Lylock 5d
One night in a town
A main road goes empty
Apart from a few
And I stand there

On the edge of the road
The river band of concrete
Worn down and smooth
By people with places to be

The 3am lights
The orange yellow blankets
Down on the ground
All is still

And still
And still
And still
City life surprises
every second
every day
alarms alarming,
lights flashing,
and sirens startling,
and sometimes
a Smile
A genuine smile
makes city life
surprises complete
Fireflies need no introduction.
So at night time they just glow
And light up the constellation
With that natural illuminous flow.

Fireflies are nature's lightning bugs
When they glow they teach us how
To love by giving free undeserved hugs.
That climax the summer's evening show.

Fireflies lights up the natural environment
Especially in the midsummer nights
When they form part of the entertainment
That nature designed using bright lights.

Fireflies are nature's beautiful showgirls
They love flying and flexing their wings
When they giggle at night like schoolgirls
Who set fireballs to the playground swings.

Fireflies aren't flies and their fire glow but don't burn.
em>leaving the city lights
and traffic behind
leaving them for a destination
of a more open kind

need to get out into
the countryside
need to embrace
the landscape wide

too long in the hustle and bustle
it's too much of a grind on the muscles

tired of the urban scene
tired of the people there, they're so mean

wandering about the iron-bark stands
smelling the earthy quality of the dampened sands

all of those monkeys off my back
meandering along the old bush track

fleeing the crowded walkways
changing address
out in the countryside
no pressure or stress

leaving the city lights
and traffic behind
leaving them for a destination
of a more open kind
I knew i should have went for it when i had a green light free to go

I also knew i should have when when i had a yellow light and made sure i proceeded  with caution

But now i really should have stopped when i saw the red light
because that was my stopping point
and i treated it like a green light
And now here i am, stuck at a yellow light carefully stepping, where to go, what to say, or even do, just waiting for a green light to tell me its okay to go
Tsunami Jan 20
we explored
listened to rain on his windshield
watched the waves crash

when he drove me home
he held my hand
i kissed him at all the red lights
i dont know what it was but it was nice
I miss your emptiness.
Highways and plains,
straight and eternal.
Snow squalls,
playing and twisting,
across white-washed asphalt.
Stripping away our regrets,
and small town prairie sins.
We'd drive for hours,
Just to see the Jets play.
And all night,
Chase the Northern lights,
coloured ribbons of life,
that filled our cold souls,
With frigid beauty,
And breathless awe.
When we finally stopped,
they said it was minus 60 out,
but holding you close
kept my heart beating & fluttering,
Until the sun arose,
Across those ice-encrusted,
Prairie fields.
bouclejour Jan 12
do you remember

how it feels

to lie with a woman 

and hold her

as close in your heart

as she is in your arms

whose arms were those

whose heart was that

what woman

the things you unraveled from yourself 

without a thought

in club bathrooms and

green fields and

dirty carpet floors

you cannot put those back

the way they were

you cannot 

turn the lights back out

no one ever tells you that

no one ever tells you child

be careful
what you pull on 

be careful

where you look
Madolyn Jan 11
Late night fairy lights
Stretching over my bed like
Stars guiding the way
the lights above my bed are so calming
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