This is the tale of the little girl
that never wanted to grow
She only ever wanted to play
and to frolic in the meadow

As time passed by for the little girl
and as the flowers wither and die
all the little girl's friends grew up
and began to say goodbye

Without a friend to frolic with
the girl grew to be alone
Until she noticed with a shock
that like her friends, she had also grown

No longer wanting to prolong reality
the girl- now a woman left to find
new adventures in a world she once rejected
leaving the meadow of her childhood behind

Bianca 1d

You left, i didn’t let you
They left, you didn’t let them
A great unknown of us was there
And you know that I don’t like
Leaving things as they are
And i left too
but you was fine with it
you said that you’re proud
and you left for the second time
get the frak in there!

alan 2d


You walk in, you walk out
those painted walls
and tall halls
echos create a polyphonic shout
and perforate your beating blood
all ends with a deleterious flood.


doesn't sound finished to me, but whatever

three years,

and you thought only people

could leave.

JAC 3d

The boy who waves the boats from shore
But never dares set sail
Doesn't get lonely.
There are always boats leaving,
Always boats coming back.
He'll help load the ships
With all they need and more
Then step off as they go
And stay just on the shore.
Every passenger knows the boy
And no one knows why he's there.
There's a dock he'll walk
That extends a little into the sea
Where he sits and speaks
To fishing boats that come to visit
But only for a short time,
His toes in the water.
He can swim, and sometimes
Someone will fall from a boat
He'll jump in and swim to them,
Pull them up, be sure they're okay
Only to swim back to the dock.
The boy who waves the boats from shore
But never dares set sail
Gets lonely sometimes.

Introducing a character you already know.

Answer to problems
Acceptance, changing, leaving
Use one of the three

When its acceptance,
The situation at hand
Can be accepted

If you can't accept
The situation at hand
Then strive to change it

Can't change or accept
The situation at hand?
Walk, and leave it be

In this world of pain
Many battles will be fought
Much blood will be shed

In some instances
It's better to have your peace
Than fight and be right

Remember the three
Accepting, changing, leaving
Three roads, your choices

Haikus that I wrote in my journal today. I was reflecting on the battles that I have overcome myself with these three choices. For me personally, I had to leave the situation be because the people I was around were toxic and couldn't see any faults in their actions.

We, like June, had come too soon;
  not marred by lucid minds;
We, like March, had flown too soon;
  not swayed by restless blinds;

We, like Summer, had shown too soon;
  not words that trundled in few;
We, like Winter, had played too soon;
  not love that rusted in dew;

We, like Echoes, had blown too soon;
We, like Stories, had gone too soon;
  We, where? her other arms
      had mounted a mission at noon!

Paul Jones Apr 29

In the stretch of time,      I sow my seeds so
I may leave my life     like light leaves the sun.

Josephine R Jul 12

Leave me be.
Do not polish my skin.
I refuse my soul to be washed.
Let me be.

Leave me be.
Remove these old shackles,
Lose the key you thought controlled me.
Accept me.

My impurities
Are not yours to seize.
My humanity
Is not yours to define.

Did you really believe
I would willingly heed
To your selfish decrees?
No. So go, leave me be.

Every cloud is not meant
for ushering the rain
and roaring loud,
and to stay
Few just come, dance,
decorate your sky
for awhile and
float away

Few people in our life are forever
And few just visit for limited time and leave us forever...
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