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Luiz 4d
You are the stranger
that comes to
guide me by the hand

the one to light up the
darkness and show
us the plan

one eternal against
sands of time as
wife and man

cometh slowly into my animal cage.  Woman you are defined flawless.   My tigress, I taste your womanhood with the blowing breeze.  The perfect specimen after his image of what gorgeous is! Your spirit drips sweaty with deliciousness!  You'd melt inside my burning mouth!  Just one drop of that salty sweetness and I”m high.   Your beauty is too much fight for me...I surrender to you, my queen.  You have got to be mine!  

The foreplay:

We are like caged tigers!  Round and round the look.  We torpedo our sensual prowess with a stare.  I will make your eyes roll back with pleasure!  I ****** promise you...you'll feel things you didn't know you could.  I'm firm on my convictions, you will soon find out.  Things that make the devil blush.  Baby, I'm your tiger and you the great amazon forest...my playground!

Closer and closer.   We know exactly what to do! screaming!  “I want to **** and rock your body with a vengeance!”  Round and round, closer, eyes locked, faces meet.  I bite your bottom lip. Softly….tenderly.  You sigh and prelude the night ahead.  Little bite to your delicious upper lip.  Sigh.  Then you throw your sugary, glossy lips at my neck and  you BITE!  It hurts, yet I can’t help but to scream “Harder Baby, bite fucken harder!”  You do and draw red ...I love it!

Your hormones arrest  my taste buds and your sweet surrender is the only thing on my mind! Your beautiful hair silowets against a giant window as you  go down, and down...the anticipation is killing me!   I taste your scent like candy in my mouth. We blend as one shadow into the darkness of sin.  Indistinguishable.  

My warm hands feel steaming on you as we both now drop the floor.  I work slowly down from caressing your neck!  Down...to your gorgeous *******.  With one swift move towards your back, I let your brazier drop down to your hips...those hips that men to go war over.  You allow yourself to be worshipped and I roam free as I bury my head in your *****!  Bite a twin, then the other, you drench pink lemonade from the sweat, so sweet and bitter!….and your song..Oh! How Sweet!  your surrender!  Woman, let me be Man!

Third Base: To be continued
Jon Thenes Nov 3
You kissed me with mangy thirst
A mystery to me

You seemed so hurt tonite
and wanting of other places
any social platter but this sick hot beating sink of inter being with its ******* music and rapid lighting and... you turned to me and I am polite and kissed you back.

I am the 'shrug at life' choice
but there's heart in that as a moment
tires of
wires that
will a
horse when
hen's teeth
do query
and tread
next to
the fence
yet never
betray his
master's advice
and her
talbot may
foxtrot with
greyhounds at
mercy point
mercy point is a church while a talbir is extinct and  hen's teeth are rare
Kellin Oct 28
So drop your towel and I will caress your shoulder and let your hair down, flames that lash upon pale skin, and I will run my trembling hands along the silhouette of your shadow as we dance among moonlit hallways,
Silence among sighs, and as you unthrone me I will fall to one knee to toss my crown aside for a place at your side
CMS Oct 28
I acquiesced to your prowess
There was not much I could do
Gave myself to you before the sun rise
All I can do is think of you

Knowledgeable fingertips traverse your body
Every muscle memorized carefully
As if playing a fine instrument
tuned and made just for me

We made beautiful music together
Sounds as old as time
Can't wait for the next symphony
You make sleepless nights divine!
Kim Essary Oct 25
Your presence is volcanic, your body glowing from the heat within.
As you come closer the seductive scent of your cologne intrigues my senses.
My eyes close to Invision your body with steam of your breath against my skin ,
Our bodies come together, I feel your insides roar.
Anticipating your next move as I lay beneath you, your steamy beads of hot lava flowing down your body on to mine..
The burning feel of pure satisfaction waiting to erupt,
Feeling the chills of pleasure cover my skin as my body bears it's sweet realease, like an eruption of the volcano as it prepared to unleash.
The hot lava throbs inside of me from your volcanic eruption and leaves us limp like the smouldering Ash that lay beneath us.
I raise the bone up to my two juicy lips
and I purse.
Here comes the carcinogen, the miasmic smoke,
the old ghost.

But, my
it's not like it

My love,
not like it was.

I pick into the basalt black, like a boss.
I exhale,
mining verses from my vernacular

But, my
it's not like it

It's nothing like it was,
and I'm perfectly fine.

In a manner of speaking.
Danielle Oct 19
The embers still spark.
I’d mute them with tears,
But oddly everything has dried up.
Everything is either hot,
Or harsh cold.
At this crossroads
I can’t take the middle path
And so I stand frostbitten and burning bright.
Can't take the path I want so I'm standing around probably like an idiot, but right now that's okay, for now.
Azurel M Oct 17
Polished china speaks in the early hours of morning,
When his heavy footsteps make the floor nervous.
With groggy eyes,
Bunny fur on button down,
Dried lavender stuffed in the pocket of his thrift store jeans.
Acorns pop under his shoes
Like an unorganized ensemble of nature’s instruments.
Hot glue stains on his pretty red dress
From a project unfinished.
Paint smeared on his rosy lips
Because darling his love tastes like art.
Raising eyebrows at his reflection
With a cocky grin
Hasty for a mouth soaked in wine and ***
And drunken dance parties for one.
You'll fall for the mess in him
I promise you honey,
He's just a little too
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