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The world inside / the house
is empty, and you're hanging on-
to the railing one final time,
before your father starts the engine /
you're moving out / you're gone
deep into your book, the one
you took (from the library with no
intention of giving back) so long,
childhood; so long: shadows
expanding on the lawn as you sink
into your thoughts / into the wall,
feshly painted so the house would sell,
reading: receding: what you could never tell
your parents. [ ... ]
"Let's go," your mother calls,
but you're no longer there. She doesn't
notice that you're staying / it isn't
you who is obeying, exiting the door.
Many days have come and gone,
Sadly, it has been so long,
Since last we saw your face.

                                                                                  Then I’ll come home,
                                                   The world has little gems to be shown,
                                                                     I don’t want you to be alone.

Dear, we know you love us so,
But life does demand you go.
Bittersweet as fate may be,
It’s time for you to just live free.
Chase your dreams, because in life there are no guarantees.

                                                                  What if I want to come home?
                                                                    Somedays, out here all alone,
                                                              I feel that I do nothing but roam.
                                                                         In my never-ending roam,
                                             I feel as though I’ll dissipate like sea foam.

Dear, you are never alone.
You will always have a home,
But you won’t always have time to roam.
Being lost is the only way to find what’s in you, so you cannot yet head home.
Take this chance to chase what you have always known,
To be your fate because one day you will find you have grown,
To old to enjoy the roam.
Remember you are not alone…
So, chase your dreams knowing there are no guarantees,
Except the promise that your Dad and I will always be,
Here supporting you in chasing your dream.

                                                             Many days have come and gone,
                                                                         Sadly, it has been so long,
                     Writing you is not something I intentionally prolonged.
                                           But there’s someone I recently got to know,
                            They are one-in-a-million; I feel like I won the lotto.
               I want to say thank you, Mom and Dad, for making me go,
                                 The world is filled with a lot I still wish to know.
                                                                        Bittersweet as fate may be,
                 Thank you for making me experience what it is to be free,
        My dreams only able to be reached because of the support you
                                                                                                        give me.

Many days have come and gone,
The only letters in the mail from your Aunt,
But I knew you were fine because out there in the world is where you are meant to be.
I am glad your dreams have come to be,
That you have met such a sweetie,
And that your fate is as happy as I did foresee.
Remember, it won’t always be as you believe,
But fate will work out eventually.
So, long as you stay strong and happy,
Life will be better than you ever believed it could be.
We love and support you Dear, so just keep chasing your dream.

                                                       In the mirror a stranger stares at me,
                                                                          Wisdom in her eyes I see.
                                      Wrinkles on her hands, like branches of a tree,
                                               They reveal who she has grown up to be.
  A startling realization when you learn life is not how it used to be,
                                           That life does not always go as you believe.
                Fate has never been easy to confront, and it has no referee,
                                                  This is something you have taught me.
Through your guidance I learned to make something of the debris,
            You have taught me that fate is nothing to fear when tackled
          You were always right; I should chase my dreams because life
                                                                                  offers no guarantees.
           Thank you, Mom and Dad, for sending me a postcard when I
                                                                           needed your comforting.
So, in 2013 I wrote a poem called, Send me a postcard. I was reading it today and thinking of ways to fix needs a lot of editing still, but instead of fixing it I thought, "What if they had a daughter (or son)." Thus, Thank you for sending me a postcard was born! The idea is that the child goes off to college, then starts working in a big city, falls in love, has some rough patches,  and is a little lost along the way. They send postcards back and forth with their mom/dad to cheer them up and get advice. The couple that sent each other postcards in the other poem keep the tradition alive with their child, who will continue the cycle by doing this with their loved one someday and then their children. I just thought it was a cute idea. This is just a rough draft so add any comments or suggestions. I may decide to add some illusionary devices into it later or fixing the rhyming schema more, but for now, this is it. Enjoy!
Dilshey Apr 20
restricted behind the bars of reality
strangled by deafening ethics & rules
deprived of the freedom of choice,
to be what you want, when you wanted to.
To be the sovereign to my kingdom of thoughts,
the monarch to my souls enterprise
I feel my insouciant youth evanesce
a passionate mind being scandalized
-encaged in rage with the worlds deception
that independence comes with age & time
soon only to be racked with the revelation
that responsibility replaces what freedom aligns....
waiting for the day I get freedom of choice.....
Jay Apr 11
"Get out,"
I was told.
"Leave my sight"
I packed a bag.
"Just leave"
I rode off.
"Come back"
I was chased.
"I love you"
My bike was taken.
"You can't leave"
I'm crying.
Your arms hold no comfort for me.
My parents say they love me... Is love chasing somebody away from their home and taking their bike?
Duckie Apr 10
I see you in the drunken man on the bus, singing hits
from the 60s,
I hear you when a man near your age belittles me, over a
job he knows nothing about,
I feel you when that initial rejection from someone hits, craving
validation you failed to gift me,
craving to be enough,
I smell you as friends open bottles of cheap ale, a scent
embedded into my bloodstream,
I miss you when I see a father and his child playfully race in the
park over the road,
I'm always wanting what I don't have.
Nat Lipstadt Apr 10
bless the parents

who grow their worry lines,
a slow etching upon their face,
every night, a fractional addition,
what will the future hold for the children,
wandering tween wondering and wonderful

I am among the parental plenitude, who
struck a deal with the authorities of life,
pleading, demanding, coercing, begging,
take my years excess, give it to the children,
and spare them famine, thirst, war, sickness...

give them children, and spare them too the worry,
ban those crinkled lines, provision only smooth faces,
never let them never wonder, the accursed how,
will they be alright, & let them read this poem,
and laughing ask the surrounding atmosphere

whatever made the old man write such nonsense?

April 10th 2021 @5:38 AM
NK Apr 4
I've always seen you in a frame,
But I heard you cry on the day it rained1
I wish I could hear you again,
But you left me the day I came

I heard the shovels dig,
I heard daddy’s tears,
I heard people’s prayers,
But I stayed quiet

I heard the people cursing me,
Their words overshadowing2 me,
But I stayed quiet,
I always stayed quiet

And at those times I couldn’t be,
I’d chug water, so that I cry to no one but me
Wear a mask so that no one sees,
‘Cause if they do, they’ll pick3 on me

I’d hide to walk to your grave,
I wished I’d talk a millions with youI was tired of staying quiet I thought you were too,
But when I started talking, you stayed quiet

Years have passed without you here,
I wish my birthday was celebrated like the rest of my peer4
Its been lonely, ever since then
All of my life, I’ve been living in a den5

I’ve seen you enough in photos, I wanna see you in person
Regardless of it being on earth or in heaven
Daddy never asked me for my gift, but this time he did
I have nothing but thoughts going ‘round in circles6

I was doomed7, I came with a great loss
My thoughts are jumbled, I can’t think of anything else
Every Christmas of mine has been blue8,
So, I can’t wait to tell daddy that all I want for Christmas is you.

1the day I was born
2thier words were too big for me to take as a child
3picking on someone means teasing or making them uncomfortable
4peer – friend circle
5den resembles limited exposure to others as I could not open up and reach out to others
6having many thoughts in my mind but I come back to that “one” thought
7being unlucky
based upon the story of a girl who loses her mother at the time of delivery and is looked upon as an unlucky person by everyone
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