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Merlie T Jun 7
The mounds of my sit bones
press firmly into the soil
Grass covers me with dirt-
moist from the water
just a few more feet down
GraciexJones Jun 4
The Queen sat alone in her throne,
Drapes drawn across the window,
Sputtering candle flame by her side,
She sat there holding her heart in her hand,
Looking down she could see the veins are bruised
The colours red and blue had turned into a pale complexion,
Tears fell down her cheeks,
She starred up to see a red tapestries hanging above her bed,
The design on the tapestries was beautiful scenery,

The Queen remembered when she received the tapestries,
It was a gift from a sailor of the sea,
Each month he would come knocking on her door,
Sit down by her thrown and tell her of his adventures,
The Queen longed for those stories from the Sailor,
As she was unable to leave her castle to see the beautiful lands,

One day,
The Sailor had left her a gift,
He told her he would be going for a long trip,
He may not return for a while,
Queen took a deep breathe,
As she knew this might be the last time,
The Sailor insisted for the Queen to look at the tapestries,
To remind her of how beautiful the world can be
Dark Dream May 11
Hoping for words
No ... tired of those

Needing the ship
Sailing into the ache
Erasing the lonely winds
Not sure why
I yearn for that bow front
Heading toward me

Yet I do
I wait
For the winds of change
Or for a new sail
Maybe tomorrow
That ship will
Land on my shore
Sai Kurup Apr 20
This land, foreign, yet so welcoming
Who would've known
I would own land
halfway across the world
from the homes of my ancestors
or rather,
this land would allow me to borrow it
prosper from it
and make it my home

Trees sway to the melody
of a warm summer breeze
Chirping birds and bubbling streams
the harmony
And I, simply another passing traveller
In the eternal life of this land

Who was here
100, 500, 1000 years ago?
Who knew this land
like the palms of their love?
Who sat here,
as I do now,
eyes closed
taking in the music of this land
soul at peace
knowing it was home?

This land, my new home,
and so, so welcoming
Ylzm Apr 17
A nation is not of land nor borders, nor people
Israel dispersed and vanished, Jews remain
Mongols destroyed, yet the land is Ishmael's
Once there were seventy nations, today only one
We never give much thought,
Thinking we are standing,
On solid ground every day,
There is always something moving,
Below our feet, over forty - one thousand,
Earthquakes, in the year twenty - twenty  
That’s just in the U.S.A.
Then if we think of all of the void spaces,
Empty mines, caverns & caves…
Many of us living above, under - ground holes,
While the oceans, along our country’s east & west sides,
Wash away, acres A year, with high tides, and waves.

                                                                                              Tom Maxwell©
                                                                                            4/12 2021 AD
                                                                                            3:45 AM
Light and smoke
blossoms from the barrel of a gun
as they lay waste
to the only home I have ever known
and stake their claim on this land
where my ancestors toiled under a smoldering sun,
wrinkles on face,
sweat on back,
callouses on hand.

Stolen plunder
rots in gold and marble jars
while I watch my children collapse
from hunger
and my husband hang himself
on that old tree,
watered by the blood
of generations
gasping for air
under the banner of the unfree.

Tonight, I cry out
to Mother, Father, Aunt, Uncle,
since the voices of my children have dried up
and my husband’s body has returned to the earth,
but I stand, an emaciated shell,
nonetheless standing
with one more scream,
one last sob,
another step,
I shall carry this banner until we all become free.
Tea Feb 10
I've been thinking hard
About every single card
Since we became dangerously unstable
We decided to put our cards on the table
Like a bridge in a prelude
I've come to conclude...
You truly love me, do you not?
I'm unsure if it's a little or a lot.

But despite how and what you feel
You've decided to take and steal
I've tasted of rejection
Instead of true affection
I have been abandoned and let down
Just because you were born in this town
You are cruel for pushing away my offered hand.
All in the name of patriotism and love for your land.

Your cruelty is birthed from your innocence
And unknowingly, around you, you've built a fence.
You don't know how much it scratches and stings
To feel you plucking and playing on my heartstrings
But the worst is that you have no idea or clue
About the harshness I always receive of you

So I've come to see
That we can not be
You love your homeland much more
Than me, who's not here forevermore
And you are unwilling to find a compromise
Therefore, our relationship is facing its demise
And although this makes my heart hurt and static
From the very beginning, you've been a fanatic
The prompt I used for this poem: 'You love me, do you not? You are a cruel woman, to innocently reject a man like this, in the name of patriotism and love for your land. Your cruelty is birthed from your innocence, and, though you know it not, you are a fanatic.'
Shofi Ahmed Feb 6
I took the plunge into your sea.
Oh, you know what?
I am now hooked forever
on its colourless colour.

******* out a cloud-bubble.
Black or white, it doesn’t matter.
Sprinkle some drops
in your pious colourless style.
Watch, it shines and sizzles
in renewed hues
across the land and over the blooms.
Still, in the end, remains a potion,
an intact drop:
The untouched ocean down the moon!
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