Heather 17h

You were copper
Bright and bold and beautiful
You shone in a way
I'll likely never see again
But as it is so often
The water turned you green

The subject of Vounaki was on my mind...
Heather 17h

She would definitely be
The 'her' in all the love songs
She always told me so
It's probably still true

First of (perhaps) many shorts about people I've lost over time
Ollie 20h

I think we're just will-be reads
As we lie down here in our beds
It's 2 am and none of us are sleeping
We're messaging and thinking and trying and crying and
"I'll read it in the morning"
And we're all just will be reads and we can thread the stitches in our broken hearts until we're dead or someone turns 18
Cause that's all we can do
Your messages will be read, they've said
Cause what else can we do?
How else do we get through this without your messages in the morning
Beautiful messages from you
Yes, that's all that we can do
And we're just will-be reads with broken heads and minds and ways to go
What the hell else do you expect us to do though
I'd rather not be will-be read but what other choice to have
Do I run away again? My parents getting the last laugh
I'm not 18 and I sure can't drive and we all wish that we weren't alive and these goddamn will-be read messages just keep coming
And I guess I'll keep writing these odes to you
To fix it up, said color blue, until you finally admit this shit ain't stunning
We say we're just hanging out
But we're leaning on each other
We fucking need each other
We lean on the need for our broken will-be reads
And I say broken too much
The man says
"I don't want to turn any of this into poetry
You're so beautiful
Flowers turn their heads to smell you"
Visiting Hours
The visiting hours of my heart will always be open
So we can rely on will-be read messages
For there is no will-be read to a Heartbeat

this is an ode to my better online friends. I've only shown it to one and idk if I should show it to our main chat. It isn't very good.

i'm projecting again

i don't love you
i don't see you
through the eyes
of a true romantic

a bird migrates
flying south for the winter
it finds a temporary place of refuge
something that fills the gap
when food is scarce back home
but this little place in the south
it's not home

i'm like a bird
when i'm lonely
and human touch is scarce
when he is nothing but a rare,
and often absent presence
you become that little place in the south

and i'm sorry i feel this way
it's wrong, and cruel of me
but then again, i can't help it
my survival instincts kick in
and i am forced to carry the illusion
that you could be a home the way he is

"The Heart Break of All Aches"

Thanks for giving me something to write about
To feel about
To talk about
For years to come

How did he do it?
How did he spill the beans?
Did he get down on one knee?
Did he start with a speech?
Did he mention how he couldn't imagine life without her?

Was he nervous?
Did his face almost turn green?

\He's ready to lead
He's ready to leave
I am really happy for him\

Their love inspires
But can you believe
Just like a movie
I had some love for him once

But now its pushed to the side
Just like our friendship
Solid once
But now pushed aside
Next to his best man

Let me know how it all goes

i just wanted you to know
that i just want you to breathe
i want to have the same effect as prozac,
make it easier for you to feel at ease
and if you haven't noticed
it's impossible for me to let you go
i gave up
i'm not fighting anymore

bathing in the light of the sun,
surrounded by the beauty of the world
by night i'm gazing at the stars
awash in the glow of the moon
and i love my little galaxy
this universe, created from fantasies,
existing solely for me
what god exists that made you all my reality
my sun, my world, my moon and stars
and the planets between, unique and
alive, so alive despite no signs
of yet loving life
if i were a god i'd make it so
that you all fell in love
with life and love and happiness
and they fell for you, too

You ask me a query,
You ask, "Where Are You, Honey?"

I have an answer for you,
I say, "I'm inside your heart, honey."

You let it extend, your doubt,
You implore, "But why is it so hazy?"

I fire a cracker in response,
I say, "It's hazy because you're lazy!"

You smile but get perplexed by now,
You ask, "Will you stay if moving on I fail to?"

I am mature and couth,
I say, "I find no reason good enough to not to."

You wonder to yourself,
You ask, "Where from I got you?"

I remind you that I came back,
I say, "I consider it my responsibility to imbue your life with the brightness,
The light lacking in your life,
And to provide you with warmth,
So that you are free from your shivers,
And so that you can be my wife,
I want to fill that void in your day,
Maybe I was sent back only for you,
On your mother's recommendation,
And so wise was her receptivity,
I know that I am a man of my words,
Surely I will make it large for us,
And you are such a hardworking lady,
Our children will have it healthy,
And they will surely have it wealthy,
The wealth won't just be material,
But they will be taught fine civility."

You now ask me your final query,
You ask, "Who will be their tutor?"

I smile and simply end this discussion,
I say, "Obviously, me and you."

Even you are satisfied by now,
You smile & say, *"I love you, honey."

I hear what I have been longing to,
I say with a broad smile, "I love you too, honey."

Another response to the poem by Pooja Shah: https://hellopoetry.com/poem/2075638/where-are-you-honey/

My HP Poem #1664
©Atul Kaushal

there is a feeling that you get
only once in a lifetime.
it is the feeling of being surrounded by happiness so fierce,
it festers and infects you.
it is the opposite of loneliness,
because in this vast desert i have never felt more at home.

with them there is a safety
so pure it cannot be synthesized.
within those i love i have built a sanctuary,
and i do not plan on leaving.
our hearts seem to beat to the sound
of one celestial drum.
the sun may depart behind the mountain,
but we will climb it together
and find the light once again.

they are loved more than they could ever know,
and here in the infinite unknown
the sun will rise once more and we will stay true.
i make my mark in people’s hearts,
i plant my words in their soul
and carve my name into their veins.

i have built my home to withstand the raging storms
and the bold canyon. i have built my home to withstand
the darkness and fear without the astonishing sun.
i have built my home to protect and preserve
the hearts i have obtained.

As I go through life I discover that nothing I have ever done is original
That's not necessarily bad but it is a little heartbreaking
I've always wanted to be special, different, important
I'm just like everyone else though
When I was younger, even now, people don't know me for me
They know me for my family
I wanted to be known for myself
I'm growing to realize that doesn't even matter
The opinions I should really value are okay with my lack of originality and love me all the same

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