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Diobimma Oct 9
To one it means that someone
To another, where happiness lies
To papa,  the air the neighborhood
To my mama, it's with her children
To me, it's here.

Whatever it may be to you
We all have something in common
Our nostalgic return to it. .

Rashmi Sep 24
Standing in front of the mirror,
I always try to look sober,
When precisely I'm losing my consciousness,
Only the mirror knows.
I feel my surrounding falling apart,
When I start looking into my eyes.
I saw a child, as the tears start rolling down!
A smile she gave and shattered my dreadful memories.
She is the one who adheres to my thoughts,
Looking back to myself makes me frightened more.
I'm standing in front of the mirror,
Just wiping the tears slipped from the shore.
Nostalgic feeling
Two years ago, I was still in love.
I was trying to build a new home with someone, upon the clouds above.

Four years ago, I was leaving my home to head to a new city.
I was trying to make a name for me, in a place of immense complexity.  

Six years ago, I was turning eighteen.
I was trying to make big plans so that my mother is proud of her gene.

Eight years ago, I was still in high school.
I was trying to survive through it rather than looking cool.

Ten years ago, I was a completely different person altogether.
I was trying to build bonds and friendships that would last forever.

Now that ten years have passed, I still feel the same.
Time has gone past like a flash, but there is no one left to blame.
Mitch Prax Sep 14
Remember all the
good times you had and all the
things you hoped to be?

11:16 PM
Norman Crane Sep 11
in lamplight's hiss
I sat and watched the attic dust
dance under spotlights cast
by moonbeam
on a stage of memory
and forgetting
The world never melted away at my feet before.
That is until you whispered my name,
and made me feel:
like the word finally has some meaning personal to me,
like all of the stars across the galaxy are exploding in supernovas for me,
like I can finally assign a definition to the feeling I’ve been searching for for 20 years,
like every hurt, every tear shed, every heartache has led me to this point -

the moment when you’d whisper my name for the first time.
It’s a phenomenon.
© LAICEY Poems September 2020
Mitch Prax Aug 23
Has it been
that long already?
Such a distant memory,
it almost feels like a dream-
a dream I never wanted to wake from.
I still miss you
more and more every day.
Take me to sleep,
I want to dream
Norman Crane Aug 17
we rest riverside
enwhispered in the twilit waters flow
seduced by the poplar grove
gently bending stalks
making way for the windswalk
forever let us lie this way
mud sand sun
minds eye unsay
ere new world takes our fantasies away
Norman Crane Aug 12
do you remember
days of being young
the creaky swing
we pushed each other on
as the horizon
rising and falling like a scythe
sliced away
the moments of our lives
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