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Van Xuan Sep 19
The only word I hate
Because it is always said
When a person leaves me behind
And never return.
Jaxey Sep 1
Loving you
Is like a moving train
I could jump off
But it would be painful
And I just
I don't wanna get off
Johnny walker Aug 19
Final Is to me the hardest word I believe one could
ever have to say for final
one word that says It all
no other word
Final the end of all nothing beyond that word will there
be once Its been said and excepted there's no going
So I believe final Is the hardest word to say to me Its says far more than any other word a lot would probably disagree but final Is the hardest word for
Faizel Farzee Aug 16
The earth shatters
fear cloaks its hidden intent
Scattered earthly regrets, illuminates the darkened night sky
Enraged words of a mother wronged
Molten lava and promised lost destiny’s
Streams down like love lost reunited,
Into the hungry arms of enraging oceans eternally wronged
Fallen stars filled with tears crushes stabbing regrets
lost love and chosen greed
As prayer itself screams for salvation
Death hallowed grip releases the last hope of a tarnished race
The earth’s last word drenched with a fate always known
A word slowly whispered……Armageddon
The cold truth, mother nature is hurting and we are it's demise. A tarnished race, living only for greed.Daily we miss the beauty that she provides. She will be vengeful
Bury me not in a high tomb of gloom
on days sacred to all your lonely heart
nor scatter my ashes in the pale moon
on June’s or September’s early-late start.

Mix me in with all my good beastlies‘ dust,
one third reserved for Elsi’s sweet embrace,
two parts crushed into diamonds that not rust
worn near heart or hurled to a far star trace.

If thy can’t bear part with my ash and bones
plant me in a petunia ***, blond bloom
monitored by your sweet echoing tones  
growing forever in our living room.

Either way I was loved, I cried, I sighed,
I aspired and created all under your tide.
Eric Angels Jul 12
When my blood runs cold
Be it when I'm young, or old
I will be brave when I die
Nigdaw Jul 2
A window seat at the end of the universe;
To watch planets collide, stars die
Black holes swallow light
Until nothing is left but a darkness,
Darker than the darkest night
Where not even a man made bulb, can penetrate.

While we sip champagne and fine wines
Dine on the tenderest meats of the earth,
Music worthy of the show outside plays
But still we can talk, almost telepathically.

So many times we had thought
We were at the end of our universe,
As our worlds collided, two stars died
Our light swallowed into a black hole
Where not even our love could penetrate.

No sweet music accompanied us
But there was the constant din of life,
Which always prevented us talking
Distracting us from our love of each other
Leaving nothing to talk about.

So before we die, when we are old
And have survived all this world,
Can throw at us;
I want to book a table for two
At the end of the universe.
Johnny walker Jun 29
The first time ever I realised
I was losing her total deverstation felt that my life was all but gone for we had never been apart In twenty
Suddenly Helen was going to place far away and I knew I couldn't follow her like I'd followed her In life but this place I couldn't
First time In twenty years we'd both have to go It alone
me alone In this world and my sweetheart Helen alone In the next life she had made that final walk to the
Batool Jun 26
"have you ever witnessed,
water droplets dancing
on a fire bed ?"
She asked, staring deep in his eyes as if reading his soul.
"No, but why would you ask ?
It's impossible." He answered
a bit puzzled, breaking the eye contact.
"Because you could have,
but you lost the opportunity
when your gaze failed to
penetrate the depth of my irises
and see my soul making it happen !!"
with that she left without
casting him another glance !!
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