ali brown May 10
She tells me i deserve the happiness of a thousand suns
but i don't even believe I deserve the love of one

I've been in the dark for so long
the only light i have found is in pretty girls
who could shine enough light to grow flowers
in the darkest of places

I don't know if this will ever get through to her
but she has become one of them

A streetlight on the highway
A billboard in New York

She could light up my darkest of nights

But what happens when the power goes out?
Sarah Mann May 10
I’m listening to the teenagers fall in love next door. 
Music plays softly in the background, setting the mood.
It’s a beautiful sight as I’m watching it from my spot in the window. 
Strings of lights surround them while they gaze up at the stars. 
They are making pointless conversation that goes in endless circles 
But both of them seem to be completely ecstatic and enthralled 
With just each other’s company. 
In their own little corner, in the limited space that is
Someone else’s backyard, they are protected and safe from reality. 
It gives me hope. 
I can feel myself getting lost in the excitement once again.
Maybe there’s a love out there that is only precious and clean. 
Without a single speck of imperfection, infidelity, or mean
Where’s the magic? The one that I’m supposed to believe in. 
Where is my soulmate the one with which
I’m supposed to keep dreaming
In my imagination, these teenagers are so much more
She’s the shy belle of the season, attractive beyond measure
And of course, he’s the charismatic boy with 
A good amount of reason

But truth be told, I don’t know her.
Or him. Or if they are actually even a couple. 
Or just friends stealing kisses under the pale moonlight. 
They just seem so perfect from up here, 
Flawless, absolutely faultless. 
That’s not practical though, is it? 
I want the magic to be real.
For their smiles and loving feelings to be genuine. 
Unfortunately, in my experience I’ve learned
Real love doesn’t work that way. 
Maybe in the movies, maybe for a couple of days. 
But it’s not real, at least, for a love that lasts. 

However, the real point of inquiry
Is why I’m sitting by this window
Completely captivated this beautiful maybe, maybe not
Couple hidden away from the world
I think a part of me wants to be them.
I want to be in a love like theirs. 
One that’s filled with soft glowing candlelit discussions,
Filled with smiles and gazing into each other’s eyes.
While watching the stars, with their gentle hands intertwined.
I want to be in a love like theirs. 
But what does that say about mine?
Written about the couple hidden away from the world, strumming on the ukulele underneath the glittering lights. I want a love like theirs.
Under the tree of lights
We spoke to our hearts
About the truth
And all the unspoken

Under the tree of lights
We sat upon our hopes
May them be the stars
That will shine
On your darkest night
"Most of my life I liked to play
with the lights that fell from the sky
though they died within a day."

Vacant eyes and a simple personality
"... I thought there was only ever me."
and she says it in a voice so flat
I pulled her body against my own
"Now you're not alone."
She asks, "what's that?"

Hey sir, you're so unusual.
Mister? I think you're beautiful!

My dear, you seem so magic
but, my love, you're just so tragic

There's so much you don't know
so much you've never been shown
..but you don't seem to care

It's something I've never seen
Now it's suddenly surrounding me
These lights are everywhere!

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Light fragments!
They're my stars (My affections!)
Gorgeous, I think they're so gorgeous!
Whatever they are
Excuse my corrections.

"Mister? I think this is kind of unusual."

"Well, yeah, but don't you think it's beautiful?"
All righty, bear with me, these might be some long notes.

First off, here ya go, Jeff. This is written specifically for you. :)

Bold = the sky-creature speaking/thinking/something
Italics = The young girl speaking/thinking/something

This is the sequel to Paper Stars! I didn't want to give them a star-crossed-lovers bit, so instead I elected to go with this type of story.

The young girl lives by herself, and therefore has no comprehension of love, relationships, or even loneliness. When the sky-creature arrives, she cannot feel love for him, or at least understand if she is. On the other side, because she is naive and childlike (not to mention a human while he is a creature of the sky) the sky-creature doesn't, I wouldn't exactly say respect, doesn't view her as his equal. He does love her, but in some ways he doesn't see her the way a lover should. He is subconsciously patronizing her.

Over the course of their time together, he falls deeper in love with her (and comes to see her as his equal, and treats her as so) while she develops affections for him (though I don't think she quite understands them yet).

They're not exactly lovers yet, though they have formed a casual relationship. :)

Ah, excuse my rambling. :P
Simra Sadaf May 7
Here I am
sighing woefully,
writing another bad poetry,
for someone who
has me mesmerised completely,
for someone who probably
will never read, will never care
will never notice me,
but I go on
writing another bad poetry,
for someone who
has me fallen completely,
a smile that lightens up my day entirely,
hands that could fit in mine perfectly.
Sudi May 6
Tall towers,
Twinkling lights,
Tiny windows,
Tinier eye sights,
The Tall Tower Irony,
Is sad but true,
You are judged,
By quite a few.
I breathe in the turquoise like lavender,
and sip in the blue summer.
Bitter cold clouds glide and morph lava lather
floats whispers cut by sweet pineapple sunshine.

soon, a moment, now
rhythms ripple the sky like skipping stones
we jump the music like puddles
splashing in the frequencies

cobalt bass rumbles the earth hungry
pumps the air with springing spirals
pushing and pulling the senses
reverberating through cells

heavy mud humming, stomping
echoes through our atoms. dizzy
balancing tuned body to innate electricity
The fizz of circulating lemonade energy.

We jump the music like puddles
splashing in the frequencies

Strawberry melodies spilling ribbons
dolphin leaps of the spaces inbetween beats
lines of colours overlapping
colliding, mixing, merging, blending
in with the forest

washing over souls life fire sparkles
clear feeling as water cleanses the self
sound waves crashing against inertia
phosphorescent symptoms of re-charged love
for the world, for being

flowing through burnt smoky ashes
of sapphire charcoal skies
dimmed radiation of chlorophyll emerald days
the smell of salt, dry bark, fluffy carbon mists
trembling lights softening the eyes
grip on outlines, loosening lies

breathing in the cycles of patterns
tumbling colours through a mill rotating
and the silence of listening
when the music comes to an end.
Something I've been working on for a long time on and off since 2015.
(Still need to edit it a bit punctuation and all that malarky)
J May 4
The time when clouds sail across the embers of an orange sky, just dying down
The time when trees frame the sky, silhouetted branches reaching and grasping.
Shades of violet and blue spilling over each other like a painted scene.
The time when chimneys, in the gloom, puff their last breath.
A time where night and day converse, lazily and soft spoken.
Whispering to each other and giggling.
The brightest of stars seemingly emerging from the clouds.

A time for wonder and dreams.
It is three a.m..
My eyes chanced to open
And across my bed, outside my window,
From this side of the horseshoe hotel,
Were lights cascading onto
The facade of the inner outside hotel wall.

Were the red; white; green; yellow; blue; white lights a sign
That the aliens were here? -- probing
This particular hotel for their next cornfield victim.

I did not rise to check outside
For fear they would take me next,
And turn me into a probéd husk.

Is this what happens when we sleep?
I don’t know if I could put how I feel about you into words.
I mean my heart is like a deer in head lights when I think of you.
I’m numb.
I feel nothing.
Then sometimes on lonely nights I think of you and shed a few tears then I’m okay.
I just have one question.

Am I finally getting over you?

                             With love,
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