blushed with light
of dawn

ablaze with sunset's glow

our days gather
in upon themselves

in measured endless flow

earth circles
'round the sun

day and night embrace

follows season

the seasons of our days
III 7d
I've seen the sun,
It's shimmery glow,
And felt it's warmth too,
And yet,
I still swim deeper,
Without knowing why this
Is what I do.
She stands up,
shedding her blanket,
walks outside
without a word or a jacket;
from the window
he can see her
as she crosses to the center
of the galaxy.

The skin on her arms
begins to glow,
sun-soaked and wet
with the intensifying rain.
Her hair spread out
over her shoulders
in wavy tendrils,
her clothes
clinging to her body
like an extra layer of flesh,
out of place
and longing to be
to allow the true skin
to breathe free.

For a while
she stands still,
letting the rain
wash over her,
coating her in the
shining saliva
of the dark clouds
then she slowly
raises her arms
in an expression
of pure,
unadulterated praise
even from his vantage point.

She spins around,
inklings of water
flinging from her
elegantly outstretched
in a dizzying dance
of childlike worship
and effervescent bliss.

He loses count
of how many times
she's spun,
surrendering his focus
to the breathtaking beauty
of a woman
united with her element;
she is the absolute center
of the universe,
shining out
with a blinding light
only he can see,
a radiant vitality
his eyes drink up
until his untamable desire,
a fine frenzy
of equal parts
madness and clarity,
shakes him to his core.

He remains
completely still,
at once bewitched
and released
by the shimmering revelation
of her beauty in the rain.

After what seems like
an eternity
spun into her dance
of passionate salvation
like a web of
never-ending moments,
every movement a second,
every turn a day
in a forever spiral of time,
she halts her exaltations,
looks at him;
even from this distance,
her eyes pierce his heart,
stir his soul,
cut his bones,
transfix his mind.

She breathes deeply,
her small body filling up
with air diluted
by rain and sunlight.
He can feel her desire
in that moment;
speaking to him
through their bond,
yet louder
than if she'd used her voice.

"Come outside,"
she pleads,
not with desperation
but with hope.
"Come to me."
this is an excerpt from a story I'm currently writing (see "Exile" by star_gir1 on Archive of our Own) which I have converted into a poem. Please enjoy!
Pax Apr 1
You were the dimlit star
I am trying to reach.

You've lost much
of your glow
how I wish
my light would reach you, and
teach you
     that in life
you're ever so beautiful.

How the harsh words of the world
barricades you soft spoken heart
into stones.
thank you all in reading my lightly lit star in my so dim world.

ive secluded much of my world into the four corners of my home, hated to see how harsh can the world judge me. also hated this part of me, a coward. I needed to remind myself of this feeling to move forward even a little step will do.
Cora Lorraine Mar 17
As sunlight spread across the floor
and crawled over the rustled sheets
that you hid beneath,
your heart swelled
and your mind emptied
to accommodate the possibilities of the day.
Your fingers started walking toward the door,
taking your cover with them.
Upright your frame sat, then
through the doorway your eager feet danced.
Into the invigorating sunlight,
over the liberating grass that had grown
to comfort the soft skin of your toes as you
chase down the daylight
and gave new meaning to the word
Amanda Mar 16
I am the sun; a blazing star,
A burning orb of desire,
Stunning and warm, but don't get too close,
My passion will scorch like fire.

Intensity is daunting,
Temperature hard to take,
Heated temper tantrums erupt
At daybreak daily each time I wake.

You help me rise through volcanic bursts,
Lifting me above distress,
Extinguishing my molten rage
With the logic of your cool caress.

I light up in your presence,
A glow radiates from my core,
Bask in heat from my affection,
You are the one I shine for.

I will love you with fervor
But scald you with blistering touch,
Use caution: I fear you will crumble
To ashes within my fiery clutch.
I feel like I am this chaotic volatile work of art that everyone is fascinated with and is beautiful to look at but no one can get close to me without getting hurt somehow.
Jeff Gaines Mar 10
Oh don't we all
love the fire?

Tell me why, oh, why is it so?

We love to watch its hypnotic dance.
Like it,
our faces aglow.

We shine when in it's presence.
It's warmth can blanket our souls.

Swaying as we slow dance
with it's flickers, swirls and rolls.

Bringing a smile, without a thought …
A gift we can't turn away.

A giant orb of it lives in our sky,
ever turning the night into day.

Oh, don't we all love the fire?
It's destruction we refuse to remember.

We long the specter of those brilliant flames
and quickly forget of the embers.

We didn't arise from the fire's flames …
I'm told we arose from the sea.

A yin …

A yang …

A love affair …
The fire, you and me.

All of us have felt it's pain
and we have seen it burn terrible holes.

Mysterious … Wondrous …
We love the fire …
As long as it's in our control!
No metaphor here. I was staring at a bonfire and this flickered into my head.
Tallie Mar 1
The walls are there for a reason
To protect against crime and treason
Don’t let it out don’t let it in
Can’t let anyone know how you’ve really been
Arm the guards, protect the inner
Don’t let in the sinner
The walls are up but the roof is gone
She’s free to move on
She went up in the clouds, the wind rose
All the way up she glows
Moving on and loving yourself while you do
Lana Feb 22
In a steady pace,
Your silhouette draws closer,
I can't help but wonder,
How can one figure hold so much grace?
Then it presses against the vapid darkness,
Intertwined and set aglow,
Always buried within the whimsical afterglow.

Living everyday,
Like it's my last today.
Nothing else I'd rather feel,
The only thing I want to breed;
The kinetics of the rush,
The lyrical harmony of our love thrush.

I reside in paradise,
Shot down by the bullets of your glistening opals,
You call your eyes.

Compelled to submerge in this guise,
One day we shall witness our prize,
The one event more beautiful than our sunrise.
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