Katie Miller Jan 7
Twist the stem
And I was scared
As I got close to your name
It landed on just that one letter
That you write on every paper
And letter and note
Because you were the letter of my apple stem

I was told when I was younger
“Twist a stem, that person will love you”
But now I realize that if you plant a stem
Nothing will grow from it but hope
A twisted stem detached from the apple
Means nothing but the fact
That I love you

I thought that I could love you
If my red apple told me so
And I was right because I really do love you
I eat apples until I’m sick and can’t stomach the thought of anymore
But that means nothing with a twisted branch
And all that’s left
Is a broken apple stem
When I was younger, I was told that if you hold an apple and twist the stem while saying the alphabet, whichever letter the stem broke on would be your next true love. I was doing this with a friend today (even though we're almost 16) and I realized how silly it was for the thousandth time. I knew it was ****** and ridiculous, but I kept doing it, simply because of hope.
Sam Jan 5
Lately, death is everywhere.
It sits on the rim and recites the contrition of unburied mad.

Nectar dusted glasses, these shards raised you.
Contoured as cells that neat flesh together.

How far we stretch when flavours dull
and loose thoughts the last we push around our tongue.

Demons that swirl, unfolded for the world in aching concession
how sorrow leans heavy on the bones.

The shroud of charred meat in cinnamon bowls
the bounty paid for such paper skin.

These apparitions scream in a plume of citrus,
saliva like flint drawing moths to the table.

They fatten and wilt on undissolved thunder,
every ground memory, the feeding vessels
of freshly silken delirium.

Wax palms crumble a powdered hate.

I'll never shake that screech.
Piercing as brass embracing brass,
the sound of death still tepid with the stench of rotting fruit.

We circle, a grey vacuum between wheels
and the unresponsive telephone.

I clawed clean every last piece of static
as I hummed the silence at those eyes in the wall.

Our last supper.
He laughs at me
Daring me to take him in
He curses my home
With Blood
And Poison
Which escapes his skin

I'm hungry
And broken
Deep down
The ****-fire burns
Beneath my skin

Let me be
Who I am
Is more than
What it seems

So I carry my load
Across this wilderness
I am going to miss
The delights
Within these trees
So, it's destiny
To fall

And fight
Can someone
And release me
From this prison

All may be my demise
As *** holds me close
Tells me not to weep
To my muse
As long foretold

I am a vagabond now
Abhinav Dec 2018
A dark mare in a moor in twilight
Stood gazing into my eyes, as was the rite
Everytime I needed to slip away
And perhaps it is this very escape that doesn't let me stray
For here is peace, here is home
In a treacherous world, a tranquil roam
A twisted place, maybe, in a twisted psyche
Woven into the very broken essence of me.
Sara Kellie Dec 2018
Could I have your shoulder
when I need to cry
and not be worried
when I can't say why?

Would you offer your hand
when I am ill,
feel weak
and cannot stand?

Would you lend me your ear
when I am troubled,
worried and shaking
with fear?

Will you offer me your arm
when I'm upset
or shaken
and make me feel calm?

Would you ever suspect me
of collecting
body parts
and call the police?

Poetry by Kaydee.
Twisted poetry by
the twisted poet.
Hello Daisies Dec 2018
Now 8pm feels like 4am
I'm running off of nothing
Dark blood bleeds from my face
twisted thing is I'm too far gone to care this is the way i am
Im so tired im working so hard trying ro get better and its getting worse the nose bleeds wont stop they go on for so long my body is weaker everyday and i just hope i die
Nothing is ok and never will be again
KAE Dec 2018
Dear Elena

dear Elena, do not give your heart to anyone. not everyone deserves it
dear Elena, keep your heart and your most beautiful feelings for the indicated or someone worthwhile
dear Elena, hide your purity
dear Elena, take care of yourself. Nobody breaks you, no one breaks your purest feelings
dear Elena, be careful in this ***** world, beware of these twisted people
Amanda Dec 2018
I wonder if I will ever understand
You destroyed everything good
You sit there and blame the world
Claiming you are "misunderstood"

You whine that no one gets you
Yet don't bother to explain
You won't let anybody in
You have zero right to complain

Do not say nobody has tried
To open doors to your mind
I personally wasted years knocking
Genuine thoughts I have yet to find

It is hard to accept what someone won't give
Even harder to listen to words they do not share
I tried but it is difficult to love
A person who's presence isn't actually there

You act like I am the one in the wrong
As if I would have jumped ship if you told the truth
My loyalty has proved to be enduring
Been dealing with the same ******* since our youth

It's unfair to make me feel guilty
For taking the course I thought was best
Know I'm sorry for hurting you
But I will not apologize for all the rest

You excel at playing victim
Done it so much you really believe
The universe is conspiring to get you
In denial of the fact you deceive  

My biggest frustration with your fake facade
Is the time you spend fooling yourself
I'm powerless to flip your tired ways
Expose flaws you forced to hide up on some shelf

Fairytale you began fearing is finished
The easiest failure to flee
Freedom pushes frantic fingers further from you
Life to you is but a fading foolish fantasy

Satisfied spinning us round and round
Still I followed your dizzy path
Sedated souls stumbling over obstacles
Sickening secrets revealed without a polygraph

Our twisted relationship takes the most room in my heart
The bitterest sweetest disappointment was you
Though fleeting, this beautiful love was rare
I just wish I knew reasons behind the pain you put me through
I guess I'll never really get it
Kaitlin Evers Nov 2018
Surpressed and hidden from my sight
*** I need your voice and light
For distant memories and forgotten blight
I've been weak and shut them from sight
Easier for me to hide
And pretend, in no realm, do they abide
Kept secret so long it's hard to confide
I fear they'll excuse my faulter's side
Ignore my plight
I'll feel contrite
Convinced I've shown a twisted light
But NO! My words are not twisted
Though my eyes they have misted
My heart is a knot
The truth is rot
They may hide their face but I will not
I ache to stand and say, at least I have fought
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