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Ronin 3d
are the everything
causing me to be

did it
it is all
your fault

forever damaged
full of hate
all for
Ronin 3d
how to fix

how to fix
your broken
my broken

how to fix
you let empty
words slip out
i was more
careful, keeping
quiet about

how to fix
with a
razor blade

Ronin 3d
the next time you
have your coffee black
you'll taste the bitter
state he left you in
it will make you weep
but you'll never
stop drinking
you'd rather have the
darkest parts of him
than have nothing

but one day
you'll run out
of tears to cry
no more coffee
but the bitter will
stay, unlike
he did.
i didn't write the first part.
nobody tells you
about how deserts
are the most painful place
you will ever go
about how the nothingness
will ravage you  
and lick your bones.
about how your eyes bleed
after the tears disappear.
they don’t tell you.
that the desert
is the real danger
that sneaks in
after the storm.
it steals your hope
and grinds your soul
to dust,
to dust.
to join the other grains
and blow through
the never ending nothing
of your own hollow soul.
this goes out to everyone who says they don’t have depression because they “aren’t sad”. honey, you’ve been sad so long all your tears are gone and that is just as valid.
Zay 7d
Where were you,
when I fell apart,
Where were you,
when the beating in my chest ached to end,
Where were you,
when life crashed in and stole my tears away in pill bottles,
Where were you,
when I decided enough was enough.
Where are you?
I don't see you by me casket.
It's okay,
It's not the first time I've been abandoned
Van Xuan Sep 24
Twisting and turning all night
Staring at the phone
Scrolling up and down aimlessly
While thinking what went wrong
About leaving me behind
In this abandoned world of yours
A discarded Bazooka Joe gum wrapper
Two pieces of aluminum foil
14 pixie sticks of various flavors
A packet of fire sauce from Taco Bell
A half-gallon carton of spoiled milk
A half-eaten roast beef sandwich, covered in olive green mold

A wilted red rose
A broken picture frame with a picture that was ripped in half
An empty champagne glass with red lipstick in the shape of a woman’s lips on the side

One double A battery
A green rabbit’s foot
A 9" long strand of shoelace, frayed at both ends
Many crushed, empty beer cans

A torn white t-shirt
A strand of friendship beads
A partially legible postcard from Milan, Italy with a woman’s handwriting on it that read:
     “...just can’t handle...anymore...
     Life is...just want you....
    -Des... [Rest of signature illegible]”

Several ***** pennies, scattered about
21 cigarette butts, some spilled from the ashtray, all the same brand
A $173.44 electric bill
A deck of playing cards from the Pyramid Casino with a hole through the center, the Queen of Hearts is shredded and strewn about the driver’s side floorboard

A pink feather boa
A stale half-full box of cheap cigars
A pen featuring the logo of the Las Vegas Hilton
A business card from an insurance salesman with a non-descript name

The label from a bottle of Krystal
Several flyers from various escort services

On the passenger’s door: A large splatter of sun-dried blood
In the dirt outside:

A pair of men’s sunglasses
One shell casing from a .45
A Kimber .1911 handgun
A male skeleton with a hole in the skull’s right temple
Love's a b*tch ain't it? This is an object poem and was an experiment. I normally wouldn't include it in the collection I'm building but everyone likes this so I... whatevz!
they promise to stay
but at one glance of your claws
they run away with their tails
between their legs.
Esther L. Krenzin
Shay Sep 20
Like a train on its tracks;
throughout the journey of life you will run out of fuel
or repeatedly question where the route is leading you.
Never stay stagnant.
Take your brief stops, but if you stay stagnant in the rain ~/ in the same destroying frame of mind /~ that's where rust forms.

If you don't manage the rust,
or don't try to get your train clean,
you'll destroy your / self /.

Some have never endured the storms that fell during your route
so they can't understand your high fares.
Their route seemed smoother & easier,
leaving you wondering why your tracks always led you to abandoned tunnels.

Appreciate those who chose to stay during those peak and hectic times.
They sat by the windows, saw some of the fog you drove through,
but never saw your perception from the drivers seat.

Slowly getting to grips that my misery and sadness not only delays the schedule,
but delays the route of self.
I've always wondered how you see me
It doesn't really matter, my brain is convinced you hate me
I must be like a parasite — a flea.
Still I'll beg you again, please don't leave me
I've tried for so long to make them see that they mean the world to me. They don't care, they can't stand me.
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