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Sophia Sep 21
Crack your rib cage open,
Peel back the bones.
Release the creature
Inside your chest,
Let it out to roam.

Let it create the chaos
That's hiding under your skin,
Simmering in your blood,
Filling up your lungs,
Drowning you from within.
I work but I don't feel the money I earn is mine.
Words' Worth Jul 9
Catch a fading star
Hold me now in Mars
If the universe goes a bit far
Don't worry, let the world stare through

Catch a burning supernova
Hold me now in Neptune
If the universe seems blue
Don't worry, the world won't fade away too

Catch an interminable wormhole
Hover over the rings of Saturn
If the universe feels like a cradle
Don't worry, the civilization can depend on you

Just let the stars shine on you, you fool
On the moon
Carpe diem
She squirmed and wriggled in absolute anticipation, just loving it, eagerly ready for what would come, love making in the most special and intimate way. Slowly Nigel moved his fingers up and down Stacy’s pussyanthamicatrical, enjoying the tightness of the plastic

though she was moist in her nose. The material of her ******* was soaked by dryness, science reversal. Part of her skirt would be but that didn’t matter. Soon she would be naked, not needing any

second skin to hide her beauty; that was left to her third. They had no secrets or inhibitions. Except skin.
Nikita Jun 30
Oh hello.
What’s your name?
That’s nice. Do you sing?
No kidding.
Oh me? Not me.
My voice shrills and kills until it...
Sorry. Did I just-?
Never mind. Yeah, okay.
I’d love that.
See you next weekend?
Great. Wait...
Before you go-?
Can you promise?
You do? Oh, you do.
It’s just- It’s just that I find it...
Great. Amazing. Wonderful.
Have fun- With her. Yeah.
Cool. Later.
A conversation in a time, space and with characters of your own creation. Feel free to reinvent the story until it makes sense to you.
I love it.
But grow trees to adumbrate it’s anima.

To force a mascaraed upon its glow.
Tarp my elation for it.
It’s guttural.
I feel my definition eave when I do it.

Alien cliques called societal norms.
Make such a scintillating activity, abnormal.
I hurt no one through such a cosmetic lust.
Fabric is not a great medium for harm.

I cringe at such struggles.
For gender roles and such.
One shouldn’t care of what other think.
God knows I’m a hypocrite to state that.

I want to share my “taboo” with someone dear.

I need to.

Anyone who struggles with personal enjoyment.
Doing things that are no harm to others, but are considered deviant.
I would love to leave you with a quote.

“I am human, nothing human is alien to me.”

Where whatever clothes you want to.
Love whoever you want to with their consent.
Gerald Jun 13
Maybe something I don't know about happened in the past.

Perhaps someone took away my heart.

Or is it just me?
Because everyone I meet makes me feel like I'm just so hard to love.

And now.....they find it odd, that I love it so much in the dark.
Moe Jun 9
Distant at heart
A slow developing
Thought makes it out
We are not clean from guilt
Only disguises
Even words don’t make
The odd hours pass
This you and I
Jace Joseph Jun 2
Just in how our minds think,
all so confusing for little reason.

Seems to always bring us brink,
I hear you go to blame the season.

But I think our minds are flawed,
for why we're all cable of such evil.

People themselves are just odd,
from humanity's primeval.
Humanity has been so cruel.
All I want is peace and happiness.
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