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She left me no where else to go, I found her body in the cold. The feet were bound, her hands were tied, I thought for sure this child died.

I released her gently from her pain, I picked her up and carried her away. I brought her to my Father, who with a steady hand, motioned I place her back upon the land.

I shook my head, for I didn't understand. This child has died, is this not the plan?

From behind me shook a teetering flutter
For in the room there was another

Identical to the one in my arms
But without cuts, blood, and scars.

She smiled at me, as if not to alarm.
And turned to my Father, who stuck out his hand.

She took it in stride, like light fading away.
Into the night sky I saw her soul slip away.

The body in my hands, stupid-alive.
It wreathed and screamed out,
As if not knowing why.

Father finally saying,
"She cannot die."
ae 1d
let the vast seas be
    where our heavy hearts could
because the distance between us
    are never empty spaces;
think of it as wider plains to grow,
    a place for stronger souls

not mind the waves that crash onto us
    for we will be looking at the same
nor the clocks that tick at different
    for we will be meeting half way
trCain 1d
If a dream comes true
I won't be here

I'll be away to somewhere
Somewhere everyone smiles when the sun rises
Somewhere they don't bother to know my name
Somewhere beautiful

I'll leave everything,

it's a dream come true
adept Oct 9
ur making a mistake
but i’m gonna let u

ur taking me for granted
i hope u pay for it
i hate u
jas Sep 29
can you imagine
me without you
because I know I cant
my heart would break in two

i'd be on my death bed saying ' I still love you"

I'm hopeless
I can't say goodbye
not when there's tomorrow
give me one more night

one more night
is all I need
to convince you to stay with me

please, baby

I know you've been traumatized
left alone to die
well baby so have i

that's why we need to stick together
you and me,
we'll last forever
could you just do me this favor
of giving me one more night

one more night
post malone instrumental - goodbye
via youtube
Liz Carlson Sep 27
i've been left so many times,
i'm just waiting for that moment to come with you.

i trust you more than most people,
yet i still expect that of you.

i have this urge to leave
before you leave me,
why can't i just stay?
am i afraid to see what will happen?
Nina Sep 25
The scariest thing
is not leaving and missing you
but the fact
that you would not even turn around
and watch me brush off
(except to squint at my ***)
Will I ever get away from him?
em Sep 24
when i was little my sister showed me a movie,
a man's daughter got murdered, and yet, he forgave the murderer.

you were my first real encounter with death.
you were the one who killed me, long before i'll stop breathing.
i don't think you even know that you killed me
amber Sep 24
your embrace is warm,
and it puts me to sleep.
my dream,
is laced with you.
I awake,
finding my fantasy,
to be my reality,
as I drift off,
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