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Zoe Mae 4d
I am a comedy
A walking calamity
Just miscellaneously here

I have a tragedy
Living inside of me
Always in paralyzing fear

I am a mystery
Already history
And I just want out of here
Opal Wood Apr 17
Little Opal
With her big blue eyes
Her contagious laugh
The way she loved
Never one day thought
She'd be considering
In her own twenties
Ending in a coffin
Taking her own life
Morgan Vail Apr 28
I feel dead.
I feel dead,
Like the leaves, and the trees, and the missing names from my poems.
Daydreaming away hours of the day,
About escaping reality while escaping reality.

When I feel dead,
I feel scared,
And I feel scared because this is the dead that I felt with the knife.
And I know that full well.

I know this feeling more than any other.
I’ve been with it longer than any other.
The dead that makes you forget what it was like to be alive,
And this becomes the new alive.

I am so tired.
I am terrified.
More scared than dead.
I have no instruction manual.
No words to tell myself to stop feeling dead.
I promised myself I wouldn’t feel this way again, and yet,
I have nothing in terms of keeping that promise.

Falling without help will **** me.
Hitting the ground without help will **** me.
Help will **** me.
Because the hand reaching out to keep me from falling is choking me.
Cutting off my air and replacing it with cold, cold water.
This is who I am,
And if I don’t keep it distracted,
It will **** me.
Morgan Vail May 2
I am not a person like tomorrow.
A walking ghost,
I still live alongside blissful degeneracy.
They stole ten years from me,
Ten years of my ecstatic individualism.
A decade spent crying into the hard, wooden floor.
And the fog that clouds my peripheral vision,
Obstructs my future as well, clutching the flask.
But that’s alright.
I will not get my decade back,
Nor my stability, that never lingered,
But I will make a list.
What I missed while I was absent.
Most things start with a list.
Why can’t I?
Pinkmoon Apr 10
The truth lies in the dirt
Feathers sifting brown flour
Sunlight prisms dancing
And I let you

New green, her ritual comforts
While I lie contorted beneath you
The scent of wet soil
And I let you

The ****** bud reclaims her power
Rhythmic earth turn, turn
Spring, thy mirror of veracity
And I let you

Blinded by a heart grown
Veiled in misty mornings
The great lie, just out of sight
And I let you

Out of a hard rain now
No death by my hand
Nature continues her march
And I let you
Relationship betrayal and the comfort of nature's consistency
Strying Mar 22
dripping on my page
I can't take this pain
my eyes blur
I can't even see the page anymore
and the writing is doubled unrecognizable lines

I want to disappear.

It's easier for me
to die
than to try

but every time someone asks me if I'm fine,
I lie.
im sad
so ******* sad
i literally say i want to die in front of my parents
it seems like no one cares
or if they do, i never say anything and they dont push hard enough to get me to open up.
What do I see,
in the clear mirrored,
a shattered image,
not a reflection of who I am,
a mask,
weaved from the lies of a scared child,
a poor shield from judgement,
the mouth twisted into an infinite smile

Tears streaming down,
her hands tracing them down to my neck,
my mistress,
it seems you ended my torment,
after an eternity,
however the chains of my past still bind me,
to you,
she traces my jawline,
a knife,
that I now wield,
The mask shatters.

What do we see,
a lone child,
scared and misguided,
blade in hand,
defiles God's temple,
out of hate for himself,
loved by some,
who are blinded by love,
respected by others,
who can't see past the mask,
hurt all who believed his truths,
an evil thing love is,
worthless to all who believe his lies.

The boy longs to cry,
tears flow no longer,
the boy longs to bleed,
until blood flows no longer,
he should die,
we should all perish,
for the sins of a dreamer,
can never be atoned for,
for even now,
I love you.
Part 2 of 'A Lover's Insecurities'. Was I showing them who I wanted to be or who I really am?
The noise of the river,
tells tales of love,
he says it's fake,
like all things of the heart,
but there is truth in his lies,
and lies reveal the truth,
he hurt those he loves,
love is a beautiful thing,
but is death's disciple,
he thanks her for the feelings,
and the memories,
but hates her,
for they are only memories.

The noise of the river,
tells stories of lust,
he says it is a welcome enemy,
for it tempts him,
lust is of love but love is whole without it,
the stories are accounts of dreams,
for lust does not love him,
not anymore,
he is chasing after her,
looking to atone for his war crimes,
in the battle of love,
his hidden wounds **** him slowly,
he dreams a happy nightmare.

The noise of the river,
preaches about salvation,
his says his old friend awaits him,
loves master,
he wishes to see me too,
he gives an account,
of our beautiful evil that awaits,
I stand up,
my distorted reflection,
portrays me clearly,
but not at all,
I smile,
a low life does not deserve this,
**** it all
as I shake his hand
and plunge into the river.

The feel of the river,
reveals true sorrow,
I envy the river,
for he has a plan,
had a purpose,
I failed,
so they all left,
they are upstream,
I wish to take their smiles away,
as I let the river take me,
I lost my way,
the river is all I know,
he will help me achieve my dream,
of unleashing beautiful carnage.

The noise of the river,
and myself,
we are one,
                                        we always were,
I understand you now,
my friend,
you taught me about hate,
this world is just to spite you,
I hate it too,
you hate me now,
because we share a conscience,
not for long,
now I am the welcome enemy,
the river still flows,
with all its trash.
Part 2 of 'The River Boy'. He was the only one left and he gave me a tempting offer. I could've taken. I didn't. Was  wrong?
They all hate me,
                                     fear of the unknown,
She'll hate me,
She hates me,
She'll leave me,
                             ,         ask
She doesn't need me,
                                        You need her,
They don't need me,
                                       make them need you,
I should go,


I thought they loved me,
I think she loves me,
                                            think back,
I thought she loved me,
She said she'll never leave me,
­I need her,
                                             SHE DOESN'T NEED YOU
they WANTED me,
                                                             ­     NOT ANYMORE
You said I should stay,
                                                           ­                  We were wrong

You should go,
                                        FOR OUR SAKE.
Conversations with myself. The ones that make me hope. The ones that make me want to die.
Mindy Belgard Mar 16
Still alive
But barely breathing
I searched but didnt find a meaning
My persistent heart wont stop its beating
I get high instead of sleeping
Finding veins to shoot some speed in
Countless hours ive spent tweaking
Im Just a ****** and a fiend
Playing victim
To a cycle so vicious
Hard to admit im the one who chose and picked this
Im on my own hit list
My lifes the perfect nightmare thats ever been scripted
my Memories play out in tragedies
Remembering saddens me
Ive been more stressed than any kid should ever be
And yet i never let them see
The Years spent living in denial
I want to cry but fake a smile
Something i learned as a child
They wont hurt me if i never let them in
I never learned how to get vulnerable
I just held it all in
Bottled up feelings
Never once expressing
How it feels inside my head
All alone no one knows me
Ive aways been a phony
Force feeding myself so im not too noticeably boney
I Cant cope unless im high
Needle full of dope until i die
My wills too weak to be freed
What was a want has now become a need
Im getting Paranoid as my track marks are getting harder to hide
My Blood thickens as it dries
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