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Nikkie Jan 30
I have made my transition to another place, a place where beauty needs no explination.
God’s great timing is everything;
it may not be what we expect but God is always in control.
Sands will flow through the hourglass, slow and steady, throughout our lives.

Time will end and the sand will stop flowing, but God’s love for us is forever growing.
I have worked all my life for this to happen, to see my Lord face to face.

I’ve been accepted in this majestic place, where pain no longer has a hold on me.
My eyes have adjusted t my new reality, I can see bright skies and butterflies.
Don’t worry about not seeing my face, don’t worry abut not feeling my embrace.

Hold our memories inside your heart, and know that our live will never depart.
Cry for me, just for a while, but not too long, ‘cause I’m don’t just fine.
My bags are unpacked and I am settling in, taking my place next to the Master.

He said that he’d never leave nor forsake me, He kept his promise, I am with him now.
He has taken my hand and opened up the doors; to a Paradise of beauty and love divine.
I know you’ll miss me, I’ll miss you too!
Just know dear hearts, we will be together again someday.
Live your life to the fullest, and remember our love
each and every day.
Just remember your hourglass is still flowing strong.
Do what you can so you can see, my hourglass is full again, this time my sand will never end!
If I paint a picture worth
a thousand

Would you endorse it
and never force
upon it
As if..
You opened up a dirtyy
With a set of

Well.. go ahead
Make your choice

But of coarse

I know you stingy types
will be like..

Maybe it would be worth a
But only and if it were made of

But nevertheless I must confess
I'm on another
Poor man's sketch

My stimulation
Feeling bored I guess

So what's next?

And would you

Give me  the skinny
On the Anorexic*

I've never been flexed on

( With all due respect )

By an unseen

I am the Underdog!!

You naysayers
Place your bets!

And yes yes y'all
I have no regrets

But it still succks

Because I'm always
thinking about
How I'm so fortunate to make
And place this as..
Another Safe man's bet

While still professing
It's a Hard knock life

But still debating..
How am I supposed to rep?

Maybe I'll Rule
By cutting the lines to the ties
that bind

I think I'll cut the lines and
climb real High
Yeah, I think I'll do it all by design

Maybe grow real swift
Like cultivating
Twisted Vines?

And maybe then it would be..
So much easier and so Wise
for me to jump up and Kiss the Sky

Like I'm jumping over hurdles
while still running on track

Yet it still feels like
I'm running in circles
But never going off track

I loose Traction?

Or if or less..

The whole world jumps ship
like a makeshift  Faction
That never closed the Rift

In all the sails that hung

While leaving me stranded like
The mention of my next pun
Stunned from the feelings
of being numb

And from there on..

Onward on one word token
With all of my gripes

So now I'm like..

Now how am I supposed
to Drift
here or there or anywhere
If I've never been

Recognize the Pun?
All time Undisputed Underdog
The Anorexic= Starving Artist*
Graceful, flowing
Yielding, bending

Growth and movement never ending

Moments living
Joy surpassing

Rhythms, seasons, everlasting

Mind awaking
Harvest taking

Every day a memory making

Good creating
My truth stating

My wealth flows without abating
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My wife Kim and I were talking with our son Aaron the other night.  He said that over the last eight years, his Mom and I have become more like each other.  I asked whether she has become more like me, or I've become more like her.  He replied that I have become more like her.  This is good.

I've learned to flow more, and to bend more.  Prosperity Poem 88 - Never Ending - explores this idea of being more bending and yielding, rather than rigid and fixed.  Acting and thinking in a more dance-like way has brought me more happiness, increased wealth, and better relationships.
Bhill Aug 2020
great words, today, are flowing from the authur
what will be the message delivered, to you, the observer
how will each individual interrupt what is composed
it is not the author's duty to unravel written reflections
the chore in the written word is subject to reflection
what do you see?

Brian Hill - 2020 # 218
What do you see?
Mb Aug 2020
Everything that's broke
And the flower buds which bloom,
leave it to the breeze 💛
Everything that is broken or bleeding in human, the sorrow element of life and also the good side of life is represented by the flower buds which bloom. Even its broken or beautiful that doesn't matter as everything is left to nature. And go with the flow of life.
Savio Fonseca Jun 2020
I was holding Her Hands,
as We walked the Talk.
The Moon in the Sky,
watched Us like a Hawk.
Her natural beauty shone,
all over the Place.
My Woman was draped,
in a German Gown of Lace.
It was on the Silver Beach,
Our Romance got Lit.
Slowly and Steadily,
Our Midnight Passions got Hit.
I Unwrapped Her Desires,
as the Cold Wind kept Blowing.
As She wrapped around  My Arms,
My Endless Love kept Flowing.
Tryniti Jun 2020
I don’t know what it means
But it’s something beautiful for sure
Giving me your all, no in-betweens
A little bruised, a little used, yet so pure

I looked up and saw you grin
A smile that touched my blue heart
Your kindness like a gentle wind
Slowly, tenderly, picking me apart

Soothing my wounds, helping me breathe
Building me up, dismantling my fear
Showing me the way to feel free
It’s so much easier when you’re here

Wondering where you’ve always been
Laughing, talking, touching, flowing
Nurturing the hidden tigress within
Helping, hoping, healing, knowing

A force for good, to which I’ve clung
The power you wield over me is strong and steady
Oh please, let loose your silvery tongue!
I was always here for you, and I now I am ready

To give in, and to let go
Let you color in the black
Watch it heal, let it grow
Show me you, and don’t hold back
Written 4.9.2020
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2020
Sometimes feels overwhelming
Adrenaline begins flowing
I hate having anxiety
Fear and uncertainty growing
Self diagnosed anxiety
See a rich goblet of gold
Empty and ready to receive
Ancient in style, yet shining bright

This antique treasure of old
Belongs to you. Trust and believe
And claim your prize in calm delight

In your mind
Become the goblet
You are precious indeed
Your lasting worth decreed

Feeling your worth
Made from riches of earth
Fully fulfilled every day

Spark of divine
Your wealth is a sign
Of life surely flowing your way
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