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Madison Mar 2
I'm not afraid to fall,
I'm afraid to land.
Jenna Feb 28
Undaunted life of mine,
Please understand
I cannot go on
To my fabricated land

As if I could escape
A parallel to Neverland
For I wish to never grow,
But I cannot resist the glittering sand
s Willow Feb 27
The land under the moonlight;
Nothing but a silhouette.
The night sky
Filled with childish dreams.
By daybreak
you can see that day is darker then the night.
Earth is a cold bitter world
mocking the weak.
Aim for
the Moon, because
even if you miss, you'll land
somewhere among
the stars!
Don't give up and go on!!!
Time to leave
Break the screens
And find our true eyes
To live the dream
Leave the clean
And head out for a ride

The American dream we seek
To go out for a week
And look for some **** to rise
Get drunk under the stars
Stare at mars
And smoke all the grass i can find

For the American dream
Is were the real people meet
And talk about the times
To do drugs with a couple of thugs
And meet again up in the sky

To discuss the cancer
That grows in our homes
And molds itself to the young
That has done went
And ruined their minds
And destroyed them
Of their good times

For they will never understand
That long travel across the land
Looking for those great friends of mine.
The American Dream has never changed, Hunter S. Thompson layed out the ideas of the american dream that cultures today will never understand.
Shofi Ahmed May 2018
Though I wanted to have
each and every patch of earth,
Now it’s clear I need none.
I am good to go with empty hands.
But one that has none
doesn’t that have any pain?
No skin nor veins?

Going with empty hands
but with feelings and with faith.
Perhaps the belief puts weight
more than the mass of any land!
When I left this grey place eons ago
and the sun turned to water under my feet
the sky spit out seven horseshoes
hitting our heads in predictable defiance
and the sand turned to wind
the laughter to salt
when the world opened up
Was it really my fault?

The walls worn under my feet in the snow
who dares think badly back
the greyness left my dry blind eyes
and the haze was replaced with black
the sun sets on a cloudless skyless day
and rises on forgotten lands of warmth
trying to reach down and touch what it lost
too high up now
We’re all too dead.
What’s your interpretation of this poem?
Xallan Jan 28
I feel more at home than ever I be
Breathing this air of Hawaii-
This island air.
I love it, the warm wetness
That settles against my cheek

The whole island is my skin,
And it fits. That island air
Fills every corner of my lungs
And allows me to breathe
I feel most at home standing here
In this island air.

In the warm rain, music
That my ears have been craving
The emptiness of the night
Reminding me of my distance
From the heartbreaks and stresses
Of the chunk of land I call
'Home'- my soul now lives here
In this island air, distant
As possible from human society
Close to the centre of civilization

Here the breaks are wet, and warm
And splash lovingly
Across my new skin like kisses
Here in this island air I stand
Here I find a home.
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