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el Mar 20
no mercy?
no mercy?
how can you say that when we have been through everything that you see
and we still chose to stay?
how can you say i have no mercy when i only stick around from the goodness of my heart?
how can you say that i have no mercy when all i do is think and do for you
all i want is to make you happy
how can you forget that i am constantly being mowed down?
no fvcking mercy?
Bea Rae Feb 28
It was my mistake

Trying to keep you close when

You wanted to leave
tryhard Feb 25
opened my heart once
after keeping everything in
years and years
filled to the brim
and now i'm spilled, entirely
maybe nobody
can be fully prepared
when the cracks in my heart
can no longer bear
all of its weight
the dam finally breaks
and i am the flood that drowns them
i am spilled, entirely
you see
victims of a flood
have the choice to leave
and i will be left here, still
caught in all the debris
spilled, entirely
Bea Rae Feb 8
Before you leave me

Please take all the memories

Enclosed in my heart
Jeremy Betts Jan 21
I'll have nothing if I lose her
If I stay I'll lose myself
So I'm forced to ask myself
What is the better future?

Phia Oct 2023
I love you,
Ask me to stay and I will.
Tell me you love me
And I will drop everything
And stay.
leeaaun Aug 2023
you think
one day my memories
will fade away
from your life,
like i did

what a dream you have

you forget one thing
it was not my choice
to leave you
it was your impulsiveness
who drift us apart
ky Jul 2023
I'm so sick of people
pretending they want to
stay in my life
when they really don't.

So if you don't want to
treat me well,
then you can just leave
—because I'd much rather have
a few true friends
than a bunch of fake ones.
ky Jul 2023
Stop leaving hints.
I get them;
I just don't reply anymore.

I guess it's because you claim everything
in that last message you sent
was a lie.

If that's true,
it means you won't always
be there if I need you,
and that I was never as important to you
as you said I was.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, please
stop leaving the little hints.
Show me that you've moved on.
Prove to me that I never cross your mind
that you're completely over me.

Just get out of my life.
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