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Khoi Jul 17
Only the thorns kept
with petals drily withered
a scarlet white rose
counting the beads of Mary
one day or so long ago.
Alpha Apr 12
Torn pages flutter deep
Into dark-golden abyss
Tears of ink fall where books weep
Flying in flame-like bliss

Sun stretches golden fingers
And reaches through broken rooftops
To catch those falling poets and singers
And the frail paper of their mental crops

Those pages crackling, bristling
With thin veils of smoke rising from the piles
No one ever heard these flames whisper
Yet maybe it's golden Dustthat rises from the files

Wind carries parchment back and fourth
Dancing in whirls of solemn waltz
Love letters above float
Telling of flaming hearts
Among the rubble and debris they lay
Those sacred words of subtle lines
Etched inside from dark inwells
Torn pages telling of forgotten times
I had the picture of an abandoned library in mind when writing this... Oh, I wanted this to be oh-so more beautiful, but I think that's the best I can do... Sorry.
Ren Sturgis Dec 2021
Children should not be born to cater to their parents emotional needs,
Or to be abandoned.
Children are humans.
Jordan Gee Dec 2021
I used to hang out in abandoned buildings.
Old machine shops with puddles of rainwater pooled up on the floor;
sun or star light visible between broken and failing rafter beams
and the holes in the ceiling and my eyes.
Sometimes there would be particle board hammered into the brick
where heavy glass windows once stood;
tacked all about with bright yellow and pink postings warning
people like me to stay out and to not trespass under penalty of law.
The warning signs made me nervous because I don’t like to get in trouble.
Sometimes I would notice abandoned spaces while
driving up route 11 - Scranton, Pennsylvania.
I would park and discern through google maps on how
to gain access to yet another relic of American industry before
Wall Street reinvented slavery and shipped the spirit
of the Rust Belt to Mexico and Bangladesh and China and
various sweatshops overseas.

I had a lot of spare time to walk up and down the Wyoming Valley, northeast PA,
looking for the abandoned skeletons of buildings
into which I could furtively enter and abide.
Friday night, long week, punch the clock, no plans - no problem.
It was me and my two feet,
a long walkabout winding through the annals of my memories,
maybe some take out for dinner and all is well.
Don’t get me wrong, I had friends.
I’ve been to many places and I’ve seen many things.
I’ve faced many hardships but I always found a
posse or a partner with whom I could abide in peace and cheerful community.
That is before I would up and leave them abandoned in the wreckage of
my slow motion odyssey of self destruction;
dusting the bones of my many friendships with the many
chem trails from the many jet planes from the many tickets booked
by my father to save me from the many demons gnawing on my neck and heart.
Goodbye florida. Good bye guam. Goodbye california.

Abandoned buildings are safe.
There is a comforting predictability in their steady dilapidation.
There are no standards of social etiquette by which to adhere.
There is no small talk through which manufactured smiles show their teeth.
There are no ****** expressions and body postures to monitor
and reflect back what adjustments in countenance and demeanor I must make.

My face was a Greco-Roman mask.
Stretched and dried out, suspended somewhere between a comedy and a tragedy.
My face is the furthest frontier of my soul song,
the outermost edge of my heart.
That through which sound passes.
my face is a tan hide
I S A A C Dec 2021
fighting my demons
rewriting the script, changing the meaning
from a sad sad story to one filled with glory
but it's hard when every day a new thing screams my name
screaming for me to do this and that
I am put into these positions with conditions that
taint a good time, taint a pure mind
told I could find myself in the good guys
but they lied, they always do
Since Adam and Eve, I should have known
humanity is plagued with apathy down to the bone
Rather steal and stack then give a meal, clothes to an exposed back
walking down an abandoned path
Finn Dec 2021
The only indication that I was ever even alive

A stain of black blood

Left abandoned

on the forest floor
Randy Johnson Nov 2021
It was hard for her husband and child to believe what she had done.
She ran off with a sugar daddy and abandoned her husband and son.
She did her husband wrong but I believe what she did to her son was worse.
She was a greedy woman who decided to put money first.
She was dumped by her sugar daddy and she asked her husband if he would take her back.
Her husband said No when she returned because intelligence is something he doesn't lack.
He told her that she left them once and he wouldn't give her a chance to do it again.
This woman loved money too much and ended up having to pay for her terrible sin.
She thought she could reconcile with her husband but she didn't succeed.
She abandoned her husband and son, stupidity is often caused by greed.
Batool Oct 2021
One winter night,
when it's all cold and dark
memories stirr a pain
that will again leave a mark

Silent screams that echo
words that claw at soul
heart then pumps the agony
and you start loosing control

the darkness then seeps in
and coldness that follow
morning sun then shines
on a heart that's left hollow !!
Indigo Oct 2021
Oh, I’m so numb since you left me.
I can’t feel, I’ve been in the empty,
Protecting my heart for so long.
But I’m not feeling strong.
SerenaDuru Sep 2021
Had I known you would leave me, my love, I would never have reached my finger tips in your direction.

How cruel is your absence, that I find myself cursing every thought of you. How cruel is your willingness to leave me to live or die… Had I known how cruel you were I never would have loved you.

I wish and wish and wish that I could hold you in my arms, and feel you breathing for me. I love you, and I hate myself for loving you.

I wish that I could forget you, but what a useless world that is. You don’t love me, and I scream in pain because I know you don’t love me. But I am not completely insane, you made love to me as if we were the only two people here…

I wish that I could be relieved from this pain, but you are the remedy and you don’t want to cure me anymore. You want to forget me, and that I could never understand… why forget a love that would put angels to shame…
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