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You abandoned me when I was young
As I grow older with my own family
I meet the person I lost
and understand who you are.
Rohit Goyal Dec 7
Tired and gentle waves of the mighty ocean
receding to the horizon like the slowly setting sun
But even when it's dark, they will come back
and the waves will bring you back home

And when the sun rises again the next day
slowly pushing the eternal darkness away
diminishing it to just the shadows
the dawn will bring you back home

the refreshing smell of the summer breeze
the mild sunlight filtered from the trees
may just make the world a little bigger
the wilderness will bring you back home

the younger self, abandoned and ignored
will replace the ghosts secretly abhorred
and when it smiles in all sincerity
you will see that you were always home
I'm hopelessly in love
with someone who'd rather
push and shove
I feel so distant yet
they make me feel close
but really they're farther
than they've ever been
and I try to save
but they turn me away like
the tears on an
abandoned child left
on a deserted door step
I feel so very lonely
in this world full of
mixed matched feelings
broken dreams
and shattered hearts
they continue every day
to give me false hope
just enough to fall in love again
and I feel like a wicked candle
lit on fire with burning passion
just to be extinguished
and forgotten about
until they embark on a dimly lit date
with someone other than me
zb Nov 25
i found love
in the burn in your throat
from wanting to cry,
in the breath of air after a lie,
in the space between heartbeats,
and in the chill of broken air-conditioning
in an empty room

i found love
in the dripping of a tap
left on and abandoned,
in the echo of voices in a canyon,
in footprints dried in years-old mud,
and in the negative spaces of my hands
where yours used to rest
covered in blood
cover in blood
all i see is blood
all you gonna see is blood

They might run,
they wont hide,
I am  going to slaughter
they all fall below me
build me up
suspense intensifies

door open
here i am
blood coated shirt
aw the joy of ending breath '
i will send the earth
to a dark decent

Tell ***
Tell ***

They wont make it
Woah... did i write that ?
V liv Nov 18
Waste of time, tears, and companionship
Creator of my joy
Destroyer of the same
Everything isn't enough
Nothing ever is
Speak of others
Using me to their advantage
You became worse than them
Speak of others
Being distant
You became farther than them

No more speak of others
It was you
Your intention
A plan of your own invention
To manipulate
To play
To leave
V liv Nov 18
I love you                                                              ­                          I hate you
I miss you                                                                                       Stay away
I need you                                                                                        I'm okay
I crave you                                                                               I am fulfilled
Your smile                                                                               Manipulation
Your laugh                                                                                    Your lies    
That voice                                                                                       That yell
Those eyes                                                                              That grimace
 Come back                                                                                   Goodbye
 Unbreakable                                                                               Inevitable
Just the beginning. I'll never get over it unless I write it all down so here it comes.
The rain spattered on the broken glass,
My heart leaped out of my caved-in chest,
I called out to my love—and saw him pass.

I was left alone, skin soaking in the grass,
Only the staggered beating of my heart as—
The rain spattered on the broken glass.

The next day I wandered late to class
Anxious eyes and beaten heart searching,
I called out to my love—and saw him pass.

I fell to the ground—there was a mass
Of people who had stopped to stare—still,
The rain spattered on the broken glass.

Even today I think myself a foolish lass,
To dream that he’ll return to me.
I called out to my love—and saw him pass.

He gave me a key fashioned from brass,
To lock my heart away for good,
The rain spattered on the broken glass,
I called out to my love—and saw him pass
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