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Living an unhappy
life with fake smiles.

A cowardly way to
avoid your trials.

Much like hiding
behind brick walls.

Your simply not living

at all.
Don’t hide, attack your problems,
head on
c 22h
Humor me with your insults
By now I’ve heard this stand up comedy routine so many times
I could do it sitting down
Laughter is the best medicine but I am overdosing
This substance in a prescription bottle with your name on it
It makes me toss my head back with the pills
And I laugh and I laugh
You act so kind and caring
But you’re really quite cruel and daring
You push the limits of life
And play with the edge of the knife
I was merely a **** in your game
You made me fall for your name
But were you the man I grew to know?
Looking now at your face, I don’t think so
pa3que 5d
“alice, drink the potion”
they said,
“we all think
you’re a little mad.”

oh, but truly,
can’t you see?
in most cases
madness is the key.

why be fragile?
don’t collapse,
rather take some
of my stash.

hidden goods,
with you i’ll share,
just to show,
i really care.

to Wonderland,
darlin’ now, come,
take my hand.

we’ll tap-dance
from outta here,
“stop resisting!”,
they’re too near.

you’re almost there,
but then you *****,
(“was it too much?”)
they lock you up
like a maniac.
Right now,
I am
feeling nothing.
Not sorry, not mad.
Not angry, not mad.
Maybe I no
longer a
Maybe I have turned
into an
Is it normal to feel these feelings?
I do not want
to cry any more. I
want someone to dry
my tears. I want all of this
pain to go away. You have
put scars on me, ones
that will stay
Do you think I should send it for life to read?
Asonna Feb 13
Pick up a pen, spell your words
line your ink with temper.
Tear out the page and burn it still,
Happily ever after.
Catherine McCabe Dec 2018
Propelled by automaticity
we breath,

But, should our thoughts be allowed to run free,
in bare automaticity?

Beware those thoughts, which,
in the guise of a friend
twist truth into lies.
Because, wearing a wholesome disguise,
like mermaids, they flirt and invite you
to curate your own insanity.
From there, you will never be seen again.

So, let me ask you again
Should we let our own thoughts run free, in bare automaticity?
there are different worlds within my mind's universe yet to be explored
oh, how easy it is to lose myself
Chris Feb 5
Not a builder.sculptor.mason etc.
The only thing they're good for then is
bashing someone in the head.
Really,really, really hard.
Somehow, all things you cannot comprehend,
are good at least for this.
Or eating, or jamming up your lower parts.
Be creative.
With courage and stupidity there are no borders.
Just tall buildings.
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