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Im afraid of being alone,
that’s why I’m staying.
But why do I feel like it wouldn’t make a change
if I left.

What would change?
When now I’m already feeling lonely.
It would be the same
But different emptiness.

But maybe it wouldn’t last forever.
In moonlit skies, a love story begins,
With hearts entwined, a journey that wins.
A tale of two souls, destined to find,
A love so pure, in each other's mind.

Like a gentle breeze, your love sweeps me away,
In your arms, I find solace every day.
Your smile, a ray of sunshine so bright,
Filling my world with pure delight.

Your touch, like velvet, tender and warm,
Ignites a fire within, a love that will transform.
In your eyes, I see a future so bright,
A love that blossoms, like stars in the night.

With every heartbeat, our love does grow,
A symphony of emotions, a feeling that shows.
Together we'll face the world, hand in hand,
Building a love that forever will stand.

So here's to our journey, my love so true,
A path filled with laughter, just me and you.
In this new love of ours, let's cherish and adore,
Creating a love story worth so much more.

Forever and always, our love will soar high,
A sweet melody, like birds in the sky.
For you, my love, are a blessing so sweet,
May our love continue, forever complete. - c9fm
A new found love.
I don't think I can…
I promised and she's happy
     I'm … complacent, if…
               …Not happy.

When I was younger I was devout
To my ideals. I would speak
With fervor and vision
About dark beauty and my take
On the human condition.
…About how we are bound to nature
By blood and *** through
Evolution and mutation.
…About how humans were polyamorus
Creatures, beings of righteous love,
And the bearers of pain and choice.

Then I learned what choice is.
I chose money and comfort
instead of pain and hardship.
My vision of a glorious life lived
On Occam's sharp blade
Was dulled on salty, wet silk sheets.
Each choice, made out of love
On what I believed to be
A Foundation of compromise.
Each choice took a piece of
darkest nature from me and returned me to
safe suburban parks
The dark,now,
illuminated by street lamps.

Now when I look at my path
And feel the old me rising
Knowing I must make a choice
I don't think I can…
I promised and she's happy
     I'm … complacent, if…
               …Not happy.
Poetry for the loss of something one never had for valid but meaningless reasons
It's a beautiful thing,
to feel emotions so deeply.

There's nothing I can do,
but to feel my heart beating.

It's pounding me alive.
Incapable of sleeping.

I am permanently wired
to be open to receiving.

Collecting dust from comets,
to carve out my own meaning.

The universe, she needs me.
For transference she is seeking.

Pouring feelings down my throat,
so they can find releasing.

I make light codes out of lessons.
I upload them when I'm dreaming.

Slowly taking all the pain,
and I turn it into healing.

And for every cleanse completed,
she leaves me with a teaching.

And the world's a little wiser,
a little more appealing.

• • •

Then I get another download,
and the cycle keeps repeating.


▪︎ mica light ▪︎
A queen will always turn pain into power.
irinia Sep 18
so hard to comprehend if you
can truly be loved as you are
or we simply use each other
like Seurat used light
the jukebox of desire plugged-in
it keeps turning reality against itself

sometimes  I am dreaming, feeling
crying, laughing too much
I know.
I keep looking at the world
with the terror of being alive
with a look that exhausts love

what if contradiction is the mother
of progression?
Gabrielle Sep 5
My home sits atop a lonely wave
Basking in the sun
My home of flora and sturdy nave
Of which I am a nun

Lilies grow in white quartets
Jasmine from every crevice  
Spiders sew their thoughtful nets
Dust on every surface

Here my pilgrimage ends
At the waistline of the coast
The lemons that became my friends
Will now observe my ghost
A M Ryder Aug 20
I started isolating
Myself, used to
Say everything
I was feeling
But then I guess
I just stopped
I wanted them to
Love me for who
They thought
I was
And not who I felt
Myself becoming

Ever think about
How horrified the
People we loved
Would be if they
Found out who
We really are?
So we dig deeper
Into our lies everyday
Ultimately hurting
The only
People who
Are brave enough
To love us
Wish I was
Brave enough to
Love them back

We don't have
As much time
As we think
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