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It has finally become clear,
And you have released all doubts from my mind.
Even though I still love you,
We are incompatible once
We compare our skeletons.
You do not understand me,
But I understand you fully,
And I understand that you don’t
Understand yourself entirely.
Thus you do not know me and
I doubt you would be so kind once you do.
I do not wish to say goodbye,
But my soul has already left and
Our umbilical cord was cut
Once you trivialised that which is
Central to me
And I do not blame you,
Nor do I hold a grudge,
Because I understand you fully:
You preach love and compassion and
Yet you lack comfort and wisdom,
It is because you see through other eyes and not with them.
I still love you,
But it’s time I moved on towards the
Things which reflect my being
And are compatible once
We compare our skeletons.
There are friends who you know that if you told them your true thoughts they would think differently of you and perhaps distance themselves from you because of that, despite the fact that you two may both have pure hearts. There are some friends whom if you had honest discussions with them they couldn’t handle it. And you know deep down inside, this relationship is meaningless and will soon die out and be rendered empty. We need to improve on our own communication, and be patient with one another. But another most important aspect of friendship, is being curious towards each other.
V 1d
If I vanished completely would you even notice?
If I sailed away on the winds of times changed.
Would the memory of me find its way across the sea?
Scarlet 2d
Sitting under the infinite cover of the stars.
I asked you if you had to live your life over and over again for all eternity would it be a blessing or a curse?
You said a blessing because you got to know people like me.
I said a curse.
But you made me rethink my answer.
I’d always wanted to end my life so of course to have to relive it seemed to be the most cruel thing imaginable.
But I think that getting to be friends with you over and over would be wonderful.
You made me glad I was such a ****** assassin of this body
For now it is the soft embrace you find comfort in.
And my eyes don’t stare blank as a broken clock, but gaze lovingly into your eyes like I never want to see anything else.
You laugh and that is when I know the true opposite of death.
It makes up for all those lonely night where the aching seemed more real than the being.
If I had to live forever I’d want it to be with you.
Like trees when friends meet
Windy gesticulations . . .
The heartbeat of boughs
If there's the sun,
What am I

If there's whole,
Why am I still breathing

If there's everything, unfolding
What should I do

Being less

If there's you
There isn't me
Ah please understand
I didn't say what I wanted to say
Because I didn’t know
If it was the right thing to say

Now I know
And it’s too late

A photographer
Arriving past the golden hour
Loses the last ray of light and
Returns empty handed
I wish I had the courage to say it. But even if I did, would it have changed anything?
Zywa 7d
Friends master the art

of just being together –

with no need to talk.
Collection "Untwisted"
stillhuman May 1
It usually starts like this
My heart beats loud and angry
cracking my bones crushing my chest
My breath escapes me
empties my lungs as if i have run
My mind creates a thought
a terrible thought
then exchanges it for another
and another and another
moving too fast making it hard
to follow the line of thought
that causes my lips to bleed
from where my teeth bite them
and to others i look calm
barely pensive
maybe stressing
but my body is still like rock
and hot like fever
it can't catch up with my thoughts
and the voices in my head
i didn't do enough i didn't stop it
i didn't care enough why didn't i drop it
it should be me suffering not you
suffocating in cluttering feelings
and conversation smothering
everything you are

And then
I hear you
and You are fine 
just too busy
to answer my calls
So it falls
My chest from where it was tensing
And I
I could never let you know this feeling, the guilt would eat your heart out
Alice Apr 30
I think in a small way, I always knew it was you
you've always taken care of me quietly
told me difficult truths
surprised me with my favorite drink
(you memorized my order)
because you knew I was sad before I even
told you
you make me want to be a better person
I am a better person because of you
I like myself better with you
you even took me & my little sister to ice cream just because
Nilia Loh Apr 29
Friend energy vulnerable of honest.
When fulfils, they group feeling safe.
encourages thoughts of capable a trust.
Did this dada poem for a school project. Focusses on trust in friendships!
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