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Heal Me
The spiritual workshop will heal me
The gal has the curves
In all the right places

Make me feel better baby
Does your husband approve
Of you seeing me being with you

You say he wouldn't then would
Which is it baby yes or no
He wants you to fuckelstine me

Or not take me out on a date
Just you or the three of us
Spice life up a bit here we go

We only live once and hey
I like the sound of you
Like the look of you

Like the feel of you
I like so let's rock n roll
All the things about you

Including your husband
He can **** my cockpit
Then watch as I ***** driver you

We make our own party
As we go along
See you soon baby
Let's get spiritual
everything is all right now
it's okay
everything is the way it's supposed to be

go to sleep
you're good enough
close your eyes

close your eyes
take off your clothes
you're good enough

take off your clothes
i'm thinking of ending things
yesterday i woke up on the phone

buildings rearranged

all the scarecrows
and everything
everything's ending.
i don't know if this is good, i'd appreciate feedbacfjsdf;osdlyesterday i woke up on the phone listening to the radio eysteday i fell asleep in the pool witheiswek it all in its right place Confused Yet?

Sorry if this is difficult and esoteric, thats the pointi don't know if this is good, i'd appreciate feedbacfjsdf;osdlyesterday i woke up on the phone listening to the radio eysteday i fell asleep in the pool witheiswek it all in its right place Confused Yet?

Sorry if this is difficult and esoteric, thats the point. Things are just somewhat difficult and lonely, and it's hard to articulate it. nevertheless, i try.
neth jones Nov 2021
cloth-ed as clown                               
a spilt generation                        
within our moral delirium
                       who would care-claim us now  ?

paint your scrutiny
with our baffling strife of operations
as we lather up and ****** social
in the slaggy loft of our hive
plug uz from our heated terrarium
let's be proper met
examined with manner :
our morbid request

let us claim
something that is not yours
that we might budge on a generation
of spatty breeding
Extended from missing verse of 'Blemishes'
B Morgan Talbot Sep 2021
When they came down from their disk
With their blinding lights
And their alloy ramps
It quickly became obvious
Unexpectedly, in our hubris,
That they wished only to
Gas up,
Take some pictures of squirrels
And stretch their limbs
Before setting out toward a finer frontier.
Did you hear something about an intergalactic highway being built?
Ray Dunn Aug 2021
the dogs bark
and the caravan progresses

the children cry
but the world spins
My voice, my face, my body... Everything is young. But I keep asking myself, 'Where is my youth?'
Mel Apr 2021
As flowers and dirt covers
the cautious ground
A long lure of leafy gray

Clear nectar runs into the water
Running down the mountain and
To the end of the river
Jennifer DeLong Mar 2021
Daydreams are dynamic
Creative imagination
Colorful thoughts
float and dance
they really have
some super ideas
So can we please
place them in the now
Come on let's get it done
Let's get going
Let's put them on paper
Let's let them come out
to play and dance
Come to be
Maybe then we will
feel at least not just a
daydreamer ....
© Jennifer DeLong 🦏
Chris Mar 2021
The most luminous example of a fallen angel
An ignored history.. A need for attention..
We define The Humanity Problem globally..

Let me enter the mind of a killer
Let me learn from within the mind of a saint
I will calculate the sociology 
The norms killing our psychology 
With pad and pen as my everlasting friend..

I want to burn in hells 
I seek to bask in heavens

Show me the soul in my eyes
Weathering through a common storm..

People will find the real normal..
If they love themselves and help others..

It should be an oddity to erase normality 
And so it exists only as a common standard..
That is how I grew up..

What if we ended expectations?
What if we embraced change?
Compassion could be a global comeback..

There is a nature in duality..
Humans engraved into double-edged swords..

If we could create love and war..
We may be able to end our battles..
We could live with evidence and compassion..

Ending our need to be beautiful, better or rich

As an American.. I am built of guilt
I suffer..

I displayed kindness, love and compassion 
I valued evidence over assumption
Pointed out an economy of overconsumption

Only to be labeled as..


So.. to my fellow kinsmen and women..

Open up a dictionary..

If I am a sheep..
We as a whole are not shephards..

Who do you look for to guide you?
Isn't America obviously lost?

We are defined as sheep by a globe called Earth

Currently? Like it or not.. They're right..

I am not powerful
I am weak

Despite the ego of America.. I am no sherpah..
I am no sheep..
I will never be a shephard..
I will only ever be me..
Think of you when at your happiest..
Revel in the lessons of how that was stolen..

It will be Hell..
I'll be blunt with that fact..

Want peace? Face it.
Face you. 
Deflate all of your ego.

We need to bring back who we were long ago..

We need to care and foster Hope..

Eradicate foolish hate..
Value intelligence and knowledge..

Divided we are destined to **** and die..

But.. United?
We could be a beacon of hope..

A beacon brighter than God, who we're under

An American Beauty..
That has shed her mistakes..

To let go..

Of her American Ego..
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