are you, really?

when you say I'm too sensitive
are you here for me
or the tough me you never saw in you

when you say I'm too quiet
are you here for me
or the rage in me you you found over active in you

when you say I make everything about me
are you here for me
or the introspection you desire

when you say my life is a mess
are you here for me
or the aligned energies in me you couldn't keep in place

when you say I don't give you enough attention
are you here for me
or are you here for you
Julie 22h
It's an inseprable bond
Not a simple relation
No, it goes beyond
It starts with a strong foundation
A brunette and a blonde
Consumed my thoughts
Swallowed my soul
Ate away at my sanity
Unable to stop this cycle
Of negativity

I should have passed
Less judgement
I should have been
More understanding
I should have cherished
Every moment we shared

Worried that I have lost my chance
Will I ever make you laugh again?
Will we ever make new memories?
I should have told you I love you
When I had the chance
To hear it back
Lynnia 1d
Three is the number we share in years
Another joins; she feeds my fears
Duo-plus-one and left behind
Silent smiles—don’t speak your mind!
Three is the number we share in years
Learn to act; exude fake cheer.
The second installment in this epic saga of epicness.
I miss you
Like, a lot
But I felt like at times I was in the way
Of you doing better things
Bigger things
I didn't want to mess up
Something that was so good
A friendship that was only good
Because I mess things up
Like, a lot
So I gave you some space
For you to do what you wanted
How you wanted
But now I'm wondering if I messed up
Like, a lot
Because I miss you
austin 1d
I told you that I love you
and you said you love me too
but the question that I have
is do you know it's true?

I don't say it just to say it
This is the way I feel about you
and I just hope that when I say it
that you know I really do

Sometimes I think you wonder
if what I say is really true
and I know I'm not impressed by many
But it's not the same when I'm with you

Darling, you look so perfect when you smile
I really hope you'll stay for a while
and maybe we'll tie the knot,
and we could go the extra mile
Lynnia 2d
Two is the number we share in years
And when I call, she always hears
Through secret codes and hiding places
And wading through this sea of faces
Two is the number we share in years
Together, we will shed no tears.
Part one of five.
jill 2d
trust has evaporated into the air
traveled with the wind
and without a care
while I stand here staring at the sky
and waving her my final goodbye

I couldn’t handle you anymore
always look away when you come through the door
you didn’t know how much you lost
and how much betrayal can cost
your mistake has been revealed
after I’ve had my time to heal
our fate and destiny sealed
into words for those to dissect
and your ego’s what you’ll have to protect

yes, we might’ve had good times
until I learned to read between the lines
couldn’t help but question everything you’ve said
you had no idea what was up ahead
and honey, neither did I
it’s too bad we don’t get to retry

you were one of the best I known
too bad that we’ve both grown
and come into our own
I’ve realized we were both at fault
and we’ve taken our wounds with a grain of salt
I’d gone through plenty with you
Now I’m not sure what to do
you know who you are..
Should I be trying to repair the bridges that she so easily burned?
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