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Natalia May 15
Will you come meet me
At the horizon?
Past the willow trees,

Through the meadows,
Where their bodies
Rot and decompose.

The crows come to feast
On unspoken promises
And love that has ceased.

Now look ahead
Across the frozen lake,
Where few dare to tread,

Lest their disguise
Shatter and sink
Before sunken eyes

Beyond the wasteland
Of woes and lovers
You'll come to stand.

Where beats cry in the night
Woeful of those before
Now passing as mere wights.

Gazing at the cosmos,
I lie still
Having kept my soul close.

Will you come meet me
At the horizon
Past the willow trees?
I swallow your words
And begin to mellow out.
Turbulence in my bloodstream,
Yet static numbness all throughout.

An accent laced with malice,
By a tongue that knew no sympathy.
You graced me with the fortunes
Of love's complex simplicities.

Love baffles.
Love hurts.
Trivial hearts.
Q E R E N Jan 3
I told the stars about you,

how your fingers trace my skin
how your breath blew my eyelids
how your smile enchants my soul
how your presence erased mine

I still told the stars about you,

how your lies swept me off my feet
how your love tore me apart
how your embrace clench my lungs
how you shatter me

I've stopped talking to the stars
Q E R E N Dec 2020
though our wind no longer swayed in the same direction
though our sun doesn't rise at the same time
and though our ocean doesn't bear the same wave
my dear,
I've always prayed
from the inmost part of my soul
that your path will always be filled with joy and happiness
and that everything around you
will also eradiate warmth
so that the dark lacuna and the brisk part of this world
won't make you feel left alone

so that neither solitude
nor my absenteeism
will cast you away to the brink of inconsistency
and self-loathing

until then . . .
Keith W Fletcher Sep 2020
I can't say that I don't care
That I fell into disrepair
but it seems that I am there
and it really really is nowhere
nowhere that  I want to be
holds no views I want to see
I need to find a remedy
I am sick and I am tired
of this life in which I am mired
I don't have to be admired
just want to have a voice for choice
is all I have ever desired
choose the way you want to live
choose how much of you..
... you want to give
don't try to always relive those parts  parts of you....
... that you decided to give.... away
at last
to the past
I can't say that I don't care
that I once fell into..... disrepair!
Curtis Owens Aug 2020
I want to die


honestly though; I just want to be okay
Emilia B Jul 2020
30 denier, nothing else
long legs
wet lips implanted on the glass
mellow heart, sultry breath,
condensed mirror
radiant friction, out of sync
from two outcast ladies
damp hair
humid walls
so right.

i will follow him by Peggy March
rustling in & out of frequency on the radio
indecipherable feeling
warm in here

she told me,loving her is like shaking hands with the devil
happiness is a butterfly
and its summer
so we're fine.

feel penitent
but we both do
so its fine
we'll go to penitentiary
its not love no
but we understand each other.
John McCafferty Jul 2020
With wearied ways the air looks grey
It's colour stains surrounding planes
Heavy clouds weigh eyelids down
Condensed to rest as momentum slows
Mellow tones and energy spent
Low on conversation goals
All but empty sentiments
No plans today, worn out to play
Sleep instead behinds your gaze
Dreaming to regenerate
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Aghast was the feeling within,
the moment I heard saying,
"The grudge in me never ceases,
If I look at you, it upsurges."
What was that? Hatred or Jealousy?

Together we grew,
Together we played,
Together we enjoyed,
But she was loved more.
What was that? The age or Comparison?

Appreciated for her appearance,
Admired for the best smile,
Pampered for the sweet talks,
Gradually grew the inner bitterness unaware,
Igniting in her, the spark of arrogance uncompared.
As I was placed ever in contradiction.
What was that? Seed of praise or despise?

The child in us possessed the love,
while in the name of maturity the gap stretched,
The silence took deep breaths
Between each conversation
We, the alike thinkers
Now parted with difference.
The daughters of two sisters,
Misunderstanding cultivated the distress.
What was that? Distance or Belief?

The question still perplexed
Whose fault was that?
The childhood innocence ripped with arrogance?
The comparison that planted the vengeance?
But ultimately, it is the misconception established with pride.

Now after these many years,
the love in me for her never faded
but grew more when we by chance interacted.
What was that? The pure love or move on?

Having the belief that our thoughts were alike,
My heart ceased not to pour my inner feelings,
As my childhood pal, my sister, my twin.
But still the ignorance in me continued to control,
My maturity to understand the completely changed person.
It took sometime to get in my senses
that her eyes looked hither and thither
with lies unrelated,
and conversations proposed,
not to share but to grasp
whenever connected virtually.
What was that? A changed self or Gossip Monger?

The vengeance inside gradually
turned to revengeful remorse.
And the love had turned to blame,
With pierce striken words she poked
Of accusations and falsehoods,
But none seemed to disturb me.
What was that? Mellow in me or Her immaturity?

With composed tone, I did stand for me,
confidently, a new me,
neither raised my voice,
nor reacted losing my poise,
but assured that in her life,
"Never could you forget to remember me and never, remember to forget me."
What was that?
A blessing from a mellowed soul.

Comparison is a needle, if sewn with a positive thread, would bestow a Mellowed soul.
Kairosclere Jun 2020
A mellow flower
Waving in the wind
Dried yellow
A long while ago
Yet holding on
To the plant stem
Unwilling to let go
Of its past.
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