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You swooped into my life like a knight in shining armour,
Promised me the life of a fairy tale,
All the riches and gold i could have as your queen.

How was I supposed to know you were the dragon,
that guarded me from the world and took me from the one i knew.

I couldn’t see past your pretty words coming from that mouth with a serpent's tongue.  
But now i can see you for all you were
Scales and all

When you flew away i could see the ruins and the towns you burned,
You told me they were the results of a war you fought,
But its clear they are the rubble of lives you came into and burned to the ground.
this is easily one of the most painful things i have written and i was afraid to write from the sheer pain i have been in the past few weeks.
Xallan Feb 2
This is the end of a long rope
Frayed and worn from my traversing it
Always reminiscing
A lot of whispers
A lot of pixels
A lot of good memories in between
But also some hazy, hazy regrets
Of time-ropes ripped through my head
Blistering like it was dragged through my hands
Fatigued cells with no implosion
No mind-growth, no life-growth
Only heart-growth-
Which always seems to occur
Only at the expense of breathing this oxygen
Better to create it, then,
Than consume it-
Instead of living, become life.
Instead of breathing, become breath.
Let my body ferment and fallow
Instead of existing, let my soul become energy
And let time leave my record
Along its rope.
I want to die, but I don't want to end my life. Oh, the irony!
Lizzie Feb 1
I’m a hopeless romantic

And for that reason,

I ignore the warnings in my head

The ones that say that i’m

Just repeating history.

You see,

Most people burn themselves

And learn to move further away

from the flames.

I, however, burn myself

Mumble some profanity

And continue to feed the fire.
She Writes Jan 9
You lit me up, then put me out
Tried to pick up my broken pieces
Repair what you destroyed
Realizing too late, I’ve become ash
Never to be whole again
Twice in one week
I don't understand
Was that on purpose
Or was this unplanned
In your Friday's best
Is that even a thing
It's been almost a year
Since you quit that routine
Without fail our paths cross
I still feel your fire
And even though it burns me
It's you I desire
I don't know where we stand
Because you still look back
I want you to save me
But you're my heart attack
Rowan Jupiter Dec 2018
her very nature burned alive,
taking everything around her with it.

and when she shined the brightest,
the whole world was set on fire.
she didn't know her own strength.
Madison Greene Dec 2018
you’ve been told that you love too much
as if the way they receive it is your fault and not theirs
you’ve been brutalized and burned
and they kept saying that maybe if you were a little less of this and a little more of that
you wouldn’t keep waiting for people to hurt you
like maybe you should work on giving in moderation
but believe me when I say
someday you’ll find someone who welcomes the depths of you
you felt like you had to hide from everyone else
he will never reduce the galaxies in your mind to mere constellations
he will love the way you give and the words you write
but he will love the way you love the most
Fathur Abinaya Dec 2018
You make me upset,
I know that you won't regret.
I will give you the death,
Like a burned cigarette.
Everything will come to the death.
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