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In the beginning, there was
me, then I became you and
I, then you and I became
and Johnny then Helen and
Johnny became Man and wife
then man and wife became
parents to our son and now
there's only my son our kitten
and I
Me became I became you and I you and I became man and wife
There is no arguing when you're drunk
You never listen to what I say.
And there's no use trying even when you're not.
You don't understand either way.
Times when young
so full of myself
thought to know It
all In truth I knew
of nothing tried to
tell my mum and dad
how full of knowledge
I was who was I tell
my parents who had
lived through a War
for I was protected
from all the harsh
the reality of life dangers
being a vulnerable child
so who was I to tell my
parents when I knew
nothing at all
Who was  thought to tell my parents I knew It All I knew nothing
JDL 4d
With a crown made of perfect pearls of achievement

Tears made of perfection’s unmet attainment

Wrapped in golden robes woven with high expectations, their trophy

Placed on a throne pedestal, an example of myself feeling like a phony

Sat inside the trophy case of high potential to collect dust

To whom shall I look up to and trust,

If I am held so high I can’t even see the ground?

I must climb back down if I am to be found
JDL 6d
You have two choices:
Learn from your parents mistakes
Or you become them
Amaris Nov 5
I used to view my life like a bird in a cage
That you had the key, so I'd fly in a rage
Scream at you when things got rough
Bite when I never thought you did enough
When the bars broke and I was finally free
Distance and time gave me the chance to see
The vivid silks that served as your bonds
So pretty you missed the chains beyond
Mother and I used to discuss the fabric and style
Father and I would talk about patterns for a while
All you had was this and you gave it all to me
I wish you'd realize this wasn't who I wanted to be
A year underwater and I've been torn clear
Now an invisible wall lies between us, I fear
So I light a candle for the two of you instead
Hold the thought of you close when I go to bed
Press a hand to the window and feel the cold
Remember warmer days and then feel old
Before I go home, there are a few things I have to do
Like run a waterfall to a page instead of to you
Polish the mask I must wear without shame
Else without it, you'd never know my name
elle Nov 4
starch and static,
it hangs above and
residual softness strangles me

Your tepid breathing, arms an
lain across my path (your chest)

Are those wayward willows eyeing me?
How many t's and trees will speak to these stormy,
stable days?
in my haze I felt warm and held
it irks me now

your home is closing in on me. I've got to sleep in the driveway. I know
your timers, I see your calendars
like your squared and timely, equal breathing

There is no comfort, in death that is daunting
She waits on those who measure
plans etched into palm,

toil jumps to erase them and
the peacocks and pitchforks all hung in your kitchen
sit and embrace her,
continue to hum
in the straight-backed chairs
and new steep light
seeps back
over our prospective life
campbell Nov 4
You broke my heart before any boy ever could.
You broke my heart with empty promises
and empty bottles.

You broke the bathroom mirror.
You put a fist through the the glass
and left me to pick up the jagged pieces
while you danced around the edges.

My heart never snapped.
It was a sprain
then a fracture
then piece by piece,
is began to crumble.

And all you did
was watch.
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