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Juju Mar 17
It was on November,
when you stopped writing me poems,
giving me notes
and singing me songs.

It was on November,
when your hugs
felt a bit lighter.
When before,
They used to be so much tighter.

It was on that month
when the fall began.
When the ghosts of the past,
came hunting us back
In the form of someone.

And I watched as you fell,
on the graves
of an old love.
Leaving me in pieces.

I buried you in peace,
Not a single tear I shed.
Because you said,
it would be a shame
to cry for a man so lame.

So I never did,
I never cried.
Now, the ghosts no longer comes back.
And the only ones that never cease
on hunting me,
Were our memories.

- Juju
Savio Fonseca Dec 2020
Each Time I think of U,
I pen My Thoughts.
Rhyme them in Verses,
that end up with Dots.
Our Love Story that began,
in the month of November.
Is no more a Story,
I would want to Remember.
U filled My Heart,
with Sorrow and Pain.
All My Hard work,
went down in Vain.
The Love Letters U wrote,
I've torn them to Pieces.
I'm now a Man in Pain,
a Pain that never Ceases.
Fey Dec 2020
The November asphalt is stolen,
enraptured and torn by
cracks of a longing summer's kiss.
Oh, where did the winter's magic go?
Where is the ice-cold embrace,
the beautifully written crystal maze
of snow?

© fey (20/11/20)
max Dec 2020
you were the one he'd always leave me for,
you knew how i felt about him,
about you.
i loved you
i trusted you

november twenty-third

i think about you when i pass the subway next to the domino's.
i thought about you yesterday
i thought about you today
and i'll think about you everyday

did you think about me on my birthday?
do you think about me at all?

it's hard to think we were so close once.
we havent spoken in a year,
and i dont want to speak to you.

we loved eachother.
you cheated,
and you lied.
you were kind,
that's who i fell in love with.

november twenty-third

it was your birthday,
was it a good one?
i hope youre okay,
i hope youre better.
uhh :/
daphne Nov 2020
Further than ever
A promise to break
A river lit silver
A heart left to ache
To sink or to swim
To run or to stay
I’ll sleep through November
Awake me in May
call me. x.

Blessings of words
Arrived in a parcel of dreams
Best dressed

Fearlessly facing fears
Riveting heights
Rungs of the ladder, uneven
Ancient lamp lit, climb through the dark

Rivers and sky
A world in between
Swimming, hoping to fly
Beyond the crest

Reaping not rusting
Into the last harvest
Forever foraging, the wild within
Wilderness alive

Gratitude laden fragrance
Never ever to bottle the essence
In the world of words
Living wild and free

fray narte Nov 2020
the scent of sorrow, hanging in the air
rotting away what's left of this skin.
wrists — sewn shut
are wrists undone:
the morbidity of it all pervades —
this i confess.

look not. turn not, for
each careful stare, each scornful gaze
has me falling back into darkness;
maybe eurydice has found comfort in its arms.
maybe so have i.

maybe this is how it's always meant to end.

lately, sunsets no longer melt
into an afterglow —
they just turn into the night.
at least it dims
the futility of drawing each shallow breath
from places filled with smoke and dust;

there used to be something there:
this, i confess.
this, i remember.

there used to be something there.

there used to be something h e r e.

— fray // november, must you be so cruel to my trembling hands left with no heart to break?
Lindsay Hardesty Nov 2020
For the first time in five years I didn’t wish him happy birthday, I wanted to, I opened the phone, I typed in his name and saw the last two messages from me, two years of happy birthdays with no response.
I closed the screen and put my phone down, it’s over, he’s become a ghost in my story while I’ve become another Skelton for his closet.
I thought I would cry when I passed the hotel we stayed at, the first time we celebrated his birthday together, tonight it was just another building on my drive home.
Although we will never be lovers again, my heart wishes him well, as I’ve finally found peace and healing in once meaningful, but now mundane days.
a name Nov 2020
everyone writes about the november light
how soothing
how bright
but here it was
waking a ****** at 3 pm
how nice

he slept at the couch since the living room's darker
he slept a good 14 hours
because of the tablets
in his head he's been sleeping
since september
a noisy september
gave him nothing but fatigue
and the torrents of storms
and streetcars
he closed his eyes as the rain put him to sleep
without any care
as to when he's going to wake up

but he awoke at november
and the gloom was tinted
by the afternoon
he ate his breakfast
his housemate's lunch
he retched at the toilet floor an hour after
his day was going swimmingly

he expected nothing better
than the last few minutes
waking up
hating the open aperture of
his godforsaken eyes
and all he craved was a smoke
so he went outside
and for once
it was quiet
it was nice
the sun brightened the shadows
of the apartments of a cul de sac
the clouds littered a soft blue void
a softness he hasn't seen
since god knows when
the air stank well
the roads
filled not with cars
but with critters
both human and not
and the sunlight
not the harshness of april
nor the woe of june
but a caress
like the warm embrace of a lover
whose heat never went out
when darkness fell

and for once
for a very long time
it was quiet
it was nice
SemiHiatus Nov 2020
To November,
Thanks a bunch
for reminding us,
that the letting go
is the only way to make roads
for new blooms!

Every November I felt something new. November is full of change, nothing remains the same as before!

Acceptance: Somewhere in the month of November, I met a new person who changed me inside out..!! Embraced me with love, gave the warmth in those chilly days. We spent moments with happiness and shared our fears in the night sky, witnessing clouds uncovering the moon. Dreamt of good things, peace, and a bucket full of love. And November turned out as a happy month to me! No matter how much I tried but memories kept coming back, making me blush every single time..!!

Togetherness: Time passed really very fast, Again November came! I remember, spending days like never, contemplating each other’s hearts. Aimless drives, messed up schedules, movie marathons, street foods, and open bottles of beers. I found a home in him, a home of love with no limits and no worries. We promised to step together, holding hands in November, and to hang out till the November dissolves! And yesss we did...few Happy Novembers!

Separation: And then a few years later a day in November came with lots of new feelings..! Feeling of abandonment and betrayal just like dull and dark days. Crying in freezing night under that large yellow full moon but this time all alone! It felt cold, even the stars were extra cold to me; lights were so dim that paths were invisible. My heart was aching, and my trust was dissolved. I was miserable and pitiful! Always lost and struggling in the memories of past and present!

Learning: And now it’s again November I see blooming flowers and sometimes butterflies..! Red, Pale, Blue, Pink and White flowers. And it doesn’t feel like cold/dry or happy month to me!  and as I see he got engaged so, probably a month for him too!  Now I see November as the month of change and new hopes. This November taught me no matter how dry the weather is but you have to keep blooming, And I have realized that not everything is worthy of you! If something feels like a burden to you, just remove them and make some space for new dreams. And that’s the only way!!
I don't know why everything had happened to me in November only, whether it's good or bad but the only common thing is November Month.
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