All the king’s horses and all the king’s men,
None can put me together again.
Every day I sit on that wall,
But the poison’s kicked in and I’ve started to fall.

Mary had a little lamb,
Before it was taken and weighed at 50 kg.
She searched and she searched for that little white coat,
In her woollen shawl with its name on a note.

Incy Wincy spider climbed and he fell,
Stuck in his pipe of internal hell.
Battling smoke and rattling lungs,
But Incy Wincy won’t give it up.

She’s a little teapot, short and stout,
The others laugh and point and shout,
Her self-esteem’s boiling, she’s holding it tight,
Pour it all out while she cannot fight.

Have you got me any wool?
No sir, no sir you took it all.
What do you mean it’s all my fault?
Why do your kisses taste like salt?

Ring-a-ring-a roses shattered in the rain,
They are only flowers, they don’t feel the pain.
All fall, all fall, we all fall down,
Three days rotting before you’re found.
Umi 2d
Endless nights are passing, shadows lurking upon one another, one of greater darkness than the other, just waiting for pray alike a spider,
Fingernails possessed by a woman, sharper than knifes, almost alike claws they are an ornament to her delicate looking sweet body,
Her bloody devotion, driving her mad in a moment of distraction from deep within her split mind, time stands still, meaning is lost,
What's left to hunt in a place in which a monster causes rampage ?
Wasting no time, she seeks her next victim, drenched in impurity.
Approaching it the girl pretends to be gentle, caring yet worried but in truth she had only one plan, to feed of its despair, its infinite pain,
With crimson tears of both joy and fear of what she had become, the gal greets it to the end of its already shortened life after she gained trust, respect, maybe even a little love in this blazing hell with no sun,
Knocking it over she ramms her nails into the flesh of his face, piercing through while making sure he is not able to gain any motion,
Softly, in a slow cruel yet elegant manner she rips off chunks of it,
A distorted scream fills the room, laughter accompanies it as she loses herself to this waving melody of pain, questioning wheter or not to be replaced by the transience they have named life, or wether to live on,
As soon as he stops screaming she cuts through his cheek, getting stuck, breaking away her nail to set her hand free once again,
Nine knifes remain in there after all, surely that would be enough,
Clapping her hands in glee her next motive was a skillful punch to knock him out after her satisfaction of ruining his face had reached its peak in a riot of unexplored, absolutely undefined emotions,
Awaiting the awakening of her pray the lunatic sharpens her nails once again, now they would go on to the second act of her crime,
Tortured with true or false of this action she decides to take a stand
Undressing, simply to draw on the blood drenched body with cutting marks of the finest lines in an art of lunacy, a nightmare,
Recurrance in emotions, recurrance in her actions, for her it's "fun",
Act 3 has come close, it was time to rip him open and reveal his treasure, for what she actually wanted was a heart she never had,
Straight cutting to the mans chest it had been done, all what was needed now would be to break his rips to fully expose his insides,
Ah, phantoms of a long past, as the present burns away with cuts,
The symbol of hatred had achieved her final destiny, at last that is,
Each organ was either ripped off and thrown out in fury or devoured immediately in her hunger she felt whilst working,
Hanging him by his guts she takes everything out till he is hollow,
Lifeless she watches him rot a little, having crushed his bones,
What was left when time is moving once again in a realm of light ?
Her crime goes unrecorded, unnoticed as the corpse became fuel for the fire alike hell, until her twisted mind drags her to do this again

~ Umi
Dear ma’am,

It seems you have stepped on my spleen!
Now you must be confused, but I am not like most people.
You see, most people are rather cliché!

They would say such things as
“you broke my heart”
“you've torn my soul to bits”

But there is no soul, my dear,
except, of course, in a philosophical sense,
for the soul is just the essence of a person, you see.

And the heart, my dear,
only feels pain when sad or angry,
but I am neither.

However, the spleen, my dear, can feel the pain of love
even after the heart has accepted the loss. You see,
the spleen is often affected by Mono, or the “kissing disease."

With such a romantic nickname, my dear,
you’d conclude that Mono is a disease of romance.
However, even after that love is gone, the Mono remains.

So that returns me to my original statement, my dear:
it seems you have stepped on my spleen!
For I have accepted that you have died,

but I still hurt for you.
We hush and tip toe around the guards
Like masters of stealth
"Not caught, but not safe" would exclaim the Bards

A secret flame, kindle
Adding fuel to our spark
The rush will not dwindle

We continue to meet
Though it makes us sick
But desire is not discrete
Make this rendezvous quick

You make me feel loved
I do the same for you
By expectations we're shoved
And there's nothing we can do

I need you
And I know you feel the same
Our encounters are few
And these twisted hearts are to blame
Poetic T Feb 15
Corroded glares emaciate
the surroundings, all that
was is now woven in despair.

The sadness enveloped in
tired souls painting around
this tide of decaying vision.

But within this sulphuric
black look, suffocating any
emotion looking within.

*"Beauty is a corruption,
                          of our egos,
E A Spain Feb 6
I don't love you anymore.
Maybe I do.
I don't want anything to do with you anymore.
But that's a lie too.
A heart broken and fixed, broken and fixed.
What kind of twisted fate of love was this?
I was fortune's fool.
I let something come over my heart and mind to rule.
I feel sick when my mind drifts upon your name.
I'm lovesick and I don't want to be, and you're to blame.
For all of my pain.
Yet none of it matters.
How I feel will never again matter.
Life goes on for you.
I don't want to hold you back.
I wish you the best...
A wave goodbye with these heavy pangs in my chest.
Fake smile painted across my face.
Feeling off and out of place.
As you walk off into the distance without a trace.
Feeling a void, what a tragic tale.
Filling the void with no avail.
Hoping our paths may cross again..
Or maybe this twisted love has finally come to an end.
Written on June 1, 2011
E A Spain Feb 6
Your energy is like a siren's tune
You bring me into your realm with your soul
And embrace me with your ruin
I'm so swept away I don't even realize what you're doin'..
Your clenching around my neck and through the ins and outs I feel whole..
Your darkness and melancholy could fill a room, but whatever happened to that glow?
Signs of the uncalled for and unnatural... I've been seeing them in the moon
You always seem to cross my mind in the afternoon
I've come to know and love you, hope you'll see that soon
We've taken a pause for quite some time but will it ever resume?
Written SATURDAY, JUNE 24, 2017
Amputee too doctor:
You told me too lose weight doc.
Yeah I know, kinda morbid, but funny! :D
mrc Jan 22
when someone's blame turns around
and points it's finger at you, don't back down
stare it in the face--
blame is a beautiful thing that likes
to shift in the inky blackness of deceit
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