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i question why
the lonesome cries rely on lies embedded in the "SELF" to survive
moments where I'm barely getting by
gazing at a sky
waiting for a reply to give my life some stimuli
it all seems fine

reflecting on memories when I rewind

nevermind, I'll never mind either times I felt like dying

in my mind so I unbind all connections that don't meet eye to eye

where do I find a place that doesn't remind me of **** that I denied
i was blind

concluded that I was combined

the body/mind

I cannot deny the experiences that were opposite of divine


tell me why I'm FREE

yet so confined

do I awake the second I die?

or must I prepare a permanent goodbye?
Astral 20h
Lately, I've felt nothing.

I mean it seems to always have been a little like this,
With hormones,
And pre-teenage years,
And stress,
But it's more lately.

I just feel so blank.
Like walking isn't walking anymore,
It's just a monotonous repetition.

Sometimes I don't feel that way though,
I get loud,
  And I feel I can finally hear myself,
I move,
  And it feels more than just monotony,
I goof around,
  And my face feels somewhat genuine,
And I feel something.

But it seems no one likes it when I'm like that.
No one likes me being loud,
No one likes to move around with me,
I don't think anyone likes goofing off with me much.

And I hate to admit,
That I really don't like people disliking me.
I hate to admit,
That I enjoy some other form of validation.

And so I stop.
No more hearing me,
No longer a break in the monotony,
No feeling like I'm funny,
Just back to nothing.

But it seems I never quite fall back to the same nothing,
Especially after feeling something.

I always fall back to a hollow nothing,
An empty nothing.
Somehow less of nothing,
While also seemingly feeling like its more nothing,
A deeper nothing,

I know its probably just another poem about something most people think or feel but I'm really glad I wrote it out.
lights turn on,
and it wakes me.

I want you to know how it feels like to be in my shoes, just like how you wish that everyone can feel the same as you and despite all of the feelings in this world that are generated by the same kind of source; love and hate, kindness and cruelty, sadness and happiness, we still fail at agreeing on the only great fate for us as we are reluctant to determine what is really right for us and therefore, we can never leave our mark in any era, any generation that we are in, for the failure to avoid our will to consume from the deep within will ensure that we will endure another war, another famine, another epidemic that can only be undone by us, by having empathy and love towards one another.

lights dim,
and it shatters me.
Writing poetry is an exercise
in making myself rise
from ordinary preoccupation
to enter the realm of creation.

When I share it I am revealing
thoughts, doings, and feeling,
so I need not hesitate to share
or bore those who care.

A poem might not be art
but it is a letter from my heart
more than a quick posting
or social media boasting.

So if you do not receive a sealed letter
from me in the mail, a poem is better.
It is a moment of being bold
of sharing a small slice of my soul.

Getting a poem from a poet or friend
is an honor for me and I will attend
and count it a privilege worth prizing
a noble moment of the creator’s rising.
By Arcassin Burnham

The feeling of stars running through the circuits
feeling an energy that can't be contained in a
jar or a capsule predicting all of my sayings and
All of my movements swearing you know me so
well in this circumstance,
Freeing the people from space in this circumstance,
Why is it always about you?
Why is it thAt I can't shake the feeling
of being with someone as bold as me.
Losing you would be something i couldn't bare,
Your static electrified me in there,
The thing inside my chest,
Don't know if it's a heart or crimson crest.

Well... sometimes I wish I could be alone, and sometimes I really feel alone. And it's a nice feeling for the most part. But having people who you can trust and be open with and love is always a nice thought. Despite the fact that most of the time they leave you stranded and isolated... but that's the beauty of numbness
i thought something is coming back
no lies
in your eyes
oh babe
i am in love again -
the rock hit the water
never coming back -
oh babe
i should not bring my heart next time
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