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MJL 22h
Everyones chillin’
Groovin’ tunes rollin’
Lowriders cruisin’
Then your loud *** comes along
Takin’ up space
Yours and mine
Wreckin’ smooth
Pushin’ your own groove
Donk in charge
No votes necessary
Everythin’ sighs
Bubble on the mic
Doin’ your business
All over the room
Box store cutass mule
Nothin’ but noise
The pickups across the alley seem asleep. No lights, exhaust fumes, man at the wheel ready to wheel into another work day.
Winter-denuded trees blend into his roof like dark rivulets from its peak. No lights in this dawning Saturday, all still asleep.
Except the birds feasting in the newly seeded bird feeder. In the softness of this new dawn their flights are silent.

The fog shrouded morning suffuses softness to hard edges.  Clapboard storage unit rests quietly on the edge of the lawn.
Rakes, mowers, hoes still asleep, no work tension in their bodies. Fallen browned leaves lay on still-green lawn gently carpeting “the back.”
Cold black fingers of tiny limbs indistinguishable as individuals, smudged and blending instead. No limber bending till months-away spring.

Trees in the distance surrender their stark names to clouded sky not yet brightened by the distant weakened sun. The fog has laid upon this place
a muted harmony.  No dissonant horns or voices heard in this diffused snooze of now.  The only movement: from the winged creatures
greeting the day just yards away reminding: life still pulses. I fall into this peace.

The fog of sleep
a hallway moment away
where my self is mellowed
and lost beneath the sheets.
Author’s note: This is my first attempt at writing a haibun, a sort of narrative haiku-like poem full of images but not much intellectual baggage. Thanks to Ronald Pavellas of
I fell in love with him
And a very long time it’s been
Since I’ve felt that my feelings were true
I’ve been feeling blue
But after I met you
Those feelings were no longer true

My feelings were too strong
And I’m having trouble holding on
Because I’ve fallen in love with you
I’ve been going astray and I’m fading away
But now that I have you…
I keep tucked away knowing that maybe one day
I will finally be with you

They don’t understand as if my emotions were unplanned
Their minds were not ready to expand
They couldn’t understand no matter how hard they tried
Though my love was quite dry and letting go was worth a try
I had you to keep me from feeling blue

They don’t matter anymore
Loving them is a chore
As you are the only one I adore
All the people mentioned above,
They don’t understand true love
And my attention is what they are undeserving of

My energy is quite low
But all I need to know
Is that my life is all to show...
That as I’m letting go
I came to let you know…
That I am madly in love with you
I need you to love me
I need to make you see
That I wish to stay with you for eternity

For you, I’ve done so much
But I know that your touch
Is something that reality has hid with a key

When I think of you, my heart starts to pound
You’re someone that I need around
And now the voices will not quiet down

Through thick and through thin
For every cut in my skin
Every day without you stings like a bee

My reality is torn
And I’m only left to mourn
As you love someone who is not me
Dangling red hot sun,
Mellows, finds no better luck;
Ease in to dark sea!
Rowan Jupiter Dec 2018
take me to your dreamland
and, if you don't mind,
let me live there,
for a time.

let me go, let me see
what makes up
your daily dreams

take me to your dreamland
and unlock the door
I want to see a part of you
I haven't seen before.

I want to see the lovely thoughts
you have tucked away

so take me to your dreamland
if only for a day
you can trust me.
ehxpen Nov 2018
i think back to the night we met,
on the rooftop, whilst the city slept,
just the two of us,
sixteen year old me,
full of innocence
oblivious to the fact that love was going to be part of my next chapter,

oh how time flies.
here i am,
by your side, twenty year old me,
full of adoration,
and your admiration.
the craving for your love,
that being unconditional.

oh how lucky i am,
so young and still blooming,
to experience something so pure,
something so soothing.
and here i will be, by your side,
when all i will be,
will be a dying sunflower,
by the tide.

Greg Jones Oct 2018
I’ll hold you tight
Like a memory you think of when you’re low.
You don’t let go,
Smiling and singing ‘til your heart is full.
We’re slow to realize how quickly life can change
And how fast these days roll by.
It’s like a tidal wave and we’re just floating on.
So let’s look to the sky and know
We still have tonight.

As the fire dances on,
I can see us in the flames.
So vibrant, so alive.
Oh I’d write it out on paper to remember everything,
From all the days and nights we shared
But I’m so lost inside this moment
I hope I’m never found.

After tonight
I’ll be alone again driving home beneath the star light.
When all that’s left of you is your scent,
These memories will get me through the days.
Whisper to me what you swore you’d never say.
I’m hanging on every word.
The hardest tears and the hardest years ahead,
But I look to you now
And feel so safe in your eyes.
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