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Lesson learned
After i got burned
Not the first nor the third
No it took many hits before i learned

Sometimes you have to fall
Deep into **** and crawl
Before you can find any meaning and stand tall
You'll hit and hit so many walls

One day you'll be free
Tell yourself no more stupidity
Until you get wrapped into it again suddenly

Life brought tricks and sneaks to get you
To go back and make the same mistakes you always do
It's just a test to see if you'll make it through

Cause i guess it'll never stop until the lesson has been learned
Good ol tricky life trying to pull the same bologna it did to me before, but i refuse! I cried it out and got hurt until i stopped and realized maybe some people were right. Even if i hate the reasons why i can't change them and it's just breaking me so I'll learn my lesson and move on
Leave your treasures,
Forget to listen,
To all of your peers and their sayings,
Your cash can’t help you here,

Killing lies,
Till death do us apart,
Killing lies,
No care can be too much,

A field of lies,
Truth mines,
A tragedy,
Serine oblivion,
Pure bubbles of treachery,

Killing lies,
Tonight won’t end ever,
Killing lies,
Get “A”s you’ll do well in life,

Death in jubilation
Of truth’s explanation
Listen to, "Killing Lies" by The Strokes.
Whether it is poetry
or even prose,
the orchestra of words
differ musically
In sound
In space
And even in rhythm
But never in meaning
Never in sweetness
The music of words has a myriad of meanings. I fall in love with words over and over again.
My body is feeling rather weak but I'm gonna try and write some of the Masked Bard. Its not as bad as yesterday, thankfully.
Again, everyone, thank you very much for your out-pour of kindness.
Truly, I'm humbled and touched. I know I may sound like a broken record but I just want you guys to know how much it means to me.
It's really helping me feel better.
Hugs and love to you all! ^^
Lyn ***
Rusted iron bar
Rough against my wrist
Trapping all the moonlight
Under crystal waves

****** mason jars
Menial joyless tryst
Draining all the starlight
Through crystal waves

Far as you are far
Listless in your way
Searching in your headlights
Flooding in my head

Rustic open scar
The grit all washed away
Deep beneath the moonlight
In crystal waves

I just can't cant see
Without this interest
What's killing me

Couldn't careless
It's killing me

Whatever life spared to see
Couldn't care less
Riptide 2d
A song has meaning.
It is a world of sound.
We drift away when it is heard.
A song has a use.
It is used to calm minds.
A song.
In this cruel world
Full of scorn, hatred and unkept vows
There will always be lights
Smaller or hugenormous
They are the heroes, managing struggles while keeping sanity, not giving up
Hope is a paradox
The force that keeps them moving, alongside family, relationships, goals and the will to fight
Unwavering and strong
One, two, three and I say these
I will fight til the end
Everyone, lets fight until we redeem ourselves
To make this world better and lovely
To feel better and have higher self-esteem
To make progress and to make our lives worth living
In this cruel world, where paranoia, hatred, homophobia, indifference, kitsch, low self-esteem and hidden survellaince are in bloom
In this cruel world, love can make changes of huge importance
Baby steps we should make.
To make this world a better home and a lovely place!
Tori 3d
Our love was never meant to be touched by the sun
It was made for silent glances across rooms
And bouquets of acacia left on doorsteps in the dead of night
It was made for shadows and obscurity
For stolen kisses behind locked doors
And hands clasped tightly away from prying eyes
What better way to pour out
the pain of a poet that
to write the stories
with a *** of
It's so good to be back here.
So therapeutic!
Lyn ***
Words are hard.
I know I'm not saying
Anything revolutionary.
For all of the human race
Speech poses a quandary:
Do I speak?

Words are hard.
You know the saying:
Like a stone, words hurt:
Shattered bones, shattered soul,
Shattered self worth.
Can I speak?

Words are hard.
They take more energy
than I have left to give.
Perhaps if I ignore the rest
I'll have a will to live.
Why should I speak?

Words are hard.
Clearly I personally can never shut up, but this is what my social anxiety says.
J 6d
This life was never meant for me
I’m filled with pride and jealously
My ego held me back for years
And now I’m left to sitting here,

I thought about leaving it all behind
Just one swift click, won’t say goodbye  
I feel so hopeless and don’t know why
Another day with a mask, or a comforting lie

I met a girl but I’m afraid what I’ll do
I am unstable, don’t wanna damage you
The tough times in the past the lord helped me through
But my faith is shaken with each priest that’s been sued

Religion was never something I loved
It was a chore before Sunday brunch
My innocent love is gone with the wind
My heart has been broken again and again

I keep looking for love in a world that is fleeting
One night stands never have any meaning
Yet why am I tempted by being a fake
Maybe to cope with the mirrors I hate
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