My name means fire
It burns with the passion of my parents' love
For each other and for me
They found it in a cathedral on their honeymoon
Five years before I was born
And decided on the dot that they would light my candle with this flame
Regardless of my gender

It burns with my need for knowledge
I spread like my wild brethren from book to book
Devouring every word and glowing brighter with each bite

It burns with excitement about the things I love
When something amazing floats on the breeze into my eyes and ears
I burst up in a flare
And before long everyone knows what gave me oxygen and allowed me to reignite

There have been times
When my fire was but a pile of dying embers
When the floods of grief and loneliness came again and again
Ebbing and flowing with time but always there
I thought that the tides would keep changing forever
And that I would never burn with that childlike zeal again

But then
Some wind blew me further back from the water's edge
And I found friends to sit around me
And fill me up with kindling
And poke me with sticks
And cook food over me
Some of them left after only one marshmallow
But others stayed
And they're still here
Watching me glow and flare
With my desire for knowledge and passion for the inspiring
And with their love
And as long as there are a few people around my hearth
Telling stories and laughing and being together
I will always burn

Varshini 2h

I have a chest of memories, with multiple compartments
Most are on the surface, visible to everyone,
A certain few haven't been revealed in years

As you gain levels in our friendship, I give you access to more of these memories
I presume you do the same for me, because what is friendship if not sharing deep dark secrets and not being judged
But then something happens and you slink away

Leaving my chest open, all my memories strewn about
Leaving me to pick up the pieces and move on
Leaving me to clean up the mess you made

I hope you find another friend to confide your secrets to


I hope you don't break their heart the way you broke mine
I hope they realize they aren't at fault when you move on, yet again

Written on the 1st of November. Moved on, but wanted to post it somewhere.

Blackbird baby
Wings of charcoal
You think the sky is falling.
Your lonely song
Straddling the wind
Searching for an audience.
The home you grew up in
Had white walls and high ceilings.
Pure and sheltered.
You thought the room was shrinking,
Pinning your wings to your sides.
But baby
You were just growing.
Destined to break down the door.
To let the art of your dangerous spirit
Use the clouds for a canvas.
Blackbird baby
You've been raised by doves.
They've passed on their sparkling reputation
But it doesn't suit your matte feathers.
You're a whole other kind of beautiful.

Blackbird baby
Wings of charcoal
You think the sky is falling.
You feel so alone
You don't see how they envy you.
Your mind is a weapon, my dear.
Never doubt it for a moment.
Your body is a treasure, my dear.
Love it like nothing else.
Your time is valuable, my dear.
Don't waste it on what brings you no joy.
These lessons you have yet to learn.
You see only the thunder in the sky.
But there's a world of rainbows to be discovered.
Blackbird baby
You find it so hard to believe
That you are loved.
But you are everything to me.

Blackbird baby
Wings of charcoal
You think the sky is falling.
You see pieces of it hit the ground.
The end in sight.
Let me hold you.
Let me hold your whole world
So tightly that all the pieces of the sky
Fit back into place.
Afraid of what could go wrong
You pin your own wings to your sides.
Force of habit.
But without them
How will you fly?
Blackbird baby
Open your wings for me.
Show me your dance of ebony
Like a silouette on the sunset.
Blackbird baby
Hatch from your prison

And soar.

For one of my best friends. Sometimes she thinks she's so alone and forgotten. She finds it so difficult to open up. No one has taught her how to fly.

Where are you my sweetheart and where is your love
Since you pledged never to leave but left me half way
Should I presume you are very clever in shape of dove
You have darkened my path while portraying to be ray

Now I realized you came to me just to play and to leave
Hence You have done a crime and sin on name of love
You are that woman who makes friendship to deceive
Let tell me you learnt this art from where,how and when

You have broken not chords of love but of my sweet soul
I am in constant trouble and pray you be deceived as same
You are not a beloved but a plaything as well as a nasty doll
Who on the name of pure love proves herself as pure shame

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow

Kon Grin 9h

Trembling right beneath my skin,
Gaining tempo of my heartbeat,
Splitting in the 7 shades -
The Ray of light that never ever fades.

Master, hold back all the lords
Faking, making my sense worse.
Give it all and take it back,
There's nothing that will ever lack.

Chorus 1:
Beat, Heart, oh so wild
Beat, Heart, no not mine

Verse 2:
Cuddling on a Sunday night,
Waking up and praying to this light,
Searching for a truth in time -
"Will it last?" or "Will it be alright?"

Iris on a verge of death.
Carpe Diem, Flash and all his friends.
Me and You have found it now,
Me and You are as one.

Chorus 2:
Beat, Heart, oh so wild
Beat, Heart, no-not mine
Me, You are as one
Heart beats heartbeats as one.

my band's actual song (April 9)
JAC 13h

We stood in silence
Staring at the water
That sparkled, black
Far enough away that I knew
It matched that sparkle you held in your eyes
The one you held from other people
The one that needed hours and hours
Of seemingly pointless conversations
Of my tired serenades
Of laughing arguments and long messages
Of silences that bettered us
We were so high up, see
The wind didn't even reach us
On the balcony of the building
You know you can't afford to live in
We stood in silence
Admiring the feeling
Of being overcome by wonder
Overcome by patience
And overcome by comfort
Over black, sparkling water.

Yeah, it's about you.
Heartmouth 14h

I'm glad we became friends.
I know that the circumstances were really bad on how we became friends, but I'm glad we did.
Since she went away, you've been there for me.
I told you that she was always there for me when I needed her,
and that made you soften up towards me.
You let me rant and rave about what makes me angry,
even though you have this whole mess of grief and sadness on your plate anyway.
I apologized to you for being angry and upset all the time,
and that I never ask you how your day is.
You said that it's okay because you're a quiet person and you don't like to talk about yourself.
I still feel bad.
But I'm glad we're friends now.
It was her that I was friends with before, and after, you treat me exactly like she treated me.
I'm happy I have you now.
Friends for life, bro.
behave urself goodnight
Lol. Never ;)

I'm extremely grateful for Christina's brother. It's like I'm back to the beginning of our friendship and like I'm talking to her. Love you Christina, and love you too Marcus.

hold me close, hold me tighter, before this land we created falls apart.
i chased you to the mountaintops - where the Sun kisses the snow-covered peaks so delicately.
i chased you to the oceans - where the sand dances precariously with that frothy smile.
every single thing i do, i feel i have something to prove to you.
i gave you my hand - when you asked for a friend.
i gave you my soul - when you asked for a lover.

hold me close, hold me tighter, before these stitches break apart within my heart.
i chased you down the valley - where the rain water lies atop the lush green in a still pool.
i chased you far into the forests - where the trees reach their arms up to the sky, praising that blushing Sun.
every single thing i do, i'm able to because of you.
you gave me a light - when all i saw was darkness.
you gave me a purpose - when all i saw was defeat.

hold me close, hold me tighter, before i wake up.

Friendship has been fickle
Bonds that last become part of our being
Become our complexity
Changes who we are
I have had the luck of a few of those bonds
But so many are fickle
Friends move , you disagree or lose touch
I have a new friendship, I hope it is not fickle
I hope he becomes a part of my being
Entwined in my complexity
Accepted by those who are already entwined
Without untangling anything vital

I told her she was lovely as thunder rolled,
and rain drops patted young canvas roofs.
She cried and held me like a brother,
and I was happy to be needed.

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