Lisa 6h
morning light is always the most beautiful
there's a kind of tenderness that borders on pure naivete
an inexperienced fracture of grace that
unfortunately the sunset does not contain
although i am never awake for it
i am acutely aware of it behind closed eyelids
There's an optimism I've never felt on the creases of my palms

i wish i could explain to you
how boring that art gallery was
i can't remember what color shirt i was wearing
there's a lot of things i'm only half there for
i'll drift to nowhere precise and my eyes will get that faraway glow of a look and you'll think i'm in love
but it's just my inattentiveness to stay in my body for long
i'm less devil may care and more jitterbug hiding it's own epileptic seizure

i guess it's all about forgetting things and then trying to find where you put them
sometimes you stop looking altogether and come to terms with the fact that some things want to remain lost
morning light is always the most beautiful
this is a careful deconstruction on how i feel about delicate and ethereal things
Jess 8h
Today is the happiest I have ever been
In my entire life
And yet,
I feel sad.
I still have this darkness inside of me,
And I still feel the need to cry
Every time I’m alone.


Why can’t I just be happy
Why do I still have to feel so empty?
I don’t understand
There is nothing more I could need
My life is filled with love and joy
And I am on a righteous path
surrounded by friends
And loved more than ever before
By a boy

This boy
Is all I could have asked for
And more.
I don’t believe in soul mates
But I believe that every time I look at him
I smile
And I feel safe
And happy
And content.


Why when I lie in bed at night
Do tears roll down my face.


When I stand in the shower
I scratch at my skin.


When I look in the mirror
I hate what I see.

Today I realized
That this darkness that is inside
Will stay
And today
I must learn how to live
Side by side
My happy and my sad
My smile and my tears
My love and my hate
Because that’s what makes us human
And that’s what makes us
Hear their voices loud
Passing lights, disturbing hall
Abstractly correct
L 2d
I wanted so badly for it to feel like home. But it just didnt to me. Not at the time. And you cant force those things. I dont think so. Its like wanting to be in love with someone so bad. Its like loving the situation and how they treat you but just not being able to bring yourself to love them in the way that they love you. And it fucking sucks. And it makes you feel terrible. Like a terrible person that doesnt deserve this goodness. That doesnt deserve for it to make sense and so it doesnt. But i guess thats just the way it goes some times. Thats life. And sometimes, it doesnt make any sense. But thats okay. Thats just the way it is.

Its okay
Bah. Its too late for all this "notes" business.
Hey, I saw you today.
We used to have that joke when we'd say that we were gay
Hey, I remember then.
Back when we we're cool, and still talking again.
I'm sorry,
Because it came back to that.
Because I remember when you still worried about all my black.
Hey, I saw your art today.
I felt the days when we we wereyoung and hid out under the pines.
It felt fine,
And sad.
I'm blaming you for always getting laughed at.
I felt, already what you did to me was nice.
But what I did to us was rat.
It sucked
But I was fine.
All though inside was pounding, bleeding, and
And I knew by then that our end was nigh.
Well this isn't my best but it's, well it's what I felt
Sometimes I feel like
She loves me
She wants me
And she cares for me.

But on the other time,
My heart cracks a bit
When I feel something
which is the opposite of it.

I don't know which feeling is true
And which feeling is wrong.
But I know one thing
That I will love her
All my life long.
All my life
shaun 3d
home isn’t a structure -
brick and water aren’t symbols,
they don’t reflect trust or
I can wash
the grease from my hair
the dirt from my skin
and (un)comfortably sleep
when my inner monologue is louder than ever,
with your songs ringing in my ears,
and bad thoughts longing to be heard
but it’s love
your love
that keeps me warm
makes me feel safe,
not the white walls
or the bread in the cupboard -

I consume the fibre
glare at the walls
cos home could leave
or brutally
at any time -
I can sit by the radiator and get my warmth from there, trusting that the central heating is stronger than my will to live

find your home and don’t let it go. my mum is my home :) but so are my best friends. find those who support you, love you unconditionally & don’t let you down. but also tell you when you’ve been a twat.

growing is learning and i never wanna stop
And then he asked,
"What are you looking for?"

And I said,
"I'm looking for someone
who can give me thrills,
the roller-coaster adventure kind of feeling.
I'm looking for someone
who is romantic but not boring;
witty but not loud;
smart but not arrogant.
Someone who is everything you are
In the world where everyone want to share
their emotions and feelings to get free from it.

She hugged me and told me "I'm always there to listen to your problems and solve it."
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