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Jules 1d
Some kid called you hot
Happens more often than not
I'm glad it's their to boost your ego
You feel uncomfortable
but yet enjoy it though?
It was dry
Hot and humid
Dusty and nasty

It rained
Cool and wet
Soothing and cozy.
Styles Oct 5
Love to see you shine
like a star from afar
I see you for who you are
even when you
leave me in
Styles Oct 5
Her lips
were two
Styles Oct 5
Her lips
was spoken poetry,
dabble Sep 29
how I freeze in your hotness
and melt in your cold hands
Mitch Prax Sep 27
Toasted inner thigh
glazed in our honey and sweat
was always your specialty

12:21 AM
sidra Sep 26
Hot wind and shivers.
Blue sky and darkened waters.
Nothing else around.

I dreamt of cold shores
and prayer beads, breathing in
small waves of warm sun.
Cassia Lione Sep 18
You're a wonder and a dream
With that voice like silver ice
Searing fire along my back
Just like a dreamlike vice

You're so real and yet so false
And I dare not touch your face
As my wonder and my lover
Is too lost to be embraced

So here I sit with lonesome tune
Humming light with winter breath
Wishing I might see you soon
Clinging to the things you said
Wrapped in a winter sweater, looking to a lonely sky.
The night is ice but thoughts of you are brighter than any light.
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