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KAE 1d
oh darling...
whenever you feel down, out of yourself, or even, if you feel that you can't with the situation, because you are not feeling strong enough...

use your Wildcard.

you don't have different personalities for nothing, don't you know?
when you are feeling negative, we are the replacement.
you didn't build another you for nothing, too.

don't be fooled, love. we are the devil in disguise.
reminder: use your Wildcard.
ShadowSpy Sep 5
You'll know its time to leave
If all the truths you are told
Are just twisted lies
Spoken by a masked figure
You once knew
this can apply to any relationship
Daniserena Jul 29
Beautiful hair with a magician hat
every girl falls for him they're blind as a bat.
with his amazing smile and long sleeve striped shirts
when the doors are closed he really hurts.
he's really insane always drinks away from the pain.
He's actually crazy as a clown
But in the public, he'll never frown.
He loves the attention and the gifts the ladies send
but does he realize this will all end?
I tried to make him think and see with his eyes
but the things he keeps saying are a bunch of lies
oh sir magician let me help you
you're all I care about
that's so true...
Moth Jul 21
s t  r   e    t     c      h       i         n       g
long corrrrrridors
ache with those
who once

 T                   l
   H                     k
      E                      e
         M                      d

can you hear their echoes coming back?

from so             F A R              away

                    these mirrored halls?
that distorted the truth
                           and their reality?
thinking about the distortion from the TMA podcast...
Kyle Jul 15
I'm twisted inside.
My emotions are unstable;
And just like my emotions, my choices are also unstable.
It keeps going back and forth.
I'm twisted inside;
And don't know what to do.
It is very confusing.
Rui Rosa Jul 6
You play me like a fool
Like a character in story
In a twisted narrative
Waiting for It to end
Rossyam Hadi Jul 4
Maybe the road
was too twisted,
or could it be the ride
that is too bumpy
for us
to hold on to?

We made promises
that are meant
to be broken,
we made love
that was not
passionate enough.

I thought you
were my forever,
but you turned out
to be my hardest goodbyes,
I will miss your
morning and night wishes.

I can’t find
a way to you,
you are the home
that I will never
come back to.
#AlmostHome talks about a place/person that we will never come back to.
Brckworld Jun 12
Girl of my dreams
Her voice is infatuating
Her eyes are captivating
Together they besiege me

Dreams turn to nightmares
Start to lose control
Satan steals my soul
Oldest Story Ever Told
Lexi May 20
"Behind   the   doors   of   Silence
I'm   the    tree    that's    never   Grown
I'm    the    prisoner    of   your    Pauses
I'm    the    ball    that's    never     Thrown
The   captive   of   your    Caution
There   is    ice     between    my    Teeth
I've    wandered    down    the    twisted     Way
Where    all     the     fences     Meet."
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