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Michael A Duff Nov 2017
please let me lay by your side for hours that stretch into years, we can talk about thousands of nothings that make us comfortable so we can have a lifetime of somethings with meaning.
The goal of true love is deep and broad
I should like to caress your eyes
and invite you to dive into words:
their beauty, their powerlessness,
their singular characteristic
of being the best shot I have
at making sense of the beautiful mess.
lake Oct 6
i walked down an empty road
it felt so free and open
i wondered why no one took it
but then the pavements were crooked
and i could see the flickering lights
turning the dust into a glimmering sight
i walked halfway only to realize something
that all these paths, they led to nothing
and i'm not the first to notice it
for all intents and purposes, there were red flags
i just didn't want to be dead last
Carmen Jane Oct 6
Clasping the foil of your cascading words
I pull as much as I can, then use my arm
To cut in ninja style,only to reboot your vocal chords
I seek the meaning in them,I mean no harm.

There's never time to stay and float on summer breeze
Sunshine touches you  briefly as  you claim the cold winds
It has my skin trembling, has my thoughts freeze
I watch the autumn wind, how my believes it spins…

The autumn wind, that carries all the colored leaves,
It draws with them uncodable, secret messages
The fate  of our love, the fate of you and me…
I pray and try to catch the one that could  salvage  us...
So you think you know the reason why it is that we're all here? You think you've got it sussed and that it's crystal clear? But what you fail to realize is that you don't know who to trust. The people who have taught us are also made of dust.

You're strong in your convictions; you never doubt the facts. You read the science books but don't inspect the cracks. You back your suppositions; hold strong to your beliefs. But have you ever smoked a joint and doubted all your briefs?

Life is not at all what it at first appears to be. All you need to show that is some archaeology. Gaze up at the stars at night, or the moon during the day; check out Machu Picchu and reflect on what you say.

We'd be pretty ****** foolish; and equally naive; to place all our bets on the lies that people weave. I don't mean that in a mean way, or disrespectfully; it's meant to show my love and camaraderie.

And hey, I know, that sounds real cocky, 'cause I've no monopoly on truth. But I've got something tangible that's both evidence and proof. If you want to hang a while I'm happy to expound; I'll blow your mind and steal your heart and shake your faithless ground.

© Canadian Cowboy

We were born in a cursed land
A place lost in time and space
Where dreams come to an end
And our beat sound out of pace

So I can’t blame you for leaving
Before mediocrity took your glow
I do hope you find some meaning
Around the pines covered in snow

For there’s beauty in the wild north
If you let it guide your spirit forth
The cold will turn into warmth
Inspired by one of the bravest person I've ever met
Bhill Sep 24
When is the time right
Do you look at the future
Do you stare backward

Is it better in the now
You can't change what has happened
You can choose todays pathway
Make today's pathway
A journey that takes you THERE
To the place that fulfills all
The place that gives life meaning
We all need meaning

Brian Hill - 2019 # 240
Where will the road to there take you today?
Seanathon Sep 16
The greatest trap of all for mankind
Is that of being and not being
And when there is no God
Not being begins to look awfully friendly
Being doesn't necessarily imply the other.
Elaine Sep 14
Standing here as thoughts fill the air,
These thoughts so random
These thoughts so rare.
Questions so silly,
They make me wonder
What would it be like to touch a thunder?
Or maybe if rain could turn to snow?
I think these questions are random no more...
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