It's hard to say goodbye when you were taken from me;
I swore I was done writing about you when I accepted
                         that you were gone from my life like a feather.
Somehow I still remember how long it's been.

I've moved on, but there's still a sorrow I feel when I remember you;
I guess that's what happens when there's a scar left behind
                              from the wound that I could not prepare for.
Somehow I still remember how long it's been.

I've moved on but I haven't healed completely;
If I healed then I would be able to see your picture
       or read the words you wrote out in a time that was happy.
Somehow I still remember how long it's been...

It's hard to not hurt, even over a relationship that ended a long time ago, when it feels like that person was robbed from you. Never got to have any closure. :/
Mims 1h

There are different kinds of love,
If you said "I love you"
And I said "I love you too"
We would not mean the same thing

You say it as a school ground crush, as a kiss behind a tree, as a wish for something more.
I say it,
As a "I would do anything for you, I care about you so much. I would sacrifice most anything for your happiness, talking to you, gives me smiles unlike anyone else. I do not know much about how to live without you, what would I do without your smile. You are one of my most cherished friends, our friendship means the universe to me"

It is not the kind of love
Where I would be with you as one
It is a kind of love,
Where you are the only one.

Happy two month since meeting!
Soulmates since the start.
Ocean T 8h

we are a jigsaw puzzle,
that I struggle to piece
to together

they say, "start with the corners
and make your way to
the middle"
but it's not that easy

i want to complete the full picture
like on the front of the box,
but these billions of pieces;
it seems they don't fit––

––my heart knew this
    before i did.

Ocean T 8h

i'm sorry
i didn't do better by you.

i thought
i knew best
but truth is,
i didn't
neither did you.

She is the zest
Of lemon skin
Her eyes are hopes
Eternal grin
Her voice is soft
Like a gentle wind
She is loves
Long lost twin
She is the why
The where and when
Chewing gum bubbles
Are her sin
She is the center
Of a wild spin
Dreams and magic
Are her kin
Sunbeams and stardust
End where the other begins
Infinitely swirling
Without and within

Hope she has and hope she gives
So that other may truly live.

It's not in the way you hoped.
Only heartfelt gestures
Just watching stars- for good luck
They streak across the night sky
They are bold, sealing my fate like that.
Only constant communication
Just timeless laughing- my good luck
The dragon stuffie I won you
You named Frederic, after my first blunder.
Only long beach walks
Just sand dollars- collecting good luck
Wandering trails at sunset together
Inside jokes, about the kid with the eyebrows.
Only suffocating hugs
Just gentle consolation- with good luck
You rest your head on my shoulder
You need affection, I allow you to hold me close.
Only shared food
Just coffee and ice cream- on good luck
I buy you sushi and the perfect shirt
It's okay, you make a lot of mistakes.
Only distant bonding
Just traveling together- needing good luck
Exotic food and foreign people
They are so kind, feeding your hopes like that.
Only perfect harmony
Just making memories- of good luck
We have plans to be better people
If there's time, we have an eternity.

I said that I don't love.

When my imagination glows
With warm happiness and dreams of love,
I turn away.
When my hope dawns
With fond ennui and laughs of love,
I turn away.
I am a go-getter, no palm-sweater bed-wetter
Yet I refuse to latch ahold of glory joy,
It is a precious toy, that I know I will break
In foreign lands, I fear none will understand: my experience
Must be fruitless for me
To seek the love
That has already found me
To speak it, not mean it, for trust is fragile
And it's mine alone.
I know too little to decide on this
Not yet do I deserve love requited.
I can get lost in the heartbeat
Without love, perfectly fine
So, it is unnecessary.
I have seen the glow of love, it burns eyes
It breaks hearts
While yet I have seen the impossible beauty.
So I turn away from love.

I meant that I can't love.

I met you through a friend of a former friend
And I found myself in you
All the insecurities and emotions I feel
I see reflected back at me
You put words to the thoughts and feelings I can't explain
You amaze me
Even if you're a disappointment to yourself
You're someone I can tell everything to
Someone who understands
because you go through, have went through the same stuff as me
And even more so
I found myself in you
And there are not enough words
that I could say to thank you enough for that

Crimsyy 3d

i watch the sunset
to remember that endings
can be beautiful too
and i didn't cry because
the world keeps on going on
and keeps on going on
even when we walk away
and break all the promises
that said we would stay

you can't force a dead feeling
back to life, so
just accept it all turned to dust
because what stood inbetween
familiarity and the unknown
had expired long before
you realized there was a lack
of affection

when a feeling is dead,
you can't force it back to life
and politeness can't
erase familiarity
so familiarity just hangs there,
awkward in the air
and it goes deliberately ignored
because you can't force
a dead feeling back to life,
and that's okay.

- crimsyy

a/n: thankyou for reading  (:
i would really appreciate if you'd comment your thoughts on this poem.

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