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Payton Feb 24
I reach out
                               to you -to your essence
grappling to any shred               of your memory.
                             Your smile.
         The light in              your eyes.
The tinkling of bells in
                                                                                    your laugh.
The soft rose that                     warmed all of
the        freckles on your cheeks
           when you                         blushed.
Every feature.
Like an old picture.

Reaching and clawing through
every scene,                       every second.
                                        Every memory of you.
Time stands still              and the world is silent.
The stars hang, frozen        in their dark sky.
                                                       The universe is, and suddenly

it isn't.
My mind
My heart beats on           like a drum and
the wind                           rushes from my lungs at
                             lightspeed as
a sickening
possibility comes to mind.

                                                                                      You are nothing more than s t a r d u s t .
This poem was written in 2016.
Payton Feb 24
You look in the mirror and see nothing but remorse, I look at you
and see bones and stardust.
This isn't really a poem. It's more like a pretty thought and was written in 2016.
Steve Feb 22
Snow drops, the chill stops
Crocus heads in flower beds
Daffodils, on window cills
Bluebells, hyacinth smells
Bird song, buzzing bees
Nights long, budding trees
Morning sun, having fun
Chocolate eggs, a hot cross bun
Cracking smiles, walking miles
Grasses grow, the seasons flow
Fall inter winter inter spring
Spring inter summer inter everything

Bluebells hyacinth smells
Rose hips, puckered lips
Lovers leap, chicks cheap
Blue skies, hover flies
Long day, children play
Far away, clouds build
Winds chilled, a leaf falls
Shivers grow tomorrow calls
Another day, so they say
Snowmen, dough boys
Tangerines, shiny toys
Wooly hats, purring cats

Logs burn, cogs turn
Fireplace, slower pace
Warm coats, sore throats
Dark nights, frost bites
Cosy bed, cuddle fed
Shoots form, rays warm
Bluebells and hyacinth smells
She sells sea shells
New page, old age
Tired out, can't shout
Lay down, don't frown
Go to sleep, not a peep

Love you, miss you
Goodbye now, kissed brow
Eyes closed, what's more
Star dust or God's law
Spring board, revolving door
Heartache, earthquake
Full swing, bells ring
A baby cries, wipe it's eyes
Deja Vu, coming through
Sun shines, better times
Lost or found, a merry go round
Of bluebells and hyacinth smells...
One inspired by yet another birthday - today!
Grey Jan 5
We sit at the cliff's edge
and skip rocks made of stardust
across the universe of time.
Happy 2021! I was moments away from falling asleep when this suddenly came to me and I just had to write it down.
Erian Rose Dec 2020
as the planets inch closer,
stardust trembles.
lights of green hues
and vibrant blues
dance overhead.
I'll follow the north star
over mountainscapes,
and everything in between
to be with you.
Never was the distance of a night
So long to the dawn
As tonight…
The Dark Vacuum You Got In your Soul
Is the Void of That Star Light
You Followed in such a Night…
Blow out The Pilot OF the Lantern
The Orange and Yellow are of no Use
In The Quest for A White Star in This Heavy Night
But Let the Stardust
Shine your path Again
From The next night…
Nolan Willett Nov 2020
It’s when, to follow your dreams,
You give up everything,
And you, piece by piece, are consumed
‘Till you’re living in a nightmare
Artemis Nov 2020
there is an infinity to us
the space between our lips
or the time between kisses

my love for you has no boundaries
no planet or galaxy or
could hold us in place

and we can be a moment in time
and we could be nothing
but nebulas
clouds of stars and ice

and when we burst
imploding and exploding
we will make the gods cry
in the beauty of us

and stardust

and infinity
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