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michael 7d
black mountains above the golden sand,
in this dream i'll seek your hand,
indifferent to the laws of time,
i'll walk forever beneath its shine,
seeking the memories that were once mine.

for my heart has a delicate brand,
one that i cannot stand,
so i'll look for the cure in rhyme,
until they play my pretty chimes
in the land of golden clime.
pretty chimes :)
Your pretty scars
That cover your body
That you never uncover
To me or somebody else
Your never ending love
That has warmed
my hopes of heart
Your sickness, my fears
Your love, my failures
My best imperfection
To trust your smile
You've become truly cancerous
From top to the bottom of my heart
 you are pure cancer
 with no cure
Audra Feb 5
She has brought us down
But never mind that
Because I must pretend
And write beautiful words for her.

She would never be our choice,
But she was chosen, so I
Must make her a pretty mask
To hide herself behind

So others can call her pretty.
and even worse when it is an adult
nat Feb 2
sleep for yr body, brain, and heart
flowers on yr skin tear you apart
bleach the hate in yr mind so you look pretty
hate the kitchen lighting because it makes yr skin look yellow
you have maggots in yr bones
petals and pain between yr thighs
allergic to existing, the constant reminders of bees swarming
yr teeth have fallen out and you have drugs to thank
at least yr alive, right? and 2no more cavities
you have no affection for things with a pulse
you look lovely when you cry, choking on yr own spit
and boy, you cheat ******* death with all that alcohol
yr nerves are inflamed, you might as well collapse
the lipstick shade is 1002000100, parasitic bleeding
what a waste of that strawberry blonde angel hair
blame yr spine for all the headaches, blame yr mind for the ****** dreams that leave you shaking when you wake
obsessive freak thinks he's god because he could destroy hospital handcuffs
do you think yr loved? there must be fondness in yr veins  
scrub yrself clean but yr still burned out
i think it's beautiful, yr memories bathed in dirt
and lingerie you couldn't really afford
yr trapped
i don't know what this means
She never cared about how she looked,

Until he found someone prettier
AmeriMav Jan 29
Your smile's perfect poise
Expression of life and light
Blossom of pure joy
Color on canvas vibrant
Awakens music to dance
Tanka form
Shofi Ahmed Jan 29
Perhaps we could picture
the pretty lady with a rose.
But I wonder what on earth
is more handsome that we can
compare with a beautiful humane!
Cat Lynn Jan 28
A stranger came up to me and said to my face
"I just want to say that you're pretty." My emotions, he tried to persuade

Is that all you got? Is that all you see?
An image that is pleasing and beautiful to your eyes? Is that me?

An object to complement, admire, and then leave behind?
You didn't ask how I am, if I'm okay, or say anything to comfort my mind

I can't stand men...
Because to most of them

I am a shadow of a statue they wish to see
But will never get... I was not created to appease

...Don't get me wrong, it was a sweet compliment, but I would much rather receive it from someone who is of the Lord and means every bit of what he says because he doesn't see an image or an object. BUT A PERSON WHO THEY WILL LOVE AND CHERISH FOREVER NO MATTER WHAT I DO
memoona kazmi Jan 28
with the melody of modesty,
harmony of heaven,
rythm of romance,
texture of thrill,
pitch of perfection,
tempo of trust,
she was the best song,
ever written.....
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