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Love is like a construction worker
It builds amazing buildings
But it can also destroy major constructions

Love is like a bridge
It holds two people together; two islands
But once the bridge crumbles all of it is lost and the connection is gone

Love is like poison
It can make you feel great while you have it
But once its effect is gone, the dark side of life is lurking around

Love is like a cloud
It can make the sky look beautiful
But once it breaks, it can become a hurricane

Love is awesome
It makes you feel good
But once you lose it, it makes you feel broken and dead inside
The empty void inside of me is growing
The only thing that I do is hoping
That one day my life will pass by
When I do, no one will cry

My life is ****** up from the inside
My life seems perfect and nice from the outside
My life has been turned inside out
I just wish for my heart to be pulled out

What makes it so impossible
What is the point of life if you hate it
What is life if it is far from optimal
I just want to die, just for my throat to be slit

I can't keep living like this
I need to get out of here
I just want to get that death kiss
There is nothing keeping me here

No one likes me the way I am
No one gets a long with me because they like me
No one loves me
All I need to do is, find that **** switch of this program

I am done with life
I can't go on like this
I just need to grab that kitchen knife
I just want my life to burst like a flower dehisces
For the past week, everyday was an achievement day
But today I fell back in the pattern
Today was a day as before
It felt like an old book from the store

I knew I was doing great
I didn't think about you as much
But today I tripped again
It was not a question of why, but when

I knew I was making progress
But again I was back here
In this place where I don't want to be
This place without any symphony

I turn on the music
Yet there is nothing to see
I stand up to dance around
Yet there is nothing to say

I am back in that place again
That place called memory
It is nice there
But it is not reality

I need to get out of there
So I had to use an old patern
I needed to come back to reality
Just a jump start, was all I needed

So I am back here again
In this world full of pain
With a red river streaming down my arm
Like a rainy day pouring out red wine

It makes me come back to live
Just so I realise what I have
And every time again
I find my self sitting there with a broken thing

Covered in red
Squishy like jelly
Warm like glue wine
Broken like glass

That thing is my reality
It is my life
It is my heart
It is my love
Bubbles float to the top, perfect crystal spheres
Crushing blackness swallows me whole, nothing to see or hear
I know you’re wondering how I ended up in this deep despair
You see, dying a silent death was never really something to fear
It’s 3:30 am & I’m alone, riding my bike along the seaside
Stars shining brightly in this cloudless night, nowhere for them to hide
Glistening wet sand, being swiftly left behind
The lack of noise, perfect for my cluttered mind
One step closer to the end , and I no longer feel my heartbeat
Cold, wet, sand wrapping around every inch of my feet
No one needed to tell me that the water would be deep
Tears mixing with the ocean, it’s now the water’s secret to keep
Falling deeper, losing consciousness, letting the current carry me
The darkness is beautiful,so soothing when there’s nothing to see
This is it to me, but you maybe thinking this can’t be
But this is exactly what you think it is, this is suicidal poetry
Sometimes the enemy is myself
In the fight for my will to live
An inner conflict that occurs
More often than I care to admit
Approaching myself with utmost care
As if I am a war torn child
Who is use to conflict yet still afraid
Like bulletproof glass that's fragile
I can't help feeling confused and lost
Not knowing what to chase
I didn't think that far in life
Didn't fathom what I could face
That my fate continued after high school
Graduation wasn't the end of me
I am still alive and surviving
Yet still chasing the idea of being free
I often feel conflicted
Of choosing which path to take
What I want or what is expected of me
I'm still trying to differentiate
Darkness like a cloud
covers my mind
like a blanket over a child.
Thoughts slither into my head
telling me,
"You're not worth it"
"Nobody loves you"
"You're ****"
"You are ******"
"Just hurt yourself"
"Drag the knife across your skin"
"Take the iron and touch its hot surface"
Pain fills my body.
Emotional, mental, physical pain
all at once.
My vision clouds with red and then all I see is
Cold seeps through my body
tiles on the bathroom floor
blood pooling around my body.
This is my living ****.
Waiting for someone to come find me
because I can't help myself
and my attempt at death failed.
Death watches over me like a loving mother
waiting patiently to reach out its arms
and scoop me into them
and then take me into the great unknown.
*Trigger Warning*
are you giving up ?
no ?
'cause i am
i'm tired
i love you
Eric 7d
Is it right to have suicidal thoughts?
And having feelings of being lost.
Stuck in my head reading the same passage.
From a note I wrote in the past .
When things were hazy, but still the love last.
Now beaten and torn . I feel like giving up.
I feel like going to that place ,
Where everyone says my past can be erased.
Sadly even when I do , it won't be like that.
I've done wrong in my time .I deserve some torture.
But it's all the same here Apon this Earth . It's all torture . Live everyday with stress and anguish. I'll die without receiving my first wish. Is it right to have suicidal thoughts like this?
Recovery sort of feels like
You're carrying a heavy backpack
Through an unforgiving snowstorm
You try to fight your way through
Just to reach your destination
Each step further, no matter how slow
Is still a step forward
Though, there are times you're exhausted
So you stop and rest for awhile
You stop but the storm doesn't
You freeze and then feel numb
If you sit too long you'll die
You just have to keep going
Even if the journey constantly feels like
You are walking towards you're death
Staying in the same spot will too
The only difference is
You have the chance to choose
You have the choice to change
You're more likely to live
When you don't stay the same
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