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Sophia Oct 19
The colors red, white, and blue all mean the word freedom...until you see them flashing behind you.
Andrew Layman Oct 15
Eyes so gray
as storm clouds gather
and heaven looks away
the wind comes strong
and what is left of me
crashes against the rocks
the rest of me goes astray.
Rox90 Oct 8
When the moon raises slowly in the sky
I drive pass the crowded streets

I look at the grass and feel the wind passing by
That cold yet soft breeze

Car lights spread across so fast and hazy
As I listen to the slow song on repeat

My heart flutters seeing the moon daisies
While my thoughts dig in so deep

I love this moment, when the world is slow
I just close my eyes and go with the flow
Jordan Gee Oct 2
MySelf to pieces split and cleaved,
o'er the grave he stood bereaved.
When salvation seemed so close at hand,
he saw confusion in the plan;
Two halves of One he must retrieve.

The Seven Lights he sought to find,
suspended east-ward in the sky.
When once or twice he, free of fear
spied his heart out chasing deer;
he knelt - trembling before the lie.

Breathing slowed - the flowing saddle
in which he rode, abreast Death's rattle.
The numbers upward, did he climb
from six to seven, eight to nine;
symbols of a timeless battle.

In purgatory now I wait
for Flame of Hell or Heaven's Gate.
Strange personalities within vibrations,
a Cosmic Gong to heal Death's Station;
I stand my ground - I forge my fate.

Wherefore art thou Chariot I ride,
that which I've been given, hidden by the sky?
A Sphere of Mirrors w/ no sides,
into my tear of fire doth collide;
A temperamental Horse I ride.
what it feels like to wake up
mark soltero Sep 29
the hues of black
of the object in front of me
closely vibrates each shade of the spectrum of worldly colors
showing them self
they warn me
their caution to better my own
the chemical begins to gnaw at my ego
the green hallway to nowhere in my brain
where the monsters chased me as a child
where I’d run to hide away
seem endless
terror doesn’t live here
flashes of LEDs shining through the bottles of mezcal next to mescaline laying on the table
remind me you don’t live there
listen to the sounds of a voice you don’t want to hear
block out that **** you say
god I don’t even know
what day is it?
idk im bored is this ugly
Aa Harvey Sep 25
Kiss me twice

I saw you rocking on a Saturday night.
I fell in love with a beauty wrapped inside a light,
That snaked its way over your body.
Scream aloud.  I need to love somebody,
So I can appear in front of your eyes.
Devil dancing, under multi-coloured lights, at night.

Raise my soul up to newer heights and let me get lost inside,
Of the sound of your heart as it eternally sighs.
I love you in this moment in time.
Fire heart needs a soulful cry of delight
And a kiss that remains electrified,
As I move my fingers down your spine,
Pressing all the right digits in all the right places.
Forget all of the other faces.
We are alone in this moment in time.
Kiss me twice in case it doesn’t immediately hit you right.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Tizzop Sep 16
have to find the center of a long alley
ice cream cones of last year, the craving
our way to the center, people buzzing over
so hard to guess the right thing of the wrong

lights are floating through the room, ghosty
at the center of the alley, we will find salvation
smoothen a path inside the snow of the past
frozen water, ice chunks, shannon, help me

have to find the center of a long alley
get me some ***** and a cake, let's go
eat it on-the-go, the best thing now is to go
your mental breakdown was the finest

for a long time, a long time, long time
Shea Sep 15
Familiar sights,
I'm covered in bites
and the ants crawl
and the night falls.
Spring comes,
lights aspire
King's set fire
October, the time of falling
Time has no meaning, it is tainted
and our lives are painted.
Wrote this in 2016. One of my favorites/most memorable.
The lights of ruby, emerald and opal burned the city in their shaking sparkle and illuminated deep violet of September evening - tinkling little jewells (one was bound to remember their illumination) - they connected it all ; rib - like, of such symetric form - with so wide a scope - dreamy little candles, dreary little eyes - what have they made of all the rest? Then, suddenly, a pen broke it all, drew a crack in the city, broke it in half - but the lights lost little of their beauty - like a wild berries ready to be eaten - a voice cried in unfamiliar tone - how could you ever let it all go, look up for a sparrow, a thrush, a bee, rest your eyes upon a child's grave, how will you leave fae queen? By these dear lights I will find my way through thick leaves and bushes and grapevine, soon I will be out to reach for unknown things, alone, with the brightness of dark, as it will illumine the face of all known.
I will know what there is to know.
I will dazzle in the light.
I will rest in the shadow.
The words will cover me with no fright.
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