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prince 1d
Aphrodite, oh sweet Aphrodite.
Cast your gaze on me, cast a spell on me.
Give your warm embrace, kiss me under the soft moonlight.
Oh sweet Aphrodite, Oh sweet Aphrodite.

Oh, I wish I could see you everyday.
Even if the clouds choke out the sunlight.
Even when the rain anchors me to the earth.
Just stay with me, even just only for tonight.

I'm so infatuated, I would do anything for you.
Just to see if you're okay.
Even for a second, for a glimpse of your face.
I just wish I could see you everyday.

Things are stressful, sometimes I feel like I could drown.
And sink into the sand, to disappear.
But when I gaze into your teals, the strain collapses.
Sinks away like the ground beneath my feet.
Sweet Aphrodite, I just wish you were here.
Forever more, just to love you my dear.
Jules Sep 5
It doesn't matter that I wake after sunrise,
Because knowing that you're nearby when I open my eyes;

You, with your sun-kissed skin,
with warmth radiating from the top of your head to your chin;

You, who greets me "good morning" without fail,
while looking at me like we're in a fairy tale;

You, who wakes me with a gentle peck,
as gentle as the sun on my skin, filtered through blinds, a fleck;

It doesn't matter that I wake after sunrise,
Because you remind me of it and of pink skies.
Finally wrote something lighthearted for once
Mark Wanless Jul 17
the depth of night
dark mellow thoughts
i see heaven
say what
A May 16
what is life then?
If not *****, scarlet nights and cigarettes
Can it be music so loud that it vibrates within me? pumping through my veins,
Harmonizing with my pulse

isn’t life just one big song?
I hope mine isn’t mellow and quiet
I’d like to see it end with a Big Bang
Like the build up in a rock song that leaves me heaving

And yet I’m stuck in the beginning
Repeating every day
over and over
Like my life is a broken record
And the song doesn’t play past the opening sound
And so I find myself in a hospital gown
wondering why my song isn’t great
how it’s not getting better at any rate
while I ponder my worth under a fluorescent glow
******* to a bed watching my favorite show
grasping at straws with hopes of ‘you never know!!’
life passing me by at lightning speed while I’m going slow
Dragging my sadness that never seems to leave
and all existential crisis in tow
A May 3
I will not be this young forever
my bones are bound to weaken and tatter
yet here I am trying to mold myself into something you’d rather
instead of just being me

I remember my own incessant laughter
while I was eating myself up about turning grey
what will become of me then I wonder
will the tongues of people become a predator & I their prey?

I look at myself in the mirror & think
about the times yet to come where I lose and sink
with the weight of my existence drowned in pink
with a childish dream of a future where I sing

tears do not turn back time
regret will only sting like lime
on memories I try my best to suppress
of the times I killed my self
little by little,
just to impress
something I realized while looking into my bathroom mirror this morning.
Amanda Mar 30
Sequential flows of soft fluid yellow
Fill my hours of mind, restful mellow
Blank verse of limpid conversation
Fall silently into meditation
Electric nerves warm to a heated sun
And spark up against the pulsing electron
Sophoric I live in a world of blue shaded glow
It fills my mind and calms my soul
For I am to be lost in the yellow.
See me leave, Here I go.
Jenna Feb 25
Silence filled the icy storm
that brewed within me
thrashing with persistence
memories drip like melting
icicles that hang off
my bleak, chattering heart

Pale-blue doesn't
compliment you
I prefer the pink
blush that stains your cheeks
whenever I muttered,
'I love you'

In this moment,
you are still so beautiful
a replica of Snow White
lying still in her glass casket,
but it seems true love's kiss
really was a portentous tale
I never really liked the story of Snow White... <3
I still remember,
That special first time.
I was young, and
I wanted to FIND.

I wanted to FEEL it,
That FREEDOM of mind,
Leave troubles

At first I felt nothing,
I asked my best friend;
He swore it was

But then, a tingle.
My mind filled with
MEMORIES, thoughts
Of the past.

I couldn't believe it;
So much; so fast!
No longer depressed,
I rose from the grass.  

I felt like a scholar,
Or philosopher of old.
I walked to our table
To tell what it showed.

Of course, they were laughing,
But I didn't mind,
I knew what I'd FOUND.
I'd seen the DIVINE.
This is a quick one about my love of cannabis. Enjoy
MJL Feb 17
Everyones chillin’
Groovin' tunes rollin’
Lowriders cruisin’
Then your loud *** comes along
Takin’ up space
Yours and mine
Wreckin’ smooth
Pushin’ your own groove
"Donk in charge"
No votes necessary
Everythin’ sighs
Bubble on the mic
Doin’ your business
All over the room
Box store cut-*** mule
Nothin’ but noise

© 2019 MJL
Car lovers. Some lowrider lingo fun. Rude people are rude.
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