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Jewel of the Hellenistic
for True Beauty
and Passion
for my name, for me.

"A Spirit, yet a Woman too!"
She Was a Phantom of Delight
for the life of me, I can't believe
that when you think, you think of me.

La Belle Dame Sans Merci
the painting
the poem
the story, a familiar story.

Oh, a long one
years worth,
hours worth,
all worth it.

How do I survive?
being loved like this?
when I don't deserve it?
when I don't return it?
Con 21h
When my friend asked me to enumerate reasons why other people shouldn't date him, instead of answering, I paused. Then I replied with the reasons why people should.

Why would I say such ******* to someone I care for? Why would I tell him things that he would most probably overthink later? After all, my thoughts would only be biased to my experiences -- my answer is a very very small piece of the bigger puzzle. However small that piece may be, I would never give him the damaged version of it. That is my precious contribution to him.

I realized that a pause can make everything nicer. Words are powerful; it can either destroy or heal. Why does it feel like saying good things is so underrated and boycotted. That when you simply say, "You are such a gentleman" it can make a man cry for he became extra appreciative of himself.
6:33pm | be kind, and say good things out loud
Now and forever, always ringing in my head
Could be a story to tell
Imaginations reaching far from reality
A fuel to my everyday life,
the company in my head  keeps me sane

Now and forever, could have been different
If only l had known now is the forever l wanted
But...l didn't loose it all, a part of it is within
Laughter and joy, never a sad moment,
The only tears dropped are the ones that build happiness and create memories,
Memories l hope we could both remember

Now and forever, l picture it every day
A fantasy too good to be true?
I dream with my eyes open so reality can never bring be back to brokenness
Look and become, they say
Just a piece of my heart
Work in progress
The river is quiet
with velvety darkness.
The moon leaves her perch,
the clouds as her garment.

A trail of dreams,
lucent with meaning,
battered, not broken,
follows, careening.

He rowed through the bayou,
  Searching for the stars;
But the branches of the cypresses
  Had captured them in jars.
His little iron lantern,
  Flick’ring kernel of light,
Won’t discern though it burns
  Gold as sylvite.

You saw him there,
  A statue of wax;
You took your hammer
  And shattered the glass.
Though, like a bird,
  He’d molted his cloak,
You remembered the password—
  To which he awoke.

You did not know (for how could you?)
  That I was all alone.
But still you deigned to look at me
  And bind my broken bone.

My anxious wings had taken flight;
  The perch bore not a trace—
You taught me how to not recoil
  When human hands embrace.

You didn’t know what you had done.
You didn’t know what you had done.
You couldn’t have known what you had done.
  But thank you anyway.

Oh, Jonathan—
May your heart enfold:
Can’t you see your gold?
Can’t you see you’re gold?

The constellations still evade—
  I’ll climb the tree.
Keep ascending; no dismay
  (This I decree!)
I’ll catch a star, I swear, some way—
  On wings of chim-choo-rees.
But if I die before that day,
  Will you take one home for me?

. . . . .

There in that desert,
Hot as the stars,
I played my harp
And you the guitar

And with the smell
Of creosote
On the cool wind
You shed your coat.

Wending through the branches,
  Aloft in the sky,
Laughing and joking
  All through the night,
You found your love,
  To my great delight—
And when you pair embrace,
  I can’t help but sigh.

Let me bear that spear
  Thrown by your dad.
(“Don't worry or fear;
  The blood’s not so bad!”)
No!—could you have been saved
  Had I been there in time?—
For I’d rather brave
  That dagger in your spine!

Jonathan, my dearest friend,
  Won’t you lift your eyes?
Though you bleed and from there grieve,
  The seed of God’s inside.

I see your fear, though not so clear,
  For you take care to guard.
But you will neither raze nor pierce
  Your son where you’ve been scarred.

You hardly know how much you’ve grown.
You hardly know how much you’ve grown.
You can’t imagine how you’ve grown.
  But you have. You have.

Oh, Jonathan—
May your heart enfold:
Will you see your gold?
Will you see you’re gold?

. . . . .

The grass may wilt and flowers fade,
  But He steadfast remains.
And though carved ice resigns to melt,
  It runs into the lake.

For what are we but jars of dust?—
  Made that we may bear
The image of Him who painted us,
  Who deigns to hear our prayer.

We do not know where we will go.
We do not know where we will go.
We can’t begin to fathom where we’ll go.
  But—know it’s not in vain.

. . . . .

When moths at last consume my clothes,
  Will you remember?
Where stone-faced, dusty night arose,
  Will you remember?
When light endures its final throes,
  Will you remember?
Should I be lost within this grove,
  Will you remember?

When street-doors shut and grinding slows,
  We will remember.
Though hunters maim and shades enclose,
  We will remember.
All praise to God—the veil’s deposed;
  We can remember.
Because from death the Son arose,
  We can remember
  He will remember.

When, from my grave, the cypress grows,
  You will remember.
And when you sleep 'neath mountain snow,
  I will remember.
The epilogue eternal goes—
  “We shall remember!”
Forevermore we shall compose,
  cleansed by the ember.

      Oh, Jonathan—
      May your heart enfold
            (And should I be told?):
      Do you see your gold?
      Do you see—you’re gold?
Á Liam,
mon ami—
mon frère.
“A friend loves at all times,
and a brother is born for adversity.”
Proverbs 17:17
Gabriel 7d
i look at the sky and i love you.
it's pink and purple and maroon and yellow.
and i think oh
how beautiful is that?

you're walking down streets
that i don't walk down.
you're living a life;
and i'm logging onto my phone
to tell you how well you're doing.

(we're miles away.)

but isn't that just so wonderful?
i see a sky you haven't seen
and i send it to you. (think of you.)
you show me a love
from miles away.

i breathe. (in, out.)
and i think
oh, how beautiful
to be loved from a distance.

but you're close.
you see me, you're close and far
and oh, i see it. how close you are.

i look at the sky and i am loved.
let it always be pink.
let it always be purple.
let it always be maroon.
let it always be yellow.
let it always be,
until we meet,
and find patterns of friendship in the clouds.

until then, my best friend.
until then.
(i'll smile as i wait.)

the sky will be beautiful.
a poem about long distance best friends, for my bestie kait
Evie G May 7
I am broken, I am worn
Broken from another’s scorn.

Rebuilt with random other parts,
Held together with one heart.

I run on lost time
Air tastes divine
Treating the world
like it’s some ****** up shrine,
Leaving my stuffing all over the floor
Once strangers soon strangers cause they’re wanting more.

Reminding you how it could always be worse
How all bad things will run their course

But a marathon leaves you panting heaving
Stuffed eyes, sewed shut mouth.

I am broken, I will be reborn
Mending from a mother’s scorn
Rebuilt with once strangers other parts
Held together by their hearts.
Feedback, thoughts ect are always appreciated. I would love a cheeky debate
coqueta Apr 30
Your smell is home before anything else is, even if you aren’t anymore
You’re like an old shirt from middle school, I just don’t fit into your arms, and maybe it’s because we’ve long outgrown each other and yet,
The silence between us is comfortable like it once was(but some of the pauses are so so suffocating)
We slip right into old patterns, and you smell like you did four years ago
the gap between your teeth is the same
so is your smile
i forget all our old jokes, but you remember
so maybe it’s just me
outgrowing you
and that thought hurts so much more
More than the brief hesitation before we hugged good bye, then the ease with which I tell you I love you more than anything anything because you know me and I know our old jokes I promise I do, I remember the results you got on those silly personality quizzes and that you’re a Capricorn you act just like one all your awkward giggles and thoughtful silences and of course of course I know you I’ve known you so long, it’s just I might have forgotten during one of the gaps but who knows when we’ll next see each other? If I’ll forget again and leave you lonely ? If things will ever be the same between us and we can walk down halls together, feet not in sync cuz you were always so much taller (but did you know I seek you out in every new person I meet and they never compare never) giggles echoing off the school walls, will I love you like I did before? Will you still love me after all I’ve put you through?
I feel as though my poems have gotten a lot more stream of consciousness over the year vs my usual structured ones and kinda like it
Katie Apr 17
I can see the villain I'm becoming

Why do you deny this truth?

Another source of pain is forthcoming

Another reason to hate your youth.

So cast me out

You can do without.
“please leave a voicemail, beep”

Hey, uh, I have missed you.
Not like Romeo did Juliet
Or like Noah did Allie,
More like Han missed Chewie.
The point is, I wish things were normal.
I want our long talks about nothing,
Even the occasional silent ones.
We seem to have been playing phone tag lately,
Which is okay but I am ready to talk,
Ready to hear about your horrible drinking habits and your endless girl problems.
How does two years feel like a life time?
I guess friendships are like that sometimes.
Life goes on but it goes slower without your
best friend making you laugh,
Or calming you down when you need it the most.
I heard you are coming back into town,
I hope to see you.
Sorry to drag on,
Call me back.

-a voice message i wish i made
Is that when it ends
It’s hard, you know?
Losing a friend that I thought I would ask for help
for paining the walls of my new house and move the furniture in.

How am I supposed
to grieve that space you left in my life?

I still see you every day
Not just you,
the things I want to show you.
the things I think would interest you.
the things I think would make you laugh.

But I don’t know you anymore,
so maybe those things would be boring to you.

Maybe I’m overthinking this.
Maybe I’m being over dramatic about this.

But friendship
it’s one of the most precious things for me.
And I just keep losing it.

Maybe I’m
just not a good friend.

I’m trying.
Every day I try.
But its hard for me
                 to keep a façade,
                 to keep a conversation.

I’m hard to love
because I’m not always there.
But I thought that our friendship was strong enough
to stand my silence.

Its hard and
it hurts me.

But it's time
to let go that pain.

I’m letting you go.
I’m grieving and I’m moving on.

You were my friend
and now you’re not.

I’ll have to live with it.
I’ll smile when we lock eyes
and be grateful
I got to know you.
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