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When the night bottoms out
painting in a chiaroscuro.
See the world in the painted glow
before it’s toned down
back into the shadow!
Waves Q Nov 6
Let your tears flow if they supposed to
Let your smile glow if they supposed to
Put your frown on before they think you soft
Let them know what they want to
But don't let them know your real complexion
The cry of a chimpanzee
"Don't let them know your real complexion"
Emphasize your ideas, don't tell anyone. Just give it to the world. Make the world better with your idaes
I was in a vortex
A very complex place
A feeling that I just have to chase
Take me there and make me safe
Wrapped up in cotten wool
For the the world no longer seems forever dull
Keep me here forever
And never let me go
A bright light shining with an everlasting glow
In to this furnace
I ask you now
to sing another song.
In to this furnace,
where the stars grow old
and the dreamers walk barefoot
I ask you now
to kiss me a thousand times.
In to this furnace
I ask you now
thought by thought
let us die
you and I.
In to this furnace
I ask you now...

- Samar Charulingah Godfrey
Latifah Nov 2
please keep on shining,
no matter how dark it gets,
the world needs more light.
Samruddhi Oct 24
Magic was all that she saw
Till some extent even she was in awe
Clouds shadowed her shiny moon
But the city lights beneath her bloomed
It was the night of no star
A high time to realize she had come far
Even after getting off her comfort zone
She knew she could never feel alone
For her heart had now learnt to let go
And this darkness simply helped her glow
Stop running after them who had run away from you!
Pause and look around for the ones who are trying hard to keep up with your pace!!
Live for the ones who make you feel alive and you don't have to just survive!! :) ❤️
Lovely Oct 22
I'm sorry I'm hard to deal with. I'm sorry I'm not a simple, normal, well-behaved girl. I just don't know how to live a balanced life like most people. When I am sad, I don't cry, I pour. When I am happy, I don't smile, I glow. When I am angry, I don't yell, I burn. The good thing about feeling in extreme is, when I love, I give them my all. But maybe that isn't such a good thing, because they always tend to leave. And they don't walk, they run. And you should see me with a broken heart. I don't grieve, I shatter.
Not Lauren Oct 17
The moon reached down to me tonight
Brushed the hair out of my eyes
And did for me what the sun does for him
julianna Oct 11
These days are full of deaths
And resurrection.
I rapidly shift between the warm yellows
and the sallow blues.
The temperature is fading
And so is my will.
But some days make my bare bones glow
Back to the way they were,
Way before.
Cosmo Beck Oct 2
Have you ever just looked at a sunflower?
A small petal can hold so much joy
Well when I look at you
I see the glow of a sunflower
on your cheeks
I see the green grass
on a sunny day in your eyes
I see warmth and invitement

But when you lose that glow I love
When the sunflower starts to wither
and it began to rain
I still heard the joy in your laugh

For I will always be here
through every season
I will stay until the flowers bloom
but I'll stay with the rainy days for now
You'll always be my sunflower
No matter the weather
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