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Oct 2019 · 325
Jupiter Oct 2019
and every day I'm learning...
it's okay to not be unique.

because the human race is so utterly beautiful
art, music, science, discovery, exploration, adaptation
love, warmth, healing, unity,

i could ramble for eternity

about how much i love human beings

so why should it be an insult
to be just like
my fellow man

when everyone is so beautiful, so worthy, and so human.

what an incredible thing to be
i don't love life right now, or even the people around me, but I have friends and humanity as a whole and all we've accomplished and all we've done is amazing. Just take a walk around where you live and really think about it all, everything. It's incredible.
Sep 2019 · 271
webs of flight
Jupiter Sep 2019
suspended in the air
creations of your own kind of flight

wispy strands protect and feed you
the weary that are trapped by your game

crawling and weaving,
flightless yet flying,
ever graceful,

the spider and his web.
spiders seem like they're flying because their webs are so translucent. kind of dreamy.
Aug 2019 · 190
the sickness
Jupiter Aug 2019
take hold of that enduring poison
deep within me

that grips my stomach
and winds it around spindly fingers

untangle it
from my familiar web of emotions

be cautious

coax it out of me
little by little

set me free
to blossom in happiness
friends help you feel better
Jun 2019 · 140
Jupiter Jun 2019
all i want
is a life worth living
Jupiter Jun 2019
I shall be a starving artist then.
eating my heart to fill my belly,
throwing it up into my work.
May 2019 · 281
Jupiter May 2019
i want to know what it's like
in those in-betweens

in between the stars
where it's impossibly quiet

in between light and dark
where the sun and moon sleep

in between me and you
where there's all the love in the world

in between my feet and the earth
where creatures might be

in between loving and hating
where there's a heart breaking

in between heaven and hell
where we live

in between the atoms of objects
what's in there?

in between is the most curious place to be,
it seems.
May 2019 · 177
Jupiter May 2019
always out of reach
you can never quite grasp it

you have opposite poles
and it's repelling you as soon as you get close

it's a sphere of unknown knowledge
unattainable but not forbidden

you can only know it in death
if you can even then

what you always want to know
but have no way to seek

the secrets most well kept
that die with every confidant

humanity's most asked question
but also most unanswered

your mind can't nearly process it
no one's can

the end of life,
beginning of death

and what life means
why were we put here
and how


the earth will keep it a secret
and I will surely go mad
What's the meaning of life?
May 2019 · 336
Grandma's House
Jupiter May 2019
fondly remember your grandmother's house
as I share with you mine

a pantry, tall as a mountain when I was six.
a forbidden box of sugar cubes that was never really off limits
cookies, warm and soft. how does she always have them?
sitting in the rocking chair, toes miles away from the floors
strange stories you hope aren't true
ice cubes made of lemonade
an afternoon refresher
a sunday spent at home, at your grandma's house

always drawing and painting
playing in the yard
her cats in your lap, warm and fuzzy
she braids your hair with her wise, experienced hands
does she always smell like lavender?
gumdrops and hard candies
playing dominoes on the floor
there's nowhere else I'd rather be
than at home
at my grandma's house
May 2019 · 220
The Adventurer's Spirit
Jupiter May 2019
a mucky week,
feeling down.

can't figure out why.

I look at my creek
in my neighborhood
as I drive by

my heart aches
for the most mundane adventure;
a suburban expedition
is enough for me.

I'm home on the couch.
every heartbeat telling me to go,
splash in the creek,
follow its flow

my bike takes me there,
the wind in my ears

socks and shoes left at the bridge,
jeans rolled up to my knees.

the creek is a welcoming bitter cold

it's november but I miss this.

I clamber over rocks like a hermit crab,
covered in dirt,
not stopping

the trees are a beautiful ceiling
in this room that has no walls

as I watch the creatures in the water,
I want to envy them.

but I can't
when I'm having so much fun,
being me,
watching them.
my experience in nature
Apr 2019 · 169
the bad place
Jupiter Apr 2019
the feeling of your soul
being stretched
ever downward
by loathsome fingers

or the tar
that suddenly
floods your veins

or the ache in your bones
weighing you down
anchoring you to the bed

or the pounding in your head
of the restless prisoners,
the intrusive thoughts
you had tried to repel

or the strain
of all your muscles
slowly clenching until you
hate to move

it's the feeling
that rips the breath from your lungs
the words from your throat
the life from your eyes

the feeling that reduces you to a shadow
nothing more
than the opposite of light

the gut wrenching, heart breaking, endless pain
of i don't love you
rip my body to shreds and gouge my eyes before you say those words
Apr 2019 · 3.6k
introducing the ocean
Jupiter Apr 2019
the ocean is alive, her heart beats in the echoing crash against the basalt slabs

the ocean is a creature,
she lives in the daylight
soaking up the sun

she hunts at night, to fill her belly
and sleeps when she's full

the ocean dresses in greens and greys and blues and blacks

she's always changing clothes

the ocean gives and takes away
life, homes, and joy

the ocean is more powerful than man can fathom

with her mighty swells and crashing waves

the rumbles of the tempest and the chaos in her depths

the ocean is alive, and her heart is hard

the ocean is a creature, a beautiful one
do not underestimate her

the ocean is green and gray and blue and black
and she will swallow you up

the ocean gives and takes away
but she rarely shows mercy

the ocean is sister to mother earth
and paralleled in power

the ocean is a force
and she will not be tamed

you have met the ocean, now
but you still do not know her

swim in her depths and meet her creatures

but don't be the one to fill her belly
if you have any thoughts on this poem please share them with me!!!! I'm looking to enter this poem in a contest so let me know how it is!
Apr 2019 · 216
woman of water
Jupiter Apr 2019
i have a thirst
only you quench

i need you

like the forest needs the rain

like the beach needs the tides

like the fish needs the water

like the beast needs a drink

i haven't seen you in weeks

and my heart is dry and cracking

my love is arid

it needs you

like i need you

to flow over me

to refresh me

to rain on me

to make your waves on my life

to rest at my shores

i need you
to quench my thirst
woman of the water, channel your oceans for me.
Apr 2019 · 235
Jupiter Apr 2019
tires on the pavement
just rolling
sunglasses and smiles

we don't know where we're going

we pay it no mind
we're just rolling
windows down
hair tangled

no money to get lunch
adventure fills our stomachs
we don't mind
we're rolling

maybe we're running

just rolling
sun on our skin
fear buried, lodged in our throats

we don't know how much longer we can do this

but it doesn't matter
we're rolling
and if we never stop, so be it
this summer will be eternal
if it must

all that matters
is we keep rolling
Apr 2019 · 188
just a brain
Jupiter Apr 2019
im just a brain
im trapped inside my body
I'll never really walk
no one does
i just tell my shell to move
all i can do is think
and manipulate nerves and muscles
im not a perfect brain
i wasn't treated well by other brains
because they weren't treates well by other brains
i almost used my shell to **** me
but i thought too much
overthinking causes me pain
but it saved me that day
im just a brain
but i can cause myself pain?
im just a brain
i dont know what purpose i was created for
and if i think about that for too long I'll cry
because i cant process it
im just a brain
and im very powerful
but i can only use 10 percent of my function
why is this
so many questions
that this lonely brain can't answer
im just a brain
and so are you
and none of us know what to do
this is messy and unorganized and unedited but i had to articulate this feeling.
Mar 2019 · 160
is it my fault?
Jupiter Mar 2019
is it my fault, that I love my mother more than my father?
every time he breaks my heart, the cracks are filled with bitterness and resentment
every healing hug can only do so much
when you scream and push me against walls
every broken "i'm sorry"
means nothing when it happens again
and again, and again
all i want is to love you
but it is so hard to love the one
you fear
it is so hard to love the one
that has looked at you
with nothing but hate in his eyes
it is so hard to love the one
that pushed you down when you asked for help

so is it my fault, if I love my mother more than my father?
Mar 2019 · 322
Jupiter Mar 2019



to write.
to create.

but my mind's drier
than eyes after crying
writer's block.
Mar 2019 · 997
a broken love letter
Jupiter Mar 2019
                                                 have to go. i
              keep loving you like this. you'll
                                  in my heart forever.
                                           but i have to go
                        will you ever forgive me?
                                          I'm not running
                              you, I'm running from                                           
                                        who i was with
                   please say you'll forgive me.
i can't stay away from you.
Mar 2019 · 317
my design
Jupiter Mar 2019
my bones were formed from salt and stone
to make me strong and balanced

my fingers shaped from doves' feathers
to give me the lightest touch

my hair was spun from cirrus clouds
to always keep me dreaming

my lips were molded from rose petals
to speak your name so sweetly

my heart was forged of gold and silver
to keep me pure and worthy

there's beauty in what I'm made of
i was created for a purpose. i will not destroy myself
Mar 2019 · 376
Jupiter Mar 2019
when night falls,
& lunar dawn rises

when a velvet blanket,
darkest indigo,
is spread across the sky

& the tiniest stars
shine with all their might

when the hazy gray clouds
provide a dreamlike atmosphere

i will bathe in the moonlight

with your name on my lips

& my heart, my brittle heart

will wish.
please don't break me
Mar 2019 · 328
when it was autumn (tw)
Jupiter Mar 2019
when the trees were in the height of change,
brilliant in shades of crimson and amber,
gold and rust

I would begin to feel isolated.

when the crisp chill in the air was a welcome
sort of cold, after a sweltering summer

I would find it hard to stay awake.

when oddly-shaped and colorful gourds happily
congregated on porches and window sills,

I would not feel like doing the things I loved.

when beautiful leaves lined the pavement
on back roads and alleys

I would find it hard to keep from crying.

when 7pm brought about a halo of light,
that dripped over the sky like honey

I would forget to eat.

when cold nights were spent cozy, huddled
around a roaring fire, the smoky scent
staying in your hair,

I would find it hard to concentrate.

when the clocks give us another hour to sleep,
only to take it back in the evening

I would move so slowly.

when fresh apple cider from a local apple orchard
was the sweetest taste of the season

I would constantly be exhausted.

when winter breathed his icy breath,
heralding his arrival,

I would find it hard to keep my mind clear.

when it was autumn of the year that was not quite nineteen and I was three years younger,

I was suicidal.
please give me feedback on this one if you don't mind.
Jan 2019 · 184
Jupiter Jan 2019
snowflakes in your hair
and love in your eyes

a round little nose
that blushes when i kiss it

eyes like the sea
and hair like fire

your beauty inspires

feeling your heart grow
when i grab your hand

dancing in a crowded line
just us, together

skipping in the cold
nothing matters

when i'm with you
life is beautiful
to the one who holds my heart-
Jan 2019 · 418
Jupiter Jan 2019
don't inflict me with your

dangerous, idle, self-reflection,

tap out of my headspace

my cerebral territory is not a good place

I don't need to think about my thinking

metacognition is a fruitless mission

I'm telling you now

get out
get out
get out
an award winning poem
Jan 2019 · 369
the shared experience
Jupiter Jan 2019
everyone in my hometown has been rained on by the same rain i have.

everyone i went to school with has breathed the same musty air through the vents.

everyone around me has been illuminated by the same stars.

all these minute experiences that we share.

such small, subtle things that bring us together.

even when we part ways, when we're scattered across the globe, even if not a single soul i grew up with still lives in that same **** town,
we will all have felt the same rain.
we will all have breathed the same air.
we will all have seen the same sky.

and forever, the chunk of earth we have experienced will bind us together.

the rain will remind us where we were.
the air will taste as sweet as that place.
and the stars will guide us home.
where you were born is where the stars will take you, at the end of it all.
Dec 2018 · 305
Jupiter Dec 2018
take me to your dreamland
and, if you don't mind,
let me live there,
for a time.

let me go, let me see
what makes up
your daily dreams

take me to your dreamland
and unlock the door
I want to see a part of you
I haven't seen before.

I want to see the lovely thoughts
you have tucked away

so take me to your dreamland
if only for a day
you can trust me.
Dec 2018 · 113
Jupiter Dec 2018
take back
what was planned

i'm new again.


before it's too late
Dec 2018 · 255
Jupiter Dec 2018
I am always in awe
of the constant motion of the world

the wind flows over everything and everyone,
sweeping locks of hair out of place
and swirling leaves into the air

the oceans and the seas flow over the sandy floors and ocean rocks,
crashing and ebbing again and again

plants and foliage flow over the earth,
over old abandoned things,
over forests and islands unexplored

and life flows.

life flows in the eye of your baby sister,
in the steam of a hot meal,
in your legs as you run toward someone you miss,
in a song so familiar you don't have to think.

it flows in the conversation between old friends,
in a puppy playing in the snow,
in the shaky hands holding an acceptance letter,
in the voice of someone you love.

and it flows through you. no matter what.
Dec 2018 · 637
Jupiter Dec 2018
I'm a commodity
most cannot afford

every piece of me
is expensive

my eyelashes,
draped in gold

my teeth,
molded of pearl

my heart,
cut from ruby

my hands,
spun into silk

my hair,
a waterfall of bronze

every step I take is glamorous, elegant, enchanting

beauty was born
into me
Dec 2018 · 209
Jupiter Dec 2018
empty and abandoned,
the house sits alone
quietly pondering
the flowers that grow
in the cracked floorboards

rickety and tired,
the house sits alone
swaying with the wind
that rocks the
nearby dogwood

moldy and stale,
the house sits alone
admiring the beauty
of the sound of the rain

abandoned and empty,
the house sits alone
quietly pondering
if there were ever to be
any more visitors at all.
Dec 2018 · 423
Jupiter Dec 2018
red, blue
purple, white

the many colors
of your light

when you,
shine down

you illuminate,
every thing 'round

twinkling above,
to light up smiles

your glow
can be seen for miles
Dec 2018 · 275
Jupiter Dec 2018
around the edges, she crumbles to the touch

burnt & scarred,

she is broken.

If she dares move, she risks becoming nothing more

than a single, burning ember

already, the two are similar

fighting to stay alive, she is burning out
Dec 2018 · 255
Jupiter Dec 2018
can't be bothered
to lift my feet
I drag along, the empty street

my head throbs
my body aches
my eyes open, I'm not awake

always tired
can't sleep
sometimes I, forget to eat

this life I live
has me exhausted
my own agenda, has me hostage
Dec 2018 · 260
Jupiter Dec 2018
the path
before us

winds & loops

it is trodden
but not overused

mulch & grass
line the walkway
subtle foliage

flowers & ferns

the sunlight stretches
across the trail

hand in hand
we stroll along
Dec 2018 · 366
Jupiter Dec 2018
a flying feeling
soft and light

life is long
but you are forever
raining hope
upon the weary

fly high, clouds
and we'll fly with you
Dec 2018 · 679
her fire
Jupiter Dec 2018
her very nature burned alive,
taking everything around her with it.

and when she shined the brightest,
the whole world was set on fire.
she didn't know her own strength.
Dec 2018 · 382
Jupiter Dec 2018
the way she swayed and leaped
embodying the strokes of a paintbrush
dancing across the canvas
a solid blur of pink and white

every twirl was breathless
every plié like silk

in that moment,
she existed as the most elegant force alive

every move commanded attention
she was grace
Dec 2018 · 241
Jupiter Dec 2018
dripping decadent words
laced with poison
down the throats
of her lovers

she watched as their fantasies
became their nightmares
and laughed
while they screamed
Dec 2018 · 237
Jupiter Dec 2018
she would not let anything nor anyone defy her
so when the sun shone his oppressive gaze down on her
she stared back with just as much power
until her eyes turned to ash and her face, forever marred.
Dec 2018 · 183
Jupiter Dec 2018
nothing can satiate my bitter heart like the pain of death

it hungers for the endless abyss
Dec 2018 · 1.4k
Jupiter Dec 2018
I poured you out into the sea of my mind
desperate for you to feel something for me

I thought if you were surrounded by me
you would feel me
in your head and in your heart
and you would love me

but you threw yourself out of the waters
more revolted than before
and left me to drown in my own mind
Dec 2018 · 843
Jupiter Dec 2018
a box
packed lovingly
from a mother
to a son
far away
in another land
he doesn't know

the contents wholesome,
inspected still
once, twice, a thousand times

before it even ships

a box
packed lovingly
from a mother
hoping it will reach her son
far away
in another land
she doesn't know
Dec 2018 · 331
Jupiter Dec 2018
a lifeless body among a million blades of grass

feeling, yet not knowing,

that ants crawl across

the skin that once belonged to me

and as the wind carries on my last breath,

the rain washes away my last smile,

the insects nibble away my final thoughts,

I, my only remaining form a soul,

settle deep into the earth of mother nature.
Dec 2018 · 357
Jupiter Dec 2018
your bewitching gaze
falls on my brow

the air gets thick
i turn around

your eyes are alive
purple and green

you pull me forward
away i lean

your eyes grow angry
the magic swells

it's too late for me
I'm under your spell
Dec 2018 · 152
Jupiter Dec 2018


my voice is lost in the rush of air

words soaked in meaning

whisked away on the wind
Dec 2018 · 264
Jupiter Dec 2018
it's not a flame

it's a slow boil

it sleeps far down, deep in the pit of my stomach

i feel it twist and wrench, waking

it grows hotter

my skin is alive with heat

my blood does not boil it erupts

every single nerve in my body screams

i cannot contain this rage

furious, i explode
Jupiter Dec 2018
the warm glow of the tailights ahead
faint music playing in the background
the sound of your breath in the foreground

your head rests with a welcome weight on my shoulder
warm and heavy in the crook of my neck

my cheek rests softly on your crown

my eyes shut naturally, wholly content
you reach around my arm and pull me closer

my heart leaps, your touch is so comforting
in that moment, us together, warm and happy, trading hearts

i never want to let you go
i itch to tilt your chin toward me, i want to look in your eyes
i want to kiss your whole face

but instead i listen to you breathe
and wonder how i can love you this much
Dec 2018 · 271
how to live
Jupiter Dec 2018
thinking about how the world doesn't really care about you can get really lonely.

but it's also liberating. your soul breathes a sigh of relief, and you can just exist.

it's empowering. you can allow yourself to take up space and own it.

but mostly, it's enlightening. you learn things you never knew you never knew.

you learn how to live.

— The End —