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I can't write a word
Or even pickup a pen
I wish I had hands
Retreading the same creative subjects
Rebedding headaches
Some discomfort
Clung all over
          with a fungal dampness
          And moored with a heavy sleep-like coat
Worthy of nothing
Nothing worthy of note

Consumed by rehearse
I've lost the thirst to broadcast
Cowardly in delay
Relaying what's past
..... a Recurrent distress

I stand sudden :
Done !
I derail the trolley-lot ...

Then I fit
In a mirthquake
         I laugh like i am made of bellies
'The Bellycake', I'll call me.

With my serious anchorous state nulled
I approach fresh work with good humour
(Teen Hamlet in decay)
My Dear Poet May 1
I’m the worlds greatest Poet
till I find my pen
-elixir- Apr 19
The walls seem to fade in colour,
the ones that held on to my valour.
The rain breaks out wild,
as my thoughts revile
the dubious washed walls.
Till then I seek refuge in the lost halls.
While I count my marbles,
to the evergreen warbles.
Creativity is grieved over.
When it leaves, your nostalgia blossoms
An old friend that you lost before its time
You weep at its funeral
Your tears burn your cheeks
With desires of what could have been.
Perhaps it died in a car accident
A violent, fiery wreck of destruction
Maybe it died in its sleep
You never did get a chance to say goodbye
Or you could have lost it in time
Watched it wither away
Like the memories you used to hold so dear.
Crying yourself to sleep, you yearn for your creativity.

The beauty, or perhaps the horror of this death
Lies in the fact that it could return.
After bargaining with Death
Death will return your creativity to you
Like some undead zombie
Or like the second coming of some benevolent angel.
And you will welcome creativity with open arms
You will hug it close, and promise that you will watch it closely.
You will assure it that you won't let it slip through your grasp.
You pick up that pen, stroke those keys
And let your friend spill out all over the pages.
But just as with people, the death of creativity is inevitable
And before long, it will leave you bleeding yet again
Only to return to you as though it never left.
I've been gone too long...
No matter who you are or what you have been doing
at some stage an obstacle appears without choosing.
It may be a person, a thing or one of nature's forces
that can just set you back on your forward courses.
It could also be a sheer lack of available knowledge
called ignorance, about what to do next or to manage
that activity or certain thing you've been involved in
where any progress forward seems unlikely and thin.

There may be other factors as well such as motivation,
issues of health, self confidence and lack of inspiration
which could be affecting or stalling the overall progress
of the situation at hand causing some undesirable stress.
A breakdown in one's personal or business relationship
will likely be a major setback causing a backward flip
especially where the parties are involved in a litigation
and the legal processes stretch out beyond expectation.
© 2021 George Krokos
This would also include writer's block. Written late in 2020.
xjf Feb 10
I would just like to say
I don't know what to say
I know
It's so boring
But it's nice
Now that we're on the same page
The best way to around writers block, is through it.
Ashley Moor Feb 6
Somewhere in northern New Mexico
a writer claims
that the first two weeks
after a long hiatus
are the hardest.
After all,
scratching the words of the Gods
on to a loose leaf paper
must be arduous for those
out of practice.
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