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Eyithen 2h
You never knew me as well as you thought you did
You only saw the side I wanted you to see
You saw the moon glowing in all her glory
Worshiping her more than she deserved
You didn't see the dark side
The side that didn't deserve praise and flattery
That left me with guilt
Because you were praising only half of me, thinking it was all of me

You never knew me as well as you thought you did
You always expected me to be the happy, bubbly person I could sometimes be
You thought something was wrong when I wasn't how you wanted me to be
"I'm fine" I say. And I really was.
Why can't I have my quieter days?
It can be exaughsting to be happy all the time
Sometimes I want to be expressionless

There were things I liked that you didn't know about
And there are things I have done that you didn't know about
If I told you, would you have seen me differently?
I know you would.

You never truly knew me
You only think you did
If I asked you a question about me, would you know the answer?
Probably not.
You knew what you saw, not the facts
You knew the moon glowed bright, but quickly forgot that there are two sides.
Just like you forgot that every cycle the moon goes dark.
It doesn't glow or shine brilliantly
It doesn't bathe you in moonlight and light your path
It leaves you blind in a night without shadows, without light

You knew the full moon, you never saw the New
Cause if you did, you would have left me alone
About an ex-friend who put me on a pedestal. He thought he knew me better than I know myself. Oh how wrong he was.
Raindrops have long returned to their nests of ethereal clouds.
Few stayed here,
diamond drops scattered on
the white pearly glow of my bougainvillaeas,
immortalising the beauty of a mystic's smiles.
Umi 4d
The morning glow from my dreams was more than just a sunrise,
Roaring, scattering across the sky the rays of light cut through the darkness with my hopes and what I had wished for in the future,
Its brilliance, unmatched by anything ever seen before, breaking away all misery stored inside peoples hearts, burning their sadness to dust,
If just for a moment, this could have been heaven for all whom bear the love of light as it fills the atmosphere with its golden glow,
But this day never came for me, as my eyes slowly closed and accepted the wish to be left in the somber reality of the realm of the dead, my vision had long bid me farewell at this point, I was alone,
But even if my closed eyes seal me off from the delight one may experience everyday in this beautiful earth and all its blessings,
Feeling my skin warming up by the company of the sun when it greets us in the morning, full of passion cheer and determination,
I don't think I care about having neither wish granted or even being here in this loitering darkness with no light at the end of the tunnel,
Because the delight sealed in my heart always breaks free with just a little bit of sunlight.

~ Umi
aye-way Sep 11
god of the day
curse the night
and bless me with your light.
- a morning person.
(c) ayesha. h [2o18]
Your heart glimmering…
With warm sunshine,
Sparkles and blue sky in your eyes,

Turning darkness into light,
And sadness into joy,

Walking along life's path,
Hoping time moves slowly…
When I'm with you,

A life filled with blue skies, sunshine, and roses,
Seeing happiness in front of my eyes,
Beauty in front of me is my only wish always,

Happy-sunshine warming,
My Soul,
I love you.

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
Sunshine love poem text to speech
I have heard it said that women glow
But I never knew it to be so
Until I met you
Then I knew it was true
With your belly round
The glow profound
And with a kick or two
Our little flower grew
These months I'm counting down
Your glow bright as a Queen's crown
And it humbles me
This beauty I see
Let joy and love abound
Allesha Eman Aug 27
I yearn to see the starry sky
And admire their sparkle in your eyes
But every night is cloudy blue
As the stars only seem to follow you
But I don’t blame them for their wonder
Because if I was a star or even the sea
And I could move ever so freely
I would flow along with every wave
And find myself right by your grave
And when I’d look up at the moon
someday, somewhere very soon
The stars would find their way to you
PoserPersona Aug 18
Covered by blanket of expanding space
  with pricked holes allowing blue white
The air is bulked from being water laced
  though flora aren’t lacking by sight!

The coyish love wink through a shaded sky
  is casting an ethereal glow
Daily life will outshine lunar delight  
  yet shan’t match the arduous show!

Two lovers linked by mirror hands in a bow
   as slow breaths morph bench to saddle
Hearts now become bucking riders in tow
  all below the street lamp idle!
Vexren4000 Aug 13
A glowing tide,
Cerulean and cornflower,
Emitting bright ethereal light,
Lapping sandy shorelines,
Crashing and slowly flowing,
Filling the night with an otherworldly glow,
Of some alien place.

Daisy Marrow Aug 11
Summer breeze,
the sun beats down on me.
It leaves me a mark,
paints me like my ancestors.
A radiant glow.
An exotic flower from the tropical
gardens of Colombia.
Just like an exotic flower from the tropical
gardens of Colombia.
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