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Rupert 7h
Your glow irradiates the room,
it heats the cold,
it lights the dark.
watch me dance in the embers,
praying powerlessly,
wishing for warmth.
We were born in a cursed land
A place lost in time and space
Where dreams come to an end
And our beat sound out of pace

So I can’t blame you for leaving
Before mediocrity took your glow
I do hope you find some meaning
Around the pines covered in snow

For there’s beauty in the wild north
If you let it guide your spirit forth
The cold will turn into warmth
Inspired by one of the bravest person I've ever met
Through limerence a longing lust lingers,
Beginning by stroking your face with my fingers,
A sensation wells from my ocean as my body swells with more than emotion,
Helpless to my impulse to begin slow smoothing motions,
Across your soft skinned irresistibly gorgeous pert body,
None of you remains untouched apart from the parts the animal in me wants so much,
As smoothing turns to grasping heavy breathing turns to gasping,
Breathing and heaving in unison as I hold you tightly within my clutch.

You whisper softly, longingly your desires of the night,
As our breath becomes heavier we can't control ourselves try as we might,
The rustling of clothes as they become dispensable items,
Only serving to ready us for the sound of skin on skin as the intensity heightens,
Light thuds as clothes fall to the floor,
You moan in a way that lets me know you want more,
In our underwear we hold one another our lips smacking,
Our movements make the bed make sounds of creaking and cracking,
You gasp for air and sigh loudly with delight,
Your body underneath me is the most glorious sight.

My hands can't help move down your sides to that thong you have on,
While they stay on your hips a while as I kiss your stomach I know it won't be on for long,
I slowly slide it down past your thighs,
As I kiss the inside of them we are both on a high,
I move my lips to your lips below your hips,
Taking care to do here what I do there as you begin to flip.

I move my head up slowly to yours as I kiss along the way,
I'm rock hard when I reach you but I stay outside to play,
I slowly move inside you as you feel me throbbing strongly,
As I move in and out my hands don't stop as you start moaning loudly,
The bed it rocks from side to side as if on choppy waves,
The sound of you in ecstasy is what my body craves,
As we reach the top of what we got I leave some of mine in thine,
The afterglow is so bright it's like nocturnal sunshine.
sidra Sep 25
I’m surrounded by a storm.
his soft lips
gentle nips
The subtle touches feel warm.

I’m surrounded by a breeze.
his growling sound
carnal cries drown
The needy aches feel ease.

I’m surrounded by a fogbow.
his smoky eyes
riding out highs
The shared worlds feel a glow.
“I can’t wait to see you again”
Seanathon Sep 16
I cannot pull a star out of the night sky for you
But I can
With an uncupped hand
Coax every living firefly alive
To glow for you
OG title was going to be - Just To Make You Smile
LC Sep 9
whenever she sees him,
the corners of her eyes
crinkle into intricate origami.
if anyone looks closely,
they'll see a soft glow
and maybe even folded hearts.
that's her love for him.
Pixie wings spring
In the breeze
Under the electric leaves

They dance all around
Not touching the ground
Spinning and Spinning
All over

The Electric tree glows
As all the pixies come

I sit and stare
And watch
As the Electric Forest
She smiled and laughed
But you never saw her beauty
Not until you saw her tears
Then you saw as her eyes sparkled
And how she glowed
Because you noticed she was strong
With tears down her face
But a smile on her lips
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The baby bump brings,
An ethereal glow on her,
That reflects on me!
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