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it could be
a sign;
that the ring
didn't fit
on the finger
was needed
it had
to be forced
it could
just be
joint effusion
an unexpected
weight fluctuation
meaning nothing
i'll assign significance
to fit the narrative
feed anxieties
and support
a predetermined
Turquoise you make my heart go blue
Not in a sad way
But in a deep way
You remind me of lengthy walks on a Spring afternoon
The turquoise gutters on a home
The turquoise eyes of a Siamese cat
You are the colour of wisdom
The voice of reason
The smell of a mother's scent
A glass vase displayed in a windowsill
The sun shines through
My favourite shade of blue
sean achilleos
i am
buying tickets
to a lecture
on the cosmos
though my thoughts
have often
amongst the celestials
in one form
   or another
i know little
what was learnt
at school;
cursory details
when the vastness
of the universe
is considered

there is a desire
to understand
   from where we came
   of what made us
   how we came to be
   our chances
      for a future
there is
a radiance
and pageantry
to the stars;
an expanse
that should incite
   and wonder
this infinity
is a subject
dominated by
without much
pity left
the rest of us

if i do
to attend
i know that
i’ll be lost
to the magnificence
of the dwarfs
   and nebulas
at best
of all that
is proffered

to be honest
i’m not sure
its worth
the £50
plus postage
when i think
i can predict
how it will end;
will be given
and advice
there is
no guarantee
i will still
be listening
Ken Pepiton Apr 19
Upright, bipedal, con-fi, see, come saw
I saw thee under the mulberry tree,
when the wind stirred
the upper branchings
one who strives with truth in life's wild way,
rests - while watching, waiting for next
if I may, the past-tenseness of guiled, is guilt.
Hold no shame, having to do, and suffering so
painless, once used, patience always workd.
No guile, we waited for the point to go. Dotdotdot
-speak of that daemon and who should appear,
the daysman on duty, Mercutio's nearkin,
- was he one told to come and see?
a stranger in whom is no trick,
a confident man, selling his wares, for worth
to the buyer made ware by chance, lost in thought.

Something seems off when a person
knows with whom he agrees,
but I do not, ah, poorer in knowledge accrual, am I

So I, learn if I am as well agreeable,
does this trek into familiar detail seem allusive,
or useful, universal,
state of un-been-guiled, once too many times.
Bogus Science, and Ponzi Economics,
we climbed the dung hill, and found it comfy, warm.
- some sense from bovine ilk, Rumi-nated
- clover over rye, a pre-ference, cud-wise.
- The after taste, time to think,
- why do we use so many nursing cattle?
- What have we become, now that we can
- drink dead milk.
-back to the quest for a we for today-

Frankfurt determines that ******* is speech intended to persuade without regard for truth. The liar cares about the truth and attempts to hide it; the bullshitter doesn't care if what they say is true or false, but cares only whether the listener is persuaded.[1]

From <>

Where I was reared, nobody tells you
of a tattoo
on their back,
beneath covering clothes.
- but now, the layer of cool, coming on
- after all psy-sci-psi sense converged
Some folks do, for some unspoken reason,
- see, I wish you could see raw me, the art.
- forcing me to keep this skin.
- Possesion first, first right to claim, I know.
- BTDT- an imp experiencing samsara for me.
now, where were we, like like likest…
A person is presenting purpose,
proposing we have lost our links
to recovered tattoos - meaning hidden
not on your face, intending to make you see
Salience, a leaping roe, perhaps, saying see me,
perhaps saying I can leap the hedge row,
or it seems
so so salient, as if coming to attention,
tuned to the whole, boom
- lackachuma-fuma
salience the word is said again, by the fellow
with the deeply meaningful ta-toos
- a silly syllable enabling- bling
to which my attention attracts, salience
catches my at- tension, hooks me,
pulls me in, gnosis whispers know me,
deceive your grip,
accept my hand co-mand-astory manual labor,
I snap my fingers, we
receive my salient happenstance

fool me once, sell me an invisible tattoo,

a tool used to mean something,
meaning- full fashion affectations,
- as when a law is fulfilled -
put it there, where ladies show their spots.

Imagine we know it means something
distracting to the winds in- twisting my senses
sh, shush
shushing soothing, as might a 4-H kid,
nurse a stolen calf, and learn the price of knowing.
Live and learn, grands in a country school.
Daivik Apr 14
It's easy to say life has no meaning when you haven't even tried finding it.
My Dear Poet Apr 4
the same knife
can **** you
or feed you
it's been used
quite meaninglessly
       three times
in between that
it is simply
a dust trap
in hindsight
it was
a waste

i must
have known
that it would
     if ever
get used
beyond sense
     and reason;
the novelty
behind the idea
any concept
of logic
     or prudence

being able
to say
i own
the same typewriter
as such
a great mind
must mean

even so
         if not
it shall remain
on display
amidst the pages
of my bookshelf
George Krokos Mar 19
Time, as we have come to know it, is only relevant to our planet Earth;
because out in deep space it would lose most of its meaning and worth.
There's a graphic piece that accompanies this couplet titled: 'Earth, Space and The Foundation of Time' which can be viewed elsewhere on the web. Please check it out.  From 'Simple Observations' ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Rickey Spence Mar 12

If I could speak to you
I’d tell you how special you are
I’d tell you that what makes you cool
Is that I can see the love of Jesus shining

If I could give you counsel
I’d tell you how valuable you are
I’d tell you how infinitely important it is
To wait patiently on God’s will for your life

If I could ask you a question
I’d want an answer from your heart
What is your pressing passion, I’d ask
What drives you, what things do you love?

If I could watch you
I’d want to see you smile
I’d want you to be safe and happy
I’d want to watch you live your dreams

If I weren’t so self-conscious
I’d be confident and encouraging
I’d want to be intentional and inviting
I’d want to be the person I’m meant to be
Zoe Mae Feb 7
I will get nowhere faster than you
Just look at the yellow lights I'm blowing through
Yes, for a moment it seems you have the edge
But you drive with your heart instead of your head
I saw that no u-turn coming for miles
You cut me off, and I was all smiles
In reality we both have nowhere to get to
But I'm gonna get there faster than you
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