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Jay M May 2019
I fear what I am becoming
What am I saying?
What am I doing?
Am I insane?

Where's my shame?
On the inside...
Where's my guilt?
Threatening to break lose...
Will I let it go?
What am I?
I don't know...

- Jay M
May 7th, 2019
Nylee Feb 2017
I hate when the my thoughts go there
And I sit and stare
I hate when I get tempted to do that
And I do and regret
I hate when I do not feel content
As I  haven't  lived a sad life.
I hate when I do not know what I resent
But that feeling controls my life
I hate to see that I am not what I wanted to be
Luiz Sep 6
without her
there is no meaning

I hope that meant something
Ana Ehlana Aug 15
some days i worry
that the person i said i won’t be
will eventually end up to be the future me
in ways that i never could dream

what if i never get out of this mess
worse, what if this is my best
what if i fail all of life’s tests
& what if the problems never get less
romy Jul 29
if I die, would you come to my funeral?
Indigo Prince Jul 29
These are the
darker days
Highlights have turned
into grays
Teardrops stain my
Maybe I'm not
thinking straight

But I dont want to be here
My mind is digging deeper
This pit is inescapable
I'm falling down an endless hole.
Was crying in bed and couldnt figure out how to get **** out and here we are woops
Simon Soane Jul 12
I remember us sat looking at Manga cartoons like it was yesterday. But now?
She's gone away.
And I'm just a ghost
in a shell.

When I watch Akira I still hear her.


the fading sound,

our era.
slow burn Jul 10
As I sit listless,
Alongside the river supreme,
Silent stars gently rise above me,
Kissing the clouds with reckless abandon,
I watch the light bleed and create individual paintings,
As if the heavens were but one giant brush,
Though guided by luck and not creativity,
It seems it doesn't matter either way.

All things are connecting,
Dissected by interchanging strings and correcting,
Paths that most others would not take,
That wakes and creates an empty covered-grounding,
This is what we dream of and must make.

A selfish soliloquy that was written in haste,
Left a bitter taste from the poor and hollow remarks it made,
But it spilled out in every direction anyway,
Until the world left a cloak and dagger in it's wake.

The sunshine blasts my eyes and I am startled by reflections,
Memories of the dreams that we shared that night,
Our children are the thoughts that now follow us,
The remnants of a dignified trip into our own minds,
Alongside the river supreme,
In the shadow of our collected consciousnesses.
Oops I think I left something behind, It might've been my ego
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