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Tetra Hachiko Dec 2021
Where do you get off
saying such things so aloft
Things you don't deserve
words you didn't earn
Forcing feelings I cannot stand
This was never my plan
How could you be this way?
Twisted, such a poor display
of all we have been taught
who could've ever thought
We'd end up here
Feelings so severe
I can't go back.
panic attack.
I thought I would wait:
thought we were meant to be, thought it was fate ~
Not to worry, we’d meet again at a later date
at a better place, in a better state
But when longing was no longer, was it too late?
Or perhaps it was all just fake -
destiny twisted, star-crossed stakes
To meet again, feel again, only for it to break
yet again. You were another bait.
I see it now, nothing really awaits ~
They used us to play, oh twisted fate.
fate can be. t w i s t e d
Raven Oct 2021
Written spells and locked doors.
Mental dispels and cursed flaws.
Aching tensions and delusional illusions.
Illusive dreams and paths to explore.
Wide awake, like a bat...
My mind is on high alert, it never goes to sleep.
Constant mental chatter, an over-active mental state.
It is eternal and I live in the misery and learn to control it.
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.
My mind is it's own person, it's own monster.
It opposes different ideologies, beliefs, and conflicts, into one.
I question my mind and talk to myself like a mad clown.
Conversating in my own form.

Boundless amount of wit and seedless unpleasant jokes.
Dark and uncensored, explicit and provocative.
A ***** tongue with **** lips to make you want to play with me more.

But am I really what you desire?
Or have you created your own storm.
Do I reflect you?
Or do you just reflect yourself through me.

Smile through the misery, you can't die with a serious face.
Stitch up the corners and pull it up high so you never have to cry again.
Maybe I am you, or maybe I am just suffering through my own madness.
Maybe my madness has become someone else.
My actions of contradictory displays.
But you love me though...

Lets play
WickedHope Sep 2021
who would know
   burns so sweet
      stings like salt
         reach so deep
            head tipped back
        twisted little girl
who would know
   fingers curled tight
      red stains faded
         nails deeply embedded
            tooth shredded tongue
        broken little girl
who would know
    who would know
        do you know
Get out of my head
Get out of my head
Get out of my head

I hate that I'm even considering it. I hate that I want this. I hate that I love this. I should really have just killed George.
dailythoughts Aug 2021
sitting still with moving thoughts
pretending nothing can break me more
you come and go like the wind
leave me wondering if I should feel warm or cold

suffering for sanity
only smiles on my face
guts are sickened of my imagery frame
praying for a better God’s plan

every once awhile I win the battle
of sanity and peace within
there you come again with twisted turns
blurring my worth with your twisted says
Dear Stalker,

Cold hands,
I think I'm starting to miss you;
Someone I know that's not here,
a person distant, but yet so close.
-It's funny, I've never spoken to you-
But eye contact is all it seemed to be.
We live different lives, with our families.
But once a while, we gaze eyes, and see
each other through the haze.
I think i' am attracted,
strings attached,
but our ends
could never
I find it funny,
How someone I seen stalking me,
could become my own obsession,
that I think of every day.
It's unhealthy;
and that's why I chose to stay away from you.
But somewhere deep down inside me,
I think I love you too.
I' feel weird.
Karijinbba May 2021
Cold twisted and icy
meandering slides.
are my enemies alone
on their down and out,
this my poetesses domain.
Enjoy your own slippery
slimy ***** cliff ride down.

Lately a very confused entity
paid to keep me busy writing
back while being intimately
intrusive has failed.
A snake in my old flame's
paradise or my kid's world.
Arranged to distract me again
from my true love's path
agreed upon eons prior.

I can intuit a fools intentions
and did cut that naga off soon.
I love on free will alone.
not fooled to play games
In the name of love.
I don't care for pimps lures.
By Karijinbba
All rights reserved 1954-2021-
I return to you all
your arrows ball of fire
you sent me with undying
unending deadly force.
Give you back only
your eye for an eye
as company
for your new boom trips
Jennifer DeLong Apr 2021
Awoke to a different reality
Strange feelings
flowing on my body
Strange sensations
got me shivering
Do , I stand up
no I will just sit here
maybe , I will awake
might still be asleep
Hope , I am just dreaming
This would be a
a messed up reality
Dripping walls
Colors twisted
Sensations crawling &
So , I am just gonna sit here
till , I awake back to

© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
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