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Like a cancer I cling to you when I should turn away,
Darkness please don't fill this space,
Sorrow, please delay.

An incessent yearning leaking onto my ideas, the colour of dismay,
Suicide, be gone from mind,
Please creation, not decay.

The memory of you, a wound untreated, a jewel I locked away,
Me, a safe for your callous act,
Please, don't you dare stay.

Your company, Vincent's night robbed of stars in the cruelest way,
Myself, a ***** amongst kings,
At least, that's what you would say.

Knowing better and feeling worse, duality in the doorway,
A love you have dispassionately marred,
No more prophetic ray.

The clouds are clearing, no thanks to you and your own ego's way,
Light, within me to be found,
And this is my new day!
Julie 5d
I know your ego self is trying to wrap you into thought,

convincing you of lies that you are not who you’ve always been —a god in human form.

You are a sunflower in autumn. Always. Remember not to drown, riding on the waves of your emotions where your spirit will find you.

I love you, and I celebrate every part of you. Candles and birthday cake.

—friendship between women
Kai 6d
to define it is hard
but you will know
once you communicate
through eye contact
from thirty feet away
before you're bursting
with peels of laughter
Ally 6d
It's been a long time

since we connected

beautiful words, shared

you are my friend

You don't utter unkind

you push me

to a better version of me

your respect for me, I treasure

A man, not mine

but you are in my heart

my soul searched

and found you, my Yusuf, my friend.
Autmn T Oct 9
Friendship is a playground. Monkey bars and Slides. Swings and See-Saws. Slung arms around necks and giggles echoing throughout plastic tunnels. Climbing up, up, up- only to hurt yourself falling down. Sometimes there will be the same slung arm around your neck to carry you to help. Sometimes you lay on the ground for minutes that feel like hours and wonder if no one saw you fall, or maybe everyone else just decided to go home instead. Sometimes you look at an empty playground and see an abandoned circus with joy that use to be there only to be lost, nothing but a memory to the metal toys that once held everyone I have loved. Every piece still in its place but frozen in its child-like wonder.
Rocco Siravo Oct 9
Oh how mighty
Our sandcastles once were
But now in their place
Only lay lost tomorrows
And never-to-be-hads
I like you a bucket full
Or maybe a hot tub
Actually, scratch that––
        a modest pond size
You know what, **** it––
I like you to the extent of a whole swelling ocean;
One that is overflowing onto the land.
Last night I could not catch a drop of sleep
My head was pounding and slippery
I forget what it means to feel concrete

The afternoon is smeared by fog that creeps
Baby blue hours are dense with meaning
Last night I could not catch a drop of sleep

Past lives weigh on my shoulders karmically incomplete
All these cups of coffee seem to wash down gloominess
I forget what it means to feel concrete

You wrote a poem about me and that is so sweet
I pulled you back for a kiss after you said goodbye
Last night I could not catch a drop of sleep

I tap my foot to an unpredictable beat
I know there will be safety in your sheets
Last night I could not catch a drop of sleep
I forget what it means to feel concrete.
a villanelle about insomnia and catching a feel or two
My friend are always there
For me.
All I need
Is my friend and family
To keep me happy.
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