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To thoughts of all my yesterdays days that
just flew by In the blink
of an eye.but I always thought there be
a tomorrow

But sad some dreams
do fade lost In the
passing of time but
dreams of my
sweetheart shall
never be lost forever
she's In my

For Helen memory will
always and forever
remain with me, for she made mark her now In
life and with my poetry
tributes she'll have a
place In History
Helen made a mark In life through tribute to her poem
written by me she now has place In Histiry
There was
we made dark.
There was
we made ****.
There was
we made cold.
There was
we made bad.
There was
we made hate.
Let us always be
and take the bad things
Think about it, there really is no dark, is it s word that we made up for when there is no light. And it is the same for the others.
just maybe,
if I was a tiny bit quicker,
he could have
made it.
If only,
if only...
but I was too late.
Blaming myself in the death of a loved one
Just a smile,
that's what you
But you
don't know
the difference it makes
in my day.
That one moment
in time
that you smiled at me,
I felt as if
the whole world
should see the smile that you
gave me.
It was just a smile, but it really made my day.
noir Jan 29
I remember when you had the one wing

<And I wish to forget>

I remember when you tried to fly

<And I feel so far down>

Why did you have to be this way?

<We could have been perfect together>

But you couldn’t love me

<Especially not you>

We were supposed to be free

<But not this way>

So this really is goodbye

<I’m sorry>

Don’t be


<insert static text>
another dialogue set, thing. I also wrote this one a while back.
I have a deadline
that was set.
I probably won't meet it,
I bet.
But that's fine with me,
because I know
the person
who set that deadline,
and I know
that they won't mind too much either.

Because it was me.
Setting deadlines for myself by myself never really worked for me...
Johnny walker Jan 23
The very first time I looked upon her smiling face as I held her hand I knew this girl was mine and she would be my only
She took away my breath with the passion of the first kiss I knew my life was changing forever and would never be the same again
when she took away my breath with that very first kiss the first time she took my hand and placed on her breast so soft yet
The first time I slowly
undressed her letting each Item of clothing fall gently to the floor I caressed the lovely curves of her
ripping off my clothes I drew her to me and as the nakedness of our bodies came together with the sensitivity as we brushed against each
I laid her down to where I made love to her Afterwards I lay exhausted but as looked Into her eyes of blue eyes that told so much I knew she loved me just as much as I loved
With a smile on my face, I fell to sleep with the sent of perfume filling the air all around with my sweetheart laid In my arms
Thoughts and  memories of the first and only  I fell In love with who became my wife of twenty years God bless her
Johnny walker Jan 21
Sat at side of my wife Hospital bed sat holding her hand for last
Desperately trying to hide my tears hidden behind shaded glasses trying my best to comfort
through the final hours of life twenty she had been my wife gifted me a wonderful
Then slowly feeling the grip of her hand slipping away my darling was falling to endless sleep never to see her no
but hope she made It to where she heading the last time I saw my darling
Last moments of Helens Life
hope she made It to where she was heading the last time I saw
sky Jan 12
I read that a writer can't be made
but that he must be born
and now I'm left to fear
that I don't have it in me
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