Troy 1d

The heart
Such a confusing thing
Filled with happiness compassion and love
Yet also filled with sadness resent and hate

Once it starts to flutter
The beats can't be stopped
Time needs to flow
For confusion to end

Listen to your heart
At least that's what they say
But why listen to it
When all that comes is uncertainty

To be with one
But also grow to despise
Yet to meet another
And grow to aspire

We meet again
Feelings grow stronger
Yet hearing something from the other
Annoyance and hate only grow wilder

Heart calls out
To the one it's chosen
Yet also hangs on
To the one it starts loathing

Pulling it's strings
It tangles in a web
Hurting itself more
With just a simple beat

Til another kindred heart
Comes by to help
Shedding light
Upon a darkened scene

Finally free
No tangles left clinging
Time to follow it's plea
And chase the one it adores

Sit there and stare
Its another game of pins
At those lanes of ours
And I sit there and stare

Four people bowl today
Like that one day long ago
Long ago, is time so old?
It grows longer still

How does time fly?
Can I still remember?
The details are fuzzy
But I remember her face

A sudden boom draws me away
As the ball rolls and rolls and rolls
My friend cheers with happiness
And all of the pins fall down

I smile but quickly lose my grin
Moving my head I avoid the smile
Avoiding everything in general, I suppose
I move my gaze to look to it, again

How distant a memory can feel
Yet be so real to me
And how fond it can be
Even though you probably remember so little

I remember my first look that summer day
Her hair, her jeans, and her smile
Her eyes shone into mine, her voice
Oh god her laugh replays and replays and replays

How can a room be so full of emotion?
I see it in my mind and laugh
A laugh that comes from deep within
Nudged by a touch you feel from a memory

"It's your turn to bowl Mike!"
I start out from a daze
My friends look at me impatiently
How could I blame them?

It was our last day, what was I doing?
I did it everyday, looking into the past
At that hockey table that I adore
Or maybe just the things attached to it?

I get up and grab my green ball
And looking down the lane
I count ten pins in all
Everyone of them stands

I look back and see the table
There is a couple playing
Both of them jeering and cheering
Both of them as happy as can be

I see the male one on the right side
Won the woman seventeen stuffed animals
From the claw game adjacent to
Where they cheer and jeer from

A smile creeps across my face
And I gaze to the scoreboard
"80" tenth frame, second throw
My friend threw the first one for me

Well 80 may be bad, but I am distracted
However, I would not trade it for anything
Because everything falls from concern
When I think about everything about her...

"MICHAEL BOWL!" One of my friends shout
I turn and laugh, smiling all the while
She does not know it, but she just did it
Made me think, and forced me into action

I turn and look down the lane
Counting the pins again
I exhale and hold the ball to my face
I step my foot forward and release

Swiveling my head I search for the couple
But they had already left, leaving that room
However I see they left two stuffed objects
A red freckled cat and a brown dog next to each other

I smile, and I grin, and I laugh
Looking almost insane
I turn around to see the pins left
There are none, and I still have one more frame...

Romance inspired by a wonderful memory

My thoughts crept in deep
In mistakes and failures
At high steep
Demons and monsters
Doesn't come under my bed
It's inside my head.

This poem is about those awful thoughts rummaging inside our heads every now and then.

I think being here with coffee is better
learning to feel bitter

if i there be with you,
your words are sweet
but your promise is fake

Jakarta | 25 Jan | 8.48 PM
Illona 5d

there's something missing
i still confuse
what is missing from me
Someone else?
i miss someone
that make me miss my ownself
i miss the apple
i miss the hairtie
i miss the glasses
i miss all of that
because that's the things
can make me be myself
i can smile because i want to
i can laugh because i want to
not because i need to
I'm not the same anymore
it feels like i have
many faces
many mask

I love you since the game we played last year but now i lost you or maybe i lost in you M

I want to say a lot of things
I want to feel a lot of things
I want to do a lot of things
But my voice is caught
But my heart is caught
But my body is caught
A struggle in myself
What I want
Is never an outcome....

Is there a word for days,
That seem to last for weeks?
A day that takes a life time,
And brings hot anger to your cheeks.

And what about a day,
With a tight feeling in your chest,
Where panic is your neighbor,
And fear is your house guest.

But what about an inbetween day,
Full of counting sheep,
Where you mind stays wide awake,
While your body begs for sleep.

I am touching this happiness inside me with great care.
I feel alive now.. wow ...!
What is the matter with me?
I have this emotion which wells up inside my heart,
A feeling of longing for your forever laughter,
Which brightens every moment with your charming smiles.

appear to me
in your truest form.

for i am present
in your delicate

and destroyed.

and i never have
seen anyone as beautiful
as you.

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