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Crawling through the darkness of the night
No safe place for me to hide
Get ready for a fight
Even i know i have no guide
It's hard to turning black to white
I have nothing but dream inside
That drives me to see the light
Rowan Jupiter Dec 2018
a lifeless body among a million blades of grass

feeling, yet not knowing,

that ants crawl across

the skin that once belonged to me

and as the wind carries on my last breath,

the rain washes away my last smile,

the insects nibble away my final thoughts,

I, my only remaining form a soul,

settle deep into the earth of mother nature.
Talia Oct 2018
you always come crawling back
chasing me into fields of black
tell me, why do you keep falling for me
only to feed off my heart like a dog's flea
you hold my chin and look into my soul with a sly grin
why am I your heart's kingpin?
I'd almost fall for you again
but I know I'll be left for dead in the pouring rain
Nis Jul 2018
I'd like to be happy,
yet here I am.
I wish so much shooting stars get tired of me.
Maybe that's  why none ever come true.
I'd like to live life on two feet,
yet here I am,

Sometimes I wish I were dead,
yet here I am.

Yet here I am
Shadow Dragon May 2018
I once discovered,
a dark place.
Hidden beneath
all the fear.

Crawling up
the ladder.
To drag me down,
and let me drown.

Shaking pain,
and nothing else.
no rescue,
because I chased it away.
Gale L Mccoy Apr 2018
you see it crawling to you
reaching out and dragging you down
you let it
and you love it
till the claws dig in and the sun disappears
and you know what happens next
a bit of drunk poetry i forgot i wrote last night
Celeste Briefs Nov 2017
An evening spent
In glaring lights
Crawling around the block
On my own

An evening spent
In **** and loss
Crawling around the globe

An evening
Where there is no pain
Has found me out
Once more

I fight the urge
To paint my eyes
So I fit in with the night
Off the record

An evening spent
In looking at maps
Searching for secrets
Searching for myself
Crawling around the universe
On my own
Celeste Briefs Nov 2017
she comes crawling back to me
streaks of mud-stained,
flowing like rivulets
flowing from her
dream-filled head
she swims back through my veins
she stays
cuts off all ways
out of this nightmare
of a love affair

she is spirit
weeping over all
heart stains smeared on the wall
yet I can't remember her enough
to call
her name
it's all the same
either way
she comes back to me

her softness
penetrates my hard resolve
her demons
my angels can never absolve
with my light
and her darkness
they fight
then make love
against the surrounding starkness
barren as I am now
the flowers I grow
have her eyes somehow
Tony Luxton Nov 2017
They come in their hundreds of thousands,
floating magic carpets over our seas,
drowning, crawling up cruel sands,
bringing raw life, fuelling unease.

Salt for our wounds.
Tonic for our lethargies,
exorcizing the liturgy of myths.
Earth's orary grinds on.
Katelyn Billat Oct 2017
Its name is sadness.
Violent sadness.
It's creeping up again
It is giving me anxiety
Because I don't want it
To crawl in my skin
Again and be comfortable.
With the anxiety brings depression.
It's always been there,
Never completely going away.
But I can ignore and it slows,
Grows smaller everytime
I smile and laugh.
But every time someone leaves
Me for someone shinier,
The sadness spreads like wild fire,
Like the mold on strawberries
I cannot eat.
I wish I was born thin like her,
Perfect like her,
Golden like her,
The one who steals them away.
As I watch the monster crawling
Towards me,
I analyze it.
I watch the way it moves slow,
Trying to not be discovered
Like the way I do.
It moves swiftly,
Not in pulses.
I watch it creep,
Pulling itself from
Whatever depths it came,
Like the way I do.
And that's the scariest part.
I watch it's iridescent
Nails crawl closer.
It has a diamond ring.
So do I.
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