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Jeanette May 6
I kept searching for the heart of you,
to seal our bond.
That was meant to be...
But could not capture it.
You were foot loose and fancy free.

My soul yearned for love;
it had now grown used to being bereft
Lay languishing in pain, with the thought
that.... it may never find love again.

Eon's later you dared to come along.
Pretend to join in my song!
Thank you! but No Thank You!
Go back to your lover/s
I don't need any LEFTOVERS.

You left me like a 'seed'; barren and dry
Pain was your nature's way,
keep me desperate, dependent and ready to cry
Those very tears have found me roots
I am now fulfilled.
Leftover was a challenge word given.
Crystal Freda Apr 22
Twisted, golden curls
bounced on her red, silk dress.
A theatre full of surprise and tension.
Everyone dressed in their best.

Iced sequins glistened
as she strutted her way in.
Dark, leather seats cushioned her body
and the show was ready to begin.

She imagined her life so grand
like the gorgeous actress on stage.
Living a tale of majeed ventures
unraveling after each page.

Gracile finger tips tapped with wit
on the charred arm rests.
Music so melodic and mighty
mulling of the plot's earnest quests.

Her eyes blinked and a tiny droplet
streamed when the play was done.
Another one to be portrayed,
who knew what was to come?..
Smoke Scribe Feb 2015
not especially social,
just a couple of friends,
so our interaction qualifies,
special, very,
with sincerity I say,
fancy seeing you here

come and gone,
come back again,
restarting an engine,
that been redesigned
to be as simple as
you and me,
reader, writer

quit, here, brevity here,
but say out loud that word,
one mo' time

part fantasy,
special, very,
a poem read,
a fan friendship established
here, where words and eyes
intersect, a very fancy place...
Lilywhite Mar 14
Yeah, you're pretty great;
You're the life of the party!
But it's in my head. . .
nja Feb 12
But this is not ideal.
I don’t fancy him.
There’s no spark for me.
I admire him. I have love for him. But I don’t fancy him.
I find myself wanting to fancy him.
Due to selfish, superficial, unemotional motivations I give him a try.
He’s in ecstasy. Beyond pleased.
I’m in two minds. I’m kissing him.
But why?
Why am I kissing him?
I don’t fancy him.
This is so ****** up.
I tried mum. Honestly.
Giving a nice boy a chance for once backfired.
Enzo Jan 31
I fancy you
You fancy me
So we go to a fancy dinner
At a fancy place
With a fancy view
As far as the eyes can see
Everything is fancy
Since we both fancy each other
What better way to end this fancy night,
Than with a totally non fancy tongue-wilding sloppy wet smooch and kiss?
Emma Jan 20
I don’t talk about anything important.
Just you.
And you are only important to me.
Julischka Jan 13
I bought a silicone make-up sponge
To cover all the blemish
Patriarchy doesn’t cherish.
It’s fancy and squishy
The foundation’s quite wishy-washy.
IncholPoem Jan 9
Rice  gruel
did   wet  the
potato   crisp.

Dried  chili powder
was  mixed   with
flattened  rice
powder  to
bring   tears   in  a
fancy  dress competitive
child's  eyes.
Love  purely  to  yourself not
just  potato chips.
Rowan Jupiter Dec 2018
I'm a commodity
most cannot afford

every piece of me
is expensive

my eyelashes,
draped in gold

my teeth,
molded of pearl

my heart,
cut from ruby

my hands,
spun into silk

my hair,
a waterfall of bronze

every step I take is glamorous, elegant, enchanting

beauty was born
into me
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