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K M M 22h
I knew you never loved me
By how you left me.
And I knew I'd never love again
Because of how you left me.
I'm so blessed that I have poetry as my outlet for these feelings.
You just asked
Do you know 'Pari'
the meaning Of
the most used
word by you?
My reply to you dear..
Wid my delicate
Manicured, shapely fingers
Entwined wid your bold
but the most caring ones
'The feeling of having
soeoone around all the time
It hardly matters whether
in reality or fantasy
in each other's arms or
in one's thoughts
the same person
Omnipresent for you
The care
The feeling
The closeness
The sensation
Of meeting at
the soul level
Is Love.......!!!!'

© Neeloo 'NeelPari'
**Pari (Indian word)  means Angel
**Neelpari(Indian word)  means Blue Angel
Art derives in an array of forms
Mother’s art is in dancing
Father’s art is in drawing
Sister’s art is in drawing
Niece’s art is in drawing

But where is my art?
Do I lack skill?
I cannot draw
I cannot dance
Am I just genetically flawed to not be artistic?


My art is in my writing
My art is in the ability to take apart a computer and rebuild it
My art is in education
My art is MY ART

Art is the freedom to express oneself
Art is being able to put emotions to what you are doing
My art just isn't at the same level as others
My art is MY ART

The passion
The flow
The elegance of writing

So if you ever cast doubt on yourself
If you ever wonder what you have to offer
Just remember
YOUR ART is what you love to do
You are an artist in your own way
I used to compare myself to my family. I used to think I had no artist skill, but I really sat down and learned my art is in my writing
As the clouds coming rolling in
And the darkness begins to set
It is made clear
That a storm is coming
Though I look at this storm
I can't help but smile
For it makes me think it makes me think of us
And how much we have in common

For when I think of us together
I think about how we are like that storm
Our bodies are the clouds
When we come together, we create thunder
Causing a chaotic sound all around
But not negative chaos

The chaos of the loving type that people will hate
Just as they hate the thunder in the sky
But that doesn't happen till the time is right
For when the atmosphere is right
Is when the clouds are ready to come together
Once we join together we make the world just rumble
With every rumble the air begins to moisten

Nice bitter sweet moisture that can only be the sweat
The sweat off our bodies turns to heavy raindrops
The rain that people will never feel.
For to feel these raindrops
They need to feel what I feel
The storm though doesn't stop there

The passion between us excites the air
Friction tearing across the sky
That friction becoming a blinding light
That we know as lightening
Lighting full of excitement, passion, and fire
Causing those to try and bear witness fall to its brilliance
Heating up the sky with the heat of our love

The bodies clash, the sweat drips, and the love flashes
But with every storm as it comes to its temporary end
The clouds come apart
The rain stops
The flashes of lightning clear
The calm comes in
The calm that only we can experience
Together holding each other
Waiting for the next one

For There's Always a Storm Coming
Dark clouds,
heavy rain.
A word-
two babies in our heart
one roars, we suppress
one cries, we touch

that's love
Michael 5d
Hatred is not a crime,
It’s a side effect of life.
No feelings should be taboo,
They’re what makes us who we are.
So when you feel hatred,
Don’t feel shame,
Because it’s just a feeling,
And they’re all the same.
They’re just chemicals floating around our brains.
So instead of worrying about hate,
Address the situation that made you feel that way.
Make that better and your negative feelings will go away
Hating someone or something is not nice but it is only a feeling. When you deal with the situation that causes it in the first place most of the time those feelings go away.
Marle 5d
You came into my life, out of nowhere
You said these things, out of nowhere.
Here I am, out of nowhere.
Thinking of everything, out of nowhere.
I'm just left here, out of nowhere..
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