Kayla 3d
He always told her
That he would
Sweep her up
To rescue her
From the monsters
The monsters in her head
But when the monsters
They came out
He ran as fast as he could
To find someone else
Someone else to sweep up
That didn’t have the monsters
The ones that she had.
Look at the sun look at the moon
Tell me how can you leave so soon
Look at the stars as they reflect in my eyes
Tell me sweet nothings, nothing but lies
Look at my face that looks just like you
My hands, my lips and my feet do too
Look at my skin so fragile and pale
You try your excuses to no avail.

Not a thing you can do not a word you can say
Can ever make right the games that you played
Blood of my blood but not of my soul
I'll never regain the childhood that you stole.
We have abandoned our nature
Always inclined to want more
But the day she will have disappeared
We will realize that we killed
Skilled rabbit
For skin
Misguided heart
Wrong turn taken
Looked after
To heaven
Behavior swings
Can camaflouge
All his feelings
Just so
They don't
Get stolen
Natasha 6d
He was my fire
Each pop and spark of his
Made me warmer.
I, a glowing ember–
Ages later still warm to the touch–
But to him
I was just smoke.
Eve Mar 28
I still water your flower
planted in me long ago
constantly nurturing the small hope
that someday a flower will grow again

    The moment we met,
a small seed was planted our hearts
we spent each day together
the dormant seed remained

    With time I realized,
the tiny seed inside of each of us
had begun to sprout and grow,
blossoming into the most beautiful flower

    We were connected to each other
through the beauty we shared.
an unmatched closeness
that I believed would never break

    The flower continued to blossom and grow
as our time together passed
rooting deep into our hearts
it seemed nothing could grow between us

    As time went on I realized
Your flower was different
your roots weren’t as deep as mine
and my heart constantly had to water for the both of us

    Your roots were shallow
barely penetrating the surface
my roots were deep and strong
a labyrinth of chambers enveloping my heart

    The undeniable day has now come
as you realize you cannot water our flower anymore
you move on
ripping our flower out from between us.

    Our feelings and emotions were the same
both sad about what we had lost
although similar,
a drastic difference separated us

    when our flower was ripped away,
you pulled yours at the roots
like an unwanted weed
yet my roots remained

    They remained
naked without their flower
a hideous plant
empty but surviving

    So my love, I will continue to water your flower
that was planted in me long ago
constantly trying to nurture the hope
that someday your love will bloom in me again
Staring out the front window,
At a lonely street lamp,
Shimmering through a cold rain of tears.

Looking around our home,
Visiting our sweet memories,
Wondering where you have gone,

After you left me alone,
In this empty home,

Hoping that you will come back soon,
I miss you.

Sadness flows every day,
Until midnight dreams,
Of you and me begin.

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved
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Terry Collett Mar 25
The abandoned boat,
damaged but afloat.

The sea is calm now,
but on one's in sight,
just grey sky, dim dull
clouds like dirty shrouds.

Whose boat it is I have
no idea; it seems to drift
upon the sea contentedly.

Where it came from, from
what shore it set sail,
there's no clue, nothing
left behind, no sail nor
oars to guide the way
it drifts as we watch
from a far off shore.

Have they drowned,
those who sailed her
across the sea in storm
or hail? There is no clue
to solve the history of
the abandoned boat,
floating there, leaning
starboard like a wounded
whale, no one is there,
neither oars or sails.
ChaoticSolace Mar 21
The back-up to the back-up, to whom is a back-up still
You call yourself friend
Your displaced attitude tramples you into foe
We fought side by side
Through things that most others would abandon
Many of them did
My heart sang for your friendship, thinking you felt the same
I was nothing, short of wrong
What a pleasure it was to pick up all your garbage
The aftermath of your Murphy’s law
I wanted to be your door of opportunity
Only to be mocked as the mat that caught the mud of your shoes
One Guiding principle in life to still share though
My swan song, if you will
Be a good person because it is who you are
Not for what it may get you
Be honest
Be fair
Be gentle
Know your worth
Understand that poison can still taste like kool-aid
The way a snake no longer just crawls on its belly or has scales
Snakes wear some of the biggest & brightest smiles
While hissing through their teeth
Forgive them when they bite, for they will
Forgiveness is not ours to withhold
a bargaining chip to earn good graces
Forgiveness requires you to move on, fully & completely
For the snake’s nature is to strike, for its own survival alone
Good people want to save them
But to save them
We must leave them
Lily Mar 19
You're supposed to be the one that loves me the most,
the one that's there to pick me up when I fall,
the one to tell me I'm beautiful even though I feel like I look awful.

We were one for a few months,
everything you did,
every decision you made
decided whether or not I would go to the grave.

When my time came to enter the world,
be on my own,
I truly was.
You forgot me,
abandoned me,
but still all I want is your love,
but I know that's something I'll never get.

It just leaves me asking myself,
if my mother could never love me,
how could anyone else?
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