Andrew Name Apr 18

after three wildest hours
and forty four raging minutes
sitting up alone
with no witness

how can I quietly sleep
and evade to dream
any thorn-apples, foxholes
mulberry trees

in oddly detailed scenes
and the like sequence of visions
that chase me at will
shredding my precision

I better go somewhere else
but treat me well
when eyes need to rest
electric lights cannot help

so I've burn the cane
tonight on a boggy shore
and pallid fire came
and high above owl roared

last line, the most important one of a poem, was found in a novel of forgotten siberian writer)))
artemis Apr 18

I was attracted to your eyes
as moths are attracted to lights
and like a moth to a light,
it gave in with a helpless fight
it was drawn to the one that shined the most,
the brightest,
the warmest,
it continued flying even though it knows,
that it will be the cause of its death.


Wordsinalign Apr 13

In between slurred words and short pauses, I tried to explain myself. Gravitating to telling the same story all over again.

A tale of how I said those words in vain, only to never have them last me pain. I prayed every time to be soaked by the city lights, to let me drench by the drizzling skies.

Every street light has a story of someone fuelled by never ending fury. Let me add one more tale to be written about a princess who failed, the one who bowed down and never prevailed.

'Her words are heard, not echoing wild in the void, her tale waiting patiently by the sidelines, yet to be told.'

My words fell upon deaf ears, silently understood by someone after years. The tear drops had disappeared from my crow's feet, I longed for the one who could make my heart take fleet.

'Long together with me, for the path seems long. Find solace in knowing there's company.'

This was an unfamiliar territory even for me. I only dreamt of what it would feel like when it drew near. My eyes saw reality for the first time, I didn't know what was to be said that would make our hearts rhyme. Should I straighten out my face, hide the crow's feet and learn to please? Now that I dint long for company, how does one keep the tease?

On a night among the trees, when you and I once meet, with drink and plants your mother nurtures, we'll talk some about some, and more...

Colourful light waves
Aurora Borealis boasts,
Majestical skies

Jewel M C Apr 7

Shell gas station with little neon green palm trees
perched upon the edge of the frenzied freeway,
          a picture of plastic paradise
     strewn with bright green lights
     like spotlights of limelight
     shedding light upon city life
               never far from the dark side...
     nearby, I spy
an assortment of street signs
to guide you into the night,
     so turn right, & drive right
     fly past the stoplight
     into the glare of red light
          & beware the districts of night life

red light, green light
Saint Titus Apr 4

Leaden feet
Soul heavy
Constriction wracks my chest
Eyesight fading out at best

Every step
Burdens me
Drowing out my screams
They don't know what i mean

Cold are we
Faceless sea
The crowd is sundered
With a sound of thunder

Chemical feeling
Rising faster
Black metal plating
Hidden by color

Nausea knowlage
Turning over
Sterile and voiceless

The second freezes and the door explodes
One or two to every home
The crowd plays on
A silver show
And all of mine
are on their own

The masks are on
Every sillable
of every song
The Loss of feeling
I have no doubt
And they are carried off

A few rounds pop off
The music stops
For a split second order holds everyone still as stone
Then my life is taken before my naked eyes
And I wake up here, alone, surrounded by the flock

My heart has been torn from my chest
God give me strength

emme m Apr 3

the city lights won't chase us
but the morning sun will hate us
scream and shout till' your lungs turn dry
laughter in your perfect eyes

driving on a road to nowhere
no one thinks we really care
your heavy breath fills the air
my fingers slowly touch your hair

i'll try to turn this into a song... it's not finished.
Saint Titus Mar 29

High pitch community
From one single tone
Can go from home
To a killing floor

Made all the more harrowing
Toxic trauma of the mind

Freeze up they said

Yet we push on
And we pushed hard
We pushed it too far
Then let down our gard

And now the lights flicker from green to red
A premonition of bloodshed
Locked inside the voice of
A brother or a friend
Neither one is talking now

Survive it says
Static cuts through
And the line drops dead
Outside my head the night goes on
Cheery faces basking in the light
Permissive out of innocence

Enjoying spite out of spite
Who is right
It doesn't matter
My eyes burn bright
But no one can hear

Screams are echoed all around
But transaction leaves my words devoid
Bliss is heard amiss, above
We coveted and now we pay

The price of our sin

Saint Titus Mar 27

Take my hand
step in time
I am sure it'll turn out fine
just let the current untwine your mind

Every single step takes you closer and closer
With every single breath, you find yourself shoulder to shoulder
with Enimes and friends
With out the evil intent
I guess the stars aligned
And all we say are
we are all the same, in the end

Someone spots you
A jesture or smile
Its been a while, why not smile back?
Some peice of mind might finally come through
I think we both need a bit of good

Trust me, i know the game we're playing
A razor quite thin, the head of a pin
But balancing comes as second nature
Tomorrow we'll still have our chance to win

The lights light faces and faces light
Everyone is one tonight
Crack a smile its been a while
we've got the might
Not to mention will
to take something and dispite
hatred bleeding though
manage ourselves a lovely night

The colors of the glass
Surrounding little suns
Stain our hearts bright shades
We need to let the pain
Wash away

The irony is lost on me
But thats just the way i like it
ignorance is dangerous
but i think you should try it
Hatred fuels this night
But thats alright by me
I dont think ive ever felt so completely free

Venom drips from every cobble
on every corner
of every street
But i think you can do us both a favor
And turn your head as our hearts beat
Intermingled with the rythm
Love and trust the ones you meet

Just for the night
Its all alright

The first part of a story i wrote a while back. Thought it could use a poetic rewrite.
Zan Balmore Mar 24

Have I yet impressed
upon you the urgency
of reform?
What's the real story here?
I reply
into a melting mirror
at a face deformed
lit by dollar store
finger lights
I reply
at night I'm dying to change
at daybreak's pallor
it's easier to
just resign
Unhealthy and sedentary unlike
two years ago, arteries hardening
lungs constricted and teeth missing
all due to smoke
I'm a joke,
chain-smoking although
there's a reason to stop
I don't want
to invite death,
then die so slow

But I do want to die lazily
My love, apathy

It's over
It's over
For now,
at least
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