Many a times I studied the lights
On the right nights
I held my head high and shut my eyes tight
Making wishes upon each star
Shooting by in the sky
Somewhere in the stars
Is a story about us
A poem, a prose, a drama
Our body of works
For as long as the stars light up the sky
Our words, our love, our bond
Will shine bright
For engraved in the stars is
The art that is
You and I

©Belema .S. Ekine

prompt of the day- written in the stars
Megan Jul 14

Don't you just love late night drives?
There's such a beauty about it
It's so much different than day time
It's when I can't remember my problems
Or anxiety
Or stress
Because instead of drowning in them
Like I usually do
I drown them out
With music.
And the carelessness
And freedom
Which only comes
With the night.
And the city lights
They bring me solace
Small tiny specks of brightness,
Of hope
That everything will be alright.

Her eyes were like
stars in a clouded sky
at midnight

She felt like
she wasn't bright enough

But he was in love
with her moonlight.

Wyatt Jul 12

Make me forget what once was.
I feel the best kind of numb,
but your touch gives me a buzz.
A breath of life between gasps.
Lights turned off, locked doors.
Your skin pressed against mine.

Time continues the test,
I feel your breath on my neck.
I feel you enveloped over me,
your eyes say just one thing.
I don't care how this ends,
lost in a storm you called love.
You better swallow me whole
before the darkness does.

Elise Jackson Jul 12

Bright lights clash outside the windows.

Day 12/31 of my "Six Words A Day" Challenge for the whole month of July, the whole collection can be found on my page on the first of August.

Like a crown of red
Six Emeralds in the sky
Rubies really
Burning each with its own pair of eyes

I mention this
Both because it is and will be
And one day someone else will see
Be it not in the same exact way

Which is fine

But thankfully at least they will see
Or so I hope
That is if, they permit me to show

Run and wait.  The story of my life.
Noné Billi Jul 4

Condition me
And tell me the songs,
The rhymes,
The fables
Of display
To show me your greatness
In every single way.

Make me stand up
And salute you
Every single day,
Pin me up
And make me your brand
To brag about your arsenal
And send your bombs away.

Paint me your image,
A one I was never sure
If I wanted,
And blind me in flashes
Of gaudy light.

When the display is gone,
Do I agree with what you done,
And is it all right?

TheGrimRaven Jul 2


...i have a picture in my head
me on top of a hill
shining, glimmering city lights
i am standing still
on top of these wondrous sites
and it all seems real...

Chan S Jun 22

The Children Are
Our Joys,
Our Strengths,
& Our Fight,
Our Love,
Our Hearts,
Our Future & Light;
To Worlds Apart.

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