Christine 37m

I need to leave
I will run, run
run, run, run

I saw you
too late
I am far gone

I heard you
too late
I miss you

You cling to me like cellophane,
wrapping yourself around myself
with your electric forked tongue,
as you drag each of my neurons
out into the world; exposed they are,
as I am left to feel their nakedness and chills.
I feel their bite and electric fields.
their pain has become my friend.

© 2017 Amanda D Shelton

I suffer from three different disorders that can be very painful. This poem is the best way I can explain it to you. Maybe you can relate, maybe not but that's up to you. Live long and prosper my fellow poets.

There are songs that no one sings
Yet they are still heard as melodies

And smiles no one paints
But it doesn't mean we can't call that art

And then there is my heart.
How it quivers at the sound of your name,
and how it loses itself in the thought of your smile.

You have eyes like needles,
pulling me together
into something cohesive,
something beautiful.
Soft silk draping from my arms,
cotton dreams, lavender goodbyes.
Canvas memories
written across my eyes
with the sound of sorrow weaving
designs into my skin,
let me in
let me in.
Feel the softness beneath your hands
as you fix my broken bones
with polyester thread,
look at me with your piercing
gaze and repair my wounded soul.
Create a work of art,
literature, mastery,
with the tide of your lips.
Stitches, stitches,
skin on skin.
Now I am changed,
reel me in
reel me in.

~~ Scopophobia, the fear of being stared at. ~~
AAA 3d

my eyes were swollen from the crying I had been doing all those late nights when I ignored his calls. my knuckles were kissed with bruises from the beatings i  had exposed my wall to. my soul weep from the screams from my lover. Manipulated with lust and the desire to be loved by a warm body I fell into a trap.  Warm body, that's all I was. He only saw me for my body and my potential to be shown off like a reward for beauty. he might of only hit me once or twice but it was the words and the blame and the way he  made me feel powerless that rusted the relationship.

LeBobbe 3d

Badabeem badaboom.
How the flowers bloom.
Every aspect is given a thought.
Every petal is being sought.

Amazing how the world works,
By the pattern of the given quirks.
It seems to flow at every turn,
By the stem that has so much to yearn.

By early morning each petal has glittering dew.
Will bring sparkles to you unending view.
As the early sun rises to the blue sky,
It softly touches the soft flower by.

I would love you to express yourself,
And not be bounded by yourself.
For every thought kept will implode,
Until all kept thought will explode.

Cry if you must.
Laugh if you will.
Your feelings will last.
It will be a thrill.

I want you to weep.
I want you to be glee.
I want you to fell every color of every spectrum.
I want you to be you.

An old poem I gave to a friend who was having a hard time expressing herself

I feel frisky, risky ,flimsy, filthy, kinky, when i drink whiskey.

I apply makeup before going to bed
The sound of my phone cam is driving me mad
The black stains on my pillow tell that I'm sad
And not seeing you is more than just bad

Spring was sad but worth it
Josh 5d

A madness of touch
Skin, on skin
Lips, on every inch of you
Devouring you
Looking at you
Awe, undisguised
No mask or falsehood, I wear
In all my fumbling uncertainty
I am led, by my own passion
The heat of you beneath me
The taste of you on my tongue
I want to press closer
Make up for all the time before
This moment, every moment
My skin and yours were not
In contact, concert
Our movements, a dance
Our mingled moans, a song
It feels like we're birds
Denied to sing, until this moment
And I never want our little, finite
Infinity, to end

i wish i had
never entered.
i wish i would've
looked the
other way.

(why did i let you in?)

your finger tips,
they feel like daggers.
your voice,
a song i would
never sing again.
your touch,
it feels foreign
and suddenly i'm
in a strange place.

(you're not who i thought you were)

you used to shine
so bright,
you were a star
in my sky.
the sun that lit
up my world
but you've
gone away.

(i wish i could take it all back)

the time i woke up crying,
sleepless nights,
fingers intertwined,
quiet voices,
hellos and goodbyes.

i used to look forward
to the sight of that
blue house
on the corner
but i now look away.

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