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Chris 3d
I won't say goodbye, it will be obvious that I'm gone when I die.
I won't say hello, It will be obvious I'm back, with an empty grave, and me back home.
ChrisE 7d
I'm shutting the blinds
not because its too bright in here
I'm drawing the curtains because this is your final act
and I shall not applaud for an encore
I'm not going back
Xallan Feb 7
I wonder when you will die.
It is inevitable,
I suppose.
But I have been so focused
Upon my own mortality, I forgot
All about yours.
With your jovial pursuit of nothing,
No impossible search for purpose
(Destined to end)
You seemed immortal.
For a short time, you gave me joy.
*give me joy.
On drugs like those,
Mourning is unnecessary.
The future will not come to you,
Not while you move
Nor while you rest
Not in my arms
I cradle your mind in mine
You will never need to attain rest
While you are at peace with me
And I have a piece of you
That you cannot live without:
Even your heart.
And without life, you shall never die.
Save a love, save a life.
Amanda Jan 28
I will wait and hold on a little longer
Watch and hope this time both can be stronger
For the **** of it I'll give you one more chance
Love you too much to break the trance
The way I'm captured under your spell
Has me trapped within a cell
I start thinking then I can't stop
Done shedding tears for you, not one more drop
I think I deserve truth-you owe me at least that
Love you more than you love me that is a fact
Letting go is looking like the only option left
Solitude the outcome so challenging to accept
That is the last remaining way I see out
Already given too many chances to count
You have no clue how much effort I've put in
If it is meant to be it will be in the end
Until you take the leap and are ready to be sober
The commitment we have in our relationship will be over
It is my life at stake and that's the reason why
I mean it when I swear to you this is our FINAL try..
I'm done with you for good this time
I know I've said it before
But you can't give me what I need
And I can't take the heartache anymore
laura Jan 24
You realize,
You have 2 more questions.
Your fingers are shaking,
As you click on those last few answers.
You are sweating like crazy,
Sweatshirt sleeves rolled up.
You click submit,
Trembling, you click view score.
You wait, and wait,
For the slow computer to load.
You take a quick glance at your score,
And you breathe a sigh of relief.
Thank goodness it’s over.
Pushing through midterm exam week.
Johnny walker Jan 22
I know my sweetheart lies In wait for me given time one day soon that's where I will surely
To lay along side her to keep her company In winter time the place she lays becomes so cold and very lonely
But come summer and flowers will bloom again and warm the place too
where darling
The birds will sing again there happy joyful songs to spread their love all around her grave where I laid my darling down to rest
One day soon that will also be the to where I'll rest along aside my true love to keep her company
My final resting will be alongside my true love Helen to keep her company
Ndumbi Jan 2
Where are you?
My patience lurches, from having to wait too long
My legs are wobbly from roaming back and forth
My mind shrivels from thoughts without kisses
I've called a vigorous search, so you should know
Sent out my best men
Scattered  vallorous knights
Lest a vile nemesis holds you captive
And a bountiful reward I have declared-
The only way I'll get the best out of my men.
I have sought for another
But there's none like you
Ive trod to kingdoms far far away
Charming maidens looming my way
But none with a charm quite like yours-
My darling
I will find you
And if I have to
I will beg for your mercy
beg for your love
One last time.
My final poem
Rowan Jupiter Dec 2018
a lifeless body among a million blades of grass

feeling, yet not knowing,

that ants crawl across

the skin that once belonged to me

and as the wind carries on my last breath,

the rain washes away my last smile,

the insects nibble away my final thoughts,

I, my only remaining form a soul,

settle deep into the earth of mother nature.
Pyre Dec 2018
I let the rain cry for me
I'm too afraid of what you do
I'm just a man that be
I want to be more to you

I'm letting the rain cry for me
because of everything you did
maybe I'm too afraid to see
what would happen if you saw me bleed

I'm letting the rain cry for me
because I can no longer shed tears
I've grown old, but good you'll see
I'm getting over these banal fears

so I HAVE to let the rain cry for me
because If I didn't let him do it
I'd be curled into the bottom of a sea
that I filled by myself, so I'll admit

that I let the sky cry for me
let his sorrows wash my face
because you are everything to me
because I'm still sitting here waiting
In hopes of one final embrace
In hopes of one more night of kissing
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