Wow I just realized this
That you remind me so much of her
When we hangout it reminds me of how it once was
I miss her so much but there's nothing I can do
I just want the best for her
I know I hurt her and she doesn't trust me
I still love her and care about her more than anything

Thanks for hanging out with me
It is really helping me get out of my depression.....

The ultimate compliment I got yesterday was when she told me that she appreciates the time I have spent hanging out with her. Because shes been so depressed and when I am around I get her out of that mindset. Most of the poem is composed of text messages and words my friend has told me.

My surroundings-
miles of tall grass swaying in the breeze.
The aura of the girl sitting next to me.

Rays of sun that shine around her,
adding warmth to my already-blush heart.

The dress that hugs her body,
begetting envy within me,
knowing I’m not as close to her as that fabric is
in this moment.

The flowers I place in her dark tresses.
Her shoulders.
Her thighs.
Her hand that slowly slides into mine.

The color that creeps into my cheeks.
Shine that reflects off her lips,
tempting me to taste them.

My heart,
about to beat out of my chest
as I slowly move toward her.

Euphoria rushing into my bloodstream
as our lips meet for the first time.

The idea of this poem came from having a picnic from my friend. Her whole entity is filled with sunshine and nature.

I'm a girl, I have the benefit over boys.

Everyone will accept my friendship,

While  yours will be questioned.

I may not be as good as you,

But I have the benefit over you.

I'll always be a victim,

While you remain culprit.

Even if I don't get the justice,

You will be shamed in public.

Society may call me names,

But you are not as free as you think,

The love of your life may never,

Give you a chance forever.

Her life will be changed by your fellow,

She will question your intention,

And pull the arrow,

It'll hurt and you'll see the shackles.

I'm a girl, I have a benefit over you,

I will be forgotten,

But you will be shamed,

If something happens, they'll call your name.

I'm a girl,

I will either fight to live or fight to die,

But you'll never see me cry,

And you'll die under the burden of my cries.

I got this idea from FaceBook Friend Request

Hey friend,
Please don't go away leaving my heart.
It's been tearing me apart.
Don't leave me like a book half-read.
My soul without you, is lost and half-dead.
Don't leave me to drown in this dark abyss.
My world is a zilch where you don't exist.
Don't leave me behind to pick up the pieces.
I can't stand the silence that never ceases.
Don't leave me behind with no one around.
I can't deal with the emptiness deep down.
Don't leave me in this hell all alone.
I'm not ready to fight depression on my own.
Don't leave me at this bitter end.
I'm not ready to survive without my best friend.
Don't go away tearing my heart.
It's been tearing me apart.
Don't leave my soul to break it through.
What is this world of mine without you.

Toby 2d

I feel myself drifting away.
There's nothing I can do to stop.
It always holds me back.
I can see the burden of others.
What it takes to be around me.
Why can't I just cut myself off?
No one would let me.
Just go back in my hole where I belong.
Let everyone forget about me.
Everyone's future looks bright, but mine.
All I know is that I will be alone whether you like it or not.
That's just me.
So stop feeling guilty and leave.

Fell in love again.
It was beautiful I suppose.
Unexpected, wild at the very least.
He's gone now but my heart remembers.
He made me dance
and that's all there was to it.

Walked to the river
through a barbed wire fence and down
a game trail. Yesterday in a bathing suit,
today boots, a wind breaker.
Yesterday, you on my mind.
Today, you on my mind.
Forgetting us slowly.

We finally said goodbye
hopefully for the last time.
It was a peaceful ending
No one ended up crying.
I laid everything out on the table
you responded calmly
I was surprised,  
for the first time we weren't unstable.

I won't remember you as a horrible friend. I'll remember the you I met in the beginning.
L 3d

i try asking
how i could possibly be in love with you
i try to tell myself
your words can burn
and your beauty is only there
if i let it be
but my mind
makes flower petals
out of your sentence fragments
and my eyes
see you as if
you're glowing
and i can't ask
how i could possibly be in love
with you
because my mind is
stuck in the same song,
a chorus proclaiming
"how could i not?"

so that summer
we fell in love
all of us

and none of us were ever the same

and how the music filled us better than any
meal we had ever eaten
and how the smile of a friend was the
only success we'd ever needed
and how the first kiss was the best
but every one after was as soft or hard as
the love we thought we'd lost when the
lies they told us lowered our eyes
and how I thought I knew it would never end
and how I knew it would
and how the music filled us better than any God

so that summer
we fell in love
all of us

and none of us were ever the same

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