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Heavy Hearted Nov 25
Before the sun ascends
Through dawns first cloud,
Hold on to the pastel sky
Of a late November's morning.

Let the waking world below
slowly warm your spirit,
Play a song to soothe the pain and remember, but don't fear it-

All this beauty of what is to come
can only ever be made real
When shared with those who understand-  
How and what you feel.
November arrives on schedule
Comes in to visit each year
Whispers goodnight with stillness
Rustling one can hardly hear

I only see her four weeks
In heart time is of no concern
World to her is a routine on repeat
Myself know I have just a turn
Written you guessed it; 11/2/18 haha
andydaly Jan 11
Sparkling, silvery, shades of grey.
Skin, shivering, brain of dismay.

Trees, trancing, bare naked sky.
Patiently, pondering, preparing to fly.

Wind, whistling, a dancing swoon.
Sounds, serenading a sparkling moon.  

Secret , system of the seasons.
The rhythm of winter needs no reasons.

Seasonal affective disorder,
Justify this infective inorder.
fray narte Nov 2022
Find me tearing violets, my love,
in a manic daze; I am running out of softness and daylight,
like winter’s cruel hours

“but I will crown your hair with these torn violet tiaras
and your soft throat, twine with woven garlands”

and I will dig into my tongue for the remaining metaphors
beneath the bourbon, until odes drench my lips,
I will stitch my wounds shut and ready for your apricot kisses —
I ache to be kissed away,
to waste away before your sun-speckled eyes
like a tiny fae in your flower basket, I ache to settle
in your dainty hands,
in lithe fingers lost in my wind-blown hair.

My November, my gentlest love,
how I breathe you in like my grandmother’s letters —
how you consume me
in curious ways
and for the first time, I am not afraid of the softness
buried and warm inside my bone marrows.

Tell me, darling, will you stay?
Will we stay
this time
for more than a kiss?
Will we linger longer
than silhouettes in a dream?
— written September 2021 | first published in Love, Girls 1st zine issue, SAGISAG | part of the poetry suite, Saudade

neth jones Nov 2022
sky like combed smoke
unseasonably warm for mid November
carrying my coat
i wonder if winter depression
can be missed this year
Blue Butterflies Oct 2022
A cup of tea, a lullaby
A winter day spent outside.
A warm jumper with frayed edges,
A book bound in leather
With yellow pages.
A love letter and a hand-written message.
Coming home late
For soup and pie,
Outside the full moon
Is watching over us.
Little snowflakes cover the land,
The bare trees sing lullabies.
The barn owl, the snow hare,
They stay cosy in their beds, and
The little birds hide in their nests.
As we go home,
The wind blows,
But we worry not,
We know,
Soon spring will come along.
Nour mghh Feb 2022
We weren’t supposed
To come across one another
It was a November breeze
That made us crash into
Each other’s arms
Just to leave us
Shattered in pieces
still there
basil Nov 2021
i didn't have a single wish to make
at 11:11 today
i don't even know what to say. i just feel off.... it's upsetting, especially since i don't know exactly what's wrong right now. i feel okay, but i don't feel myself

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