Let me just be honest with you,
writing this down and thinking it through

Shit, I fuck up
No I didn't fuck up
Shit, I fuck up

There my be rhyme or some reason
but the ones you loved should be banned from treason
and yet here i am breathing
while she holds her breath praying I'm seeing

I don't see all that well.
Writing a poem, reading a book, this is my hell.
From experience I most certainly well
This either ends great or he or she's going to break.
The optics of illusion need to be focused.
Not bred in us for lazy purpose.

Fuck, this is my mistake.
She doesn't even ask for something simple as a birth cake.
And this is the girl I'm throwing away?
What has she done to deserve this fate?
Who am I to behave this way?

I know that I must pay for my mistakes.
But know that at my core, my heart beat harder when beat yours
I can't stop what is coming. The table's are turned and the question of me is finally asked:

Now, what are you going to do?

I am not sure if comprehension can be achieved in this reading.  But this is how I have been feeling.

I don't know what the fuck all of it was completely.  It is a completely different style lending more towards a story telling nature that I haven't played with, and since I am currently pissed off it makes it meaningful to get it out meaningfully.
Richard 3d

You told me to calm down.
All I'd done was just tried.
As you explained me the life,
I heard just the death.
Now you closed your doors,
as you saw me too much crying.
Until I calm down,
to find the kye.
Until I see the death,
then I understand the life.
Thats the time you open me,
but I will not be the same.
All what I will get through,
helps me to do the same for you.

That is simply the reason why I have not been sleeping for 42 hours from now. I'm getting through something. I hope my inspiration in my life helps you find the glory in my poetry.

Now where is there to go?
                                           No where is there to go.

i scraped my knees in the
realms of time
i don't know where to hide
under the willow tree
to find and harvest
the new moon
a cracked ceiling blinks
with long lashes
my long lost friend is
still ice cold
it is not yet spring

greet my reflection if
i go too long
without smiling

a transparent person
it looks a lot like

I turn my weird dreams into weird poetry.

we are all just tapping in
to our former genius
to reconstruct what life
has washed away.

musings from the acid riddled summer of 2010.

June 16, 2017
My love is not that simple and shall not be something that is easy to belittle
It is the bright lights that prance gracefully around when going on long walks throughout the city
It is what gives people life and will not leave them with a heart that was shot by a pistol
It is not used to pity
It is the bright blue moon that shines brightly on those that wish to stand out on a dark and rainy night
To bring out the glistening eyes, silky smooth skin, soft hair, and sweet essence that emits from the neck that I am addicted to
Tick tock, time was beginning to feel tight
Patience was not a virtue of mine, but I was waiting for the sincere love to come out of
the blue from you
My love is not that simple and shall not be something that is easy to belittle
It is the kisses that the sun gives when you go outside to sit
It is just like a beautiful song being played by a fiddle
The type of love that roars to many hearts that are in need and those who crave for it
The love that comes out of me, is what makes up your desired fantasy
Even the living dead would be able to soar because of my love
The love that restored your sanity
Just like good times when we would be surrounded by doves
My love is not that simple and shall not be something that is easy to belittle
During those cold nights when the moon yearns for the clean and clear aqua sea
I’m not sure why I want to taste your sweet love, even if it is just a little
I barely know you and you barely know me
My love is the fine red wine that your lips touch whenever you have a horrible day
Leaving my deep red marks onto your mouth, which can make you speechless
Just like when Pygmalion made Galatea, I want you to create a new me and let me show great affection towards you, so please come my way
I promise that if you return my feelings, my love will never make you dreamless
My love is not that simple and shall not be something that is easy to belittle
This portion is dedicated to the one that made mirrors scream as they shattered when my love was being abused
You think I am a simple woman, but I have bones that do not easily become fragile and brittle
I despise you, because my heart was bruised
However, the damages have been made and I have healed because I have learned that my love is not a simplicity that is ignored
I have been made stronger than before
My heart is now wiser and can protect me like the pen and the sword
And for my new future lover, I will meet you at the shore
My love is not simple and shall not be something that is easy to belittle

Made on June 16, 2017. Published on July 15, 2017.
Paul Jones Dec 2015

The more I mean it     the more my will melts,
with resolute strength,     square's into circles.


or is this psychosis?

if its not important why is it bothering me so much
this pattern on my trousers i bought them last week
i have known this drawing of a man holding a guitar my whole life
and all my lives before this one

if its not something i've seen before
how is it familiar?

what is deja vu i don't understand
but don't you understand you will never understand thought
with thought
so stop thinking about it
throw those trousers away.

but its not just the trousers is it?

let me think.

the plant in the fish tank
too much, too big, doesn't fit
the Leonard Cohen stickers.
but was before i met you

i realise now that they do relate

just so be so confused
as soon as its happened was perplexed
so confused at how i knew to do it that way
because as soon as its happened it’s obvious
it was always going to be that way

but it does make sense
its still you

alan Jul 10

Life has no meaning, to me, to them,
but I live for a reason, for me, for them.
Life goes on, it will for years,
so why should I sit here in lonesome helplessness?
I am able to walk, to stand, to help, to help me, and them.
But I'm stuck in the selfish turn of things, too tired to try again.
I rather get up and do something,
and for the rest of the day be at peace with myself,
knowing that a bit of my heart was devoted to it.
I am one person, what can one person do?
Everyone is one, one person, me, them.
People have done things because they are able, am I too able yet?
I have been trying so hard to show people the meaning of life,
but I feel it's nonexistent, but
the reason to live, well, I have a reason, I have a purpose;
to try and make tomorrow better, as long as
there is a

BSeuss Jul 9

If I wasn't a true poet, I would of given up because no one follows my poetry.

I feel the words I have are important.
I hope to find the right mic soon.
Preferably not on websites like these.

Truth in passion.
Still passion is.
Take it or leave, it's there as a seed.
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