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Erian Rose May 3
Summer pondered
in everlasting hands
clasped to rose
watching comets fly
while daydreaming
of Paris
on stardust nights
the branches
broke open the sky
and made it

i lay my head on
your shoulder,
looking at that
bleeding sky
with you

as the blood was
washed away
by a sea of sparkling blue

and i thought to myself:
maybe we can
wash away
our scars
with stardust,
and we did, blue eyes.

Reappak May 1
From stardust to stories!
Even in the hardest of the times,
remember we are all made of stardust!
And soon turn into stories,
For those, who shall be in our shoes!
shatteredpoet Apr 26
the stars told me a story about you
they said you were to have a heart
made to fill every space with love
they wrote about the way you
were meant to exist
the way you were meant to have depth
and meaning
but i met you and suddenly i saw
that the stars got it all wrong
because maybe you were never
made from stardust
~ you do not match the constellation
you were suppose to be made of
singularity Apr 4
I dreamt a dream of moonlight,
glittering and pale
A girl used to dance under the sun,
as her heart faded
she ran towards the moon
brushed her fingertips in the stardust.

I hear soft hands clap,
as voices sing a haunting melody
I think back to a girl with light footsteps,
a golden persona on stage,
a smile after.

I wonder if she was consumed
by greed,
as the nights grew longer,
if she ever found the sun again.
Perhaps she found it in the stardust,
brushed off her fingertips.

A thousand deaths later,
a black swan emerged from the snow
feathers coated in a soft tinkling melody.
A cold night
waited for the sun to come again.

Ink coated her fingertips,
as I dream of the dawn,
the moon finding the sun one last time
together in the sky
for a moment.
Rone Selim Mar 31
In the night we are born
To the same light we disappear
Into million pieces of dust..

Everything in between,
is to feel and soak in

To learn and unlearn

To create and unfold

To rise and fall

To give and receive

In a spiral we swirl

Just to return

To finally,
shatter all the pieces,
across the collective sea

And this is my oath;
From each piece

We will watch a wildflower
bloom in the open void!

Once a dust of star,
now a space of life. ❤️
A spike of emotions
pia Mar 25
sprinkle stardust on your pillowcase and grow dreams like flowers

never lose your sense of wonder -
The uniVerse Mar 14
I would sleep for a thousand weeks
if those dreams of you I could keep
over and under I wander
my dreamland of wonder
where your beauty never fades
my nights I would never trade, for days
let us live amongst the stars
I would be content just to stare
at you, with you, us two
everything would appear new
from loves point of view
the hearts aperture
needs nothing more
if only the dreams of you to keep
I would lay down my pen
and my tongue no more speak
as your love is heaven sent
you bare the fragrance of heavens scent
I wear your perfume like a second skin
your stardust has become my lint
oh love, my star, my dream
let me keep
I close my eyes and sleep.
Just another poem about lost love.
Why do I exist?
But for the promiscuous chaos
Of stardust pirouettes
And tumbling atoms
Their attraction fathomable
Through the gravity
That weighs heavy
On my heart

For whom do I exist?
But she who crumbles me
Within her palm
Into fine powder
And blows me
From her fingertips
As I evanesce
Into air

For what do I exist?
But to seek the infinite
Because the finite
Is crushing
Where I sit alone
Waiting for an end
To being alone
Amanda Mar 2
The stardust I came from
is no match for the explosion
in the universe that I'll create.
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