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clever Oct 8
and there's weight to this gun
and i don't mean the mass.
and i number my days,
don't know which one's the last.
but when it comes down to it,
you can't break unbreakable.
when everybody's pressed
the fake is unmistakable.
it's sunday night.
you call me when you're drunk.
Find your light.
Whether it be from
Millions of stars
On silent country nights,
Or hundreds of City lights.
Whether it be from
The magnificent moon
Reflecting on waves,
Or the warm sun shining
Through leaves.
It may even be the
Person you hold close
To your heart.
Find it.
Lavish in it.
Dream in it.
Take me back to the night
When we became one
With the streets
And the city lights
We flew through the air
Forgetting the sorrows
That this would be over by tomorrow
For we got lost in the moment
But we didn’t want to find our way back
For being lost in that moment
Was the best feeling I’ve ever had
Blue Sep 30
I like these dim blue lights
They make me feel at ease
They say the aesthetic isn’t about the reality, but about the mentality
That’s the tricky thing about life you see
What we see and what we feel
Are never nearly the same
Sometimes I’ll just sleep
to dream
Daydreamers, Radiohead said they never learn
Beyond the point of no return
Do you know what it’s like
to sit calmly with chaos all around you
because you’re imagining being free
Dreaming—it can
help us survive unbearable realities
They say this is real
But what you feel—
it can heal
It can be as simple as
The aura of these
Dim blue lights
This poem is for whoever finds safety in simplicity, healing in imagination, being able to control your own chaos within you and around you with the power of your own mind and soul— that is something no one can take away from you— what you choose to feel.
Melo Sep 30
Staring out my windshield
Eyes are numb to the roads
Street lights start to blend
Roll down the windows
Blast the music loud
Bring your head back to earth
Didn’t see that one
Ok no music
Just focus on th-
The fatigue seeps in
Too many late nights
So many bright lights
Arms drop to my side
Eyes close and my head falls
A loud blare still echoing
CL McEachern Sep 25
This is my city.
It’s swing pulse radiates from my earnest core,
As the alcoholic rain weeps from my pores,
And my thunderous mind is set ablaze by the same flame
That I hold, rolled between shaky fingers:
Callused, chipped and bitten.

But, I am from the shelter of white picket fences,
I bare the rash of well-trimmed lawns, and
The vomit stains on my cream cashmere sweaters,
Are a medallion from consuming the well-seasoned affairs,
Served on my neighbor’s best white pattern china.
Another cookie waiting to be devoured from a suburban neighborhood.

This is my city,
Never my warm-hearted mother’s idea of a home.
But she never caught a young girl’s thumb
Tracing the tangled, concrete blood vessels,
The clogged arteries pumping commuters in out of the inner city,
That I could only grasp at through a frosted windowpane.

This is my city,
The only person who shares this lonely view,
A witness to the darkened false fronts under dimming city lights,
Whose whispering winds extinguish the explosive roar below,
The only arms that embrace me at night while I pray in vain:
Please, do forgive me if I fade away.
Anya Sep 24
Largely white
except splotches
of color
of personality
paper weights
the chair
The screens
of the electronic appliances
for a more professional feel
with touches of beige
the carpet
the outlets
Florescent lights
shockingly white
shockingly bright
Is my teacher's desk
Aman kumar Sep 22
Hey lights

You look so bright

Just wanted too look, At you

And got lost

In these magical lights.

You and me

Just cherish this sparkling lights

And in the late nights Just starring

you with the

Stars of that magical lights.

Wants to hightlight

A rhythm speed

Of the car headlights, Though wise

men at their end know,

Dark is right.


their words had forked, no

lightning They, do not go gentle

Into that good night.

Look what happens with

a love like that, It lights the whole sky.

And the skylight

lets the moonlight in!!!


the shining nights of the sparking

Cece Sep 18
A yellow flower
embedded in rose red frizzy hair,
laughing with a light blush.
A hazy grey morning,
muting the usually bright lawn,
just enjoying the cool mist.
Light blue walls,
partnered with old wooden bookshelves,
resting on leather couches.
Silver fairy lights
strung up to make the pristine room
look less like a hospital.
Too hot days, a burning orange,
accompanied by gas station runs
for sparkling lemonade.
Rainy days, dark grey clouds,
confused looks, and grins from those
who welcome storms.
Sweets hidden in desk drawers,
sweet moments hidden in plain sight,
simply savoring the moment.
Allesha Eman Sep 16
Oh beautiful wonder, how terribly i’ll miss you,
You taught me to love in the colour blue,
With your endless brush-stroked seas,
And skies blended with azure hues.
I’ve fallen in love with your scent that trails  along sculpted roads
Even your dark corners, that I’d never dare to tread
You’ve latched on to my heart by every last thread

Oh beautiful people, how terribly I’ll miss you
You with your melodic voices, and hands of gold
Your language flowing through the wind,
pulling my heartstrings with every word.
And your welcoming faces, laced with a stunning smile.

Oh beautiful city how terribly I’ll miss you,
You with your crowded streets and busy nights.
Your nocturnal nature alive with your city lights,
bright lights that steal my every gaze,
And your laughter that will forever ring in my ear.  

Oh beautiful wonder, only for you
I’ll have to leave my love here
For it is all yours, and one day when I fall in love with another place
My heart will pull me back to you
For it it still says your name.
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