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Robert Ippaso Mar 13
They flutter and they flitter
Two lovebirds on the lam
Their beatings wings adorned with glitter
Tiny beads of dew reflecting in the sun.

From flower to flower they wander
A constant game of catch me if you can,
No time to wait or simply ponder
When procreation is now their only plan.

Short are the days their mission clear,
Their brief life's work comes down to this,
To live and love is what they hold most dear
One perfect union as part of Nature's bliss.

And while they dance we gaze
Lost in the beauty of their craft
Peering keenly through the wispish haze
As they glide and turn on every breath and draft.

Even the flowers smile at this fine show
Spreading their petals wide in welcome sign
Hoping that their alluring scent and glow
Will lead the lovers there to dine.

And so does nature prove it's worth
When such fine balance yields so much
As the pollen feeds the future birth
So too the flowers create from that gentle touch.
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unnamed Sep 2022
today, i woke up and i was happy
for the first time in a long time
a sunday morning, marmalade mellow
there were goldfish drifting - fat and amber
blushing leaves in the fall
oh, the joy of movement
of floating, breathing, existing
entangled, cocooned
in its gentle swell and fall

and i was simply happy
saw an image of jellyfish floating in the sky -- thought how beautiful, what a lovely sight just to see jellyfish floating in the sky. also yes kinda keats vibes
Andreas Simic Jun 2022
Laying in my cozy bed,
I oft wonder

why am I here when others not?
those that make a simple mistake
and perish, yet I am here

a friend telling me
“you have more lives than cats”
not a consolation to my deliriums

The plethora of experiences too plentiful
to parlay into one poem
sixteen at last count

multiple careening crashes, a gas tank explosion,
illness, being hit by a car while standing at an ATM
the litany long and varied but one stands out

playing on a recently unfrozen pond
raft fighting as it were
young hearts being foolish

falling in backwards, a non-swimmer
it is so cold, frost bite pins & needles cold
I am going deeper and deeper

it is getting colder and colder
darker and darker
until it is totally dark

no lingering thoughts, it is over
then a pinprick of light
drawing closer

it grows and grows
until I am in the light
it is oh so warm here

the lack of sound creating
an incredulous peacefulness
for a fear filled life

can I stay forever, please
except that is not my destiny
not that day or those others

rescued by a neighbor’s father
delivered unconscious to a mother
still questioning the why

Andreas Simic©
Mark Wanless Jun 2022
haiku 22/6/16

i see a pale horse
grazing on grass in field so
Ellie Phant May 2022
I lived peacefully and quietly
amongst the cool shade of banana trees.
I would glide gracefully through old, dark corridors with squeaky, wooden floors
with dark and dreamy purple walls and spaces filled with echoes.

An ancient iron gate swings back and forth, signaling spontaneous visits from smiling friends.
Kartikay sangal Apr 2022
Time takes, sometimes goes tricky
Time heals, how immense your pain'll be
Time pays , the harder fu*ks she
Time play, Whenever you go *****
When I pen play, Time leaps
Long Time No see
Jay M Jan 2022
Laughter and banter
A room full of cheer
Couch full of people
Chair supposedly for one
Until another would come near
Squished into the soft chair cushions
Adjust ever so to make room
Now a chair for two

A movie playing
All too familiar, and so
Calm and content
Embraced in warmth
Comfort surrounds
A frigid little soul
Drawn ever closer
To a source of peace

Sleeping soundly
Against one so kind
Resting in such a place
There is somehow peace of mind

Half awake, sounds come in
Fall mumbling upon small ears
Quietly, he speaks but odd whispers
They ask, but he knows not why
Only that she is as a cat is,
When one rests upon you
No longer shall you move
Remain here, in peace

- Jay M
January 31st, 2022
Fell asleep on a friend.
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