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Once upon a time your words meant everything that held on to them,
Until l saw every promise pass by.
Now, l yearn to believe each word you speak.....
But it all sounds like a poem that caught the right muse.
In the hit of the moment we say so much but with no actions,words slowly lose their meaning
Caosín 1d
My fractured dreams,
A kiss, a cry, a greive,
Another relative splinters into moonlight
Another friendship wrought into iron and stone.
Inspired by my weird ******* dreams ****
Caosín 1d
You have no clue about the lengths that I'd go too,
To hear your curling name on the merciful wind,
To caress your slender fingers inside my own hands.
The earth bore my heavy footsteps-
It is a long fall here, from Eden, and I broke many bones,
Just trying to get to you. Just to
Roll your name inside my mouth like a prayer. Just to
Hold you in sweet devotion, the two of us, wanting for nothing more than we could
Fit in our hands.
So when you call me, late at night, with a bottle or two in your hands,
Telling me all the things your mother
Should've said. And didn't.
Know that to be near you-
Even in a phone call. Even in a dream.
Is the thing I have wanted since before I knew your name.
Lol I acc love her so much
Loneliness is something that I can endure
I don't want you to be my revolving door;
someone I run to for comfort or relief  
When I think of you now I feel worry and ease.

Many different thoughts take a walk across my mind,
You're precious to me and it's hard to hide.
I miss you so much, the term feels overused
When I see friends on the street, I'm reminded of you

We never got to do the things we planned,
So many trips were left in neverland.
It was painful to feel my heart soar with excitement
To be broken constantly through cancelations

I'm trying to understand now,
and leave all these things behind.
It seems my head is stuck in the past,
Pain catches up with me through time

So many unresolved feelings lie within me
Things I wanted to say, hugs I wanted to give
but ignored because of my worries,
how do I let go of these longings?

Revolving doors are for buildings
But I still want to resolve my feelings.
I wish I spent more time doing things with you than just sharing my thoughts.
Níla 5d
A summernight in Mid-July
We'd talk and talk until my skin
Was covered in mosquito bites
I didn't mind, I let it sting

Those bites they kept me company
In the days you weren't around
I itched and scratched so angrily
They could stay forever on my account.
I want to text you, and talk about nothing or little details of my day,
Maybe you can tell me what made you smile today
But l don't want to disturb you
So I'm writing this instead
On days like these, she writes
Steve Page Dec 1
The man of God slid through my door and up the stairs,
sliding out of his shoes to settle on the sofa,
eager to sup and to share a little cheer, a little truth,
laced with honesty and vulnerability.

He reminded me of the season and the reason we gather,
with song, with prayer, and why we rise refreshed,
ready for the Advent, for the King’s coming kingdom.

The man of God left something of Christmas in his wake
and I rose to lift seasoned cheer from my cupboard,
better ready to greet this Advent
with a strengthened smile.
1 December - make every day count this Christmas.
Poetic Eagle Nov 25
When I'm tired
You are all the rest l need
Find your favourite people, rest will carry a different meaning
MsRobota Nov 25
Best not to ask why...
Silly, silly people say silly, silly things
Like how they're glad you appeared in their life, beautiful

If they only knew... right?

Best not to ask why...
Funny, funny people say funny, funny things
Like how they want to keep you in their life, somehow

If they only knew...right?

It's just another day
of showing you weren't a waste of time
It's just another day
of struggling to catch a good vibe
but all you are is black and blue... inside...
It's just another day
of nothing's gonna stand in your way
It's just another day
of trying to fix all that's not right
so close, but it's not enough
It's just another day
of pushing all your limits trying to
It's just another day
of failure and "I'm sorry"
and struggling to get out of bed

If they only knew... right?

Take it from a silly, silly person
Best not to ask why
Silly, silly people say silly, silly things

If they only knew... right?

Take it from a funny, funny person
Best not to ask why
Funny, funny people say funny, funny things

Do me a favor?
Don't ask me why...
I wouldn't know what to say

Don't ask me why
I'm just glad you appeared in my life
Don't ask me why
I just want to keep you in my life
Jellyfish Nov 22
With you I was my true self,
Would always chase you around
Never wanted to fall down
But I'd follow you down

The space between you and me
Was always blurry only for me
It seems you never really knew
Just how close I was to you

It was toxic, it was bad
I didn't know it and now I'm sad
Every time I want to talk,
I stop myself and go for a walk

Every thought inside my mind
was yours to hear, I'd never hide
True friends shared everything
Was the message I received

But now everything is twisted
I don't know what was real
And was was scripted
My memories betray the realities
I'll always want the best of things for you and be greatful for the comfort you gave me during the worst parts of my life.
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