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Penne May 15
What do you drink to get the purple out of my tongue? What do you take to forget? The picture
of white lady on the mirror chanting ****** mary. The video of being spanked. The layout of the patterns. It is all made into a trail. Wishing to cloak, I thought it worked but it was only a blanket. The blinking lights of the window.  It manages to ***** me and remind me of competition in traffic. The list. Lists. Numbered. Keep scrolling. Will it affect my life?

Needing to fit the box of a ten-year old, I sleep. Then, I post. That was not myself. How did this whole page about me belongs to someone else? I never drift before. Why, I wonder. Here comes the businesses. The banquets. Watching a flute get Tarzan'd by a piece of rope hanged across the room. Out of the blue, I found myself touring with a foreigner. What does he want from me? Is it wrong to think this way? He only asked me where I live and how I am. I stop. I feel the chills burning through my hands to fingers. The bones get cold, but do not when plugged by nerves.

I-I'm addicted? I need to sleep more. It's healthy, they say. It's fun.

When was the last time I had fun?

The more I see the light, the more I hate it. I bring the shutters down. Relaxing. Freeing. Pink flower keep falling. Peach flower keep shimmering. How come I never thought of it before? Now back to sleep. Wait, I can't sleep anymore. But everything's so festive. Are the photos not alive? But they frequently chatter. To me. And you---no me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. Branded into these pixels of prizes and sporks full of dramatic dressings. What is meaning again? I kick the blanket out of the bed. I threw my pillows on the other side. It's hot. Everything's so hot. My air conditoner is on max---what's happening?? No, sleep!

It does not take long for me to gasp for air. I keep denying it but it is always in the back of my mind.

The only answer is to get out.

I try by slowly lifting my legs and down to the floor. Do I really? Now? This is the only answer. I repeat thrice. I'm getting old.

A wind caresses my cheek. I forgot I was even in a house.

Dream's over.
Erian Rose May 9
The stars mended overhead
Igniting the night
Sounds of the bustling highways
Blocking out the fear of falling

I stared up at the skyscrapers
No one would notice if I fell
Life would keep going on
It always does

A cold breeze brushed through
Taking a step at a time
Up the skyscraper
Until I see the skyline

Lights exploded
In the whites of my eyes
A city engulfed in darkness
Standing still

It only took a second
For my feet to fly off the concrete
Plunging towards the ground
No one noticed I jumped.

The world keeps moving on.
Repost from a while ago that I accidently deleted
Lights and all the shades
That its shapes throw,
Etched along the path of its travel
Are the moments it creates
Where we're wasting away
The time of our lives
In the hope that a beam
Will wash it all away,
Give us the enlightenment
For which we all pray
Let the wave of brightness
Pass through the keyhole
Of this dark room of life,
Make you look impeccable
While in reality
You're only
Dusting yourself off,
Picking up the pieces left over
In the wake of destruction
Caused by your own self,
The smile is unreal,
Not fake
You still carry hope
In the middle of all the cries
Some days you fall,
Other days you shall rise.
You can't run from the mountain,
If you want to drink from the fountain.
and is not needed a telescope,
the colors you exclude is more than black and white
you are your own northern lights,
displaying an ethereal sight.
my last poem in the series inspired of Aurora Borealis by Bohnes. I hope you guys realized that self love is our own aurora borealis :>
Ceyhun Mahi Mar 27
The diamond of the city is the moon,
The faces of the pretty ones the sun,
The mirrors of the buildings stars, they shine
So people can indulge in joy and fun.
but in that very moment,
you decided to love yourself,
and an aurora borealis is seen-
a phenomenon that is truly magnificent
my second to the last poem of the series inspired of Aurora Borealis by Bohnes
staring at the night sky,
stars are visible, twinkling so bright
and suddenly, an epiphany hits your mind
the universe is infinite
it makes us small but,
we have the brightest light.
inspired by the song Aurora Borealis by Bohnes
You say you love me, ooh, make me better.
When they all abandoned you, I would never.
Diamonds only debut under pressure.
So whatever you’re going through, it’s together.

When your mind feels like a zombie,
When you can’t trust nobody,
We’ll wait ‘til after dark
Get away from everybody
And I’ll sit in the dark with you, ooh ooh.
Allesha Eman Feb 22
Greenlights takeover the afterglow of the sun,
Raindrops paint cities on our windowpane,
We run onto the street with our bare feet
Hand in hand, holding onto a parachute made of dreams.
Carlo C Gomez Feb 22
The rosy-fingered dawn
  bleeds excitation
and atmospheric trails
  for seeking out tomorrow

Are these stars like rain?

  Emitting imagination,
  refracting suggestion?

Perhaps a new art form swimming
about as cloudbursts?

In undulating waves
  war and peace
are colliding out from
  the center of the sun

Could they be
messengers from heaven?

  A signal from God?

Perhaps at magnetic midnight,
four horsemen shall ride?
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