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Amaris 2d
I don’t want time to cool off after getting mad
I want you to prove that you’re sorry
Stop asking what you can do to make it better
Don’t just sit there and repeat back to me
Offer me suggestions and do them anyway
Beg my forgiveness down on your knees
Spend the next eight hours overthinking
Get angry and expressive, ******* unfreeze
Fight back, take up a weapon and strike
God knows I’ve given you a million to date
Or deliver an overblown romantic gesture
It could be literally anything I’d appreciate
Hey, can you listen? It’s not that hard
Do I have to scream to be heard?
I don’t think I’m making an impact
You still stand there undeterred
I don't like sharing.
Or letting you into my space.
I have a hard time with being kind.
Judgements come naturally.
Strangers can be punchlines.
Your feelings may bother me.
I want you to like me.
But I may not like you.
My first impression of you,
Sticks even when I'm wrong.
I don't like how I am.
I've said I would change.

I haven't.
But I wish I would.
Nigdaw Sep 23
I'll bite and snarl at your wheels
rumbling past me up that hill
I know you'll never stop
leaving me stranded
a mad dog.
What some people will do for ambition.
zelda Sep 14
there was never a moment
of synchronicity or euphoria,
only retribution.
perhaps, this is the end. let me tuck myself in and fall asleep quietly. i am about to withdraw and take a leap of faith towards something i cannot fathom.
agnes Sep 13
whirlwinds dust ashes
it wanders and follows your every step
your hair turns into moss, your fingertips connect with your accomplice
someday you will have to saw them in two
I wonder if your laugh will be the same once its your fingers under the blade
you’re turning bald and your nose is merely a button
can you smell the stench you create every time you lower your lip?
do you see the trail of destruction?

your bed is a coffin
your heart is non-existent
it’s a shame your teeth don’t even match the vision
your eyes aren’t rubies and your gums aren’t ******
glory is fictious, horns are the dream
not even that is what it may seem
for your head is a block of dirt and your thoughts are deflated
perhaps the worms came and ate them
perhaps they feast on you the same way you feast on me

except you don’t
the feast is your imagination
your perception is pitiful
you are forever insubstantial
aih Sep 12
I am not mad
I am raising my voice
To express how I feel about the things you do
But if you cannot comprehend the words spilling vividly
Or see my emotions painted on my face
Or my moving hands measuring my intensity
Then you assume I am mad
Strung Sep 8
The deep-set abhorrence
Of standing alone—
Where is it from?
I stand on dead grass
Staring dead eyes in the face in the glass reflecting off my screen.
I look mean, dead angry eyes and my brows too dark—
I look mean;
mean and alone.
On dead grass in dumb boots
Waiting for too many factors
To change
Before telling myself
To move on.
I did not break the law.
I just want to be myself.
Let me be myself.
I don't wanna down.
We have different down and up.
Mine up for you is down.
Mine down for you is up.
Why are you thinking for me?
Why do you think you can dictate rights.
Why do you think that you can destroy my dreams and plans.
Yes, I'm not perfect and I don't want to be perfect to suit someone. Who gave you that right?
I’m not telling you how to live.
Live as you want.
Who am I to forbid you to something.
I am a free person and I will live as I want.
Silverflame Sep 5
You do as you please.
I'm just a human,
in the form of a woman.
So of course, you can
do as you please.
How dare I speak up my mind?
I should just shut up.
My no means yes to you,
so why do I even bother?

But that ain't working,
not anymore at least.
This pushover has been
pushed too close to the edge.
Tornado meets volcano;
and destruction will lay upon you.
Let me erase your being,
so you can start anew.
And this time I'll help
by planting in your mind
a simple seed of common sense.

I'm a pretty calm person, I rarely ever get mad. But this one guy at the train pushed the wrong button when he decided to ***** me twice. I hope he learned his lesson when I snapped and told him off.
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