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Katie Sep 25
I came from the sky
Wild and free and alive once
But clipped wings and broken bones
Aren't exactly the best
For flying

Oh! To be one with the sky again
Wild and free and alive
And perfect
As I once was

But for now, I'll follow the path
My broken wings
Trail in the dust
Until I learn to fly again
suspended in the air
creations of your own kind of flight

wispy strands protect and feed you
the weary that are trapped by your game

crawling and weaving,
flightless yet flying,
ever graceful,

the spider and his web.
spiders seem like they're flying because their webs are so translucent. kind of dreamy.
Andra Sep 11
when you think you know...

when you think that all is
as you know it
as you'd like it
there's something that happens then:

someone pulls your hand and shows you that
the world around you
is different than you thought.

that the grass' green is stronger
that the birds' flight is more beautiful than you could see it
and there's nothing left for you to do than... believe.

"believe and you shall see.
if you believe, you will see the flight and the sun's light and the sky's blues...

search without a fear, without a care and with no doubt.
you won't find the answer in an instant,
but it will come to you.
maybe only after 20 years in Tibet,
but it will surely come to you."
-a few years ago (about five, to be exact) I asked someone I looked up to a deep and quite personal question. we talked for hours. Before going to bed I wrote this.
m h John Aug 28
i stayed until midnight
standing at the bus stop
waiting to go to the airport
to the board the plane
to the moon

because i heard
it doesn’t shine as bright

now that it has you
Four lines between poems
Or is it only three?
This was the question
That the pilot was pondering
While his airliner flew
Into the jagged mountain side
All aboard were killed
The pilot never did
Resolve his query
Was it three or four lines
Between poems?

from New Dawn 2971
Nick Armbrister
icarus Aug 9
i wear yellow and stare at planes
folding themselves into downy blue.
if i crash too, let the headline read:
icarus loved the sun
just as his father loved him
(but when the waves caught his body
he returned to his mother's embrace)
Silver Aug 8
delicate folds into endless
creases, the wrinkles
in mother's hands. asking for
more, taking
& creating new faces
when you think the last of you is gone.

& though the world may
    tuck away your
    flaws &
    pleat you into
    origami stars,
take to the earth,
uproot the trees.

stand tall as your last in-
become the called bluff
& bloom in the space
between   sky

                     before you hit the earth,
                     become the bird that you
                     are & perch on

"Next time remember when you feel like you're falling," said the mother to her baby eaglet "you're not falling! you're learning to fly"
Rowan Aug 11
i have flown in a plane and i hated it,
but when i look towards the birds i can't help but to want to join them

it took me a while for me to realize what it was that i wanted
then it hit me, as most thoughts do, out of the blue
i remembered the story of Icarius and what happened to him
once he gained his freedom he became drunk on it
his addiction made him blind to the dangers of his freedom
thus he died at the hands of what he craved in life
much like him i want freedom

i don't want to deal with my unsupportive mother who doesn't believe in what i feel
i don't want to be stuck living in fear of my father and all he could do
i don't want to have to keep pretending i am one person around my family and another around my friends
i don't want to live in the body i was given
because despite everyone calling it a gift
i can't help but to laugh because to me it is a curse in which it is **** near impossible to live in
and yet each day i go on hoping that when i'm old enough life will get better

that my mother will accept me, and my father will leave me be
that one day i will be who i truly am and my friends and family will know that me
that one day i will make my body my own
eventually the day will come when i get my freedom
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