I made you, and to the life I gave you
You are mine, I need you my absent
My son, I'm praying you return
My heart is squeezed, my misses burn

My son it's a long distance, how can I run?
So sonny I'll continue being patient,
A patient mother as before I've begun
You are mine, my absent son

I'm usually crying over your depart
I wrote for you poetry, my sorrow was a art
When you were descending to the plain
With your wife and your horse pushed the cart

You pushed it emotionally
And horse pushed mechanically
I remember when you left us apart

So sonny I'll continue being patient,
A patient mother as before I've begun
I can't forget you, no all forgets its part
I'm as a sky, you are like a sun
The sun will shine glossy, when you come

No light without you
You are mine, my absent hun
I'm waiting for your gratitude
To see your mom..

Ako 19h

I went back
But, my mind wandered
Off to seek a haven
Where this pieces would fit

Those were the only days
Where I was a statue
And not a godforsaken flesh
In a straitjacket

Are the place where you go
As a storm coming in
Heading your way
Wreaking you over,
Bashing your reality,
Being an acid in your little lemon life,
They are the white limbo
You heart wants to go
Are not they?

I am at the place
Where I gauge the years to empty
Where it is dark
Where it is white
Where no roses grow
Where no crows caw
Where my heart vacant,
A kenopsia
(Turning the page)
(I turn the page)

What is home?

A Kenopsia
RLG 1d

Holes are dug:
a rite of passage
for the young
and beaming
as parents delight
in viewing themselves
from long ago.
The fickleness of thought:
the world has changed --
the world is not so different...
a trench without purpose:
made meaningful
with ethereal sentiment.

There will always be
this life on the sand
where little can be
enhanced or altered.
Grit will always
find its way into
the unseen grooves of
bags and toes;
the sand of timelessness,
of now and yesterday.
Castles are built and
fall and are built again.
And the sand will remain,
and little, so little,
will change.

Iz 2d

Daddy always warned me, when he was sober, to never get drunk.
Daddy always told me, when he was drunk, how he never wanted to be sober again.

mk Sep 10

the paper house is blowing away
with the winds of confrontation
the paper people tear and reform
their hands no longer connected
the wars are now in the form of words
and silences

we used to watch these lives on t.v.
never thought they would happen to me
but the hurricane approaches and paper houses fall down
i will have to build myself up from the ground
but i don't have the glue or the scissors
or even the paper people to fix
so i'll sit in this corner and watch the parade
nobody thought it would end up this way

please stop fighting

voice alone
drives me
to tears, i'm crying
in my mom's bedroom,
holding an ancient phone
and a slip of paper my
therapist gave me,
a number to call if
i felt the world was too
much, and it was.
she asks me too many questions.

the first line stanza is inspired by Rupi Kaur.
YH Sep 3

but oh, you have no idea,
how the whole world amassed for you;
you are of the stars in galaxies,
your home is in the heart of earth,
nature delights you with all the sights,
the philosophies,
and your bearers shed a fragment of their vitality for your sake.
Be glad.
Don't forget.
You are always being embraced by the universe.
— Y.H.

It hurts to become,
gentle fervor.

You are not alone.

(c) Y. H.
rey Sep 1

every sunday me and my family
would take a trip to san diego
a 3 hour car ride there
a 1 hr and half car ride back
it would start off pleasant
with the excitement to see my cousins
i would listen to music quietly
with my headphones and stare out the window
all the hedges and trees disappearing by
all those beautiful hues of green

i remember one sunday in particular
as the day turned to night
my dad hit my mom
a quick punch to her left temple

i remember screaming and crying
with my brother in the backseat

and as we both cried softly in the backseat
as my parents continued to fight
we would stare outside the window
for that 1 hr and a half
and dream of a better life

and it was like this every sunday
an 1 hr and half trapped with two people
that were supposedly in love

Mims Aug 29

I didn't have a dad to tell me not to date boys,

I didn't have a dad to tell me people weren't toys,

I didn't have one to tell me right from wrong,

I didn't have one to ask for advice when I wronged,

I didn't have a dad to encourage me,

Didn't have one to tell me its okay to be scared, existing can be scary.

I didn't have a dad to tell me he loves me,

I had a mom for that.

Faridah Aug 27

I feel, invisible
Was I born for decoration?
You say I'm important
But your actions contradict
Your words - no
Your lies
That you want me here
Because all you have done
is destroy the trust, that,
To be honest
Never existed in the first place.

You say I never listen
But when last did you look at me
Really look -
Through my angry disguise
And realise, you are the disappointment
I tell you what you have done
And you tell me what I have done, wrong
I was trying to change;
Why should I change
For somebody who will never change, ever
Because you are right, I am wrong,
And stupid for ever trying
To convince you.

All you have done
Is made it worse
In turn
My anger has erupted
Is my genuine happiness
supposed to be
a side effect of yours?
Because I think I have become immune
And you have been feeding me this medicine for too long
If I put you first
You downgrade my actions
and turn them into dust, somehow
If you put me first
I must have asked.

Can you admit
That what I want is not
What you want
Can you respect that
Or do you enjoy complaining
And over
About things that
You don't try to prevent
But now I don't care
Because you didn't - don't care
That I cared
That I tried.

You resent my actions
And complain
Denigrating who I am
But that is your opinion
And your opinion does not
Dictate my life
when you never even listen to mine
If you do not want me here
Why did you bring me
Just so you can show me off for
One hour
One hour of fake
And downgrade me
For the next five
Stop trying to change me
Because you made me who I am
Whether you like me or not
Even if you are never
really here.

You are going to say the same
For me
I am trying to change
But you are not
Because you are using me as
An excuse
To justify yourself
And your actions
I am not vouching for your acceptance -
Frankly, I resent who you
Are turning me into:
The opposite of who you
Want me to become.

I walk like
I talk like
I look like
A decoration
I say why
I shout why
I stop myself -
Now I'm in trouble/
At least, I'm no longer
But what do you expect
When you treat me like an obligation
What do you expect
From an ugly decoration?
Never mind
After reading this you'll just get angry
And punish me for having feelings
And shout at me for having feelings
And say I'm wrong, discard my feelings,
Replace them with yours

And I'll say I'm stupid
For believing you would listen
For once.

Did you notice, I always stop talking
Because I will end up saying how I really feel
And waste my breath
So I wrote it instead;
Paper listens to me
in a way
You never have.

It's like you care because you have to, not because you want to. You can't just throw food and money at me, and then say, 'I didn't raise you like this'. You raised me, and changed me, who I am - tainting your perfect image.
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