Hae Sun 10h
Today I saw Picasso’s self-portraits only to realize that at 14 years of age, he painted a man 5 times as old as him, believing that it was how he looked like or at least how he sees himself. At 15, he painted a woman who, under any circumstances, does not look like him nor his mother. As he grew older, the paintings became more distorted or rather abstract and surreal that some even looked like there was more than just one person in the frame. His last painting, I assume, is a face but if you look closer you will realize that they are pieces from different puzzles, that somehow, although they fit together, they are not from just one thing – but aren’t we all are?

Picasso, consumed his days thoughtfully to paint such masterpiece that reflects who he is – that he is not just any other person, that he is not just one person. He is a combination of many, the past and present, his mother and his father, the anima and the animus – all these are parts of himself, who, when put together become the Picasso who he knows.

Picasso has mastered it ahead of us – that we are more than just a face, we are a parade of many and if we do not recognize it, we might end up painting faces we don’t know, becoming a stranger inside a home.
The rains lash their love on the city,
a romance that’s hard to comprehend,
as the latter soaks up the former,
I sit in my room, fighting off the mundane.

I look over flocks of people,
moving around on the streets.
Living lives I’ve never known,
and perspectives I might not ever see.

The physical limitations of my body,
hinder the limitless thoughts it bears.
I want to live a thousand lives at once,
and my mind wants to break the cage.
To look back my 28 years of life
What good did I do
Or what not good things
I can improvise too!

Years passes by and we have no clue
But aging swiftly
Without breathing the fresh soothing air
Without seeing the best out of worst
And without seeking the light
out of dark,
Perception matters a lot,

Life itself is challenging, let it be
But how to surf through it
And enjoy each moment is what matters!

Hopefully I would learn all of it.
It's my Birthday today but feeling very ordinary, nothing special. But yes, to make a difference in someone's life as well as my own is what matters. Life can't go on like that. Let it be something meaningful. Thank you my hp family to be there always with me during thick and thin of my life.
PoserPersona Jul 13
It is to be on Winter's Eve,
  a holiday for two.
And how the snow will dance for thee,
  with hair matching to boot.

In both its length and in its sway,
  your strands of golden sun
will radiate our merry days
  and blind out lonely ones.

Wine for now to celebrate what
  will only be two weeks.
Wine again to celebrate, but
  these weeks to be the least!

As feast for two will soon be three
  then four, no five or more!
I cannot wait, a father, me?
  Children of ours be born!

Purpose of life, we shall have; share
  our life's meaning we will.
As us to them and they to theirs,
  we will grow old fulfilled.

Not if but when the snow winds storm,
  of me you'll find no sin.
For coat and drink will lack the warmth
  as family's love within.
Kira Jul 13
I have so many words inside my mind
racing around my consciousness

I thought, I wanted, to be a poet
I didn't think I would feel so bottomless

I can't stop thinking about rhymes and signs
and what words seem to have the most feeling
"Do the words I hear inside my brain actually have any meaning?”

I thought, it would be, a way to express myself
A way to keep my heart beating

But the more that I write, the more words I find
circling through my head

They keep me up at night, not a soul in sight
Can I please just go to bed
I wrote this up pretty fast. I wasn't sure if how I hear it in my head is actually how it would be read. Let me know what you think?
Gemma Jul 12
"Self love is the foundation to any other type of love"
So how come
When you're body is colliding with mine
Somehow my self hatred has gone?
The guidelines of life vary for each person
who's up for an adventure ,
I could continue to live isolated but with you around , there's a much less lonely option.
So I'll learn
I go
and feel like I truly belong to a person
who's not worthy of me
has my undivided attention.
Tim Mansour Jul 11
Wouldn’t it be better to be deconstructed
blow apart those held-together pieces

seen as all those same parts,
spent of needs and dependency
each is worth its own weight,
bringing their gift to the whole

wouldn’t they make sense on their own,
more than all the sense I make together?
We sentient beings, sometimes we overthink it.
No beginning is good enough
I heard the sand grains say
They're blown about
unstuck their cover is fragile
They always remember being
some place else
vague and connected
loosely they're tied
to the stupid wind
by their own choosing
Restless they will be everywhere,
so they aren't picky.
Some get sticky
and buried
under stainless water,
and some mount up
thru seismic waves
into volumes of sandstone,
only to be trimmed into shorter sentence,
whipped into tenderness,
groomed into the latest
those banded dunes that sulk
the passion.
Maria Etre Jul 9


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