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Hot, wet, nasty and painful.
Why is that all they want to do?

I just want someone to hold my hand,
make me smile and laugh.
Why cant I find someone who wants that too?
I'm not hard to please.
Luiz Oct 20
to an imagination
that already holds
a pedestal for you

that pedestal of which
is reserved only
for the likes of your divinity

to be over your gorgeous face
and open womanly hips
gracing perfection
with my flawed eyes

and caressing the inside
of your tearing thighs
with my natural stiff stir

**** it, Girl! You're so Hot!
be real! be mine!
Andy Chunn Aug 4
Summer sun scorches
The breath still.

Morning wave
Buries its hate
In scratching grass-sounds.

Floating yellow
Line of sight bends
In brain-sensed tease.

Empty canyons fall
Beyond stillness.

Caution winds silent spirals,
Soaring distance -- unswerving sight.

Melted minutes
Sultry stares
Torrid tease
Karijinbba Sep 24
So tired of this skin color hair
creed social status divisions
malice biggotry greedy
Shady manners
The haves and have nots
worldwide strangeness!
The massive mile nature burnings
mysterious volcanic eruptions.
popping up
glacial s melting crumbling
This masked face
pandemic new world order
in the midst of it all!

O how I long
to take my loved ones
a few trustworthy friends
and fly out this ugly cris-cross
chemtrail sky covering all stars
killing natural cloud's
on matrix mother Earth's
slippery slopes
ever closer to the sun

Earth's being kissed
by Mercury and Venus
no courageous ruller
to tell us the end's truth
that we must fly out
soon to boldy go
out to the stars.
Copy Rights apply.

Hollywood Sep 26 2020. HOT as hell the sun seems larger closer brighter hitter.
The army airplanes for years now pound the sky with some cloudy clouds material. It's strange noone tells us how this helps. We hardly have oxigen keft. Amidst pandemic covid 02-19 forest by billion mikes are being destroyed burned.b
I feel its on purpose. Without oxigen cancers will **** many people.
there's a malignant secrecy by government s worldwide I fear the worst but believe God exists and wont allow evil to prevail..
Zack Ripley Sep 20
Red cheeks.
Flaming heart.
Soul stains and rusts
As it's consumed by lust.
But not for you.
daycrow Sep 12
There was a little candle girl,
made of wax and wick and flame.
She kept her fire just for light,
     but it was fire all the same.
Every time a storm would come,
she would dance out in the rain-
and though she sizzled in the storm,
     every drop was worth the pain.
Being burned has never stopped me before.
Aashi Sinha Sep 4
breathing quickening, pillow over the head, eyes open, brain dead

alive yet dead

black wings, pretty eyes, thick thighs, wide cheeky smiles, can chuck out people's lungs for soft words in return

hardened, dark, dusty, wrapped in shiny black clothes with secrets, scars and threads

brain so colourful will get colourblind soon

hands catching gentle water kisses, losers they are
failing to gravity, failing
put the feet on the floor, forgot to tell--****
gravity they call

hot, hot, cold, cold, cold, cold

volcanic, explosive, misguided conversations, orange fingertips, blue knuckles, purple lips, green heart and round hips
Dominique Sep 2
unwashed shrimp; sick pink wishes
putrid puking and hot weather flashes
headaches and nausea for forgetting me
raw plates of karmic misery, i drank too much

I'll weather it with you through the phone
congealed seafood skies when i was alone
bred the bacteria that made you so ill
petri dish summer, i never wanted
to **** you, i drank too much

forty degrees like a tenerife beach
maybe from now you'll remain within reach
below the surface marine life bubbles
the fish of my thoughts will swim out of trouble
from now on
maybe I won't drink too much
don't wish death on friends, no matter how much they ignore you
Traveler Sep 1
Over the years the notes play on
The music gets old so we write new songs
Practice our words and keep them in key
Times to change then repeat the beats
Patterns I hastily strum
Unique precisions I pick
I am but a fungus in the forest
A back woods hick
The flower, the ****
***** my guitar
I am an ember in the fire
Music is indeed my greatest desire
Traveler Tim
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