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Man Aug 30
The odd thing
About the constant moving
Of a life grown up on the road

Is the people you meet
Know you will leave
And so you get their best

However brief
Thankful for all of the positive people in my life, and those that have gone
Man Aug 29
Who the ****, and why.
The owner of the eye
Can answer my question,
Whoever it is that's watching;
Stop wasting your time
Ken Pepiton Aug 18
A teaspoon of tincture, to the actual worth
of a Kuerig waste eventually, in return
for a breath.

How slow do we sink below our bouancy specs?

Sein- in my future plastic accountibility,
a form of artifact that shall signal affluence killed us all;
any way, same thought, nine ounces of our local kush…
ah, it has a weak genealogy, nothing fancy, no Joe Herrera,
but a hermaphroditical what the hell,
seems some years ago, down in Lemon Grove,
one branch, in our first legal garden, in three generations,
one branch,
we seemingly never noticed until John harvested,
and had like 200 seeds,
- at that house
not far from where the 9/11 crew stayed during flight school,
but about ten years later,
-------- bubble memory on all along
we had a crop of ****,
plain old garden variety seeds from a bag.
And as we eliminated all the males, we spied,
using our YouTube assist- what does this look like? Abnormal
or normal
are no longer first page words worthy choices,
norms are not known
to be essenstial,
esse, essense essence yes sense, in no wise
as evidence from this POV, mine, on loan, you can use it,
you can hold it,
as a thought,
what if,
we knew at once, words are not Lotech. Let us express,
once hindered
by those that let, let us let free.
Read, discover the realm of minds past normal,
long before Art Intuited a system
to inter connect tight
thinking, sieving contraptions
for sacred secrets, light
reveal, see the bunny in the cage,
prior to the hat, right.

Plain Truth, Garner Ted 'n'em, made some money selling
a home grown version of once pure good news, from a spring,

oh, nobody lives forever,
ain't that a relief?
Think a spell.
I meant to give you the recipe, but got to vegetating how
chthonic circumstances determine much of the luck, but

Nine or ten ounces of cured and cooked to peak, commercial
quality cannabis, from any garden in Free States, nowadays,
steeped in Arizona legal Everclear, 95% pure moonshine,
for around a year or so… seems to become stronger,
could be a brandy evaporation kinda thickening,  plot that.

In the course of a novel day, I did deliver the recipe. That is it,
the deed, indeed, does call for more knowing, however, I do.

So I read it, and figured I'd said it. Right enough to work.
I felt I owed the plant some assistance credit since the cloud is holding me up.
Ai expect to live forever. Plants understand us better. ;}
Ken Pepiton Feb 16
Stitching, do we all learn that basic,
fundamental civilized skill, stich making:
post needle,
post thread,
post awl and shreds from tendons,

shift sense to Disnifity, a made up we
sewing our shadow
to our old man heels?

Robin Williams, killer ideas, just quit. OK.
Peter Pan Syndrome, Circa 1982 or so
The Wendy Dilema,
and the Peter Pan Syndrome
May be freedom, is a domain,
whence free thoughts, many old and idle worded
ideas once and ever
after filling singers minds, notes,
recorded in the ancient knowing way,
some stories live in tellings, in the details,
sub-routines, gnosis, re-cognosis, life runs on time.

Peace made with sleep, is peace. I agree.
Peace made by ceasing. Stop resisting, let go

let as when one breathes, let that mind be in you.

Finding your whole being in the form of spirit,
no less. Bound to earth due to physical functions.
Center mass.
Outlaw minds, made up from poor man stories,
desperados, nothing
to lose, but youth.

Some of us always survive.
We the autogoverned.
- archetypical noble outcast bull slayer

Believers in the bubble of all I know, you know?
Take no man's word. That's the Royal Society Motto.

In literaturely low places, among pamphleteers,
and gospel tract writers, I formed a character,
a model me, if I were finished, perfected, finalized,
as it were. Alert
to the warning,
to me, beep,
you have need
of patience, followed nearly
instantly, as
in prayer, let patience have her way.
Anatomically correct mannequins made me blush.
Some thing -Barbie Doll Plastic Fantastic Lover
she is every where today,
Big Time ***** Boomer Barbies
from the 20th reunion, to the Fiftieth, nah
did not make it, literally could not afford the trip.
--- 1969-70, winter stretched into Spring
- {times slips as the loops tighten}
- fret not titslings
in the American Macho man's idea of Macho
has always triggered Loki sniggers in me.
Demeter, the image imagine. Illiterate me.
Demeter slung, on the tight turn to the point.
Wombed and un,
we live along the arteries of life,
beside rivers and surfless bays,
across trackless seas of grass…

that could be in the gut of a ruminant,
at a cosmic scale.
life lets me lose myself
nick armbrister Apr 2022
Heal Me
The spiritual workshop will heal me
The gal has the curves
In all the right places

Make me feel better baby
Does your husband approve
Of you seeing me being with you

You say he wouldn't then would
Which is it baby yes or no
He wants you to fuckelstine me

Or not take me out on a date
Just you or the three of us
Spice life up a bit here we go

We only live once and hey
I like the sound of you
Like the look of you

Like the feel of you
I like so let's rock n roll
All the things about you

Including your husband
He can **** my cockpit
Then watch as I ***** driver you

We make our own party
As we go along
See you soon baby
Let's get spiritual
everything is all right now
it's okay
everything is the way it's supposed to be

go to sleep
you're good enough
close your eyes

close your eyes
take off your clothes
you're good enough

take off your clothes
i'm thinking of ending things
yesterday i woke up on the phone

buildings rearranged

all the scarecrows
and everything
everything's ending.
i don't know if this is good, i'd appreciate feedbacfjsdf;osdlyesterday i woke up on the phone listening to the radio eysteday i fell asleep in the pool witheiswek it all in its right place Confused Yet?

Sorry if this is difficult and esoteric, thats the pointi don't know if this is good, i'd appreciate feedbacfjsdf;osdlyesterday i woke up on the phone listening to the radio eysteday i fell asleep in the pool witheiswek it all in its right place Confused Yet?

Sorry if this is difficult and esoteric, thats the point. Things are just somewhat difficult and lonely, and it's hard to articulate it. nevertheless, i try.
neth jones Nov 2021
cloth-ed as clown                               
a spilt generation                        
within our moral delirium
                       who would care-claim us now  ?

paint your scrutiny
with our baffling strife of operations
as we lather up and ****** social
in the slaggy loft of our hive
plug uz from our heated terrarium
let's be proper met
examined with manner :
our morbid request

let us claim
something that is not yours
that we might budge on a generation
of spatty breeding
Extended from missing verse of 'Blemishes'
B Morgan Talbot Sep 2021
When they came down from their disk
With their blinding lights
And their alloy ramps
It quickly became obvious
Unexpectedly, in our hubris,
That they wished only to
Gas up,
Take some pictures of squirrels
And stretch their limbs
Before setting out toward a finer frontier.
Did you hear something about an intergalactic highway being built?
Ray Dunn Aug 2021
the dogs bark
and the caravan progresses

the children cry
but the world spins
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