Stewie 1d

You manipulated everything.
I wasn’t aware until it was all said and done.
Who is the fool now?

Looking back
riwa 4d

i am angry because it feels like,
between us,
i am the only one who is still grieving over my losses.
i lost my first love,
and my best friend.
i was left with no one.
and while i was wallowing in the depth of my sadness,
you had turned glue out of your tears and started putting the pieces of yourself back together.
i am not angry because you are doing better now,
just angry because
i am not.
im angry because you have started to find yourself, but i am still stuck in between us and me.

will you teach me how to be okay?
ryan 5d

big black molten pit
churning, relentlessly
there is no after the fact,
no event can be dreaded and gone over,
because it never
always twisting and moaning,
wriggling around guts and spines
it’s screaming so loud
but no one can hear,
so the blackhole exists to no one
else but me.

fuck around
too many thoughts in my head
they need to breath
they need to be
i’ve turned my anxiety inside out
and broken through the wall.

substance user  
feeling abuser

i am the ghastly ideas that
pace under your bed at night
the man in the corner at a
short glance.
feel my pain because i have none left.
clear skies reflect white lies
i don’t want to change my brown eyes

Mirza Nov 12

If the meaning of life is to give it meaning,
You gave it the best one, thank you in advance
As an aggressive and weary ogre,
I will keep you always in fragile glass

Even though you flutter and leave me someday
I can set you free and from all I can hide
Henceforth it is your homeland - my heart,
And of course, if you wish you can abide

You are the only reason to find some meaning
In my indefinite and nihilistic cage
You are the happiness I can never have
Just this reality ignites my rage

I am not a weak one, I will surpass
Just for your happiness I will be glad
But still, I cannot understand that,
What is that inside you making me mad?!

Dear Faulty Parent
You have messed up
It is so clear to see

Dear Faulty Parent
I want not
An apology

Dear Faulty Parent
You used my own self-harm
Against me

Dear Faulty Parent
Why would you do that
Just let me be

Dear Faulty Parent
Fix yourself
Before you try to fix me


The chaos keeps me       sane
It's the                                       Silence
That's really starting to                     Scare me
.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

Dirty Word Dec 7

There is a person
   Who has feelings
      Who is troubled
         Who does not deserve to die

               There is a person
                  Who makes me sad
                      Who makes me mad
                          Who does not deserve to die

There is a person
Who I want to hurt
Who I want to put in the dirt
Who deserves to die

He reminds me of myself
He can never be me

The first two were a lie

I'm a child again.
Always stuck in the middle.
No one is looking to make sure
I won't fall and get caught in a riddle.

You've pulled all of their eyes to you.
No one can invite others over.
You've made it so no one can do
the things they were planning to
before you decided to stay with us.

Eva Dec 2

Your cold white hands
grab air
your fingers tremble and,
are you talking to the flowers again?
blue lipped barefoot girl
with a hot angry mouth
star smashed eyes
daisy chain thoughts
dizzy from
the dancing words
that tumble and fall
your dappled light
mad mind

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