vera 5h
good news, i have cured my own writer's block.
an interesting thought roamed my mind on march 20th, 2018
"i have not felt any emotions in quite some time."

precious time that i have missed out on the feeling of a smile settling itself onto my face

the conclusion that i came to: when i cant feel, i cant write.
i had cracked the mystery of why my pen and my mind could not seem to cooperate
causing a disruption in my routine to write something substantial in weeks

so, i opened the flood gates and let my emotions rush out to drown the city in my mind
broken down into two million, one hundred thousand, and sixty-eight pieces i tried to analyze myself

kind of like a detective looking for a lead on a case taking years to unfold

thankfully i found an answer
i found myself a pool of green in a room of white
negative emotions seeping toxicity into the air that bubbles above it
a poison ready to coat you and deteriorate every cell in your body one at a time

i took a leap in the pool of course and found that i was coming up empty handed

so i sat down on my bed amongst my smooth polar bear covered sheets
and i pulled my notebook and pen off of the nightstand

then i took a deep breath
and wrote this poem to cure my writer's block
- a vile of feeling a day, keeps the writer's block away
Some people say that I have changed,
They are not aware ...
Sadness is still reflecting in my face,
But I have learned to smile even in pain.

You can watch a fire
begin with a spark,
so I’ll stand by your side
until I spot a flame.
Shades of wind
Ever so subtle
Warmth of the sol
Embrace the soul
Ever so gently
Like a newborn
Amidst his blanket
Ever so kind
Our sunset eyes
Drawn to rest
Ever so peacefully
Till awaken
By the lunar breeze
Ever so gracefully
it's good to not have feelings sometimes
dodging bullets left and right
avoiding heartaches and tears
it's good to have feelings sometimes
getting a warm feeling
for no apparent reason
embracing the light and love
surrounding you

but what if you feel nothing?
what is there to dodge?
what is there to embrace?
how can you just fall into the darkness,
and feeling absolutely nothing?
I am afraid of feeling nothing.
For that reason, I desperately look for depth in every moment.
I crave love; the kind which makes your insides rip apart just to come together again. The kind which makes you forget what was and what will be.
Having only one mind to care about is not enough for me. I want to know a second one. I want to swim in the depth of someone else's dark thoughts. Tell me, do you ever feel lonely?
Open up your heart, let me take a dive. I'll memorize each wave and the rhythm of your currents. And when the sun sets, and leaves place for the moon, I will kindly insist that you take a sip of what I have been drunk off. We will strip down, and leave our clothes in the sand as well as all sense of reality. I'll grab your hand and well run into the ocean's black waves, with the moon our only witness. The water wrapped around our naked bodies, melting into one another. We will kiss, like we were put on this earth to do so. I will kiss you until you forget how to breathe.
I will kiss you, I will kiss you, I will kiss you a thousand times.
I will pretend that you feel as deeply as I do. And in the morning, like trying to catch clouds, I will close my fists to try to keep the feeling from slipping away.
Some nights, I will even scream at the moon, knees on the ground, and beg her to tell me: "was it true? Did it happen?"
I don't want to forget.
I don't want to forget.
Don't let me forget.
Meaura 3d
It took thirteen years for me to realize,

The growth of your essence within me.

I let go of my fears and worries

To let you take charge of the moment.

It is warm and comforting, your possessiveness.

The confidence you give me persuades

My hidden bravery to showcase the bold me.

They can see my love and want for you

When I am on stage

My eyes project my magical fantasy

My lips sing the song of our bond

My legs move with love and grace.

You're all over my mind and my heart.

Nobody can take you away from me

Neither the broken stage,

Nor my broken leg.

Even if the stars and moon collide,

You are mine and I am yours, dear dance.

And I will keep doing you for eternity.
For the love of dance...
the art of intertwining heart with the body.
Love is not 50/50,
that is just a half-assed attempt
at an emotion that takes it all
and expecting to make it.
Love is 100/100,
so you’re giving all you’ve got
to someone who gives you their all.
It may not work out,
but it isn’t because you didn’t try.
Now it has come to an end,
you kiss goodbye,
and wave each other off
into the fading sunset
and not feel an ounce
of regret.
katie 7d
the sun woke me up this morning
the warmth reminding me of your skin
and how we were pressed upon each other
the blankets shielding us from reality

the tea at breakfast kept me awake
the tingle in my throat as i swallowed
taking me back to the moments you took my breath away
in all of the best ways possible

the wine at dinner eased my mind
i remember you said you’d always be on my side
those words almost preserving my existence
like nothing could shake me ever again

the moon greeted me before i slept
the stillness of the night bringing me back
to the moment you told me you loved me
darling, my days are all filled with you
to the man i’ve always loved
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