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Van Xuan Sep 26
She stares with menace
A custom she can't control
Gray paints her world

She met a kind man
Who gave radiance to her life
A cliche story

People flock on him
Which stains her light with darkness
She is at her end

She is resentful
She want to own him alone
She has a great plan

By midnight they met
She cut his throat nice a swift
"He is mine only"
Erian Sep 16
They say we've got twisted minds
But there's only so much a soul can hide.
I've been in a big Halloween mood lately so here's a little poem for the haunting of the season
aviisevil Sep 11
nor a fox not wise
with claws and pipes

a forests breath
with death ripe

just a day in paradise,
that's all i pray.

no fool for a price
nor a herd for a prize

malfunctioning slight
chocked with parasites

just a day in paradise,
if it wasn't for today.

spoiled thoughts
and foiled spite

caught then boxed
with no air to bite

lost and left,
kept for the nights

in transparent red
herein painted quiet

just a day in paradise,
for the one who pays.

in a stranger's head
with debt of dice

where heaven lays
and the dead shall rise

seven solemn days
that'll never come twice

mourning for prey
by a mornings pride

just a day in paradise,
for a day in paradise

if it wasn't for today.

kissed by the fire
shut with wire

no word nor desire
and made in ice

broken prism's charm
in arms of a lover
born away and in white

doused in hope
and not a dime to pay
no dream nor life

just a day in paradise,
and it'll never go away.

where beauty slays
and inferno hides

dante's meal
and a mountains might

where a valley bleeds
from a pelters diet

melting the stones
and people alike

just a day in paradise,
that's all there's to say.

whence scars bleed
opened far wide

and the hour sleeps
in fear and fright

where words fail
to tell and describe

rotten and stale
fighting the lights

just a day in paradise,
for the one who stayed.

nor a fox not wise
with claws and pipes

a forest's breath
with death ripe

just a day in paradise,
and that's all i pray.
what shall you be in paradise?
String lights reflect in
Your eyes like stars
Emotions build inside
Yet I don't know who you are

My heart bleeds for you
Like fresh cuts across my skin
I would leave it all for you
But you are my sin

My words die at my tongue
Because your eyes swallow me
I am tongue tied
By your intensity

Wailing inside
Because I
Will never be

For you
take hold of that enduring poison
deep within me

that grips my stomach
and winds it around spindly fingers

untangle it
from my familiar web of emotions

be cautious

coax it out of me
little by little

set me free
to blossom in happiness
friends help you feel better
Sunshine Aug 23
i found out all your lies

laid out on the table

thinking you could have played me

but my cards were all worth nothing

counted up against me

you turned into a devil at the game

and i never saw your colours

and i never saw your intentions

but i found out your lies

wasted in the back of another bottle

so tell me that you're okay

because i still want to play to save you

my friends warned me

they told me what was good for me

they told me you spelled trouble

but here you are

cashing in your time spent like its money

placing your bets again

other hands at the table mean nothing to you

but i see all your lies

so don't come for me

because i'll make sure you run out

of fools to play your twisted games
he was my lover
i was his queen
but it was all a game

Zoe Grace Aug 15
New thoughts
Invading my mind
Help me
This is not what i would usually find:

Sick and twisted
Blood and gore
Things that i've never,
Ever thought before.

"You can't have slaughter without laughter!"
"What's a funeral without a bit of fun?!"

Stop it
I'm scared
Millie Aug 13
There’s beauty in the journey some old man said
But the journey is a twisted game
And this player is finally dead
Kenji May 23
Mixin' up these potions, entering the snake bite into my veins.
Playing you like a puppet as I unleash the venom.
Tell me how it tastes...
Lick it, **** it.
Voodoo dolls playing games at your feet and controlling you like you have nothing to hold onto.
I'll have you, and own you.
I'll be your worst nightmare.
Feel my pain, tormenting you.
Infect you, I'll kiss you, I'll **** you.
Consume me, consume me, consume me.
Bite my venom into you neck as you howl in pain.
Like a frost bite, ice cold as the teeth sinks in.
Worship me, your dark goddess.
Pinching needles through your chest and laughing at your cries.
Aching, the pain throbs.
The pain you made me feel, back onto you.
She cheated you, the next one died.
Who's doing was that?
Step on the glass, staple your tongue.
Cries become mere whispers malevolent to your despair.
Eating cotton candy as your heart begins to tear.
I wanna, end you.
Why arn't you scared of me?
Voodoo tricks and mind game master.

North node and Pluto in Scorpio.
-Passionate and deep
-***, death, and transformation

Ascendant and Black moon in Gemini
-Socially jittery
-No sense of self
-Two opposite personalities in one
-Challenging opposites
Silverflame May 10
Like many before me
the mirror is my enemy
it shows me things I don't want to be
it shows me a twisted image of reality

It haunts me from within
by planting hoaxes under my skin
burned to my core is the malicious grin
hatched from the depths of my mirror twin
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