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hazem al jaber Jun 2022
Leave and emigrate ...
as you like ...
I will not stop you ...
because ...
the heart has sworn sincerely ...
to follow you..!
however ...
i still  alive ...

leave ...
as you like ...
And travel...
Wherever you want...
And I live in any country...
you want ...
but be sure ...
my heart ...
always will follow you ...
wherever you be ...

sweetheart ...
wherever you fly ...
my heart there ...
watching you ...

hazem al ..
Alio Apr 2022
Eat this poem
Savor its taste
Feel it on your tongue
Then swallow without chase

Take this poem in
Digest its every word
Take apart its meaning
Don’t let it curd

Absorb this poem whole
For it is as it is
Give it life
And meaning
Simply let it in

And then let this poem go
It may linger for a while
But let it flow like the river
Now, say your goodbyes
Come on I will give you a tour
A place where people have been before
A place where people come and go
People came in and said hello
Promise that they are more
Only to leave a note by the door
Saying that they have to go
And that they don't need me anymore
My heart, like a rest stop is just a shelter for a short while
Jme Love Jan 2022
Im not the girl people love
Im the girl people leave
That Girl Dec 2021
The thought of you terrified me at first.
Another reason for someone to never love me.
It brought me to tears.
But when I heard my diagnosis…
I smiled.
I was relieved.
My thoughts.
My obsessions.
My compulsions.
They now had a name.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
OCD for short.
My thoughts no longer defined me.
They weren’t a part of me anymore.
I knew what to call them.
They had a name.
And maybe since I knew their name,
I could tell them to ******* leave.
Eve Nov 2021
We live in a world surrounded with friendly monsters
disguised as friends, family, relatives and folksters.
Be wary of whom you let tame you
and be wary of whose cage and stables you enter into
for it will be invisible behind pretty smiles
hidden behind small talks and small walks in dangerous aisles
a journey seeming utterly beautiful like snowflakes in winter
but in reality, they’ll all use you, disgrace you and leave you bitter.

I wrote this back in 2018, lol sometimes i find scribble saved all over that i had completely forgot about
Leocardo Reis Nov 2021
Every ship
leaving the port,
are each
a metaphor.

To the
brave who
how often
do you cast
a backward gaze?

To those
who depart
for other shores,
I think of you

When shall it be my turn
to cast a backward gaze
on those I leave behind?
Idklove Nov 2021
Keep you close
Until i breathe you through my nose
Wish i could leave you with someone
Who can care of you
Cause I'm capable for your love but you are not
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