If blood doesn't seep
                from my wrists,
am in not alive..
Or has all feeling just
                 drained from me.
Since they cut
my long heavy
navel string
they too
cut the feeling
of love.

was never present
in the same
jointed way
that I once
felt thoroughly.

Then came
one who too
had a
broken heart
who's navel
was fully hallow.  

One who
would use the
navel string
to wrap it
around my neck
till I choked.

I realised
you made me scared of the word,
because you used it in the wrong way.
Enigma 7h
The feels that rise within my mind
sometimes I keep them packed inside.
but now I sit and here I write
to vent them free, in this twilight.
Some call me rude and some say shy.
Yes, that's the truth, I hereby lie.
I am no hermit, don't be mistaken
for I am uncouth and slightly shaken.
The profused silence, it is divine
like dots to connect, in bedlam of mine.
Only in tranquility and peace of mind
is when I fathom world's great design.
The more I speak, the less I know
The less I speak, oh, there you go.
I am no different, just as different
as floating lava, amidst the snow.
These words, these thoughts.
They freeze, they burn.
It's like a grand storm
trapped inside an urn.
This quietude is my escape from life
this serene silence I have devised.
This solitude exposed me to the placid side,
that never had I known, until my demise.
But now I sit and here I write,
to vent these words under this moon.
I often lose myself in this
and seldom find myself here too.
Be free to share your thoughts if you have ever felt anything similar.
Amanda 14h
Face to face with fate
Fingers find flowing fire
Feelings fall far
Alliteration FTW!
From the sweetness in your laugh
To the thunder in your step
From the beauty of your eyes
To the cuteness of your pep

From your hair that flows like rivers
To the sincerity of your eyes
From our love that thrives so purely
To a love that never dies

From the gentleness of your smile
To the orange stars on your face
These features are some reasons
Why you are my happy place.
I've always been
in love with words
never did I find the
what, when, or how
but I know that I do
And loving you is
always like that
the feelings are
pervading through
my veins
loving you is always
like falling for words
without any
what, when, or how
I just do.
i find myself wishing for this feeling to come in familiar patterns
it's erratic and various

it never comes the same as before
and it never lingers as long

but is that a sign that i'm getting better?
or is it a habit of ignoring it after a while?

at this point
i don't know anymore

i just feel entrapped by the fear of not being good enough
and the hollowness of not doing enough
Hiraeth calls me
it is painful
and sometimes ineffable
I could not word it
longing, longing, longing
your name,
you know
is mellifluous

But hiraeth calls me
I'm in limerence
with the thought of you
Maybe that is why
I can not stand it
everytime you look at me
and speak
this feeling is illicit
I want you

And hiraeth calls me
I'm feeling homesick
home, home, home
to you,
you know
I can not return
you were never mine.
Why are you copying me?
Doing everything I do.
I've seen the way you act,
And this will be nothing new.

Why are you copying me?
Doing everything I do.
What about my opinions and thoughts
Are you after those too?

Why are you copying me?
Doing everything I do.
I don't think you realize,
The hell I've gone through?

Why are you copying me?
Doing everything I do.
Even if you try as hard as you may,
What you portray will not be true.

Why are you copying me?
Doing everything I do.
I'm hurting and broken inside,
but I cannot pass that on to you.
I wrote this many years ago while at school. Someone was ruining everything by pretending to be me. Instead of intervening, I did this to get out the feeling of frustration. All is okay now and I couldn't be happier.
If love was tangible what would it be
Do you hear love in the beat of your lover’s heart
Do you see love in the smile of an innocent child
But what good is love if you have it not...if you know it not
You can merely hear it...you can merely see it
But you feel it not
Still we hunger for love
Black or white...day and night
Man or woman...young or old...we all run the race
Searching this whole world...in my world or in yours
We keep searching for love
We search the depths of the ocean
The outer limits of the cosmos
We keep searching
Some say they have found love
But how great is love
How do you measure love...is there a measure to love
And when you’ve reached the end of the road and your journey is complete
You find that you’ve been running at a losing streak
Your chasing race has been in vain
Then you look in the mirror and hear the voice of love say
Are you perhaps looking for me
I have been here inside of you all along
Love begins with you
Written by Sean Achilleos 2010©
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