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Still waters of vast and calming blue.
Endless waves churning to a certain
Rhythm that you feel in your deepest self.
Enthralling siren songs, easing your heartache.
Neutral counselor of lost souls.
Incarnation of peace and safety,
The ocean will hold you like a mother.
Yesterday is past, tomorrrow is soon, but now is serenity.
Rox90 Oct 18
Every time I look up all I see is your face
Lighting up the sky with so much beauty and grace
When you speak my heart races I can’t keep the pace
Gravity just falls and I just can’t keep my place
Just wondering if your my lover or just a phase
And every move you gesture I just cannot escape
Makes my brain go through a new different maze
I guess I am just a coward and just want to behave
For I never want to lose you or for something to change
Hold me close and never let there be any space
Cause when I look up all I want to see is your face
leah Oct 14
Sometimes it’s not that I want to be alone, it’s that I need to be.

I need to hear nothing but my own thoughts, to hear my body breathing to remind myself that there is blood flowing through these veins.

To be able to sink back into my mind and have a conversation that doesn’t exhaust me because it’s only with myself.


I just need to be me.

- L.W
Ivy Oct 8
If I were to die
I hope it would be under the night sky
If I were to die
I want the stars to shine bright
If I were to die
I want it to be on a peaceful night
Stormy town
grayly gowned
brooding cloud,
puddled ground

Pouring loud
soothing sound
gentle rain
oozing down
Bhill Oct 4
yes, I see it
no, its got to be from the smoke
I know, it does make for some great sunrises and sets
oh, can you hear the cattle mooing this morning?
makes for peaceful coffee time...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 273
Carol Rose Sep 24
I don’t summon up the tragedies
The traumatizing events life begets
Grave digging raising again the enemies
Harassment that would love to embalm your insecurities to regrets

Instead I renew the soil with nutrients
Planting gardens in an array of gladness
Purple and white blooms on the same limb vigorous
White roses my favorite reaching high from their pure white trellis
Pink stuns the celebration’s breathtaking love to excess

Focusing on our inward journey to the garden of our soul’s virginity
Mysteries unfold gracefully as perfect skylines of angels witness
Truth beyond etched hearts on tree trunks generosity
Effervescent memories can’t recall a more lovely rendezvous to impress

The innocence instilled once again
Never to unearth the past
Fading is nonsense history in mindsets of the harlequin
Future remains a sweet smelling vision for searching enthusiast

I see His Glory in each new day in the flowers expressing
Before the world got so caught up in inventions
There was silence inhaling the sweet fragrance of a letter in the mailman’s deliveries
Strolling through a garden sipping lemonade between uplifting conversations

Laying in the grass viewing animal shaped clouds, giggling
Flowers are the exquisite glory of the tree
Expressing her seasonal feast of tabernacles in generosity fulfilling
An ultimate personal relationship with eloquent Love blossoming

Beauty is everywhere if there were eyes to see
Give no thought to steaming news flashing lies
Come to the other side of the river where flowers explode in colorful delicacies
He watches us our whole lifetime and knows exactly when it’s our time to be
“The Light”

His Love makes rainbows blush
Your growing so beautifully I am beaming with joy watching the Son rise inwardly
All the bugs and nasty weather can’t take away our purpose within us to Love each other and enjoy so much
Watching the glow being turned up in our view

Isn’t it ironic that even in the natural we love sunrises
Oh the beauty He has for us
Enlightened purity that is seen and felt beyond emotional rises
No buds yet on our exquisite cassia but we won’t fuss

One more month will hopefully burst out golden flowers galore
Her heart is willing to embrace this season’s celebration with joyful clusters dangling off every limb
Let Light intervene with impressive vigour
Bursting with laced petticoats stunningly unveiling her magnificent garland of yellow flowers just for Him

🐑 “Flowers of your faithfulness are blooming on the earth.
Righteousness shines down from within the sky”
parisianlune Sep 9
A little obbsessed with the silent, a space of loneliness between the hustling universe, a place where the secret of peacefulness belongs to.
please, do not re-upload and hello from me, a new born kid inside this mystical world of words. kindly share me your point of view, with love, self.
Ethereal echoes
Emerald seas
Nacarat skies
Misty breeze

Mellifluous is her melody
Majestic every scene
Serenity of Serena
Allure of Ausrine

I tilt my head in ecstasy
My thoughts begin to cease
Sand beneath my hands
Cold, calming waters,
Languidly caress my feet

And like a child running around
And like a child who knows no bound
At the end, is enervated
I lay utterly still,
In her embrace,
Yet satiated

Satiated by her healing warmth
Satiated by her meliorating touch
Satiated so much,
I wonder,
If my heart could hold so much of love.
Lane O Aug 31
Moments of peace are fleeting;
just as dew will vanish at dawn.
Smile and savor the seconds
'cause before you know it they're gone.
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