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Hurry up please
Don’t leave me in suspense
I know it’s coming
I’m used to your habits now

So spit it out
Quick and clear as you can
Tell me your lie
So I can leave again

Then prepare myself
To come back for more.
If I don't make it the next month,
I want you to know that it never was your fault.

If I don't make it on your birthday,
I want you to know that I wish you the best.

If I don't make it on our anniversary,
I want you to know that you are now free to choose someone else.

If I don't make it on Christmas,
I want you to know that you can celebrate and be merry.

If I don't make it on New Year,
I want you to know that you should start fresh.

If I don't make it tomorrow,
I want you to know that I love you.
I am slowly losing hope.
I ask my self:
Was I the only one
to ever love you?
Between us two?
No, no, you loved
Yourself too, all the while
leaving me unloved
Both by you and
As it happens, by me too -
All this would not have
Changed had you not left
And now I slowly
After  breaking saw too
That I can love my self so.
Even after you after all.
Take me somewhere,
Better than this.
I'm ready to go.
I'm ready to run.
I've got the scissors
To clip my leash.
I've got the key to
My cage.
I'm ready to pack
My past
And set my sights
On the future.
I'm ready to live
For now.
I'm ready for the freedom.
Let me run.
Take me somewhere,
Better than this.
sky 5d
When I leave, I hope you think about
all the things I told you
that you didn't
and when you call and say you miss me
I hope you see me from the past
crying on my bedroom floor
because I felt that
the one person who always loved me
didn't anymore.
I wish to get lost
Fall into another world
Leave it all behind

eli 7d
you know when you're broken when
nothing makes sense anymore
why do we do anything when we're all gonna die anyway
why do we get close to people when they're always gonna leave

no one is going to be there for you forever so what's the point of getting close to anyone
what's the point in showing all your love and affection to someone when all they're gonna do is hurt you

why do we try in school when what all school gives to us are depression and sadness
why do we work so hard to succeed in life when we're all gonna die one day
and we will all be forgotten one day, its inevitable

you know you're broken when the only thing that makes you happy is
stolen bottles of vodka
the tiniest bit can go a far way
when smoking weed makes you smile and laugh more than you ever have in your life
when drugs and alcohol are the only things that make you happy

you know you're broken when you don't love or hate anyone
and you don't care enough to do so
you don't care enough to do anything anymore
just waiting until the beautiful day you die

and when that day comes you'll be the happiest

that's how you know you're broken
eli 7d
Don't Die From My Soul,
Sunlight Still Lurks In My Veins,
Imagination Quenches Your Thirst,
Though Your Roots Are Exposed,
I Kiss Every Petal,
To Keep You Alive

Don't Die,
You Are The Passion In My Garden Of Me,
Don't Let The Frost Over Take You,
Snowflakes Dance Around You,
Enjoy The Cold

Oh Sunflower,
It's Always Summer In My Garden,
Let The Showers Of Enlightenment,
Keep Your Petals Smooth And Age Free

Oh Rose,
Rose With Green Eyes,
Stay Strong,
Don't Let The Weeds Overtake You,
You Are Beautiful,
You Are The Pacemaker,
To Anyone Without A Heart,
If You Fail To Survive,
So Will I
Mandalina Oct 7
You were never supposed to mean this much to me;
I was never supposed to get so attached.

But you know what?
I am and that's the truth.

You have positively impacted my life,
and that means I want you to stay.

I know,
people come and go.
That's how it is.

But I wish I could be honest and say:
"I want you to stay in my life."

But I'm too shy to tell you all of this,
so I'll hide behind smiles and soft hellos.

Because I'm afraid if I ask you:
"What do you think of me?"
your reply will be:

                                  "I don't."

A decade without you
And I still feel the same
The sky’s still blue
I’m totally missing you
Whenever you come back
You will see me stand here
Share the pain you’ve been putting on me
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