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as I was turning the plastic
kitchen tap off last night
it snapped into pieces
which wasn't a happy delight

when next I'm at Bunnings
I'll purchase another one
for not having water over the
sink isn't my idea of fun

but a replacement can be
expensive on the purse
so I'll need my wallet filled
with plenty of dollar verse
memoona kazmi Mar 16
standing beside the roaring waves,
was the girl with killer smile,
she had so many hopes,
rising in those angelic eyes,
she asked me,
if i wanted to buy something,
i said,"love please",
naive,i didn't know,
it will cost my eternal peace..........
-memoona kazmi
I got
a paper cut
from money.
I guess expensive things
hurt, too.
Haha, just a thought. I found it quite funny that I wrote about a paper cut that I got.    =)
Rowan Jupiter Dec 2018
I'm a commodity
most cannot afford

every piece of me
is expensive

my eyelashes,
draped in gold

my teeth,
molded of pearl

my heart,
cut from ruby

my hands,
spun into silk

my hair,
a waterfall of bronze

every step I take is glamorous, elegant, enchanting

beauty was born
into me
Oliver Philip Dec 2018
The Bankers pledge.
Barriers built we’re safely behind
What makes you think we’re worth support
That they are for sure the master race
The cash they grant hand over hand
Has limits to it , and that’s a fact.

Have they ever taken their pound of flesh
Do you think you can expend so much cash?
They are taking plans to now enslave you.
Take that plastic card they offer you today
Choose a number and now go out to play.

The maze that you are in , it grows and grows.
And you don’t see just how out of control
The numbers grow with little hope of paying
You are a prisoner of this awful nightmare
No solution offered except another poem?
Written by Philip
December 12th 2018.
Cautionary note on debt.
Mary Frances Aug 2018
And then he gave me things,
expensive things
then I told him he couldn't buy an affection
that was already dead,
much more an illusive love.
Inject me with silicone,
**** out the fat,
work out the abs,
form the muscle.

stable the dollar bills into my skin,
thread my eyebrows with diamonds,
dress me in Gucci,
Lather me in jewels.

Photoshop my face,
plaster it in make up,
make me look handsome,
make me look pretty,
make me look beautiful.

Dye my hair every color of the rainbow,
take out my heart and replace it with
a music box that plays your favorite song.

Am I enough for you now?
Do you see my light now?
Do you see me now?
Am I enough for you now?
Will you finally love me?

What else am I missing my love?
I’ll add it all, just stay with me.
Here is another poem. Right after I just posted another poem? I know crazy but this one I was super inspired to write and I felt like sharing... right now.
Have a great day!
corporal May 2018
We will meet them with our brand new crown.
I wish they'd seen us lose our expensive graces in divine nights.
Did they find their soul or lost it along with their maps.
Either way, we'd still walked beyond the line.
Dess Ander Mar 2018
If I could buy loyalty, I would.
Name your price.
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