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Brett Jun 7
It is a quarter past June, and
          already it seems like a record setting summer.
Sprinklers and the scent of chlorine filled pools,
          as I walk in my street-worn shoes to my sanctuary.

The lifeless blacktop park where
          my will and the heat-embracing pavement meet.
A well-manicured backyard tree hangs its verdant leaves
          just over its owner’s fence.
Like a lifeline for life reaching out to me.

I stick and I move,
          as the sweat cleans the dirt and despair from my face.
Like a sunshine superman, I drink UV rays into my bones.
          Alone I feel whole.
The disinfecting flames of summer
          have begun to melt the cold rot encasing my soul.
Embrace the light from the sun, because one day we will plead with darkness to feel it on our face once more.
Johnnyqu33r Jun 7
Flossing more often because of you
Kool-aid blue cold condensation
Wiping my brow drifting dreaming
Biting my bottom lip until bruised

Fantasies of you being used
Objectified with warm honey eyes
My popsicle melted on your lips
Elbows dug into my mattress

Give me some sugar, ******
My pixie stick sweetheart
Indulging my sweet tooth
Flossing more often because of you
Love adding heat to the already hot environment

Love's a beautiful thing but to others it's a predicament

Lucky for me it was meant

So hot to others that they can't
Love's a beautiful thing to those courageous enough to take it
Drunk in Love? No
Am high and you know
The temperature hear is low
Join me, take this plant of ***
Come up and make it hot
You're so hot, grace my thought
The high af level
I wonder why am feeling my breath
Oh! it's that you remind me am alive on Earth
Even while enjoying a cold bath
My love for you still hot like hearth
Feel the love
Styles Apr 20
"It's funny,
when our eyes touch,
it floors me."
Styles Apr 20
I peel back your skin
then I press my tongue
against the folds of your flesh
juices flow endlessly into my mouth
your flavors my soul savors as I skillfully finesse
my tongue, fingers and teeth in the depths of your crevasse
immersed in your sweet nectar, the scent stains my breathe
with a scent that is so unique, I can't wait to taste the rest.
Styles Apr 20
Fingers smooth like lace,
placed in between her space,
her lips glazed with her nectar,
taste like cloves and honey,
laced with her amazing grace,
not a single drop goes to waste.
Styles Apr 19
sense'd you
as soon as you
walk'd into the room.

was consum'd
Ever since then
all I can think of is you.
Beckie Davies Apr 19
You tell me that I fail you
I feel like a success
You tell me that I am nothing
I am nothing but a beautiful,
Hot mess
i failed you
but I didn't fail me
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