Do you not know
That there are worlds
Within a disappointment,
A whole constellation
Of opportunity.
Hidden in the resolution
Of failure
Is a promise
Of restoration.
As we leave
One instant,
We enter
Another lifetime,
One with pages of story
Freshly printed.
Your journey
As your experience
The destination
Is the masterpiece
Strung together through days
Of collected mistakes
And a kaleidoscope of moments,
All to lead you
To the one eventual
Of all
That you are
Think not of perfection
Imperfection holds a greater universe

Fear not that you will not do
Live for little doings in your slice of time

Search not always for a dream
Always dream and delight in the thought

Beauty, idolised, is always just out of reach
A delicate beauty permeates the seams of this grey world

Even a full life can bring, and hide, unhappiness
If it is brimming meaninglessly

The world may tell us how to live
But our hearts dictate how to love
While waiting for a good day,
You waste the one before.
Every time i see your face,
you seem to sap my grace,
i have no love i have no fear,
i have no cares for the screams i hear,
I am trying to fly with broken wings,
While the man without a tongue sings,
we stay even though the fire stings,
no matter how much pain it brings,
**** is such a wonderful place to be,
And you bring me there every time i see,
Your Face.
Curses are peace.
Like satan said...
He might say he loves you!
But does he really mean it?

Does he hold you when you cry?
When he says ****, do you feel it?
is only
a word.
give it
its true
My mind sings
Of sonnets,
And soliloquy
That all reveal
One epiphany:
Not all the words in this world
Can do justice
To a love
Such as this
Matthew 4d
I woke up one morning
and was welcomed by the dark
that enveloped me.

                                  Introducing me to their void
of abstract reality.
Where I was no longer myself.
I was hovering in this abyss.
Timeless moments went by and,
I was It.
A simulacrum.
My thoughts belonged to others.
Nothing was me.
Hands searching a mind for thoughts to own
a motif
and it was crying
but it was me
but not
It observed how the tears
fell up to the colorless nothing
splashing on a ceiling that was not there

sudden and slow movements of it
moving pictures

I was a camera viewing everything as one
Staring into my body
my soul
the scattered thoughts
the abyss

But it
threw it away with disdain
Inspired by a perfect poem
Wolf 4d
I wish to say
"I didn't mean it"
But this time
I truly did
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