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Cyan Oct 8
If I had the guts
to stand barefoot before a rolling tank,
I wonder if I’d also be concerned
about the feeling of dirt
between my toes
a little bit
Does it feel like nothing?
The underdog from cream of the crop
To the basis of the loser
Open your eyes
The crops will grow and sell
Under the dog is the dirt
The foundation
The giver
Prop the desired in essence
And give life to life of desirability
The source of what we want
Is the loss we give no credit
It wasn't me.
I am too late and so are you.
Maybe our parents also were
And those before them too.
Does it matter?
We are all failures
The generation of expectations
Now all washed out and dried up.
Last efforts for lost causes
Final notes of the funeral march.
It is we who will preach the services
And lower Mother Earth's casket.
After that, who will be there
To bury us in the end?
When there's nothing left to bury
And no Earth to lay us in?
Em Sep 3
She's in there
She's in there
She's in there

She's in there so I can't go in.
She's laying there and I don't want to see
The darkness mixed with the dirt
Clustering around her dented body

She's in there and I refuse to see
She's in there and I refuse to gaze upon her grayed beauty
But now I'm the only one who hasn't
And I think I'll regret that for eternity.
feelings i had in April
i regret not being able to say goodbye one last time
Anastasia Aug 28
We stood
In our kingdom
Atop of it's roof
Our palace of dirt
Simply me and you
You grab my hand
"Do you trust me?"
I started to think
That maybe you love me
You said
At first I was scared
But seeing you there
Standing in the sun
Holding my hand
I thought you might be the one
I let myself fall
But you held on
So I thought I would, too
Tammy Cusick Aug 22
Billowed down onto natures bust
a face full of dirt
a mouth full of maggots
corpsing coercion onto frantic plates
slopping up the juicy details
derailing off the tracks
into a new train of nature,
saving only what comes of value
yet, you don't save yourselves.

Lucrative hands slithering softly by
ready to steal your life with just a touch
how much are you worth?
Unfortunately, nothing.
O Sir, dear Sir

Don't mind the dirt

on my shoes.

For I've been

running with the pack.

For I have fallen but

I kept going,

And I kept climbing.

Until I reached the heaven

where I lost my breath,

but I found myself.

The dirt on my shoes

is a proof enough

that I came a long way,

that I never gave up.
Wrote this after a long hike to a place breathtakingly beautiful.
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