Mercia 21h
Can I be happy
Can I see myself smile without you being the reason.
Why do you have to roam around my heart.
Why do you make it seem as if life is simple
When I see you
You with her
When I want to talk to you
I fear you in her presence
Why should I fear your wrath or pretence
Why can't you just tell me
Why can't you be honest
Why should I suffer under your pretence
Why pretend you my friend
If you only seek what you want such as work
A joke.
You and I are a joke.
Unknown to all and just an atom to nothing.
Love... Love is just a wild fire in Antarctica...
Its better to get addicted to a drug and not to a person.

because that person gonna hurt you and leave you in dark but drug will never gonna do that.
but in the end both gonna take your life away from you.
You are drifting further and further away from me
And I don't know if I'll stay or leave you be
I feel like I'm no longer of use to you
You've reached your dreams
but I still have to reach mine too.

Pray tell, between us two,
what am I to you?
You can leave if you really want to
I'm not going to try to stop you
And I won't tell you I love you
You should know by now
Know me by now

You can leave if you really need to
I won't beg you to stay
And I won't tell you I miss you
You should know by now
Know me by now

You can leave if you really have to
I'm not going to cry
Because you aren't in my life anymore
You could've kept me
But you, you never wanted me
Never saw me

So you can leave if you really
need to;
want to;
have to
in solitary confinement -

with the key to the exit
in your reach -

with nowhere to go
and no one to meet -

with nothing to do,
besides watching seconds,
evolve into minutes,
evolve into hours,
evolve into days.

would you leave?

- v.m
i'm honestly not sure what this is.
i have nothing to do so yeah
Carla 6d
Another love poem,
All the roses,
And the 'I love you's,
The 'I wish you were mine's,
And the sweet messages behind.

Another love poem,
With you as the sun,
To my cloudy sky,
With you as the life,
To my lifeless body.

Another love poem,
All the foolishness,
Of letting you go,
And all the hoping,
That you haven't forgotten.

Another love poem,
Why did you leave me,
Why did you choose her over me,
Was I destined for loneliness,
Or is it just my luck?

Another love poem,
With you as the dove,
Leaving my cage of a heart,
With you as the water,
Running away from my stream.

Another love poem,
And I can't promise you,
It's going to be the last one,
Because it's not.

Because love is so wide,
And so complicated,
That one poem doesn't cut it,
Ten poems don't cut it,
It's continuous.

Another love poem,
That's really,
All we need.
April 6d
Some are for a lifetime
Some last but a day
Some will leave for anger
Some will move away
And some will die and
Leave you only lonelier next day

Some are kind and gentle
While some are brash and bold
Each one irreplaceable
A candle you may hold
Until it burns out
And leaves you cold

A rare few burn eternal,
And they’re magical as such,
But the search to try to find them
I have found hurts far too much.
So we live life lit by candles
That our frozen hands must clutch
Until they burn out
In a rush
writer omsy Aug 9
Elsewhere I need your presence
Not here,
Since you've been far away
Neglected me as I started to move
Forward with you

You were focused on yourself
And I needed to leave you

Must confess you're too beautiful
That a moon will shy away
And a night sky shining aurora
Would stand behind your smile
Ivy lynn Aug 6
not you’re average face of perfection
but I think that may need a correction
from those happy girls you see online
to this sad girl that sits and whines.
who thinks too much
and sleeps to little
who worries a lot
and is noncommittal
But after all
she is 14
and lightens up
just as selene
you’d misbelieve
how unhappy
she may seem
until she dreams
when she’ll leave
I can’t sleeep help me
nish Aug 3
walk or travel through a place

side by side we sit and wait
the loop of life decides our fate
i glance right over
your eyes are glazed
the thought of leaving etched on your face
i feel a choke ride up my lungs
perhaps it’s best
we've left some songs unsung
my love for you
is known by few
for it resonates deep within me
instinctive and never ending
when i think it’s nearly time
you look at me and stop the chime
i see a smile upon your face
and forget these final hours we race
your smile is pure, it’s reassuring
almost takes away this reality
alas, it remains enduring.
dedicated to bbg.
I called this .perambulate for two reasons.
Firstly, the irony is that we are waiting, motionless for his departure and secondly, because he leaves to explore a new place.
Hope you enjoyed :)
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