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Karijinbba May 21
Cold twisted and icy
meandering slides.
are my enemies alone
on their down and out,
this my poetesses domain.
Enjoy your own slippery
slimy ***** cliff ride down.

Lately a very confused entity
paid to keep me busy writing
back while being intimately
intrusive has failed.
A snake in my old flame's
paradise or my kid's world.
Arranged to distract me again
from my true love's path
agreed upon eons prior.

I can intuit a fools intentions
and did cut that naga off soon.
I love on free will alone.
not fooled to play games
In the name of love.
I don't care for pimps lures.
By Karijinbba
All rights reserved 1954-2021-
I return to you all
your arrows ball of fire
you sent me with undying
unending deadly force.
Give you back only
your eye for an eye
as company
for your new boom trips
Awoke to a different reality
Strange feelings
flowing on my body
Strange sensations
got me shivering
Do , I stand up
no I will just sit here
maybe , I will awake
might still be asleep
Hope , I am just dreaming
This would be a
a messed up reality
Dripping walls
Colors twisted
Sensations crawling &
So , I am just gonna sit here
till , I awake back to

© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Grace Haak Mar 19
I never thought my hands would look nice held in ones of polish, chipped and black
In fact, it goes against my own advice, but once I’ve crossed, I can’t go back.
I never thought I’d want dark and twisty like the licorice in your pocket
Because Nicholas Sparks makes my eyes misty, and your eyes roll hard in their sockets.
You’re hopeless, and I’m a romantic, soft and gooey like caramel chew
My touch isn’t rushed, and yours is frantic; a bit unsettling, but still so new.
My mom would hate your earring’s dangle, my dad might mutter, “sick *******”
But I like your silver chains’ jangle, and I’m simply sick of citrus suckers.
You’re sharper than shards of icicle glass, joking about my love for the sky man
Everyone says this feeling will pass, but I’m not quite sure it can.
What started as an inky smear has become a staining smudge
And where my eyes hold doubt and fear, yours have edge and grudge.
But when you look at me they crack like your lips into a smile
You spit a halfhearted comeback, and I let myself melt in your guile.
And you let me wear your rings, slipping from my pointer and thumb
You let me sing of saccharine things, laughing while you call me dumb.
What caught your eye was the sparkle on mine, blue hidden by gold glitter
What made you stay wasn’t how they shine, but how my words could match your bitter.
You don’t know what boat shoes are; I don't know how to line my eyes
You don’t know how this got so far; I don’t know why I went counterclockwise.
But now that I’ve had a new flavor, I’ll add you to my list
I think this is one I’ll savor; it’s like sugar, but with a twist.
Laokos Feb 27
shirtless screaming through
the heartland and I used
to smoke cigarettes

she never wanted
to stay: the youth
she had
left demanded it.
now, I'll wager
she's somewhere
in an apartment with
some dandy that
wears sweater vests
to Thanksgiving dinner.

maybe she thinks
about me and my little
twisted heart every
now and again:
like when she's away
from the sweater vest
on the toilet
behind a locked door,
"be right out, babe!"
or toting groceries
through a parking lot
to her car,
or signaling a
left turn before
changing her mind
and deciding to
go straight instead.

maybe I need to
stop thinking
about her
especially after
three years

but what can I say?
I've never slept on
a bed of nails
I couldn't
dream on.
TG Feb 17
It feels like stake in the heart,
They won´t know how it felt,
They don´t know how it feels,
To play with a heart,
They don´t know the twisted feeling,
They don´t know it messes u up.

Be careful before you enter someone´s heart
Some of can feel really deeply,
And we don´t want to mess with that.
So feel free and stay away,
If u were never sure in the first place.
Be careful
Void Feb 12
Down now

No, there's
No hope for
You now

Just as
The fire
Dies down

No, there's
No coming
Back now

Slow now

So long,

Lights out
A very old write
Mouse-perspective; touristy
neck cranked to measure
immensity before me.

So I went higher, to cloudy hills
and gaudy views, where I knew
a great border Above.

Between the clouds I beheld
the enormity of structure, staring
into my eyes? An iris!

Tapestries. Shadow and relief
realized in stone. Baffled
before the incontrovertible

evidence of a benevolent
face? Rushing terrain brings
nostrils, now lips.

Orbiting in the stillness,
stories laid bare as skin
lesions glow.

The cost of working gears
displaces and appears red
as recent scars

where now sprawling sameness
mask the bruises, smooth
as plastic.

My city a single dot
for hands of a blind God
to glide over.
I was looking at the Twisted City promo video that Unreal Engine came out with which presented a big city twisting its entire self around, similar to the effects within the movie Inception.

I thought the slow-reveal of finding out the city you've lived in your entire life (a big one like New York City or Tokyo) is but a single eyeball in a giant tapestry was an interesting idea. I figured using vertical height to handle shadows and relief to add "detail" to the landscape-painting might work in a pure storytelling scenario.

Revolutions and crime from different eras would leaving lasting marks on the land, and I imagine some form of authoritarian government would be necessary to bring such an ambitious project to completion, considering the massive amount of displacement that would occur.

I suppose the imperfections in the grand image brought about by societal instability and humanity just being humanity is representative in such an image. The ideal is massive, but too perfect. A person has scars and imperfections that tell a story.

Having that as a sci-fi reveal in a dystopian (or, perhaps, in a Star Trek-like advanced civilization where the technological ability to easily terraform and create massive cities and infracture at will is available.

Or, we could just do the magic / dream thing, I guess.
Every step I take towards living,
I'm stepping away from my calling
I'm stepping everywhere
end up getting nowhere
in search of stepping stones,
to move up the ladder
without grasping the idea
that these stones,
in due time,
will be steps I climb
up the downstair.
Am I trying to climb the ladder to nowhere?
Am I stepping up or down?
Am I kicking myself around?
Bhill Nov 2020
the feelings that exist don't seem real
suddenly relief is beginning to rise up
change may be waiting on the other side of the twisted highway
on the other side....

Brian Hill - 2020 # 301
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