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So I went to get new glasses
Cos my eyes have felt real bad
I went there feeling cr*p
I left there feeling sad
I squinted and I squirmed
In that black opticians chair
"I'm afraid your vouchers expired sir"
"**** off that isn't fair!"
Well that's what I wanted to say
But I bit me lip and sighed
When she told me what I owed
I almost frickin died
"How much?! I blurted back
Wide eyed and unamused
I was fed up and so I nodded
**** me should have refused!
I hope these glasses see covid
It should for that friggin' sum
Stick your lenses and your voucher
Right up your b
I went to the opticians today. I almost fell off my chair at the price...
little lion Jan 2021
Is there really such a thing as "free time?"
How can there be, when an hour spent practicing "self care" costs two hours of frantic writing and googling to finish an assignment due that very same day,
when a day taken off of work costs two days worth of unpaid overtime to catch up on the overload,
when a week spent recovering from another plunge into depression costs two more to find any semblance of order again.

When did it become shameful to "stop and smell the roses?" When did we stop encouraging "family time" and start encouraging forty-hour work weeks? When did "taking a break" become synonymous with "being lazy" and "hard work" become synonymous with "overworking?"

If making ends meet costs us our time,
then what's the price of Happiness?
Sustaining a life shouldn't be this hard.
Carlo C Gomez Aug 2020
The hill is alive

Marching soldier

Plugged into the hive

Follows the scent trail of the world before him

Winter is closing in

Food stores and Disney Plus

Take turns as kingpin

It's all about what's current

And holds a charge

Technological holdouts

Form an orderly line to the graveyard

The rest do their very best

To keep up with progress
Inspired by Philip K. ****'s short story, "The Electric Ant" (1969).
Anthony Pierre Dec 2019
I had too much wine
He ate all my white truffles
That crude selfish boar
Wine & White Truffles
Asominate Dec 2019
Education's so expensive!
But what would happen when I run out of sanity to pay?
Sometimes I'm so broke, I can't afford to pay attention.
Started university... yeah.
as I was turning the plastic
kitchen tap off last night
it snapped into pieces
which wasn't a happy delight

when next I'm at Bunnings
I'll purchase another one
for not having water over the
sink isn't my idea of fun

but a replacement can be
expensive on the purse
so I'll need my wallet filled
with plenty of dollar verse
memoona kazmi Mar 2019
standing beside the roaring waves,
was the girl with killer smile,
she had so many hopes,
rising in those angelic eyes,
she asked me,
if i wanted to buy something,
i said,"love please",
naive,i didn't know,
it will cost my eternal peace..........
-memoona kazmi
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