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FC Azaele May 8

Love, love
rest your sleepy head
your in no shape to make amends
I swear, all will be fine in the end

The winds are silent,
the waves crash low
Doubt no more that the world
will stream once more

Hear the chirping
sing to the humming
Hear that?
The nightingales are singing

I swear to you
All will be fine in the end

Now rest your sleepy head

Estel Apr 28
Your hands dance among the ivory
In sync with one another
Creating a perfect harmony
While the sun pours through the window
Adding a glowing light to your display of talent
And a shimmer to your face
I get lost in thoughts
When I hear you play
I begin to drift away
Among the stars
For a time everything seems okay
Oh, would you re-play that one for me once more?
LC Apr 14
at the end of the afterlife,
when the dust finally settles,
she climbs into a warm bed
made of soft, wispy clouds,
listening to lilting melodies,
from her childhood memories,
falling into a peaceful slumber.
#escapril day 13!
Michael Apr 10
Soft as clouds of tranquility,
flowing with notes of sweet melodies.
This pipe of mine's an escape from reality.
Music never sounded so heavenly.
Dreams are exhaled from the life
     of my lungs.
Faintly they're heard, in whispers they're sung,
with the chiming of bells, distantly rung.
My heart know's the words.
    It just can't teach my tongue.
Hidden thoughts,  better unheard
Sometimes happy , sometimes disturbed

A silent world, confusion, distortion
At times peaceful, clear solution

Thousand thoughts, profound world
Crazy mind, unbalanced, disturbed

Erupting emotions, uncertain and lost
Staying balanced is what it needs most

A monster so scary, shut eye, go numb
A friend so daring, heart beats like a drum
charlotte Apr 6
My birds,
a winsome kaleidoscope of colour and sound
I stand within myself in my clearing, a tiny, circular garden
filled simply with encroaching trees and
a circle of pale concrete underfoot

Marred only
with snaring daisies, quiet
allure, and I take the time to romance the colours I behold so dearly
as they swim through my blurred, jarring vision and as I
melt wholly into the river beside me.

My garden is the only good left in this world
especially now that I have left it.
Ziv Mar 24
But it is a peaceful sadness.
There is no anger and
I am no longer at war with myself.
The battlefield is barren,
the weapons have been laid rest
and all the soldiers have gone home.
Nobody Feb 21
Welcome to the sunny little room
in my dreams,
where I get to see an angel face
smiling back at me.
When he reaches his hand out
for mine,
I touch him and feel peace.
His warm sea green eyes
pierce deep into mine,
and I would rather die
than ever leave his side.
But I know once I wake up
he'll be long gone.
So I try to enjoy this place
where he makes me feel like I belong.
MsRobota Jan 22
People say he doesn't say much
they offer words to fill the silence
condolences between the aisles
but they don't understand
they don't understand

He wants everything
or nothing
offer him death
offer him life
but never love

People say he doesn’t look too good...these days
they offer words to describe his pain
he looks sad, he looks exhausted...these days
but they don't understand

It is what it is
we both know how the story goes
you'll never be happy
but you'd be satisfied
seeing where life takes me
but my road leads back to you

offer me death
offer me life
but all I want is your love
nothing else
nothing more
but you don’t understand
you don’t understand
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