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I feel the first drop, then the second
Painting my white flowers red
A pain stabs me below the belly
Like a knife so sharp and heavy
One peep sends me off the rails
Driven mad by this cruel spell
Chocolate and sleep keeps me sane
Distracting me from the pain
So, my lovely gentlemen,
When God graciously sends
A baby into your life
Just think twice
About the mothers who're shamed
Because of the blood they waste
So that you can be a daddy.
Rahmmie SA May 11
It's funny how I love to hear the words;
When you say you love me,
My heart beats so fast - it's abnormal,
My smile gets so wide - it's illegal,
My mouth has to be covered so tight,
Cause saying "I love you" is a normal response to you.

It's funny how I love to hear the words;
But I can't say them back to you.
It's a promise that's too difficult to keep;
A commitment that I can't get trapped in;
And I'm sorry you have to suffer for my insecurities,
But I guess you should find consolation in the fact that it hurts me;
Cause that's the only gift I can currently give,
And that *****.
Pizacas23 May 6
You over stepped
And then you burned me
You made me realize
How stupid I am.
Amputate them from myself.
Not masochism, but medically necessary.
Do I deserve such a relief?

They multiply, and strip away time.
Their mitosis is parasitic. Alien. Destructive.
This ailment leaches from me.

So glad to see you temptation...
One of love’s demons, life’s meanings

Darkness inundates this plane.
Lone light on what I’m craving.
Perched upon a ring pillow of velvet.
Distant from a vestal white, ****** pearl.
Far from what I need right now.

I don’t want to feel this lurking hostility!
Distracts my complete hospitality.
Stalking me like a meal, I can’t show what I feel.

Not until I break down and release.
Like an animal, on my knees at feast.
Only a small chunk taken from their population.
In mitosis they’ll be back shortly.
To start this destructive cycle again.
judiemars May 3
These thoughts ,
silly as they are
they're what's inside me ;

and they're keeping me alive
even though they're slowly killing me .
Lili Gudewicz Apr 30
I never liked smoking. I despised it.
I hated the burn I felt at the back of my throat.
Now I love cigarettes. I idolize them.
I crave the burn and the scratching I felt.
Elijah Aaron Apr 29
Look at what you have done
Watch the tears run down my face
I am hurt
My heart is in pain
How could you do this?
I feel so much rage
You have made me angry
You have made me mad
I hope you realize what you have done
Am I anything to you?
Do I even matter?
You are too focused on wanting my forgiveness
You can't even see your own faults
I have nothing to say to you
I no longer feel
I forgive you but not for you sake
For mine, to be free of you
Sunstrike Apr 27
Why do I experienced body trembling, sudden cold hands, teeth grinding and clenching everytime I felt tense and jealousy
Lydia Apr 23
I never understood what the phrase “seeing red” meant until yesterday
when I turned into a cherry while I was angry
It was the first time I’ve ever gotten so mad that I noticed my skin was red all over my body
like the blood had risen to the very top layer  trying to burst out and explode, just like the words from my mouth were
I was seeing the red all over my lips when the things I was saying were warning signs of hurt, volatility, and fear
that they may have sounded sharp like a razor drawing blood, but were actually disguised insecurity overflowing from my red, bleeding heart
I was seeing red bloodshot eyes from the volume my voice was reaching
it was so loud my ears didn’t even recognize the sounds coming from within me
the noise was so piercing it was like my eyes panicked, the natural blue color faded and they shrank away from the anger by disguising themselves as someone else’s
the red was everywhere in me
the color of stop or else you’ll hurt or get hurt
I saw red meant that my heart was breaking
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