Dance Loïe Fuller
Serpentine angel, how you
Coil and capture
A scene unmasked
the two of you,

Where lights

Red cheeks literally

Over that sparkled wine,
Time stopped.

At exactly 12'o clock midnight,
Our minds spoke.

And remembered,
This is only a moment of

A Spill.

That repeats

And nowhere
To go.
Reality is the illusion of twinkling lights
flying on a jet plane
leaves of trees covering and uncovering
glimpses of peeking light
flicker on and off
from such great heights
surrounded by a halo
gleaming warmth through frosted glass
when you descend to the earth
a stagnant faint stream of light
illuminates streets
where working people lay
forgoing their dreams
I am tired of you lazies,
For once why don't you handover your homework on time,
Thus, make my life devine.
Don't tell me your little sibling tore your homework,
Or you were absent, such bad luck,
Your grandmother spilled tea on your maths sheet,
Here, to give you is not fit.
I am tired of your lame pretexts,
Finish at break,I will be less vexed
What!You  finished your homework and you left it at home,
Well, call your mum to bring it when she comes,
I didn't understand the topic, can you please explain,
What were you doing when I went over it again and again?
I started to do my homework when the lights went off,Sir,
Most homes now have inverters
or generators.
I know you find the tasks I give a bore,
Do you think marking it at home I adore?
So, please help me not to spoil your break or give you detention.
RBWhite 6d
And it happenned to sound,
That chorus of beginnings and endings,
How much do you missed for misbehaving,
In a lifetime of sourvenirs and tenderness,
Careless joy and multiple lovers?
Did you ever saw her again?
Trapped into your arms,
Resting for one more night,
Leaving behind a million smiles,
Now walking between noble trees and orange lights,
Lavender clothes and brothers in line,
Care to have a look?
Maybe the sound you will overlook.
Inspired by a dream I had last night minus the violent part hahaha I heard "Carry Me" by Nadia Ali in my dream. Its a song my brother and I love a lot.
Lydia Aug 6
what makes us so different is the way that we think
how everything we take in, we view as we are
not how "they" might be
seeing into someone's perspective is as impossible
as counting the stars
and just like those billions of tiny, twinkling lights
we all burn out at some point
when no one is paying attention
writerReader Jan 2015
When I'm gone
will my name be
pressed against
my tears grow
a willow tree filled with
twinkling lights?
shima Aug 6
i came back to the water
full of sweet clouds and rot
where my weary bones
rest gently without thought

yet the waves drown me
under [memories of] insomniac lights
the bitterly sinking heart
and a few ephemeral nights
after a week, a crush or two developed. whatever. can't be helped.
I’m stuck between impatience and time moving too fast.
If only certain moments could hold off and last,
Yet let me be the first to set the record straight.
I know that, in the end, it will all be worth the wait.
I’m not here because I want to relive the past.
While times have been perfect, the idea is too vast:
To stay where you are, red, and not look for what’s ahead.
However, why is the future an idea i’m urged to dread?
While this time is exciting, and often inviting,
I see the circumstance filled with crying and spiting.
No, I’m not scared, or maybe I was.
I’ve learned that I can’t live that way, only because
I’ll suffer that way in this current time I’m in,
And living right now is already hard enough to begin.
I’m not here to sulk, i’m not here to brag.
I’m just impatiently enduring the drag
Of time, of now, wanting it to slow to yellow,
While I’m eager, insisting on life’s green light, “go.”
Time, a constant thing, still looks me in the face
To say, “you think you know it all, but I will set the pace”.
No matter the task, the toll, the race, I’m in it for the ride.
Meanwhile, I’ll tell my impatient indecisiveness that it’ll have to subside.
Maybe time is like traffic. “Do I gas it, or hit the breaks?”
Either way, I’m afraid of collisions, so that’s a risk I just won’t take.

The lights go on and off
My body remains still.
My face shifts.
You ask if anything happened, but I refuse to talk about the tears I was fighting.
As I fought against the stresses of being lost in flashing colors and patterns
I wonder if when the lights were flashing
if you could see the colors.
See the patterns.
Trapped in a dazzling world of sparking lights.
Morphing into one trippy, mind-melting screen.


It felt as though my heart was matching up with the rhythm of the strobe light.

Yes, I didn’t react this time,
but I was so so scared.
Stuck in a bright limbo.
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