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mark soltero Apr 29
empty emotions
fuel the deep devotions of yesterday
nothing fulfilling
no true feelings
there was nothing in between
nothing breathing
lifeless ill intended words
that feel like promises
only fueled what made you die
Ryan Monroe Mar 31
Soundlessly I creep
Into your head
Tiptoe around
Your secrets and dread
I knock upon
Your door of lies
Turn the ****
To peek inside
A humorless laugh
Escapes my lips
How had I known
The secrets you kept
I slam the door
Let my anger rage
Knowing it’d cause
An aching migraine
But it can’t compare
To the hate I feel
Just a manikin of clothes
For you to peel
I’m done with you
And you’re hurtful tricks
You are nothing to me
You *******
I’m gonna light your
Reputation on fire,
And leave you to rot.
Grace Haak Mar 7
Start by hitting snooze
Twice for good measure
Leave the house just a few minutes later
Turning right into a jam
A thick, slow traffic jam
Viscous car molasses
But much less sweet
Sit there for a second
Simmering in sweat
Your blood begins to boil
Your hands begin to clench
Grip the steering wheel
Watch the clock tick time away
Curse your screeching alarm
Curse the convertible in front of you
Curse Monday mornings
Curse anything but yourself
Know that screaming at the cars
Won’t make that red turn green
But do it anyway
Honk your horn
Flash an unfavorable finger
To the vehicles doing the same to you
How is it rush hour
When everything is lagging
Your will to move is sagging
Roll your eyes at the radio
Wishing listeners a good morning
Oblivious to your mini meltdown
Once you can peel away
And break through that barrier
Sprint down that street
Swerving aggressively
Whip into the parking lot
Pretend your throat isn’t hoarse
And your knuckles aren’t white
Go about your day
Get excited for tomorrow morning
Tuesdays are better
how-to poem
I'm not Anne Feb 16
I know you're not okay
I know it's hard
being always upset.

I know you're not even here
the author
of your own history.

I know you feel out of place.
I know you cry
to heal the pain.

But please,
don't look at everything
through the glass.

don't let
your book burns.

Just breathe.
We've all reached that point where we feel like we don't even fit into our own lives, that things happen and we can't do anything about it. That point where we see everything from the outside, as if it were a movie.
That is the point that triggers everything: the one that makes us realize that we need a change.

Don't let intensity guide you. Just breathe.
I am so sick that I feel
I am so sick that I hear
I am so sick that I smell
Sick of the patented experience

I am so insane I can read books
I am so insane I can converse
I am so insane I can see
Insane because of pseudoscience

I am mentally ill because of what I hear
I am mentally ill because of what I write
I am mentally ill because of what I see
Mentally ill because of segregation & isolation

I am mad because of audio software
I am mad because of video software
I am mad because of editing software
Mad because of channels & mixers in a studio

We are sane because of witnesses
We are sane because of kindness
We are sane because of love
Sane because of strangers
Ashley Feb 2
you say my full name like you've been there my whole life
yet you haven't.
ever since i was little you haven't been there
you were with some other man
crashing my dads car
hurting me and my father
i was little maybe 3
i didn't know anything
now i think about it all.
no good memories i have are with you in them
you left me and let me get abused
i had a horrible childhood because you couldn't put down your ******* ****
you couldn't think about your own ******* kids.
at age 12 you just show up like its nothing. you show up and speak to me like you've always been there but you HAVEN'T
you missed 10 years of my ******* life
10. *******. years.
and you act like its nothing.
you gave me all your horrible mental issues
you gave me your depression
i got your disorders
i only got the bad things
everyone ******* hated me for every ******* problem i got from YOU
to my mother..she'll never see this
are you mad
at what i said
or are you mad
because it’s true?
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