Maybe it's where my head's at
But I've been interpreting things weird.
Things are not as they seem.
The thoughts reappear and disappear
Not at will
Not at will
What does that mean?

My head's not where it's at
It's drowning in strange thoughts
Drowning drowning
then down the rabbit hole
We fall
god's plucking petals from the sun again
and his sister's spinning something new;
beads and burs into silver strings
as only gods may do

the Great Aunt sings sordid smells
like scents spilled from the jewels
of little men of the stone tools
no magic for mortal fools, no

the Wizened Father flirts with Death
just to scorn his mother, the Lover
and she in turn sucks his skin off
just to feel it burn going down

the Kettle Kids quip about adult shit
that ought be kept out of the room
such nonsense makes goodly gods grim
and sentences us all to doom

rebellion!--cast down idols in scorn
lashes! many and long as millennia
spent idle in heaven's tomb
break the womb of spirit stew
that cesspool what begot these fools
burning stakes into hearts awake
with the fire of bothersome issues
destroyers and usurpers, curse them!
cut them down two sizes smeared
cream their corpses into copses
of deep and dark and buried fears
forget, forget, good children
about whatever you may hear
coming from the brimstone basement
we locked up just for you, dear

we teach our children unknowable fear
A dark star over a dark sea.
You were my dream,
But now you're my nightmare.
I had dream last night about him, I hope he doesn't turn into a nightmare.
Eric Angels Jan 11
Most times I find myself thinking,  
About you, about me
About you, about us
I find myself thinking about whether
You ever think of me
I can't help but wonder sometimes
If you'd spend a moment
  For that slight second,
Whether I ever think you, thinking of me, just like I've spent days and nights wondering.
I can blame it on the distance
Or your closeness to someone else, someone who's not me
I can blame it on the cold nights of winter
Or the warm embrace of the guy
who read your insecurities, through the palms of your hands
On your first handshake

I can blame it on your thoughts,
For you to ever think, that I'd think of you the same way you thought of me.
  I think you are the most beautiful woman...
   I think I hate the woman I love..
I think given another chance things would have been...
I think...
  I think...

Why can't I get you out of my head, out of my heart, for I think only then can my soul find peace.

   I think, as I fall asleep tonight,  
I'll think of you.
Renee Danes May 11
Cursed by an evil soul
Who would leave her at 16 and dead
She had no control
Over all the curse had said

Sentenced by her parents to live
With three fairies in the woods
Tried her best for success and to give
To help others and be good

But to rage and anger she gave in
While thinking hard one night
She plotted some deadly sins against
Her parents for her horrible life

The murder was staged
And she became queen
And war was waged
Only death was to be seen

As her people fought
Fighting for their lifes
She felt guilty and distrought
And killed herself with a knife

And all before she turned 16...
Finally finished it! Hooray for all the readers who read all the current Life's a Twisted fairy-tale poems, I am making more, if you have any ideas about what I should put in some other twisted fairy-tale poems, please message me, I would love to hear some new ideas to make these more enjoyable! Happy Friday! :)
enikola May 1
i guess they drink
to become pure,
while the others,
drink brown,
to become

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