Nathan Raux Jun 13

Quite fancy, it was,
How the British call their crush,
Like a friend said,
I do fancy her,
But like, as I say, would be a better term,
But best is her obvious beauty,
Sun-kissed and hugged by her country's pride,
Hugged, was the thing I wish I cold do,
But alas, only a wish was the only thing I cold do too,
Like a common teenager,
I fawned for someone I barely knew,
But with days just passing,
It felt like months and years were due,
With her time was just another word in the dictionary,
Just like fancy,
I wish she did too.

Krysha Apr 5

Towering buildings, 2-seater cars, Fancy things
A day in the city, a day in the real jungle
Uneasiness' drawn by my face
Where's my game-face on?

In love purely with a fancy
a delusion
provoking emotion and confusion

aching goodbyes
a struggle to face freedom
accepting to abandon a bond
between us two

dreading you will glide over your memory of me
within a blink of my drowning eyes
lead by desire, desperation and fear of dependance

dreading your actions will be parallel to mine
a route i am ashamed to admit to
a journey of freedom

leaving behind a bitter ending
losing the chance for another beginning

facing the near future of ending a relationship

From fancy to reality can be an uphill battle
Our fantasies lose power in the light of day
Clarity of heart and vision may become subtle
Nothing can stray the actual straight light ray

The way she offered me her heart and her soul
I can't resist to take her to my heart with love
I am down there in a thirsty desert but as whole
She is like a drizzling rain on sky over and above

Love is what takes just in a moment to celebrate
Beauty is a charisma ,a magnet to attract in reality
My sweetheart you have to taken to reinvigorate
Come embrace me help me to make me really free

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

Noah Stowe Dec 2016

Je t'aime.
Ma vie est plus belle avec toi.
Tu es la lumière de ma vie.
Tu as ma coeur.
Je t'aime.
J'ai ta coeur.
Nous sommes tombés en amour.
Tu es mienne,
Et je t’appartiens.
Je t'aime.

Pour ma petite amie.
Beau Scorgie Nov 2016

I told him
     “I’m going to buy lots of make up,
some expensive clothes,
                              you know,
          the ones that come with logos,
and get a proper hair cut.
That’s how you like your girls,
          isn’t it?”
He walked over,
planted a kiss on my head and said,
“I like them smart,
                which you’re not being right now.”

And I think that was the best thing
                        he ever said.

Vyscern Oct 2016

Straight outta Ex Dee,
Crazy mother f@cker named Blatchy
Dropping sick beats, rolling hard in the backstreets,
Watch him roll dough as he hailin' a taxi,
Fancy f@cken suit, he's livin' in luxury

Fedora tipped-top on the tippy-top head
Gunning bad gangstas, better red than dead
Shooting spree, smilin' with glee
Don't wanna f@ck with a guy straight outta Ex Dee!

just for fun XD
Frankie Sep 2016

I am woeful of decisions that have once been made.
Fallacies clouded the judgment of my heart that I have shamefully been unable to detect.
An instant sensation of remorse, contaminates the mind as euphoria failed to fulfill my sadness.
How could one experience joy kicking love to the curb on an empty street?
A division of the conscience uncertain of it's conclusions,
But it being too late to repair.
The uncertainty eats away at this divided conscience for quite a stretch.
Dreaming the dreams of the love once lost,
A love lost by my own hand.
The thought of victory when feeling such relief,
But feeling blue at the relief when finally occurred.
Reality had too lost it's way,
On the road of which I am paving.
Cue that sweet, miserable sound of the miniature violin as it penetrates the heart I seem to have broken.
Her heart was once mine and I treasured it so,
But comparing the pieces of them shattered on the floor would be asinine,
Since hers are more difficult to retrieve.
I'll always hold on to that remorse for as long as my hands can bare,
But will finding love be as simplistic as running from it?
A place to search for it, I won't know where.

Remorse can be painful, even after a period of time.
Enola Cabrera Jun 2016

You left with a fancy of lust in your eyes
And every step you took left a red tulip
in your wake

Undying love
Nick Moser Apr 2016

There are some people out there that have wanted to kill themselves for some time now.
And there are some who have bled blood from their bodies to drown out the tears.

There are some people out there who were once the brave ones.
The cool kids.
The strong warriors.

These people, they were once dreamers.
Who are now haunted by nightmares.

These people, they were once believers.
Who are now wearing the handprint of life bitchslapping them in the face.

These people, they were once fearless.
And now fear is the only thing they want less of.

But these people, they haven’t given up yet.

These people fight every day to better themselves.
They fight to be strong once again.

These people haven’t ended it all, even though they feel like the world is pushing them to.
They haven’t given up.
They haven’ killed themselves.

But that’s not something you can brag about at fancy parties.

Brag, you believers.
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