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Spriha Kant Oct 7
To burn like an ember is of no
worth till one doesn't glow like an
annieohk Sep 19
hello old friend, silvery moon
you wrap around me with fingers of misty radiance
I feel cold and warm at the same time
you light the night like a beacon
coaxing ocean tides to wax and wane
your glow catches the new fallen snow
and my eyes behold millions of minuscule diamonds
sparkling just for me
is there anything you can’t do?
your power assaults my senses
as you throw a trail of gleaming light over the waters
I tread upon your soft lit path
mindful of the shadows you cast before me
your fullness lights my way
yet I stumble in your crescent dimness
you seem a fickle friend at times
illuminating a romantic evening
or hiding behind storm darkened clouds
still, even now I long for your next appearance
to bathe my face in your luminosity
and cast your magic upon me once again
l b d Oct 9
it was lost
to the glowing spark

with a sigh
the serene morgue
set the smiling tissue aside
and summoned the slime
she enthralled me with her orange hazy glow
that golden yellow singing chorus
made me think last night if I actually saw a rainbow
oh how unfair the broken are.

she broke last night asking me,
"why can't I cry like you?"
I replied, "because you have more breakthroughs
it makes you stronger. I'm just weak."

well, now I'm getting a look into her life
but I don't want to.
get me away.
this hits too close.
why the **** are the seasons changing and 2020 is getting more crazy?
Jacqueline O Aug 17
A rose's bloom
Nature's kiss
Soft pink petal lips
On the morning glow
I burnt the Memories, U gave Me.
I burnt your Love Letters Too.
Your Tears won't ever, Cry for Me.
Tell Me.....What else must I Do?
I threw the Souvenirs, U gave Me.
I hardly ever take, your Name.
Our Love is done and Dusted.
As it put us both, to Shame.
Most of the Time, I keep Thinking.
Why not find, somebody New?
A Woman who Glows, like Moonlight
and is fresh, as the Morning Dew.
Once Her Eyes, find Me.
I shall write, My Love Story Again.
In the Arms of My Angel,
U won't find, My Tears weep Again.
Classy Jul 26
Far from the sea,
I see you lurking,
Wondering how a fracture of a stone glowing so bright,
You can’t even break it through.

That’s when you realize,
Even the deadly one can shine so bright,
Bright enough to show that it’s alive,
Alive with hope and dreams.
We used to spill colors in the good days
Now we reminisce in small conversations
Heaven came, at least it seemed that way
Cover my outline in a rainbow creation
I could have sworn I glowed for a second
Now living in the moment feels more precious
It’s crazy where everyone came and went
From where we started to where we end
I’m writing this before I write the poem/piece. I’m just gonna put some stuff down and see what comes.
Basking in the glow of a lacerated sun
Dripping blessed rays, life pools in an agonising emptiness.
Smile upon me with your godless grace
Light of life, prying open a necrophyte visage
Spotlight upon a murderous parade
Of life and happiness. Always watching with
Catastrophic intent and purging flame.
Behold the beacon of rage as it rips
At your vision. Blinding illumination.
A scar in the sky.
Cataclysmic vista.
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