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the thing with home being a person is that home can always choose to walk away.
the closer i come, the farther you are.
"Stay" The word that slipped his mouth when she was walking away.

She wanted to be chased yet she chose to close the door between them.

Sliding slowly regretting he made her leave and she guilty of shutting the door.
About lovers who chose to let go when both were holding on
Most days seem like a blur
A strike of pure energy, lightning
They fade in and out till the years end and begins anew.

Most of the time I find myself alone
Neglect opportunities to be with friends and families to feel their warmth and comfort

But I met someone along the way, the one who saw through my facade, who saw through the frozen wasteland
In that instant that person became my world
She lives there, bringing out the fire in my soul

It seems as of now I feel purpose a goal I had been missing, its been there and finally found it through her

Don't mistake this for a love poem, this is my journey to becoming someone better for myself and her

I will never give up on her nor the future I see so many things plan to get in the way of that but i don't mind it's just a test to get there and I know we will both pass with flying colors

For now however, my world is vacant only temporarily
Her flame still exists wandering giving life to the planet waiting for her to return
And she will, my system just needs patience for the star to come back

Until then I'll envelope myself in that flame, let it fill my system and remind me when I'm in the dark because until she comes back it's just me, myself, and I

Were holding it together for both of us and a future to come

"I've been to hell and I'm still sitting by the fire warming myself from the winters. Greeting my demons while continuing, I'm not staying here forever. I will come back I promise" -Tony Alberto Cortez
Warmth and pursuit of goals
She is everything
The frost won't keep me
My hell is my own
I will stay and leave on my own accord
Clarity Jun 11
What do you want from me?
Why are you back?
Making everything worse
I was finally learning how to ‘move on’ but you had to appear out of nowhere
Making me question everything.
I know you aren’t capable of feeling
Wether its happiness or sadness.
So why do you insist on making me feel the latter?
Why can’t you just leave me alone?
When I look back over my life
Many pieces of the puzzle fall into place
I often use the word seasons in my writing
And this is not even a poem for that matter
But I've come to know that darkness accentuates light
A strange sense of destiny
Opposites that work together towards one goal
Something that needs to be achieved or completed
My whole life through this has chased me
When I was a child I enjoyed making soup
Wooden spoon in hand stirring the broth
The sole of my right foot up against my left ankle
I must have looked like a ballerina
My mother seated at the kitchen table
I heard her giggling from behind
I turned to her and asked "why are you laughing"
She replied "the way you're standing and the enjoyment you get from making soup"
I uttered "do you know that I'm going to achieve something great someday"
She asked "where did that come from"
I responded "I don't know"
She said "so be it"
Written by Sean Achilleos 10 June 2018©
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Waffles 3d
I'm safe here
My past is not It's full of you.
Tainted. Sad. Unfair.
I liked those memories.
I held them close
I did not see I was being deceived
By you. By me.

Examples of this pulse through these memories
And it sticks to my chest and my hands as I try to push them away.
No, OK? NO.
You will not take these memories away from me.
I will not rid myself of them
They are mine as much as yours.
And I don't know what I'm doing or saying
But I do know.

I'm safe here
And so is my future.
It's void of you
Except in memory.

And you may say it doesn't have to be this way
And you may say this is an overreaction
And you may be right
But why would I put my future memories in jeopardy?
Your endorphin dose, no matter how strong is not worth
The risk. The pain.
I'd rather error on the side of caution
Because what am I losing? The love of a friend?
I never had that anyways.

And you may say that our relationship is different
You may say "I'm trying to change! I need you!"
And I'll say "good luck."
And mean it. And walk away.

And you may say that you don't care
And I'm prepared to never know if that is true.
you hurt her
again and again
with your actions
and you push her away
and me even further.
really, I wouldn't care
if you two split up
and I never had to see u again.
she'd be happier
and more free.
she could find the love she deserves
that would give her the attention
and care she needs.
she wouldn't have help
but u are not of any help anyway.
I have no idea why you do this
how can u be so stubborn?
and selfish?
and mean?
you are letting me down
to the point that I'm starting to hate u
and that's just so sad
'cause I used to admire you
and look up to you.
guess I never knew that side of you.
To be honest,
I don't really want to.
You don't realize that she and I
we're the same
our morals
and beliefs
are equal.
and she's everything to me,
she's the one
who taught me everything.
If you break her heart
you're also breaking mine,
and I'm sorry,
but I won't forget it that easily.
not my dad
Don't Die Yet
Don't Die Yet  
These words repeating in my head

Don't Die Yet  
Don't Die Yet  
That's what I Said Before Your Last Breathe

Don't Die Yet  
Don't Die Yet  
I kept on whispering as I Pull my Knife from Your Head

Don't Die Yet!

I Sigh.  

This is Boring.  

You're DEAD?
Yara Jun 13
And when they smack you in the face
You go seek revenge
But then you will realize
That revenge is never looking back
Leaving them is courageous
Staying is a weak act

Then go
just go
Dont leave anything behind
Not your heart
Not your love
Not your plans

Broken pieces of ur hearts
Wasted undeserved love
Wishful thoughts on your future
All should not be given up
All should not be flacked out

And if they ask
Be honest with what you want
And why all that had to happen

Then go
Just go
Smile to strangers
And wave to those who pass by
Any of these people
Might be better than who u thought would last.
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