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Yazad Tafti Oct 2020
this is how i die an array of colours flashed
hippy's tie die shirt glamourized before me
a 60s hendrix tripping vibe
too much deception, not enough communication
silence was the biggest killer...

after all most deaths are silent
and the dead don't speak

but who says they're not listening

a record collection of conversations stored in heathe ledger's memory files , the frontal lobe archives

just like the front side of the incoming car
just like the front side of the quickly approaching cliff ledge
just like the frontal assault i planted on myself,
but my pain is is everyone else i know who must bear it  for a lifetime if they discontinue this domino effect

(i'm not talking about domino's pizza) hut OBVIOUSLY

I ordered the extra large cheese with a side of jalapeno's because this one if going to burn with a cheesy ending

how could you miss it.... i wrote it in my death note.
sardines on your pizza....that's the real death note hahahaha jkjkjkj lelel **** mmmmm vjj
For God was so furious
          from my sins
He sent an angel
           To knock some sense into me
And that angel
            Has my last name
     and her wrath
                Matches the almighty
Amaris Oct 2019
I don’t want time to cool off after getting mad
I want you to prove that you’re sorry
Stop asking what you can do to make it better
Don’t just sit there and repeat back to me
Offer me suggestions and do them anyway
Beg my forgiveness down on your knees
Spend the next eight hours overthinking
Get angry and expressive, ******* unfreeze
Fight back, take up a weapon and strike
God knows I’ve given you a million to date
Or deliver an overblown romantic gesture
It could be literally anything I’d appreciate
Hey, can you listen? It’s not that hard
Do I have to scream to be heard?
I don’t think I’m making an impact
You still stand there undeterred
Priyam Jun 2019
A babbling beauty
That's what she was
A damsel who dared
To speak her heart
Frolicking furiously
Through the gates of hell, she
Gave great new meanings
To malice and mutiny
Angge Mar 2019
it's hilarious
how a single statement
can make you curious

it's piteous
how a single statement
can make you furious
Jupiter Dec 2018
it's not a flame

it's a slow boil

it sleeps far down, deep in the pit of my stomach

i feel it twist and wrench, waking

it grows hotter

my skin is alive with heat

my blood does not boil it erupts

every single nerve in my body screams

i cannot contain this rage

furious, i explode
juliet Nov 2018
im about to break someone’s ******* NOSE.
today’s a mess.
Sylph Nov 2018
This fire inside me Burns
Like Sticks in a fire
The color of ember
The smell of black smoke
Filling my lungs
Fueling my anger further
All i can think is
when i know its not true..
This fire inside is growing
Almost too big to control
Enough to consume
More then just me or you
But enough to consume
Every light thats near and every shadow close
I wont let it take control though
I wont
I wont
I cant
But how do i stop it
When the flames Rise at every
Word or sight of you
Every time i hear your name
The flames grow wild
The heat unbearable to hold in
The smoke making it impossible breathe
How can i control this
Naomie Sep 2018
Sometimes you irritate me
But I can't tell you
You will tell me how I'm not entitled
To an opinion about my parent's behaviour
You will tell me how I should do anything you say
Regardless of what I actually want
Sometimes you do things
Or don't do things
But I can't ask why, or why not
You will tell me how other things are more important
You will tell me that I shouldn't question you
Or that that's being extravagant
While the truth is that you can afford it
You will not admit your mistakes
You will not admit that you're wrong
You will not admit that you're hurting others
You will not accept that you didn't do your duty today
You will not admit that you were not careful buying groceries
It will be someone else's fault
Just. Not. Yours.
It will be someone else's mistake
Just. Not. Yours.
And how you are always being negative
About everything, and everyone
It. Just. Gets. To. Me.
Is this how I will parent mine?
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