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Priyam Jun 5
A babbling beauty
That's what she was
A damsel who dared
To speak her heart
Frolicking furiously
Through the gates of hell, she
Gave great new meanings
To malice and mutiny
Angge Mar 29
it's hilarious
how a single statement
can make you curious

it's piteous
how a single statement
can make you furious
Rowan Elizabeth Dec 2018
it's not a flame

it's a slow boil

it sleeps far down, deep in the pit of my stomach

i feel it twist and wrench, waking

it grows hotter

my skin is alive with heat

my blood does not boil it erupts

every single nerve in my body screams

i cannot contain this rage

furious, i explode
juliet Nov 2018
im about to break someone’s ******* NOSE.
today’s a mess.
Sylph Nov 2018
This fire inside me Burns
Like Sticks in a fire
The color of ember
The smell of black smoke
Filling my lungs
Fueling my anger further
All i can think is
when i know its not true..
This fire inside is growing
Almost too big to control
Enough to consume
More then just me or you
But enough to consume
Every light thats near and every shadow close
I wont let it take control though
I wont
I wont
I cant
But how do i stop it
When the flames Rise at every
Word or sight of you
Every time i hear your name
The flames grow wild
The heat unbearable to hold in
The smoke making it impossible breathe
How can i control this
Strung Sep 2018
You are vilanizing me
You are punishing me
You realize you’re hurting me?
Pain like fire
Against every vein
You’re holding me hostage
You screamed at me,
“I can’t survive”
You accused me
Of prosecuting you
Well, prosecute my ******* love;
You might as well.
My pain is collateral in your manic mind
Hold a gun to my face,
It’d hurt less, the bullet.
I’m not punishing you
You are toxic
And absolutely off the edge.
You are manic.
Say it,
— And for ****’s sake, apologize.
Anger is a bitter tea, take these words with a grain of salt... It was an angry day.
Marisol Quiroz Sep 2018
be angry,
be furious.
a storm of torrential rain and hellfire.
but when you’re done
and your seas have calmed,
come home.

— i'll be waiting by the docks
Abby Reynolds Sep 2018
Have you ever had the feeling
your heart had just bursted one too many times
maybe this time
it truly won't recover
from the wreckage
but oh my darling it will
your heart was never intended to be collateral damage in the warpath created by those who aren't brave enough to love you
& i'm so sorry they destroyed you in their wake of self destruction
but now the choice is yours
remain down in the dirt
bruised knees and angry tears
you can rise up
wipe the ashes from your skirt
piece your heart back together
take back the stolen bits
then keep on walking
until you find somewhere far enough
to remake your story
you have the choice to no longer remain collateral damage
become the damage yourself
J Aug 2018
When you can be
More curious
Than furious
Magic’s guaranteed!
Or at least progress :)
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