how can someone be that powerful
to fucking steal your breath away
without warning, without physical harm;
no closure, other than your fucking ignorance-

how the fuck could you do that?

I will not wear what everyone else thinks I should
no, I will wear whatever makes me feel good
and if that's ripped jeans and an oversized tee shirt,
if that's what makes me feel good, then that is who I'll be
and there is nothing anyone can do about it,
for I'm just being me

written 2014
edited 2017

When I think of you too much,
my eyes lull
my ears drop off
my mouth becomes a field
of cotton,
never ripened enough
to pick from.
Everyday tasks grow fercious
with their complexities,
even the necessaries
I've come to
ache for
such as drinking, 
eating and sleeping
are shot up 
a giant's leg of a stalk,
and you know 
I can't climb that high up, my love.
So I sit, in a daze 
and stare 
at the world growing grey,
all because 
your shadow
has not crossed over it yet,
your lips 
have not spoken enough
for me to draw out
your words have yet
to tangle themselves tightly
around my tongue,
so that I find 
to breathe
when you are not here,
but have no air left in me
when you are.

the beauty isn't always feel with touch
the eyes already knew
heart is sensitive
then ears can hear the harmony
from every single words of emotion

loving the way you convey
that rainbow words
i got more than just love
i admire the colors
even you
it's not about my feeling
but us

it's nice to see you
but don't fall in love with me
cause i don't want to hold your feeling
i just want to keep your heart
because I'll say I already loving you at first

Wyatt R 3d

Today I fought to not
crack under the pressure.
Tonight, I'm feeling unimportant.
Sitting in the car in darkness,
counting the rain drops
as they fall from the endless sky.
It was right then I realized
something I could relate to.
This feeling that dwells in me
could easily be compared
to the insignificance
of one rain drop
in a long thunderstorm.

Dr zik 4d

I can say what I want
I can go where I want
I don’t leave as I don’t want
I often feel!
I have You in my heart

One thousand things overseen,
How many reds, I could plead,
Pilgrims growing, envy green,
Corruption, a solemn creed,

Time ticking forever more,
Ringing temptation, hearts burned,
Bow to see what never saw,
What couldn’t see, devils heard,

Scented breeze far asunder,
Sacred bliss, ashes, lumber,
A fog is brewing, thunder,
A child yet stirred amidst slumber,

The apples grow, bitter sweet,
Flavour but a memory,
Now apart, but yet to meet,
All but joy in jeopardy,

Close now, nearing collision,
Embraced by shock, near contact,
Fall and focus my vision,
Reborn with young cognition.

Sometimes pain is so strong
it transcends conscious thought.
So powerful it cannot be described,
imitated, or understood at all--
It simply is. It exists,
and welcome or not,
It is present.

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