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Styles 20h
We made love
through poetry
our lips touched
and our bodies moved fluently
as your words poured over me;
meqan 1d
fingers burn like fire.
the cold winter wind nips them;
burning and freezing.
Why do things
always have to change
like the weather?
One minute
it's cold
and then it's hot.
Just like
one minute things are good
then another
their not.
Your cheeks
Your lips
Your passion
Your heart

Your body
Your breath
Your temper
Your spirit

Your shoes
Your nails
Your days
Your feelings

Your nose
Your hands
Your stare
Your tears


Your smile
Your laugh
Your words
Your soul



A little something for no one and everyone. Kept intentionally vague, so you can see who you wanna see, including yourself of course.
You will give it to me
Then you'll take it away
Because somehow for you
Love's a game with to play
My intensity doesn't
Revolve with the days
Or a carousel ride
Love does not work this way

Love can always be broken
And rebuilt like clay
It's not just black and white
In fact often it's gray
But it does not run off
Once it's here it should stay
Not a pendulum swing
Should not back and forth sway

You will love me tomorrow
Could care less today
It is something I did
Or perhaps did not say
A small piece of me dies
Each time you pull away
I'm left here asking 'why?'
On my knees I will pray

The light dying inside
Now a barely lit flame
Have my eyes opened wide
Before I was insane
I try taking the blame
You're the one who will stray
On this coaster we ride
Love's a game not to play

I won't breakdown and cry
Get unstable today
All my feelings have died
In your game I won't play
So I must waive goodbye
'Cause no longer I'll pay
I must do to survive
Love does not work this way
Written: January 8, 2018

All rights reserved.
[Anapestic tetrameter format]
yosemite Jan 15
i keep a glass bowl of green onions on my window sill
and they remind me
that no matter how
it is outside
you must keep growing
the sun will shine
and there’s no excuse
for being stagnant

for all intents and purposes, they’re great
i just have to rotate them every week
so that they don’t grow crooked
i love plants
Justyn Huang Jan 15
ur so ******* hot you'd burn a hole
straight through the ground
and keep going until you reach the
Earth's mantle.

Careful, don't get too close to me--
I'm not ready to feel what it's like
to be next to the Earth's core.

Dangling red hot sun,
Mellows, finds no better luck;
Ease in to dark sea!
Grace Jan 4
Having a crush is like being in the Summer Rain
It's hot outside and you feel no pain
And the ice cream in your hand taste so good
And all the innocent children are riding their bikes down your hood
Laughter fills your lane
And you feel so tamed
The sun shines on you
The sun shines on him
You both smile
With the silent agreement that you feel some chemisty
(And that you want to make history together)  
No clouds
But you feel a sensation of rain
And a single drop appears
That smile fades (maybe he didn't feel the same)
But it still hot outside
Back turned, he runs for shelter
And you stand there in the middle of the pavement unable to move
And the rain pours down on you  
And streams of ice cream sinks through your fingers
But its still hot outside
And your heart which was once filled with so much joy
Is left wet even though its hot outside

- You end up watching something becoming nothing
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