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Just like leaves falling off a tree, she walked through life aimlessly.
Shedding little pieces of her as she went along.
Not knowing where to go, she continues to search for truth,
for meaning,
for herself.
It wasn’t until later that she noticed someone following her,
picking up all the love she had unwillingly left behind.
In a trail of endless petals of roses.
Line from my book: Lifeline byFS (a work in progress)
Feels like the days are flowing by,
While I lay here, restless
Unaware of my becoming
Like an unusual goodbye.
Reality is jaded, memories are faded
The end of a long hedonistic night comes down to the same old plight
Reminiscent of the old days when you never knew you had enough to go on,
In the end, you always got more than what you thought
Is it the freedom that you're after? or is it the one that's chasing you?
Are you trying to create a story for yourself?
Or just being a part of one makes you feel complete?
Maybe you've always given your best, maybe all you need is some rest
Some shut-eye to take a temporary pause in a life that never stops
Will you ever get there or is it just a waste of time?
Will your passion be the wildfire you crave or will it put you in your grave?

There's no end to this pretend, maybe this is the wrong intent
Project what you are, there's no reason to be scared
Madness is the only reality and reality is the only madness
You thought life was a gravy train and you arrive late to the station
But believe that this struggle is your only salvation

Now that you try to fight it, try to snap out of it, it seems harder than usual
This encounter with your past self might not seem so casual
Maybe it has some significance
Or is there another meaning to life?
Well, if at the end of the tunnel you see the meaning
Will you chase it or would you want to transcend the feeling?
Because maybe if you already found the meaning, your life would lose it.
There's a nail half in the wood.. Someone is trying to get you to hit it in  for there amusement
It's quite a easy answer! No! Because I don't have a hammer...
But what happens when you do have a hammer do you knock it in to find out what happens or do you stick to your original plan.. There are to many unwanted tools in the world now and if you don't have them you wont use them x
Blt yesterday's challenge bit slow
Earth is merely a pebble      
On the shore of everything      
Of the sea that is our universe      
Waves with such an endless treble      
And crash's leaving a deafening ring     
For we are just a pebble that can think    
About how the sea came to be so vast           
Or if there are other pebbles like ours                
And what's the meaning to anything                    
Can't this pebble see it won't out last                   
That we won't live like all these stars                
That meanings don't have a meaning          
As we're merely just a pebble observing  
This seemingly endless sea of everything
Just enjoy yourself in this short short life, cause compared to the universe.
We're only here for a single blink and then we're gone.
Wordsmith May 24
Comfort is nice but mundane bores
I must explore the wonders of sea
My thoughts take wings, zest soars
I set sail on my journey with glee

A crushing wave, a sudden slip
Yanking my board from under my feet
Hither tither I scramble for a grip
Boy this feels, anything but sweet

Not what I thought - no easy play
Things just aren't going my way
I look for reason, reason flees
Reason tells me meaning you’ll see

Tired of evil, tired of this ploy
I loosen my grip, I free control
In this moment, I now enjoy
The ebb and flow of the larger whole

A storm revisits, I know the drill
I'm tossed again in life's caprice
I align my will with divine will
And now I sail the winds with ease
Are we playing the game or is the game playing us?

We can't always control what's infront of our eyes, but we can always control whats behind it. Surrender isn't about accepting defeat, but rather to recognise when to move forward and when to step back and let go. The only way to live with flow is to discard resistance and welcome coherence.

We surrender not to give up our power, but to regain our power.
Look up there, really look!
The line of your sight and the path that it took.
Try to understand the truth of life’s vocation.
While you grasp the depths of its bitter isolation.
There is nothing up there, nothing watching.
Just a barren universe, casually mocking.
Existence, is a catalog of aligned integration.
Just a system of knowledge and past information.
Your ability to experience in all of its brilliance.
Is merely the outcome of your required existence.
Eno May 18
I poached two eggs today
I thought they were
Both for my new friend
And housemate
She said she didn't know how
To cook them
And asked if it was hard
I said no
Without realising
The open trap.

For a grumpy woman
Recently arisen
From her bed
Who had just signed up
To make eggs
I wanted to say no
And get on with my to do list for the day
I never am too sure why it takes
So long
To wake up mentally
But there was something sweet to it
I thought
And though I'm usually
So nervous about showing other
How to cook anything
The morning fog
It made me concise
And that made me more confident.

I asked her to boil the kettle
(Sometimes I'm sheepish about being that bossy)
She watched as I turned on the gas stove
I cracked the eggs into the ***
I hit them harder than normal
Since I have a habit of being too soft
Inviting the eggshells to fall in.

I didn't want that for her
I wanted to make some good eggs
Some **** near perfect ones
I asked her if she liked them runny
And she did
I took the newly formed eggs
Out of the pan with my slotted spoon
Shook all the water away
And placed it on the edge of her plate
Between her smile and mine
It felt like I was making breakfast for a child
So grateful
So tall
And it was then that I realised
Those eggs weren't really hers
They were mine.
I fight pain through pen
Draining the ink till' the end,
When words lack meaning
And hands start feeling
Like they're going to fall off
But I know I'll never stop
Living my life on paper
Because I truly favor
This remedy.
Alicia Moore May 17
When one understands, their brain expands with the knowledge that is gained.
      But understanding is not the key to knowledge.
Brain expansion occurs with relation and doubt;
making new hypotheses to match the wave of the forever moving moans of time itself.

When two relate, they share their measures and clash at the seams;
      with a positive needle or the other.
And to share, is to release units;
shrinking emotion until it is neutral.

When three share, they intertwine into a mess of liquid space;
      In a cycle embrace — alas!
Understanding has summoned Mot;
      no good can come of expansion,
one can only be caught.
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