can keep out of sight the things we are not capable of obscuring.
Xallan Feb 5
I wish to be buried forever into the twilight
In the light before dawn and and dusk
Dark, apocalyptic, shadowy world
Barely more light than a candle, now
The sun has been snuffed,
The moon remains groggy under the horizon
Still deep under covers, in her dreams
Awaiting a sun to come and burn them away.

To remain ever on this moment, here, now,
Feet settling on the moss
One with the earth, then separate
Gravity and inertia back together again
To the distant mirth of youthful joy
I ponder my old age
I am left to empty boxes, and empty spheres.

Now, who? Who? Who is there?
Whom can I fight?
What is it here for me to conquer
To ensure the continuity of this moment?
None, and time shakes her head
As she glides past suffocating me
The mushrooms are left to rot
I reluctantly turn back to the light
To day by day, I return to life.
(morning, noon 'til night)

grass is wet with dew
slight sun permeates bay window
a cool breeze blows by

parsley sprigs adorn
a bowl of yellow puree
of creamed pumpkin soup..

while sipping soup, muse
flies with brown mariposa
rain taps sharp on roof

i gather
fresh, sun-dried clothes from clotheslines
dog stirs from the rush

wet soil's scent meanders
dry earth quenches thirst with rain
petrichor smells good!

after chasing breath,
crisp cropeck, teams with coffee
crumbs adorn my shirt...

fragrance chokes twilight
"queen of the night" spews sweet scent
white divine!

monitor lizard
tangoes as it crawls...and stares,
.......then falls on my lap!

from the bamboo tree
gecko's distinct twilight call
shrills cold twilight air

moon nestles coz'ly
in a circle of gray clouds all her own...


Copyright Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
February 3, 2019
The sun in her last strength,
As she readies to takes her rest,
for the next day at length.

Leaves behind a pretty picture,
One of,
Blue, and

Composed and hinged,
All perfectly together,
In the most beautiful gradiant.

Admiring her zestful Rays,
Landing a simple kiss,
As she gently fades.

Into the noir sky we go,
But I will see you again,
Because you are, you know,
The best part of my mornings.
Red Brush Jan 10
The day from sunrise
Cuts sharply with light.

The night in dark guise
Hides all from the sight.

Between them but lies
The gilded lie, twilight.
There is a boy who only loves me in his sleep.
He kills me every dawn and revived me every twilight with a kiss.
He is both my tormentor and my savior;
A precious dream out of the ashes of my nightmares.

He loves me only in his sleep.
On those brief moments when the night touches the sky.
While I’ve been loving him every moment of every day.
Cicero Jan 1
Rusty axe in hand, cold air on the face
Holding down with a single damp hand
Recoiled in place
Slammed down with a thud and a *****
Another in rapid succession
And then another still in a dark progression
Pain racks the mind, disgust sights the eyes

The twilight moon covered by clouds
Refusing to witness what has transpired
Mind dulled, and heart torn
Eyes front, recoil once more
With a final throw a shatter rings out
The land convulses, the wind cries out
Something beautiful is thrown throughout

It was a cold dark night when it came to pass
That from out of the dark and into the light
I shattered my soul to keep you alight
And if I had but another soul to give, I'd offer it up on this altar of fate
Another year has come to a violent end
yet again the people do not disappoint
death destruction chaos misery abound
nothing different to those times before
as always nature the master of mankind
with other malicious forces is entwined!

Another unknown year is about to start
here we go again into the twilight zone
full of uncertainty where nothing is clear
so may I just add Happy New Year!

In a society of perpetual war! Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?
Apporva Arya Dec 2018
Went out last night,
With all friends,
And felt so bright..

So young we are,
Full of smile and hope..
Sleepy at twilight,
So dope at night..
Sahu loves to eat,
And hari can sing.
Baba pays the bill,
When panda only chill.
Pipi fights for food,
While khusbu takes a pic..

The weather was right,
Stars were shining bright.
The warmth of everyone's smile,
Just made my night.

Thanks to all,
I made a good memory,
Of NIT life.
i went out last night with my friends(sahu,hari,panda,baba,pipi,khusbu). I am expressing a memorable night of My NIT college life.
Apporva Arya Dec 2018
Last night
On Christmas night,
When holding blanket tight,
Sitting in no light,
Watching Twilight,
So peacefully and quiet,
It felt so right..

Then blink the phone light,
My hopes take flight,
A text asked if am alright!!..
Telling me to hold on tight,
Move on with time,
Each day and night,
Am with you babe,
Now just smile bright.. :)
It was a Christmas night, and i no more ask santa for wishes because what i want Santa cant gift(love,peace). Just then my friend texted me out of blues and said BE STRONG. I AM WITH YOU. this was so unexpected. Santa grant my wish.
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