I walked among the garden, passing by where long ago you once planted daisies—how those buds once bloomed. I walked a-ways farther until I came to a hearth, torn asunder. Its warmth gone cold and gray. The air about the garden is murky and slick, and I can feel it hang low in the snood of the evening mist. Up ahead I see where the path narrows, and like a siren it lasciviously calls out to me. It lies barren beneath the wet winter wind that blows restive. I know that it knows the way not. The wind sets the tawny leaves to caper and dance this way and that. And laconically they cross atop the worn-out grass. The sun now set save for the trailing penumbras, that set ominous among the darkening clouds like floating tundras. I catch a chill and realize for the first that I am out here alone; among the ancient pillars in the shadowy garden that I have for so long known. Why is it that year after year I must return here, is it to visit you, set things straight, or is it to recover a thing I might have lost to the atavistic gait of chaos and time? I know not—it is not for me to know. But, out here among the spectral shadows I am returned to the primordial. The nonpareil decay of clay and dust.
Amanda 1d
I woke today thinking of you
I marveled at how wonderful you are
And I realized even my brain is lovestruck
Wishing for you on every star

My love for you knows no limits
Has no beginning or end
It is perfectly infinite
Your heart it will defend

I would walk a million messy miles
I would swim a million scary seas
I would climb a million mean mountains
To be with you, your pain I will ease

Hearing "I love you" from your lips
Is all I have been dying for
Only you can say this careless phrase
And give the word "love" meaning once more.
Love has a different definition to everyone
Was it all Meaningless?
Did this act make me Worthless?
I Fear I will never Understand
What happened to my Hand
What I do Know is this
I will Never find Bliss
No one will show me Affection
I Deserve no Protection
I will be Forever Alone
Until I Atone
But the World becomes Tougher
So I shall continue to Suffer
I can't do anything
So the World will look at me and Sing
They were Stronger
So I cannot Deny this no Longer
I Deserve to Die
And this is no Lie
For this Problem called Life
Has no Solution except for the Knife
Are we just speaks on a spinning ball
Are we something a whole lot more
They would have us believe we are nothing but specks, but we are so much more.
Be successful they say,
Some say fulfilling life is success
Some say success is achieving dream someday
Unless I  can define success in my words
How can I be successful in any way?
Mazen Edlibi Apr 13
In hope I start my day!
Holding “Hope” with my spirit trying to find meaning to what I’m doing!

Breathes are counted!
Sleeps are restless!
Words became homeless!
Pain became meaningless!


Death became the Theme!
Pale colors are painted!
Brain in comma!
Guts is drained!
Love is Running away!

First Hours of hope had counted down!!
Amanda Apr 13
Silence. Not one single sound.
Sometimes the quiet kills.
It can cause death.
Is there meaning beyond the stills?

Who could have the answer?
All I know is it's not me.
Not at this moment in time.
Silence. It always feels empty.
This is an old freeverse i turned into a rhyme.
Kat Apr 11
In the dictionary, poetry is a                          work in which special
                                                  l i t e r a r y
intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm; poems collectively or as a genre of literature.

Bland and boring that's what that definition is.
It has not any feelings
It has not any life
It's boring and bland like the words of a textbook.
That's what the definition is.
It's b
         o                                   .
             r                             e
                i                       m
                  n                 a
                      g   and l

To me, poetry is MORE!
It's when I write my heart a       w       a       y.
It's when I write about things I like or care about.

For me, poetry is a way to vent
be fuming and mad
but still be calm and cool
writing about an event that happened today possibly at school.
To writing about what/who I think should go                                away.
To write about the people I care about.

The poems I read all have affected ME in some way.
Making me currently happy, sad or anything like that.
Sometimes the words in a poem have so much meaning.
It's hard to disagree with the poet when you hear them basically SCREAMING at you with their strong opinions.
That's what makes a poem great and c l a s s y.

It's not the words in a poem that make it lasting
It's the effect it has on your
          ­                                         i
       ­                                                  e
                                                             once it ends.
Something I threw together in 10 minutes.
It was based off of the last 2 lines.
Aa Harvey Apr 11
I wrote this just for you

You alone will find meaning within my words.
My poetry is just for you.
Your interpretation is right and the only interpretation that matters…
To you.

What you think is so important;
I agree with you, it is.
Whatever you find within the rhymes of my poetry;
You are the seeker and you will find what you need.

Go find the truth, beneath the words;
Learn to read more poetry and you will find joy inside him or her.
Write your own words and they will not know you are a nerd;
Speak from the soul
And you will become anything, when your words are heard.

The fires are burning; you are the worm that is turning.
When you have left school, you shall continue learning
And in the end, we all become more;
This is not the end of forever…we are the beginning.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I am a monstrous being
For I have committed many sins,
For the cause of my inner bleeding
Being my lack of making amends,

I'm not seeking forgiveness,
Just the relief of the emotional scaring,
I'm not looking to die missed
But just to die with dignity and meaning,
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