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There's 365 days out of the year and we multiply,
Multiply 365 by your age and you'll know how many days you've lived, you've survived, the time we spent through good and bad all our memories begin to surface our minds.
365 days makes 8,030 days I've walked this earth,
Don't waste your time, for time is precious,
make every day worth it like it's your last,
because tomorrow comes and it may not
be promised.
Age don't matter, but the actions we take does, so make it count and really do, "make it count"....
Michael Jun 26
I just hate bein a goomba, if you couldn't tell.
I get stepped on all the time and hit by koopa shells!
Bowser's always yellin at me and telling me to go,
but he can't even stop that Super Mario!

King Koopa's laughin high up in his tower,
as he's pointin down at me.
Here they come with Fire Power!
Super Mario and Luigi!

I could'a been a man eater,
or even a koopa troopa.
Might'aΒ Β been a bottom sea feeder.
I just hate bein a goomba.
Johnnyqu33r Jun 2
Swift punt to the soda pop tin
Littering the low lit path before me
Flash back to kick the can
And hopscotch jumping rope
To wittled cans from which to smoke
And losing family to knotted rope

Years pile on tense shoulders
Bearing zirconium smiling teeth
Finding diamonds in my grief
But always pacing forward

To flash back on bronze days
Glowing like bonfire embers
Finishing the last of the thirty rack
Never realizing I was drowning
Just sad and aloof and smiling
Smoking bad **** from a PBR can
Sentimentality emanated from the Muzak
which loomed over my head.
Vivid memories seize my focus, out of line.

Encountering you paralyzes
my soul with dread.
The presence of you within my mind.

Aural reminiscence over song that
fell short to nothing but dead.
A hellhole of a batshit lover you are, a one of a kind.

M. 12/06/20
I miss those days when we used to be together, you batshit former lover.
Siddhant Apr 29
I'm gonna miss these window panes,
and these windy lanes,
When I leave these streets.
But I'll never miss these slippery tiles,
'cause I always slipped on these.
I wouldn't pass on my house and its keys,
If it were me.

This will change my links of life,
the way I live and the way I die.
I don't want to leave, this sheltered sheath,
and this, this is my only greed.
All my friends will be left behind,
and the new rooms will not smell like.
I wish we could rest, in our worn-out nest,
and this, this is my only need.
deadhead Apr 7
strawberry shampoo
the scent makes me nostalgic
brings back my childhood
Ming Mar 29
My shoes **** as I trudge down a seamlessly cemented road. The floor, only slightly lighter than the colour Black. Launching into the wide road where the sky more daringly shows itself, the sun, too, exhibits its colour hue. I can see the reflection of orange in you. The sound of cars are not evident but they exist. The traffic light goes green and the rhythm of its beeping escalates in what seems like less than its promised seconds. 5 steps into the humble gantry I have reached Yomiuriland Station. I buy my morning beverage for 100Β₯. I think of nothing in that repeated moment while fixing my eyes on the orange-reflected clock.
How I remember Tokyo's Yomiuriland Station
Kassan Jahmal Mar 27
really where's the vibe?
Prefer to party inside,
in the subtle chaos of my mind.
Maybe I just want to stay dreaming,
it's really a chilled day outside.
As troubles of the weekday still lingers.Β Β 

For this day I'll tell you a story.

A nostalgic kid,
Saturday morning waking up to the screen.
Wonder what adventures are playing?
Wasn't a teen,
yet watching four of them as a kid.
Always snapping while watching four turtles.
As were feelings amid,
watching reruns of TMNT.

Flip the channel to younger days,
still much a Rugrat.
Swept under the mat,
wonder as babies did we have reasons to chat?
Wishing I could hide away from family,
hidden away in my secret laboratory.
I wouldn't be vexed,
not a little to live like Dexter.
My advantage is, I don't have a sister.

I found courage as little as I am.
In a world sort of like Eustace Bagge.
I had to become a man,
proud with what was my imperfection.
Where would I be without The X-Men?

Life was always a mystery,
from home to school.
Wish to unmask it all like ****** doo.
Wished to be armoured,
let them call out my name.
A quick watch of Visionaries and Hey Arnold!

Later go save the planet,
all life does matter
Especially those living on it.
A Captain of the show,
earth, wind fire, water and heart.
And my addition would be mind and soul.

The run around of this life,
chasing it only for a prize
A cat chasing a mouse before the mice.
As the world seems to be ******,
tune into the crazy till the afternoon.
Living a flightless life as a Pingu,
I hope it isn't as true.

My list could go on,
but I don't have much of the time.
Neither any of the energon,
how do I then Transform the time?
Is this for me, the Prime?

I must find new adventures,
as like Winnie The Pooh,
An often jumpy tigger,
how so am I rude?
I grew up shy as a piglet,
with a list of all the shows I grew up to.

My life seemed to be a Saturday cartoon.
Dianali Mar 9
Sometimes I eat alone
seated across my thoughts
and I wish
you were here
to hear them
Set for two
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