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Alicia Moore May 22
Their eyes glow with stars,
the wind pulling them closer...
their lips meet in red.
With all the glow
Of San Francisco
Lighting up your face
Highlighting in lightning
Every word you say
I heard it then
Clear as day
“Something’s coming.”
Don’t forget it
Don’t you dare neglect it
And by God may you never try to perfect it
LC Apr 12
my hands brush over the wall,
guiding me through the room
as my eyes are blindfolded
by a thick, grey, opaque fog.

my hands stumble over every surface
until they glide over a smooth lamp.
the blindfold is taken off my eyes.
and I see my reflection staring at me.

I blink at the handheld mirror, bewildered
as my eyes pursue the direction of the light.
I look into the mirror, yelling "eureka!"
because my heart is glowing, even in the night.
#escapril day 11! A little late, but it's here.
LC Apr 4
my soul is a chamber
in which a candle sits.
a strong flame burned,
which kept me alive.

however, week after week,
the water filled the chamber,
putting the flame out,
leaving me cold and lifeless.

the water would dry,
and the chamber was empty,
except for a single ember
that glowed in the dark.

I lit matches every day
until I saw a spark.
now it fiercely blazes,
stronger than it's ever been.
#escapril day 3! A little late, but it's here.
M Solav Mar 20
Who has decided that yesterday
Should ever rhyme with distant and gray
(Is this the product of a rapidly fading memory?)

Who has chosen that this tomorrow
Should ever rhyme with hopeless sorrow
(Is it the consequence of our inescapable fatality?)

Well I think that this person ought
To have paid it one more thought
For that yesterday rhymes with far away
And this tomorrow rhymes with glow

And why is it that sunlight
Should ever come to rhyme with night
(Is it perhaps that in what we lack we find similarity?)

And how come it is that this shadow
Should rhyme with "oh well, you know"?
(Is it that maybe we're always stuck in some circularity?)

Well I guess this buddy of yours ought
To have pondered for one more thought
For that sunlight rhymes with insight
And this shadow rhymes with "let go".
Written on June 2nd, 2018; completed on March 19th, 2021.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Abi Carroll Mar 15
Fire Agate

Rendered at last,
  with seamless lines
    of every shade
  and layer on top of layer

As we know,
  one burning tree
    can set
      it's forest aglow

and so came her soul
  with fire's inside

    But with fire comes chaos

Birches chirp
  for consequential change
    for her edge's
      to chip away
Then a Maple
  , through sweet rustles,
     asks for more
Willows fume
  fatal wishes
    for the forest
    to surrender,
  for water over embers
A Cypress follows
  , with deep concern,
      and begs to stand
Ashes whisper
  for another
    just one more day
But an Elm
  seeks that same color
    but within her
  and to stay

It's dangerous to dance
  with this many tree's

"One day,
  maybe I'll break,
and maybe someone,
  maybe you,
    will see

between the waves
  that meet at peak,
    that fold into another,
see why the cold sky
  shy's behind the hot sun
    but are drawn together,
see below the clear surface
  that deceives
    by gifting you assumptions,
see how clear agate
  over hematite
    gives you iridescence,
see beyond the points
  we know,
    and please see
  where a circle stops.

Maybe you'll see
  what I can't

    , me"
Some says don't you dare
Some says u can't
Some says that's just all your limits
Some says do what says your heart
I said them all
I would dare,
I can do what I wanna do,
I know my limits,
I'll let my heart to go with the flow,
I wanna be free
I'm a sunflower
Don't burn me ,please let me glow.
Payton Feb 24
Stars always became tangled in her hair when she played in the sky.
They twinkled like glitter on her skin when she stood beneath the red, hot sun and glowed in the darkness of his shadow.
This isn't really a poem. It's more like a pretty thought. It was written in 2016.
Nikkie Jan 29
I see a part of you deep within, that no other woman ever can.
When you walk into a room, my day gets brighter, and my heart feels deeper, because your very essence pulls me in.
I said a prayer about a year ago, for God to send to me a man like you.
I never looked at you in any way, other than just an ordinary person, I saw every day.
But one day I saw your shine; you began to glow, this masculine light.
You blazed like the sun, beating down from the sky, reflecting your power in my raging sea.
You’ve included me inside your circle, and given me a joy that I never knew existed.
You are the kind of man I can lose control with, yet trust enough to bury myself, inside your cave, inside your heart.
When I saw you today, as you walked across the room, that same light that pours out your soul, was bouncing off your masculine essence.
I hope I am the only one to see it, the brightness you exude, the light you are.
I want to be selfish, and hold you close, so no other woman can’t steal my joy.
I’ve prayed again, and asked God to help me, by asking him, is what  I’m really feeling is actually love.
God abruptly reminded me, that he is too good at who he is.
He gave you life, he gave you breath, he gave you the glow, that only I can see.
Your glow pulls me in, and draws me close, and makes me love you even more.
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