If the world is round

Why would there need to be an East and  a West?

Why would there need to be borders and lines?

Why would there be a need for a divide?


Is it a word created for


Is it a word created for


There would be no such thing as

Why are there notions like these

Why would there be a need for these

If things were different

Would now be different

Not better

Not worse

Just different
Apparently I'm still not over it
Would you look for
the atlantic coast
Where your dad
dropped you off
and became a ghost

Could you come and find
that tree in red
The one they found him under
with the hole in his head
Zach 6d
I hate them.

They make me say that

They give me no other choice

I have no free will of my own in this home

I have no say in the matters that directly affect me

I'm just a viewer watching the TV about the boy who hates his parents

It's unhealthy, but who's fault is that?

The ones who get pissed at me because of the most minor of things, the ones who punish me over reasons that to be honest, aren't reasons in the slightest whatsoever and honestly it makes me want to scream

I have no control over this steering wheel that's driving my life

It's hitting bumps and crashing into every and all things bad

And I'm basically helpless to stop it

I have no control over my own life.
Amanda S Feb 11

i was bloody knuckles and
bruised wrists
hiding beneath broken tables
and a heart beating too fast
to keep up with.

she lived in lies
while i was busy building walls to
barricade the battle cries
haunting me at night.

he was beer bottles and
a brazen tongue twisting
words into bullets,
firing empty threats
at a child far too gone.

i didn’t ask for
reckless rages and
abuse that left me
struggling to stay alive
nor did i want to experience
the epitome of a nightmare.

i was afraid.
love was an unfamiliar concept,
spilling out of their skulls,
staining the tile floor
and there’s no way to pour
it all back,
so im left homeless
in a dark alley way,
begging for a miracle
i know won’t come.
what more can i say to express how i feel?
ShowYouLove Feb 10
Hush now my child dry your little eyes
The one who made you hears your little cries
Hush now my darling be not afraid
For you are safe and in his hands you are laid
Hush now my little one dream your sweet dreams
His angels keep close though they are unseen
Hush now my baby rest your sweet head
For he is awake while you sleep in bed
Sleep now my child so safe and so sound
Can you feel our love and blessings that abound
Wherever you go he is close at hand
Someday my baby I pray you'll understand
One day you'll be grown and we'll be so proud
Every night by your bed on our knees with heads bowed
We prayed for you in every moment that came
For joy, blessings, and that in his arms you'd remain
Close your eyes and take a breath let sweet sleep descend
Let your worries fall away with the day's end
I remember her
All strong
Mighty, as she should be
As she was told to be
Her father cried the night before she entered here
“messed up world”, they depict
But her heart was ready
Together with the child waiting in her womb.
She was strong
she was staring outside the window for too long
her mind was there
trying to process how life treated her
she sang through the silence
filling content in her conscience
she was happy
She went there
That long path, not fully grown
But she got back on her own.
”are you ready?”
She always is
and there, a touch on her back
the warmest touch in existence
she looked,
and there, stood a man
with eyes looking at her like the sun,
she knew she was lost in those eyes
with a contagious smile
she knew she had to remember,
he held her with the promise of forever
she knew he’s the one

she was ready,
and the red-colored carpet was as ready for her to take.
pk tunuri Feb 3
When you can't help yourself, they say
You are not passionate enough okay

You can't run away
You will end up regretting every day

Is this how you repay
Your parents! Think before you betray

When you can't help yourself, they say
Even gods can't help you today
There will be a point of time in everyone's life where they can't help themselves.
We get to listen to all types of
discouraging lines unfortunately
when we CAN'T HELP Ourselves.
Will you stop yelling?
Your hurting me...
My heart is aching,
I can’t breathe.

Can you leave me alone?
Your making me cry,
I feel empty and broken,
Don’t make me.

Do you want to make me angry?
It hurts keeping it in,
I wanna scream,
I’ll punch you...

I don’t care anymore, but do you?
You’ve pushed me to the limit,
I’ve been quiet for 13 years,
I just wanna let it out...

Your not a very good parent because I’m scared of you,
I flinch when you raise your hand suddenly,
You say, “I’ve never hit you.”
Oh, but I remember.

You spanked me with the belt because I didn’t eat,
You slapped me on the side of the face with your rings because I annoyed you,
You hit me in the back of the head with the brush when I cried at the knots in my hair,
You almost pushed me down the stairs because I couldn’t do math.

Please just stop yelling at me...I hate that I love you even after what you’ve done...
How many times do you have to hurt me until it’s enough?
You're a traitor.
I wish you nothing but pain.
How dare you question the idea,
that I am just like my enemies.

No, I'm sorry. So sorry. So sorry.
You're right. You know what's best.
What do you mean it's not severe?
I thought we were friends.

Friendship manifests as fear.
How could not know this?
Isn't it like that for everyone?
Fuck you. Just fuck you.

You're the reason why I'm here.
You're gonna lose your job,
you fake.
I bet you love the rest more.

And I'm sure they can't love you.
Because they're all normal.
Fucking children playing adults,
nothing like its mixture.

Yeah, it happened.
Maybe. Maybe I'm just crazy.
What do you mean I'm not crazy?

You think you know everything?
You bastard. Get off my case.
You're fucking staring at me.
Did I do something to hurt you?

Youre a fucking liar.
You know he's evil.
Not like me, what the fuck?
It is you!

You're the one who fucking hurt me.
Just like my father.
You two.
Heh, you, too.

I don't know, sometimes it feels,
like there's so much in my head
that I can't feel it.
You feel?

I like the pain, huh?
I hate you.
I hate you.
You're fired.
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