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Rejected by a few more friends
Just thrown out like the trash
I'm falling and i see no end
Expecting a big crash
They used to all give me support
They used to to have my back
And now the facts they do contort
They stabbed me in the back
I am so sad and ******* mad
Why can't they let me be
I didn't do anything bad
Yet they've abandoned me
Bad enough that i was ghosted
And left without my group
Now I'm left to be composted
While trying to recoup
They used to like my company
They used to sing my praise
Now most of them won't talk to me
Alone in my malaise
I keep losing so many friend
Forgotten, lost in time
I really wish this **** would end
But ghosted one more time.
Written after my mental health support group ghosted me because i was sad.
I had a wall so high, the top you couldn’t see,
and in front there were trenches in the ground.
It had stood there strong for all of my memory,
no one could lift it or break it down.
Then one day you strolled up so casually,
you were so stealthy I didn’t hear a sound.
You asked I could remove it completely
and I suggested going to the next town,
but you knocked and you climbed so persistently
to get inside it seemed you were bound.
Finally one day I opened the gate very cautiously,
then my wall became just a brick mound.
My stronghold had revealed it’s vulnerability,
you had conquered and taken my crown.
Then you said “nevermind, this place isn’t for me.”
after only a short glance around.
Was it easy was it hard
For our friendship to discard
Did you have to was it needed
When our friendship you conceded
Did you smile or did you cry
Ghosting me with no goodbye
Did you laugh or did it hurt
When you left with no alert
Do You wonder do you care
Leaving me beyond repair
Another poem written to help deal with being ghosted by a friend
Jedda Oct 8
I think the problem is, I look for you in everyone. Even if I don’t know what I’m looking for. You never did come back through that door. Even if you did, I don’t think you’re a role model suited for a kid. Abuse of power, neglect and self sabotage. Broke this family apart like shattered ******* glass. Everyday was the same, never strayed from the mind games you played. You looked me in the eyes and said “You’re not mine”. And I’m thankful for that now, I’m glad we left you behind.
Stepped on, squandered, smashed.
Thrown, trampled, trashed.

Everyone passing you by,
Not wanting to look you in the eye.

They think you're ****,
Glancing at you smugly.

What they don't know,
Is that you bestow

A beauty they can't even comprehend.
For I think you set a trend.

A trend of great love and beauty,
Who's splattered cement still smells fruity.

They'll never know you like I do,
So let's bid them all Adieu.
Ohani Sep 20
Your ghost remains in the buildings of my childhood
In the old stones and broken pathways
In the trees that stood witness to your deceptions
I touch these old walls
And I can’t stop the tears from falling
Like the rain that fell when you left
When the stone pillars of my infancy caved in,
You clung to my worst memories like the fungus
That overtook the walls of the only home I knew
You destroyed the child that only wanted to grow
Resulting in the broken woman you never cared to get to know
                               (Letter to Daddy)
Blade Maiden Sep 19
I reached the hill
now there is silence
Thought I took the right pill
felt like hope wasn't a form of violence
But when I met myself at the highest bit
I didn't know what it meant
The hill was really a pit
a **** heaven sent
Feeling fragile
wearing nothing but torn dresses
as the devil became more agile
I dream of him as he trespasses

I reached the hill
it's silent
My own abandoned town
filled with ghosts and defilement
Burned my notes of obsession
cinder on my lashes
for a brief moment I see flames of possession
as dark eyes rain down ashes
The devil's got ahold of me
he brought flowers filled with poison
I grew a field of them, a flowery sea
silence came as I shut the noise in

I reached
My silent hill
poisonous oceans will hide
as I keep us still
the devil always in sight
Amanda Sep 16
What do we do with all the time wasted together?
Stares exhanged in ***** hours,
Silent seconds ticked as our spellbound eyes
Took beauty in, sight devoured.

I used a multitude of minutes attempting
To beat insecurity, show you your worth,
You'd listen, I could tell you didn't believe,
But each night I drifted to sleep thankful for your birth.

Feasting on the flow of flattery we voiced,
To fill empty parts with desire,
Through my lowest days you stayed by my side,
I did the same even dead-tired.

I've accepted I will not gain back the years,
I lived in a haze, wish they felt real,
You think I abandoned our love,
The longer we were together the worse you made me feel.
I didnt leave because I no longer loved you. I left because the longer I was with you the less I loved myself.
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