Sarah 9h

an unwilted rose is permanent,
the blossomed monochrome fades due time
but the importance remains,
just like yours.

this marks eternity.

Written 9/25/17

My mind is off to where the rivers flow.
To where the Sun sets and the Moon rises.
That small space between sleep and waking up,
Where no dream seems unreal.

A minute in my head feels like a hundred.
My palace is vast
And every door is a thought,
It’s so easy to get lost sometimes.

Like smoke above the fire
My thoughts run thin.
They escape my cranial inferno
To live beside the Stars.

For that is where they belong,
Dancing on the silky night fabric
With white ants searching for meaning
Only to find, there is none.

A phrase that
carried weight
since childhood

Not only for how
got me through
long weary nights

But the longer I write this story called
I realise how it ends and of course knew
How it had begun

As a maniac
with worlds within
wishing to bring magic
with every touch

Every moment in life could be pinned down as a start
So the phrase would fit every moment any second
To deliver stories or emotions craved to convey

Or when lost
to be a compass
imprinted on her left forearm
With it as a reminder
that she is dancing on a canvas
brush in hand

Once upon a time
she was just so little....
then things no longer....
but fear not
as everything is going just where it needed to go
The End

my friends always wanted to know why I got my tattoo
and this is why

There is vastness in the middle of your mind
But the things we need we leave them far behind
It is an endless search until our search resigned

But when we find what we need our hunger is persistent
We may try to stop, but what we try to stop is consistent
So we give in, go again around it, despite resentment

We may not find what we need so our hunger grows
And our sanity sees this unlike what it shows
When our minds stop we will become for the crows

because my room is a mess without you here,
there's clothes everywhere,
the bed never made,
because i don't care.

i lay on top,
music blaring from my phone,
i stare up into the unknown,
i want everything,
i want nothing,
i long to be somewhere else,
yet nowhere.

my thoughts are plagued of you,
the way you curl up next to me,
the intoxicating scent of your hair.
but when i open my eyes,
you're not there.

we're so close,
yet i feel so far apart.

the way your cheeks are dusted with pink,
when i tell you i love you,
i love it,
i love it,
i love it.

Mars 6d

I want to know
all of the "believe it or nots"
Truths that have been
covered up by faith
The see-through blind spots
Unable to be held and kept safe
I want to see
The space inside the hole
The air inside my lungs
The pulse inside my wrist
I want to hear
The sounds of our soul
The words on our tongues
The meaning that I've missed

Lost in your eyes I was
when you echoed
Those three words
My bones shimmered
As my heart skipped a million beats
As it tried to match your pace
You broke every being of my insecurity
Forcing me to step out of my comfort zone
Just to echo the words
"I love you too"

I forget my ways
too easily
traditions of my skin
blown away
like pencil dust

In a place
where my soul
has no meaning
I mean not to die,
yet I cannot thrive
in a place
where my bones crumble
like fallen leaves

sweet flavors in my mouth
fade away with time
all is within or without
drained away in the night

all my lost customs,
those dances of my soul
return to me in dreams
as fresh as they are old

I let words slip past my
let them sink into my
wash them out with bitter
they disappear in

I forget my sight
too quickly
place my eyes
in a transparent box,
there they wait
by the light of an
open window
to be released
to find home

It must mean something
see through you,
count with your heartbeat
the days gone,
erase the mist,
the clouds, the leaves.  

Death must mean something.

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