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Alice 17h
I have this backpack

every time I want to cry
or scream or yell
I take the feeling and I place it in a jar
and I zip it up in my backpack

its amazing really, how many jars
this one bag can hold

see, I've never emptied it or
even set it down because
I'm afraid if it leaves my shoulders
everything will spill out
and all the jars I've sealed
will break open and I'll hear it  

I have this backpack
and its getting heavy
so heavy
I drape around
tenderness in graceful,
emotions painted
clear as
black and white,
holding the soul
all I can try and
proffering the same feeling
the way
I must have felt,
the purest and the most beautiful.
But do I get that feel
of the heart??
Must have seen and heard
Never have felt.
Heart, blood filled and beating.
Lungs, fresh autumn air.
Inside, I am never reluctant to memorize your fine lines.
I hear a distant ring, slowly getting louder
the sound of you, on a continuous loop,
circling around a wooden wheel with country side view.
I allude to discussing the future you.
Blue eyed, smile lines, and softened skin.
I trace our constellations,
you are a destination within,
I thought I would not need.
I cannot help it, if only I could bury my thoughts deep.
But you’re a sunflower, a succulent, and an oak tree
Flourishing like weeds that grow between cracks in the concrete.
Roots twirl around my feet,
I feel your twigs branch out engulfing every part of me.
But I’ll let you grow along my curves.
You are defining odds. A perfect catastrophe
A pleasant hurricane, and a tsunami of love.
I am an architect who constructed the strongest of walls,
collapse my blue print,
I am ready to fall.
Prachi 3d
What can be bigger a crime,
Than abusing someone;
Who has a heart as you have,
Who is as much alive as you;

Their inability to express,
Through words doesn’t give
You the rights to harass them;
Let alone taking undue advantage.

True utilization of your voice
Would be to speak for those who can’t,
And do not forget that you are
Nothing but a social animal yourself.
Be the feeling
of an answer

the urgency
of a question
PM 6d
What do I feel?

I don't feel sad
I don't feel mad
I don't feel angry
I don't feel happy
I don't feel excited
I don't feel anxious
I don't feel overwhelmed

... I just feel empty
How are you feeling?
When you can drive a car for whole your life.

Have a driving in the evening.
Along the beach side.
Go to the shopping mall.
Go to travel.
Go to anywhere we want to.

Nobody can deny me.
Because this car is mine.
disclaimer; my small happiness
Saïda Boūzazy Nov 2019
Feelings are  shaking
They are creating a melody in our hearts
They are singing a tune of death
HANI Oct 12
just like forever, ignore me
just like forever, make me feel like a stupid person
just like forever, just like forever

just like forever, think that i’m not exist
just like forever, live your life without me
just like forever, just like forever.

just like forever, i’ll live my life, and you’ll live yours.
just like forever, i’ll be invisible.
just like forever, don’t bother to mind me.
just like forever, just like forever.
hi! i’m back from the dead. i’m not really good with pouring words into a poem, that’s why i don’t post much. so, this poem is about me. about me being stupid in front of everyone. and everyone looks down on me —or at least that’s what i’m thinking. i know, that’s not good, that’s not right. i know i have to think positive. i’ll try.
Sometimes I get chills
Not because I'm cold
Because I can still feel
His hands on me
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