It’s time for you to let go,
For me to learn and grow.
To spread my wings and fly,
As my goals are as high as the sky.

It’s time to see from my point of view,
Not many choose this path, just a few.
All I want is for you to believe,
That at the end of the day I will succeed.

It’s time to bid goodbye.
Not for long, just for a while.
Life’s a game of hide and seek.
With each one’s journey incredibly unique.
Waffles 1d
If I were to draw me
If I were to paint me
If I were to create a physical representation of me me

I would draw a dancer
One who seems in control
Like she has it together
Like she has full command of her movements, of the floor, of her partner, of the music
She knows what she is doing and she is doing it well
Her partner trusts her
The floor trusts her
She does not trust her
She is making it up as she goes
But she knows she is making it up wrong
But they can't know that.

I would draw a child
full of insecurities
Full of rebellion
Full of doubt - in herself; in the world
A black hole for love
A vessel of fear
But they can't know that either

I would draw me as a kind warrior. A commander
as I step into an imaginative reality that is aided by games, by friends.
I am confident there.
My mistakes are large, but there is nothing real to lose - we can always try again.
My compassion is a rare gem, noticed by any who get close enough to look
(mainly jagged rocks are seen in these seas)
The friendships are Real. And I am too.

I would draw myself as a child.
At least, that is how it would look at first
I would be standing next to a man, my dad.
Upon looking closely, one would realize the man is the child.
And the child is the adult.

I would draw myself as a mom
Picked by her kids. Chosen. Looked up to.
Seen as cool, wise, infallible. A great mom. One full of love.
They would only be right about that last part
And they would only be right about that last part sometimes
Blake 1d
I need you to know that if i could give you any gift this year...

It wouldn’t be another dressing gown
Or a best dad mug.
No football season ticket,
Or the same brown slippers.
It wouldn’t be a crate of beers,
Or a Bruce Springsteen book.
It wouldn’t be a thousand Yorkshire tea bags,
Or a new set of hair.
Even desperately need one.
And I promise not another Africa lynx box set.

My Dad
I would reverse my birth for you.
And like a jumbo pack
It would reverse my harsh words,
It would reverse the financial problems,
It would reverse mum’s escape.
It would reverse your time wasted on me,
It would reverse my cage,
It would reverse your hobbies that disappeared,
All the red lines that appear in your not so white eyes.
And your unsettling stressed mentality of dealing with work and me.

Dad I would reverse it all for you.

You always deserved everything that this world could give and my birth was just a sin against your own freedom.
Instead of you daydreaming back on the old days, you should have been daydreaming of the new days to come.

So for next year on this same day,
You’ll be finally living the California Harley Davidson dream with the love of your life...mum.


Happy non Father’s Day.
If only i had the courage to show you this ❤️
you love me.
you say it all the time.
“i love you”
it’s my fault i don’t believe it, isn’t it?
it’s my fault i don’t trust you.
i’m being dramatic, paranoid, unfair.
always ungrateful.
i can never appreciate you
can i? you
clothed me and fed me.
every once in a while, you offered support.
and let’s not forget:
you love me.
you love melovemelove m e
you’ve said it so many times it’s
lost all meaning you
love me. just like you
love expensive lipstick and
love good food and
love pretty clothes.
“i deserve to treat myself”
you did. do. always.
doesn’t matter what the treat is

how can i complain
when there are people out there whose parents
beat them
(you didn’t.
you hit me. lots. but it wasn’t bad and i was young and i don’t remember, it
doesn’t matter),
tell their children how much they’ve failed
(you didn’t.
you didn’t need to. your
cold shoulder and cold eyes and cold words said it all,
froze me in place.
but it wasn’t bad and i was young and i don’t remember, it
doesn’t matter),
throw their children out of their house
(you didn’t.
i left,
before you could convince me
i was wrong about myself. but
it wasn’t bad and i was young and i don’t remember, it
doesn’t matter.)

you tolerated who i actually was,
adored who you thought i was.
that’s enough, isn’t it?
it is more than enough.
it has to be.
it’s love.

i shouldn’t complain.
i won’t complain.
i can’t complain.
Skylar 1d
She says


is currency

and I couldn’t agree less.
Sometimes I think I'm over it,
And sometimes maybe I am.
But it doesn't mean that I forget
The sting of your raised hand -
How could I?
I know you think that we are fine,
But my smiles are a lie
I think about it all the time.
Now maybe it was all the drink,
Or you're just not angry anymore
But tell me what am I supposed to think
When you walk through that door?
You've stumbled home,
And I can see that glazed look in your eyes
I still make sure that I'm not alone,
And tell myself that I'm not five
(Or nine,
Or twelve)..
Riddle me this;
Was it as bad as I recall
Or could I not see that it was mostly bliss
Until you sometimes hit a wall?
(it was never a wall)
But still you made me who I am,
See I promised myself I'd never settle
For another hateful little man,
I'll wear this strength just like a medal.
So maybe I should thank you,
How fucked up would that be?
I don't know maybe I'm confused
But I'm damn proud of being me.
Tough love or hate; I still wont break
So hey look at me now
Can't you see I'm fucking great
Come on and take a bow.
Thank you / Fuck you
Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemary’s baby is a baby of mine,
Rosemary’s baby dropped right on time for me.
Rosemary’s baby is a baby of mine,
Rosemary’s baby dropped right on time for me.

My wife and I, we couldn’t have kids,
So we called Rosie and now we have three.
Our surrogate, suffragette,
Sacrificed, all she had to give.
A selfless act, an adopted kid,
A world of joy is all Rosemary could give.

Now Rosemary’s baby, is a baby of mine,
Rosemary’s baby dropped right on time for me.
Rosemary’s baby is a baby of mine,
Rosemary’s baby dropped right on time for me.

We had waited for years, to become parents,
In just nine months, Rosie showed us our Heaven.
A baby boy called Ethan, with pale blue eyes,
A year later, the twins lay at his side.

Little Rosie and little Mary,
Have made us such a happy family.

Now Rosemary’s babies are babies of mine,
Rosemary’s babies, dropped right on time for me.
Rosemary’s babies are babies of mine,
Because Rosemary’s babies,
Brought our family to life.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Plant a baby

Why be average, when you can be extra ordinary?
Why write a letter of complaint, when you could write a story?

I have fallen head over heels and landed flat on my face.
I need you to pick me up and make me yours.
Love, love and hate, hate.
Let me paint you a picture of the two of us in love.

Harvest a baby and grow an acorn;
Fall makes leaves fall all around us,
To show summer has come and gone.
Pass the test paper, or at least try your best.
Grow a conscience and intellect, alongside your cress.

Create life with a seed and hope for a better tomorrow;
Plant a baby on Sunday and forever heal its sorrow.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I wish they’d leave me alone,
I wish that I could be in another country, thousands of miles apart.

But then I watch a video of a man crying for having cut out his father for the same reason, whose father is now dead.
Do I dare do the same thing?

When I see them, it’s all good, but when I leave them I know it was all pretend.
I’m left with a fish bone
Wedged in my throat
Weighing heavy on my chest.
I can’t breath.
And I want to die.

Is it fair that they leave me
Feeling this way?
With guilt leaving me tripping
For days.

I am told
I’d be better off
If I cut them out of my life.

I know this, but how?
How do I cut them out.
When they’re like leaches
Sucking the blood out from my veins
And when I tear them off
I cry out in pain.

The people
Who I call
Mum and dad
Who I’ve been told
I should love and cherish
Are not the people that
I want to call
Mum and dad.
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“Sorry”,they said,
“No matter how many times,
You shook your head,
Provided with all the necessities,
Now move ahead.

No matter what you say,no matter what you feel
Now get up and be brave,
With time,all your wounds may heal
You wouldn't be taken care of,
So better look for your own meal

There wouldn’t be a lullaby singer;make it a habit now
There wouldn’t be anyone to wake you up,
You have to adjust anyhow,
And don’t be a mischievous kid,
Now take a faithful vow.

Come to us now;it's time for goodbye,
They said they’ll love you like we both,
Albiet it’s a lie.
But you have to be independent now,
Go son! It’s a goodbye”.
How a 10 year old poor kid is sent away from his parents for studies!
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