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nick armbrister Oct 2023
China Computer
The laptop was made in the usual place
It was substandard crap designed to fail
With a charger that worked half the time
With a screen that was only half bright
With a keyboard only half sensitive
With a mouse that was half frozen
With a speaker that was only half loud
You get the idea of this piece of junk
Nothing but crap sold by the million
Mass produced throwaway *******
Soon to be dumped in the landfill!
just getting around
from going downtown
which is like saying
something under my breath
about sticks

i cook every night
and check in with the ladies (all houseplants and wallflowers)
touch is spaghetti
and hugs and pockets full of guitar

raspy whisper a slim chance
beat it or carry the tune
do the dishes that are in the sink
all of this
now I'm sick

take the keys
take the reigns
get some ****
take the blame
do whatever it is you think
of next
for your next trick

tricky is as tricky does
but it only works this once
once around is good enough
good enough
to kick
But tough

around here
i sleep when i can't stay awake
i eat when i am hungry
I love because
I was made in the image of
thoughts to dump Sep 2021
You don’t have to remind me of my scars
That I have already been seeing everyday
Even the faded ones which were too shy to resurface;

You don’t have to shoot the arrow unto my head
To rip it open just to tell me I have been wrong,
For 27 years, I have lived inside of it..
I have been familiar with every corner
I am used to seek comfort of;

I have been to its amusement park
Thrilled by its own roller coaster ride
Slightly mortified by the same horror booth
With entertainers disguised as ghosts
That weren’t as scary as what they portrayed to be;

I have gone to the forbidden garden
Filled with apple trees, harvested every ripen fruit
And tried to put them inside my mouth
Without chewing them
But the snakes ate me instead;

I have slept with one eye open at night
Gate keep my own thoughts when
One by one they start to wander
Through the woods without a guiding torch;

You don’t really have to tell me what to do next
We aren’t required to cross the finish line all at once
Nobody said this should be a race
The route I am taking might be sloppy, topsy-turvy
But I know I am moving at my own pace.
nick armbrister Sep 2021
Made In China
Your electrical items stop working one by one
First the kettle stops boiling even tho the red light’s on
Then your microwave stops heating tho it turns round
It gets fixed and works for a week then is totally dead
As for your TV it turns on but has a single line across it
The VHS video player ate the **** tape and jammed
Your radio gets nothing but static on all channels
The mobile phone charges but dies after 3 minutes
The other charger that lights up but doesn’t charge
Red LOS modem light means no connection
Along with a new fan with a burnt out motor
Your car radio eats tapes ejects CDs and smokes
The aircon is clunky and spreads a virus killing us
All items made in Red China sub standard parts junk
Unskilled low paid slave labour don’t give a ****
Don’t buy anything made in Red China its crap
Ken Pepiton Aug 2021
Time makes no resting places,
such occur in time spent, unredeemable,
waiting to see the effect,
suffering now to be,
wait, a call, yes
no, I have no terms to offer. Redeem the time
you have,
don't feel the need to borrow on eternity.
----- jump cut ---

Salve on the wound, ******* spits out the bit.

Mount up old man, we got an old tale
stuck in a Shalomic message state during
an ego war.
-- there are those scribes
-- wrestling, like kittens with the yarn…

Heir of winds am I, in mind to be.
What would I do,
eh, Jesus, what about you?

peace, be still, I'd say, in a voice so small,
few feel the call to listen to the first word
plied off the point in ever outward,
pearling, pear shapes,
stem to pollinator,
being all we may imagine,
in a given moment of peace past understanding.

With a prosaic drumming mixed in the humms.

Bees at ease in my perennially
blooming rosemary hedge. These fingers tapping.
Peace made for a moment -in some future, moment redeemed.
It has been 13 years since anyone told me to get a job.
Torin Jun 2021
How could learning how to let someone love you be so personal
When its like the rain?
Everyone feels it fall
But not everyone feels it the same

Some take no notice and move along
Some hear the rain falling on the roof as a song

Some see the lighting before it strikes
Some hear only thunder
But still others...

Some scurry for cover

And still others
Still there's others that dance

So howl at me wind if you would like
Bend the limbs of the trees that line the streets
Move swiftly as you must
Soft upon my skin
I've been waiting long before
The storm ever began

And I've been dancing ever since
I've been dancing
Its been too long since I had an onion ring. I like the big thick ones that are fresh cut. Flaky yet crispy, the crisper the better. And I like when they are fresh out of the fryer and very greasy. Maybe some thousand island dressing as dipping sauce. Mmmmm sounds delicious. I could sure go for some about right now
Naoki B Mar 2021
Another night
But the same thoughts
Debating who was right
Taking blame for the trouble caused
You'd walk over my mind leaving me lame
I changed for you, just so you'd stay
But it was only another night
And just different thoughts
With brittle egg shells I walk on
I revel in the evil you taught
Ileana Amara Feb 2021
i know a tragic poetry;

two souls met and burned together
for each other and for the world,
fate blew the flame and then
they parted as strangers.

my head wanders to unfathomed depths sometimes; and all it takes is one name that subtly crushes my soul in misery.
Ileana Amara Dec 2020
the world works like a machinery,
and i am a young robot
made to function despite the misery;
at the expense of death on the inside,
pieces of me were individually bought.

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