let the LOVE
you form for you
be as formless as the
the SOUL it soothes
it’s ebs and flows
bring you to sea

so you can see
reflecting you
with Cosmic Sight
your darkness grew
a brighter LIGHT

at first WITHIN
but just be still
and watch as it
begins to fill
all you SEE
with all you seek
your clearer sight
forms new beliefs

the clouds all part
to let you RISE
as you let go of
what won’t bloom
and dance away
the heat of june

the summer Sun
has grown with you
its shining through
the cracks they left
your losses GLOW
with every step

this new selflove
you won’t forget
Lily 7d
While you watch the moon tonight,
I hope your own eyes keep their glow.
Cry, scream, curse,
But never stop dreaming.
Cause I believe
Somewhere down the bend,
There is a train in which
the stops never end.
It will come
And you’ll be home.

July 9, 2018
I’m quite back
Lyn-Purcell Jul 9
The time held crumbles
through my hands, and that remains
The sun in the sands
Time keeps on flowing, but I keep on glowing! ^-^
Well, my work does anyway.
Thanks everyone!
Be back soon
Lyn xxx
O'neill Doc Jul 9
Never wait for the sun to rise and set on you.  You are the light that glows and the source of all living things..
Helene Marie Jun 16
We all have our own colors
that shine through in various ways.
We dazzle with our humor
and our own enjoyments.
We are ourselves in ways we wouldn't
consider to be obviously radiant,
but below each and every one
of our complex surfaces,
we show our beauty
in our mysterious tendrils of traits,
and our illuminating golden glow.
It is our hilariously creative mind frames,
the musical mosaic of our voices,
and our complicated coves
of our quiet extremities,
that make up the vast entirety
that is
i hope that when you read this, you can see each and every one of the beautiful personalities of the people that inspired me to write this.
Greg Jones Jun 13
Let’s get lost, but first we gonna dress up.
But first, love, here’s a heads up.
If you leave here with that sexy black dress
I might have to put your legs up.
Let’s get lost, don’t even tie your hair up.
No make-up, keep it bare love.
You got the kind of look they only write about in books,
Were you even aware love?
Let’s get…

Oooh, it’s the way you glow,
The city’s gonna ignite.
You burnin’ up this moonlight.
Oooh, you just have to know
We headin’ to a hyper night.
You know this feels right.

Power Plant Live, up in Mosaic taking shots of patron
You whispered to me “I think I’m alive again.”
Another round from the bar let’s get revived again.
Seduction all in your eyes and I just can’t defend.
Moving from your waist down to your thighs.
You pressed up against me in reply.
You said “You wanna see me dance on the bar?”
Now I’m taking pics of you dancing on the bar.
The room’s full but it’s just me and you.
You throwin’ signals I can’t misconstrue.
I’ve seen that smile before, I think it’s deja vu.
The time of your life, you were overdue.
We came to get lost but found another view.
You shaking those hips giving me a preview.
Electric lips encourage me to pursue.
We gotta bid adieu so I can give you the….

Oooh, it’s the way you glow
That makes the room ignite.
We gotta exit stage right.
Oooh, it’s the way you glow
You got me in a hyper night.
We gonna be up all night.

Let’s get lost
In hyper night.
Absent Minded Jun 11
Your lips glow
With the vibrant radiance
Of a Stinging Nettle
Watered with Glowsticks.
Vexren4000 Jun 1
Glowing days,
Past times radiating,
With an inner light of recollection,
Glow in the dark trinkets,
From early years of youth,
A glow from the corner of a room,
In the edge of my vision,
A time past,
Brought to present,
By a lone glow.

Helene Marie May 27
the sparks glowed
in her dark eyes
and showed him
that there was
so much more
of her that
he had yet to
ts May 27
some of the softest glows:
fairy lights
the moon at exactly 11:32pm
radio lights on the car dashboard in the dark
skin after a facemask
the lettering on the goodnight texts you send back
you, when you laugh
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