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I set my own life
The way I want to live.
My life is simply
I avoid people aren’t important to me.
Good energy
Makes me move on
Not just my mind also
Physically and mentally.
I set my own life
Without *******, Bs.
The fewer people see me.
They have no room to say anything.
I could do anything I want
In my life
There are no rules.
As long I’m honest
With myself and others.
I’m good.
Love that floats on the river grand
Ferry me away to a peaceful land

Trickles of hope happiness dares
Freedom currents carry my prayers

Perhaps happiness lies around the bend
Till then I’ll dream of days of when

I learned to just leave it alone
I think more
Before I go do
Before it’s was hard
To ignore stuff
People say and do.
I guess the more
Older you get
You just look at it.
And say, I’m to old
For all of this.
I don’t care no more.
I found peace within myself
I could finally smile
Be happy
For my own self.
Each day I
Look at myself.
I could say
I’m free from all
The stress was put upon me.
I could walk with my head up
Even stand up.
I’m very happy because
I have friends
Who supported me
With all my sorrows.
Now I could joke around
Laugh at everything.
I’m alive again.
Because no matter what had
God shown me the path
I need to go.
Lace Sep 22
Love used to
Love used to
be hard.
Love used to
scare me.
Love used to
make me cry.
Loving you
doesn't hurt.
Loving you
isn't hard.
Loving you
doesn't scare me.
Loving you
doesn't make me cry.
Loving you
is easy.
Love isn't
what it used to be.
Love is no longer
Her words are like poetry
They flow so softly
Her voice is relaxing
Every word flowing
Like a calm stream
Flowing continuously
So peaceful, yet strong
Every word, warming
Like a cozy fire
Which you long to be near
In the dead of winter
Every word, almost singing
Like birds who greet
The rising sun
Her words are like poetry...
Donna Sep 10
Nippy Afternoon
Birds are quiet traffic too
Leaves fall peacefully
Sam Arin Sep 9
The trees whisper softly as
I shiver quietly

The peace is enveloping
The darkness is too

The quiet blocks out all noise
At least you think it does

As quiet and peaceful as it may seem
Off in the near distance
You can still hear the roar

The charm of the forest
Of the nature

It helps distract
But cannot get rid of it

Still too near is the loud
Still too soft is the quiet

Even when you try to shake the noise
And the darkness

They are still yet
Too near
Too imposing
On the beautiful distraction

Quiet, calm, and peaceful I doze
As the still too loud noise
Creeps on my mind
That's just trying to get some peace
Written while I had my very own romanticism moment of being sad in the woods. Simple, but still one of my favorites I've written, even though it's not the best.
Aaron LaLux Sep 8
Don’t tell me any more of these trivial distractions,
don’t bore me with any more stories you saw on TV,
don’t want to hear the latest gossip it’s all nonsense stop it,
who cares who’s dating who, personal lives’ are not news,
who cares who won whatever award, or won the Superbowl,
I don’t know at all & I don’t care anymore, never really did,
most things are just distractions from anything that’s relative,
what I’m interested in is the soul you hold in that body of yours,
so tell me, what really matters to you, what do you care about
I’ll tell you what, if you’re shy I’ll say what I care about first,
I care, about the greater good, about improvement of self,
I care, about how we’re going to heal this broken world,
I care, about how we’re going to heal these broken hearts,
I care, about what we’re going to do to fix this mess,
want to give my best, want to look back & say we did our best,
there I told you what I care about, now it’s your turn,
tell me something that truly matters, or leave me alone,
I’d rather be alone & at peace, then together & in war.

So let me be, at peace, with myself & all of my demons,
because I wan’t to release them but don’t know how,
so just leave me alone unless you can help me figure it out,
& don’t tell me any more of these trivial distractions,
because I’m trying to stay focused & not be distracted..

∆ LaLux ∆

from THHT3: Hollywood Hearts
available worldwide 9/9/19
Another Future Classic piece of Pop Poetry for our Collective Contemporary Society...
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