Never ask me to leave ...

say whatever you need ..
call me crazy if you need ...
yell to me ..
beat me ...
even if you ask me to leave ...
i will never leave ...
do you know why ...
because you live inside me
running through me ...
staying all the night with me ...
so, ..
how could i leave you ..
never ever to do ...
however my heart ...
beats only within you ...

how could i do sweetheart ...
while you are ...
the letter to my words ...
all words to my all poems ...
the sweet feelings to my passion ...
and the air to my world ...
yes you are ...
my all world you are ...
the world which i love and adore ...
and to start my all mornings with ...
as you are always living into me ...
through my nights and even dreams ...
only with you my sweet angel ...

here i am ...
here with you ...
to start as every day ...
my morning with you ...

let's prepare our coffee ..
our sweet coffee ...
with no sugar ...
it's sweetness taste ...
from our lips ...
and it's blind ...
from our mouth's nectar ..

let's share our coffee now ...
it's ready ...
are you ready to share me...
sweetheart ...

hazem al ...

Sandoval Apr 19

Your lying hazel eyes, such a hellish paradise.

And, I see my reflection in them, I can hear it scream.

It wants to be set free, but I just cant leave.


Wyatt R Apr 17

Whatever follows me now
will stick by me until the end.
I can't shake it off, I can't leave it.
These words will repeat in my head,
what good is saying I'm fine
when it's just well-rehearsed line?
Can't I just get up and go?

I want to leave, I want to go
but I have seen and now I know
that it will never ever go away.
The thoughts that change my fate,
the lives that move to hate.
I'm no better than that
and it's just a cold hard fact.
I can't ever leave, I can't ever go.
Wherever I walk it will follow.

The high notes won't ever
overshadow the thunderous lows
that shake the ground below me.
Tripping over, my live is in pieces.
My years can best be
summed up with a question,
can I see ten more?
The blur that has become my life,
no sense has been in me
and the sins are never-ending.
When will it end?
Can't I just get up and go?

vhea Apr 14

I've been telling myself for weeks now that I let you kiss me because I was drunk but I've finally accepted the fact that I've been using it as an excuse because I'm scared of the fact that out of everyone I've been with, you were the first person I let my guard down around.

You were the first person who held me like I mattered. It has been weeks since that night, but I still dream about the way you murmured sweet nothings in my ear. Sometimes it would seem so real, I could almost feel your breath against my neck, but then I'd open my eyes and realize that I'm alone and you're not anywhere near me.

Sometimes I'd get a whiff of your perfume in a crowded place and I could almost feel myself sitting down on that concrete block with your warmth blocking the cold February breeze. For a second, I could feel my head leaning on your shoulder, but a second passes and you disappear, leaving me all alone in a place full of people and a gust of wind that was almost you.

When I finally let you kiss me in that dark, narrow stairwell, I was too busy trying to feel every movement you made, trying to remember every second of your lips on mine to kiss back. Now that I think about it, if I had mindlessly kissed you back that night, will I not fantasize about your lips every time I close my eyes? Will I not think of you every time a kissing scene in a movie comes on? Will I not compare every kiss from every guy that comes after you?

To N. You have no idea what you did to me.
Ena Alysopriono Apr 14

It was more than a year ago
I admitted you were no good
I tried to let you leave my head
And you did
But all good things must come to an end they say
And one short week was enough
to pull me back
I was convinced things were different
We were friends now
Temptation was prevented
by my faithfulness to Someone Else
Until that Someone Else left
and surprise.
You were back.
creeping your way back into my head
monopolizing my thoughts
I tried to remember
You are no good
But every time those six letters
appear on my screen
my heart jumps
a little
So please
Don't talk to me today
if you don't plan on saying Hello

Definitely a little rusty. Emphasis on the 'free' in free verse.
If you want to keep your piece of real estate in my head, you'd better start paying rent.
Debanjana Saha Apr 12

My poet friends no longer are here to read
they are long gone...where I do not know.
Not a single clue at all
as we all are wrecked
yes, I know and its all out of the blue.
Life changes suddenly & I get it!
When things doesn't go our way
we take a backseat or just choose to leave.
Is it possible in some way
that some reconsideration of substitute
would heal us from beneath?

I need those bonds of friendship back
I need those sensitivity which would make me
come out alive..
Yes, I need it all back!!

This changes in the HP just wrecked my life in one way..
Changes happens but not so much that it could choke us from the neck!!
elowen morey Apr 6

I need to get the feeling of you
off my skin
it’s been so long
but yours is the only touch
I’m familiar with

we spend time together laughing out all the time,
but you open up nothing just like a mime.
You seem to be a mystery without a single clue
You make me happy in just a snap
But I doubt whether I can make you happy just for a while?
I too wish to make you happy many a times
but something or the other goes wrong from my side.
I won't force you to be with me
but if you speak up nothing
I won't know how you really feel
all I know is, you hide it all beneath your smile.
Say whatever it is, whether you want to stay or leave
but just don't hide
as the dilemma is killing me from inside!

Hidden conversations about a friend.

have you ever had to decide
between leaving or getting left?
Well, I have tried
to choose which was the best.

I wanted to be left
but they wouldn't let me.
i wanted to be there for his whole quest
but they couldn't agree.

I had to leave.
I didn't want to but they made me.
You wore your heart on your sleeve
just so that I could leave guilt-free.

So tell me, did I make the right choice?
did i not use my voice?
Would you rather leave or be left,
and leave every word unexpressed?

I never meant to leave
Idiosyncrasy Apr 4

Diamonds are as hard to find
As the words that should be said today
The tears come out as hard
As the words that are left for me to say.

The feelings of this are a little contrary to what I feel today. Is it too late or too early for me to say I love you?
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