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A fable lesson learned
After every immoral step I took
Something valuable I earned
As all the pages I have burned
Nothing I could undo...
Amanda Apr 17
Every time I attempt to change
Find myself somehow stuck
A period of indecision
Or pit of endless bad luck

Temptation is a persistent *******
Keeping on a high ledge
Put a stick in my moving spokes
Taking away the edge

Medicine will not let me run too far
Invading corners of my mind
Coerced into staying here
Relief I only briefly find

I saw a future temporarily
Moment quickly burned out
Was making steady progress
Turned around and went a different route
About relapsing
In My House
by Michael R. Burch

When you were in my house
you were not free—
in chains bound.

Manifest Destiny?

I was wrong;
my plantation burned to the ground.
I was wrong.

This is my song,
this is my plea:
I was wrong.

When you are in my house,
now, I am not free.

I feel the song
hurling itself back at me.

We were wrong.
This is my history.

I feel my tongue
stilting accordingly.

We were wrong;
brother, forgive me.

Published by Black Medina. Keywords/Tags: racism, racist, slavery, chains, plantation, burned, house, free, freedom, history, forgive, forgiveness, brother, brotherhood, understanding, tolerance, equality, justice
Maja Mar 28
Someone was burned,
another was stabbed,
cut into pieces,
sold for a grand.

A monster under the bed,
is better than the monster in my head.

Read me a horror story,
and I will sleep well.

Turn on the news,
it will be scarier than the stories we can tell.
stories can be scary, but the reality is scarier.
Najla Nov 2019
I cannot utter what
is bothering my soul

Perhaps it is the fire
of my own mind  

The same fire that
kept me warm was
the one to burn me

Or perhaps it is the
unbearable weight of
my sleepless eyelids
I haven’t been sleeping lately, and I no longer want to take my meds. The downward spiral of doom is back once again.
Amanda Feb 21
I was somebody's someone once
Desired to keep me forever
Burn everything
And he was no exception
Our ties lit and thus severed
I am like a wildfire
Taking turns we turn
Returning to only get burned
Expectations that hurt.
Co-written by @words
Butterfly Dec 2019
You said that you still have the picture of me.
And the only thing I wonder
That picture is the most ugliest thing that exists
That thing should be burned
I wanna laugh until I can't breathe with you
But I know I'll cry until I can't breathe
Why the **** is the poem here and not above
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