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I'm afraid that you are coming closer to me
And soon you will get to see my flaws.
I wonder what you'll think of me
once you know them.

Will you get mad at me?  
Will you ask me why I didn't tell you earlier?
Will you ask me why I hid them from you?
Will you leave me and never come back again?
Calliope 18h
The stars once told me you were out of my reach.
Our secrets were hidden by night, but the constellations saw the wreckage and whispered to me:

“You are made of light. Please don’t glow for an ice that won’t be melted”
Amber 1d
im glad u didnt give me anything
because now that u left
i have nothing of u to hold on to

I close my eyes to pictures of my past life running through my mind almost
like watching a film stopping at the various point
to relive beautiful moments shared with Helen
The very first time I saw her as school girl not knowing she would become my
Many years later the first time we met, the time we sat In a parked snow falling bitterly cold then walking her back
home looking into her eyes and knowing I would marry this girl she would have my baby the wedding
day reception held In our back
garden such a warm sunny day how lucky we were that day unforgettable dream and wonderful memories that will stay with me forever
whilst awake or In
Close my eye's and she Is there as If she'd never been away my sweetheart Helen she will never leave
Jessica 2d
I do not hate him for making me fall in love with someone who was always bound to leave.

I do not hate myself for falling in love with someone who was always bound to leave.

But I do hate myself for falling in love with feeling loved knowing that it was always bound to be temporary.
I need you
What is happening
I'm scared
I know this is just my depression talking nut
What if I lose you?
I can't lose you.
You are the only thing keeping me alive
I love you
But I'm worried
We keep fighting
It isn't our fault
We both have chemical imbalances
We need to fight together
We have to stay strong
I need you
Please don't leave
For once I'm actually happy
I can't lose my happiness again...
I hate it when my friends keep secrets on me.
I hate it when my friends plan something without me.
I hate it when they share something to others but not me.
I hate it when I feel like I'm not part of the group.
It's better to be alone,
Than being with someone who makes you feel alone.
I just be wanna be alone. I wanna leave. I wanna forget you. It's hurting me too much. I don't feel loved. I promise to myself not to share anything.
dk 3d
how could you leave,
you did not even say goodbye,
but even if you did,
I would ask,
how could you leave me?
Don't leave me here.
Not here..
On this vast ocean of "could've beens"
where depression exposes it's dorsal fins.

Don't leave me here.
Not here..
In a nightmare of worst case scenarios
where morbid remorse plays repeat on stereos.

Don't leave me here.
Not here..
Where paranoia makes any sense at all
and claws at my strength already small.

Don't leave me here..
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