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In her eyes the waters gleam
Like no lake has gleamed before
Even the sun will turn and shine
Yet the moon has taken her glow
uselace Jan 29
Floating freely by
Luminous glow surrounding
A tentacled moon
Jellyfish are beautifully deadly.
SB Jan 24
Oh how the sunset
Meddles with me
Golden flecks
Searing the sky
Split me open
And pour my tears
Like milk into a cats dish.
Meredith Ann Jan 16
I'm tired of
dewy rosie golden me
for she was pretty
but she is not the same
as when those shades were the change she needed
I think I need a new pallet again.
To be a shining star,
is to be the 'echo of love' that caresses
a weeping heart with two hugs and one smile.

To be a shining star,
is to dress your soul in the eternal
garment of kindness and render service to others.

To be a shining star,
is to have every fiber of your being glow with so much
humanity, lighting up the darkness of the entire universe.

Hussein Dekmak

Rowan Jupiter Dec 2018
red, blue
purple, white

the many colors
of your light

when you,
shine down

you illuminate,
every thing 'round

twinkling above,
to light up smiles

your glow
can be seen for miles
Rowan Jupiter Dec 2018
the warm glow of the tailights ahead
faint music playing in the background
the sound of your breath in the foreground

your head rests with a welcome weight on my shoulder
warm and heavy in the crook of my neck

my cheek rests softly on your crown

my eyes shut naturally, wholly content
you reach around my arm and pull me closer

my heart leaps, your touch is so comforting
in that moment, us together, warm and happy, trading hearts

i never want to let you go
i itch to tilt your chin toward me, i want to look in your eyes
i want to kiss your whole face

but instead i listen to you breathe
and wonder how i can love you this much
Nathalie Dec 2018
A medley of lyrics
live in each heart
Some are beautifully rehearsed
or shared with passion
yet some are never heard
or even forgotten.

Words, poetic verses live inside
each and every one of us
Sometimes it takes someone
to come along and turn a key
to unlock the wonderful flux
and flow of sentiments.

A lover's soul never sleeps
It dreams awake and lives
a life of adventure and love
It glows with delight
and surrenders to it's beating
drum, creating with fanciful flare.

Daniel Long Dec 2018
Candles within your eyes,
illumine my shadow.

Lonely in the dim I was,
there’s now a glow to follow.
A micro poem about a past love of mine pulling me out of loneliness.
My poetry/short story website:
Alana Jones Dec 2018
I am a delicate flower; beautiful and radiant.
The sun shines upon me, reflecting a luminous glow.
Water, sunlight, and air, keeps me afloat.
I blossom in the spring and summer weather.
With little care, I start to droop.
My leaves start to crumble and fall as they may.
From the bottom up, I turn into decay.
Take care of this delicate flower, for she is beautiful and radiant.
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