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the feeling of your soul
being stretched
ever downward
by loathsome fingers

or the tar
that suddenly
floods your veins

or the ache in your bones
weighing you down
anchoring you to the bed

or the pounding in your head
of the restless prisoners,
the intrusive thoughts
you had tried to repel

or the strain
of all your muscles
slowly clenching until you
hate to move

it's the feeling
that rips the breath from your lungs
the words from your throat
the life from your eyes

the feeling that reduces you to a shadow
nothing more
than the opposite of light

the gut wrenching, heart breaking, endless pain
of i don't love you
rip my body to shreds and gouge my eyes before you say those words
the ocean is alive, her heart beats in the echoing crash against the basalt slabs

the ocean is a creature,
she lives in the daylight
soaking up the sun

she hunts at night, to fill her belly
and sleeps when she's full

the ocean dresses in greens and greys and blues and blacks

she's always changing clothes

the ocean gives and takes away
life, homes, and joy

the ocean is more powerful than man can fathom

with her mighty swells and crashing waves

the rumbles of the tempest and the chaos in her depths

the ocean is alive, and her heart is hard

the ocean is a creature, a beautiful one
do not underestimate her

the ocean is green and gray and blue and black
and she will swallow you up

the ocean gives and takes away
but she rarely shows mercy

the ocean is sister to mother earth
and paralleled in power

the ocean is a force
and she will not be tamed

you have met the ocean, now
but you still do not know her

swim in her depths and meet her creatures

but don't be the one to fill her belly
if you have any thoughts on this poem please share them with me!!!! I'm looking to enter this poem in a contest so let me know how it is!
i have a thirst
only you quench

i need you

like the forest needs the rain

like the beach needs the tides

like the fish needs the water

like the beast needs a drink

i haven't seen you in weeks

and my heart is dry and cracking

my love is arid

it needs you

like i need you

to flow over me

to refresh me

to rain on me

to make your waves on my life

to rest at my shores

i need you
to quench my thirst
woman of the water, channel your oceans for me.
tires on the pavement
just rolling
sunglasses and smiles

we don't know where we're going

we pay it no mind
we're just rolling
windows down
hair tangled

no money to get lunch
adventure fills our stomachs
we don't mind
we're rolling

maybe we're running

just rolling
sun on our skin
fear buried, lodged in our throats

we don't know how much longer we can do this

but it doesn't matter
we're rolling
and if we never stop, so be it
this summer will be eternal
if it must

all that matters
is we keep rolling
im just a brain
im trapped inside my body
I'll never really walk
no one does
i just tell my shell to move
all i can do is think
and manipulate nerves and muscles
im not a perfect brain
i wasn't treated well by other brains
because they weren't treates well by other brains
i almost used my shell to **** me
but i thought too much
overthinking causes me pain
but it saved me that day
im just a brain
but i can cause myself pain?
im just a brain
i dont know what purpose i was created for
and if i think about that for too long I'll cry
because i cant process it
im just a brain
and im very powerful
but i can only use 10 percent of my function
why is this
so many questions
that this lonely brain can't answer
im just a brain
and so are you
and none of us know what to do
this is messy and unorganized and unedited but i had to articulate this feeling.
Rowan Jupiter Mar 23
is it my fault, that I love my mother more than my father?
every time he breaks my heart, the cracks are filled with bitterness and resentment
every healing hug can only do so much
when you scream and push me against walls
every broken "i'm sorry"
means nothing when it happens again
and again, and again
all i want is to love you
but it is so hard to love the one
you fear
it is so hard to love the one
that has looked at you
with nothing but hate in his eyes
it is so hard to love the one
that pushed you down when you asked for help

so is it my fault, if I love my mother more than my father?
Rowan Jupiter Mar 20



to write.
to create.

but my mind's drier
than eyes after crying
writer's block.
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