Miss Me 5d

I want to love you
    It seems impossible
I yearn to love you
    But its not within reach
For you to love me
     Is more than i can love you

Arcassin B Oct 2016

By Arcassin Burnham

When you speak i feel your pain,
Wanna comfort you in rain,
Knowing problems are the same when it comes to this here phase,
She said "shut the fuck up babe",
Its the first time you called me that.....
Always wanna up and stay,
Your house is a block away,
This is just the greatest day when I'm touching on your face,
Your soul I wanna embrace,
She said call me when I get home , I'll get right on that,
And then it hits me.....

I know you,
I know your worth baby,
I know you,
I know your worth baby,
I know you,
I know your worth baby,
When you speak i feel your pain,
Wanna comfort you in rain,
Knowing problems are the same when it comes to this here phase,
She said "shut the fuck up babe",
Its the first time you called me that,
You called me that.


few words as possible.
what the fuck?

to those who know what its like
Lucas Garza May 2016

All I ever wanted was for mommy to say she loved her little boy. To say "I'm proud of you". To look at me without shame. All I ever lived for was to prove my worth to her. To have her recognize me, to say "I love you". To hug me so the demons flee. All I ever longed for, was for a mother. To hold me and say " Don't worry, everything will be OK". Instead, all I've ever received was cold 'love'. I received lonely birthdays, followed by insults and comparison of my younger blood. All I ever received was beatings and rage. The bottle claimed her just as the blade claimed me. All I received was isolation. All I feel now is rage. Rage to her, rage to the world for abandoning me. Rage to my friends for having love, hating then secretly because they're not alone in the middle of a crowd. All I feel is apathy, an indifference to a life that's been unkind to me. I didn't ask to be the monster, so why do they complain when I show all I know? I am just a simple product of society's rejects. All I ever dreamed for, all I ever prayed for, all I ever hoped for, was just to not be alone. But that's all I got, it's all I know.

gray rain Apr 2016

You said it didn't matter
you would accept me anyway
but when it came to the day
you forgot

I could tell you were uncomfortable
so I tried to hide
under a cover that killed me inside

My thoughts were intoxicated
I could not forget
it poisoned my mind

all I could think of
was not being accepted
and it destroyed my life

I gave up
I couldn't cope
I lost all hope

because the thought of my friends unacceptance killed me

Should I let them go?
xie Mar 2016

There he is, standing
Wearing his trademark flannel
Admiring me like an angel
Us, is what he is dreaming

Paying no attention to him
Being occupied by a certain boy
I don’t know what I’ve just seen
Is it a tear on his face, oh no

He admired me a lot
Love him, tell me not
I told him he’ll end up in pain
But he said I’m keeping him sane

Days passed I notice his lost
I didn’t saw him for a week
my friends told me he's sick
maybe because I cut his heart across

If only I control my feelings
I’ll stop the hurt that he's dealing
Maybe we can be together
And mend the heart of one another

Maybe in the end
We will see
If you are just a friend
Or if you really are for me

random topics, random thoughts. I've never been in love so I have no idea how it feels. message me when you need someone xx

How can move on,
When I'm not even moving on.

How can I let go,
When I never want to let go.

How can I forget you.
When you're always on my mind.

How can I stop from liking you.
When I never really did.

I am hurt,  but what can I do?
You only see me as a friend, and I guess that's how my love story ends.

How long are you gonna stay
In my mind, and in my heart?

Please don't take it too long?
Cause I don't think if I can survive this
And sadness!
That I'm feeling right now,

Its really breaking my heart into pieces, thinking that we could never be.

But from the day I confess my feelings to you,
I told myself, that its time for me to let go.
As much as I want to stay! but reality hit me.

Its time for me to say goodbye now,
I know its hard, but someday I'll get used to it!  Like those times, when I never meet you in my life. (before) and (after)

Hope when you read this, I can put some smile on your face! (mushroom guy) THANK YOU! :)
Aiden Hall Dec 2015

Every night i try my hardest to ignore you and leave you be
My mind is panicked i need to speak to you
What are you doing at this time of night
Then it hits me you're with him

I know i shouldn't be surprised you warned me before
about your insatiable lust and thirst for men
I want you to be mine truly trust me
We need to talk but i don't want a war

You told me i love you hours before seeing him
I know you fed him the same line once or twice tonight
What about me do i not matter
i'm drowning in sorrow i wish i could swim

Fine,fuck me over i'm clearly not worth a dime
We had something special now it's just pain
You had my heart but clearly you sold it
i cant say goodbye im pathetic so please call when you have time

Aurora Maciel Oct 2015

im the fuck up,
the messed up mistake.

im the punching bag,
the useless wannabe.

im the broken bastard,
unworthy of a mother’s love.

im the letdown,
the family regret.

im the worst at my best,
im an all over reject.

im the one you throw out,
the burden of the bunch.

im a monster.
the monster you made.

Expo 86' Sep 2015

Some times i think i live in a never ending cicle, i climb all the way to the top to just look down and see you in the way so i slide down all the away, and finally when i catch up with you, my heart is full of cracks, and you are all glued with love from others figthers, so now i'm just waiting something to take place, here where every moment is a perfect place to take another shot of anguish and sadness watching you talk to all your lovers about what you and i planned to be

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