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els Jan 15
it doesn’t snow here but i feel the cold stinging my cheeks just the same
(it’s good because the leaves don’t fall from the trees. i don’t like watching everything around me die)
my mom doesn’t sleep in my bed and she doesn’t notice the bad days
(at least i’m allowed to cry in peace now.)
the bags under my eyes are more permanent now
(i guess i can only sleep when I’m bleeding.)
The cold familiar chill
of November mornings
now comes with despondent

Sleepless nights on cold
gray sheets of stone.

Tired lovesick limbs
reaching for home.

Thoughts spoken in solemnity
to the dark.

Oh how these nights
they go leaving a yearning
in my heart.
Breeze-Mist Dec 2018
Twenty sixteen And
I am seething and ranting
For what has been done

Two years later, rain
A seedy bus stop, and I'm
Praying I'll arrive
Two completely different, yet equally memorable events, and they somehow both happened on 11/9.
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
My strange feelings;
you inspire me to write.
Invading my mind day and night.
I love the way you always change;
making me feel happiness,
and rage.
Let me compare you to November,
a month of dreariness and fog.
A month that seems so long.
A month that makes me lost in my thoughts.
A month where weather in unpredictable.
A month that seems like trouble and dull.
My strange feeling
and much like November.
vbdulrhman Nov 2018
i want to write
a poem
about this
and how it feels beautiful
these days
Blue Astral Nov 2018

           s p l a t t e r.
KingOfHearts Nov 2018
I'm a stable chaos
Living lucidly lost
Destructively balanced
With life and death crossed
I'm a cursed romantic
A solitary horror
My path is satanic
I'm bounded to torture
My feelings fade dimly
My care will start dying
This world has grown quainter
There's no point in trying.
hannah Nov 2018
The beginning
Steal my heart
With a single glance
Through space and screen
My one and only

Innocence is replaced with
Ravish me
Of my purity
Go away with my childhood

Worms crawl up my skin
The thought of what he did
Smother me
But it was my choice in the end

The storm that wrecked my lungs
Came in November
Severed the cord to my mother
Can't sleep now
There's still an IV somewhere

She came to me
In pocket watches and
Autumn dreams
Soft hair
And a heart that lingers

Quietly, quietly
Crept into her room
Laid beside her sleeping form
Not close enough to steal a kiss
But close enough for both of us

It was easy with them
Picking up our dead
Laying them to rest
The second that they held my hand
Was everything

I crawl
Back into my hole
I was wrong
Don't wake me up
Until November comes

Now there's a boy
On the edge of my vision
Standing on fields
Watching the sun
While I watch him

Scared to love
To let the sun in
But afraid to be alone
There are only so many Novembers
That can come and go

We loved
I loved

You didn't
Karijinbba Nov 2018
I thank you all poets poetessess moderators this thanks giving.
To one or two foe serpents in my paradise writing uglily to me on HP, I am sorry I had to block you and your friends since I am highly intuitive.
One of you posing as female sent me to your page drawing a page full of scissors! without a word in it very cruel sadistic of her an old poisonous snake from my old paradise hanously destructive. Another a female wrote mocking a woman aborting her child!! Abortion is legal to me only if medically adviced.
Grow a brain write, don't mock or judge me. The only child I aborted was one whose heart had stoped due to massive antibiotic dose prescribed by a butcher because MD he was not. That was my missfortune and your oportunity.
What is it to you anyway to write to me derrogatorily so?. It happened in my teens! Long ago. ENOUGH!
I had to block you. I am highly intuitive and gifted first pure blood RHO negative.
I know it's you even when you hide masked behind this HP mirrors.
Please make peace with your ghosts, head voices or seek medical psychiatric help, many of you need it. Poetry isn't to mock hate assault the mind heart and soul of fellow men and women who communicate beautifully even in their distress but evil won't be rewarded or tolerated not by me, if you play your holier than me role.

Theres plenty malice where I am no need for me to pay monthly to be cursed on here.
Please spread love, live life forgive yourself be genuine, share your true life experiences, instead of looking who to dishonor and hate.
For the one or two females who created an account just to spread evil grow a heart a brain and then tell us how you did it.
we might even apreciate your courage to share!
My past love life with wealthiest elite true love, sweetheart soulmate, twin flame isn't any of your business.

G* d, and cause and effect in the universe are my only judges not a malignant infective fungus poor excuse, a human **** like yourselves who tried to defile me unprovoqued undeserved and unsolicited.
You are forgiven and loved still but I had to block you. I don't reward or ignore destructive behaviors.
To all genuine poets moderators and poetessess be well
Happy Thanks giving this November 2018.
All the best to you all

As for killing a turkey,
for six years now, I forgive the turkey and spared it's life but I still have fun eating all other delights of season's greetings.

also I love and pamper myself
I am my own best friend
so that loving, tolerating and understanding others becomes that much easier and enjoyable.
Happy Thanks Giving
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