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Moments like this reveal the very best.
I can't explain but it sounds so real.
It seems weird but there's more to it,
Just hold on and listen once more.

Look beyond what you can see,
Listen attentively to what sounds lifeless.
Focus a little more and you'll perceive,
The magnitude of the words you can't hear.

Understanding this might seem awkward
But be keen lest you get a wrong meaning.
There's more to this song than you can tell
Just listen, you'll get the meaning.
pio son pie Nov 4
existing in this land-sphere quite touch-and-go
when you stare for something that you hope to
when something expects to be with you
until you discern that you obtained neither

things are unreachable on your own limitation
useless is your own notion
to gain nothing is the best way out that you ever made
the excitement is just filled with none nothingness but the soreness
Sometimes it's okay to decide what may the worst of them may be the best for us. It is supposed to be our boundary of happiness to live in this unreliable world that isn't to them. Thinking of nothing is just one of the answers. Having our thought about how maybe concerned with our guilty may be living after is our decision, be wise to yourself and others at least.
Zack Ripley Oct 4
I accept there will be times
When we don't see eye to eye.
After all, you grew up different than I.
I accept that some day, place and time,
We will die.
I accept the idea that we have souls.
That there are things that can happen
That are out of our control.
But I reject the suggestion
That there's nothing we can do to change it.
I reject that everything
is black and white. wrong or right.
I reject that life is a one way street.
Because I believe in second chances.
That there are more than 2 ways
Of looking at things.
And most importantly,
I believe that even if you go down
One path, eventually, you can choose a different one.
I know that what I accept,
Reject, and believe isn't necessarily
Relevant to you.
But different perspectives
Can help you get through.
Jenny Jun 19
And the doors were shut,
Leaving me in dunggeons
of love's secrets, pain, and such.
ironic. imagine how love can make u happy but sad at the same time.
Brooke S May 23
If I don't return the call
it's because you never wanted to make it in the first place
and I know that

If you don't see me at the party
I didn't lose the invite
or forget the address
it's because you never wanted to invite me in the first place
and I know that

I have experience in staying in on Saturday nights
I have no problem with being alone
it's better than feeling alone in a crowd
that's what I tell myself
and I know that

But maybe if I would of returned the call
and went to the party
maybe the memories could of filled my head
instead of all of this noise
and I know that

I brush my hair and go to sleep
rejection looks a lot like looking in the mirror
sometimes you are your own worst reject
D A W N Mar 7
i promised not to write about u
but i wrote u countless lyrics
for a song that'll never reach u.

created numerous scenarios inside my head,
hoping one of them comes true
just to prove to u
that i was valid
in your eyes.
written october 31, 2019
(i write based on experiences)
EastWind Mar 3
It took me two years to make you feel my love.

and it only took you three seconds to tell me I wasn't enough.
Anora Emporium Sep 2019
The sale sign is up
And so are my feet
I know I'll be here for a while
I've stamped a discount sticker on my forehead
It's more a dare than a warning
Take me home for half the retail price
There's a few scratches and scuffs
A bit rough around the edges
There's been wearing and tearing
Parts missing
It says so right here on the box
Just so happens I've also lost the lock
That came with it
So you see
It's a little defected
But instead of being rejected
I won't tell a soul
That you stole a glance at me
Sitting on the sale rack
And thought you could rip off the 'special' tag
Never letting anyone know
That you got me
No refunds
But you can palm me off
As a full price defect
Regift it
No one will know
Alec Llaneta Aug 2019
I trusted you with many things
all except the thing you wanted
whole, untouched, something you felt missing  
a fire you stopped burning

it was your eagerness, to have one
that i begin to doubt
to question if it's truly right
to give, with all despite

after thinking long and hard
an answer came to me
in words not be spoken
it was never meant to be
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