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My eyes still weep for
those memories lost to a
warm and distant past

7:22 PM
Three years already?
Where did all
that time go?
And why do I feel so
Scarlett Oct 6
the city moves too fast
but the suburbs move insufferably slow
perfectly traced with sun, sand and sorrow
but the sight of the stars always makes me dream
then i grew up
i found him and the suburbs seemed to move fast too
no amount of time was enough
somehow the silence seemed to connect us
in a way that words never could
when did we get lost?
in the abyss with no shores and no harbors
just deep green eyes
it was just the two of us
what were we looking at?
the future? the past?
that was the day we swam in the sky
this is made up of various movie quotes and i think some song quotes
Ripples in a slow river, lazy,
Flowing down time for thee,
All the nostalgic memories,
Ghosts of the survivors, yes,
Living in our hearts to bless,
Then we'll all fade away into space,
Floating away in the ripples of grace.....
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It was when the rain start
as my heart skip a beat
I heard yours in triump
Thumping and pumping so fast

You smile mischievously
And sing for me endlessly
Oh!  How hate and love collide
Just like heat after the summer kiss
And the cold breeze of snow flakes bliss
It was all clear to me oh!  How I miss you  badly

Years after years
Decades strike straight through me
Wrinkles and lines visible on my face
As the smell of your perfume filled my nostrils

And now it's my time
To go back to our old days my love
The film of life is done with me
And I'm ready to go free
Mitch Prax Sep 12
One year later and
oh my god, I think I am
dreaming you again

7:44 PM
Trout Sep 1
The smell of sunscreen makes me nostalgic
And the sound of an air conditioner
But not the feeling of a big coat
Or throwing snowballs with bare hands
Farrah Aug 24
For I am always mourning the loss of the life I could’ve led.

The music I could’ve played.

The love I could’ve had, and given.

The light I would’ve beamed, from the knowledge, that I have it.

I have the laughter flowing free, awaiting the moment to burst out of my chest.

The feeling of utter peace created the trust I’ve innocently lain in my everlasting happiness.

The same happiness that has ever so caused me the pain, and sadness, that only comes with loss.
The loss of the life that I will never have.
Max Aug 1
I was still thinking about my past,

While she was already talking about the future.
Is there a correct way?
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