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Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2022
I do not know what you want from me
Don't know what I did wrong
Can't tell if your feelings are real
Or if you are stringing me along
All I get
Mixed signals
One day interaction is great
Next you show indifference
Uncertainty what I hate
Constantly attempting to figure you out
What is running through your mind
Comb through the words you offer
Answers I never find
I long for you to be forthcoming
With your intentions
What you're really after
Something you don't mention
I wish I could read your thoughts
Amrita Tiwari Mar 2022
Escape from what?
The pieces impalpable
Once part of thy self, are
Nowhere to be found
How many times will you try
To cope up
From some feeling
Very profound.

Escape from what?
Your own self or the world
Is only one force governing you?
Or is it dyarchy, through and through!
You try to split from the other
But it has an embrace
Around you
With the tightest glue

Escape from what?
The happy or the gloom
Calm or chaos,
You do have a clue
Or do you?
Is it numb or very eerie
Always sad, never cheery?

Escape from what?
Reality, harsh and smooth
O dear, stay here
It is going to be a tough root
Though all the impalpable
Would unravel
Someday on a blue moon!
escape, what, good, bad, unravel, impalpable, blue moon

should we keep escaping? what is your take on this?
Ken Pepiton Aug 2021
Take a tiny taste of the future,
from a keep it rural POV.

As my Gerry-rigged life, extends
as in, what soldiers did
to try to stay alive, after spare parts were pastense,
a nod to Northern Euro knackraft of olden days.

If you have the knack 'ritused to makin' broke bits
function in a state of _
unspeakable, but you'd best believe,
it makes the lights turn on,
is a gift, a knacker's gift, truth t'tell,
and put an apple on the crown of your own
first born

test the legendary ai-mmm through handlelesss
axes, was that not the tale told to children
comprehend the arrow flying on a line,
hunter children,
aware of the fish story aspect of tinker
told tales of olden times damnations.
-- {now, calculate the curve}
Aye, and our old ways work, we make you think
double minded, eh, like two cpus in 86040 days,
two clocks, eh, first, lizard level from
now to any cloud connected when,

take in a Saturday mattinee,
see it again on Sunday and wonder at the change
A POV, who you were, you are no more,
rich or poor,
this is the theatre of the mind, and mere words
rule the plain truth, smooth,
deep soft belly breath
breathed to smooth-as-silk, down to the amber
touch me now, why doncha try, we might
make matters matter more or less
a while, gentle touch,
peace passing understood rules of engagement

Transcaucusus, carriers of this old tale, Pontic
Greeks, ah, so

the book of life is not a story,
you are. And you do end up reading it.

Moses eyes, you imagined that right,
clear as any Hubbard riddle ever entered in the fray.

Old things pass away, all things are new,
on earth as it is in heaven, when some certain
begin to believe the wisdom under the idea,
public declaration across all time, then to now,
our father, passengers of earth, travailing
groaning to manifest, the will of all
truth be done truth's way,
on earth, as it is in ever after we begin
telling the truth to us
regarding the home of the free,
our shared lies that allow non-profit CEOS
Abu Dhabi level luxury,
and reward the tellers of war as fullfillment tales.

Clash of the fathers, with mothers doing nothing
I trow not, but too far, me, too, I've come

to entangle carnalmind value for cannonfodder
or breedsow worthiness,
with life,
and that,
more abundant. On the battlefielllld, after all
the only emnity is the carnal mind, on God's side.
The middle of a long timespace occurence
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
Nothing there anymore
Everything good thrown out
Did not try to stop it
What is there to talk about?
We have already discussed our problems a hundred different ways
Nat Jul 2021
Across the street and just below the lilac sky
Catch ashy grey roof tiles that evade the eye
A portal of lamplight, amber and glass
Familiar strangers, imagined pasts

Memories that weren't
Things you don't know
Doors that are locked
A place you can't go
Eli Apr 2021
i wish i never asked you if you still felt the same.
it doesn’t matter anymore.
i rather live in a lie than lose you.

i’m so sorry for everything.
the real clown
Benjamin Clarke Mar 2021
I can see and sense my new way of being
I can feel and recall the power of seeing
The veil of “my thoughts” have lifted
Something profound in presence shifted

Seeing the world clearly isn’t what you think
The taste of the drink, is just the taste of the drink
There is no craving, fantasy, or filter
The simplicity throws you off kilter

I'll stay here for now to see what's next
Presence is a moment, without context
Uncertainty is now my friend not my foe
I take a step forward, let's see where we go
Sometimes we don't know what to expect when we change. The world can be more simple than we ever imagined.
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