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Man Jul 27
Memoirs of dead men;
I wonder of future generations,
Like those I have met.
As to my own destiny,
Why let the question phase me?
This labor of love, that
Life, I wish to live selfless-
And be great, anonymous.
Shadow the dark, and shine light
Radiate through the night
That, of your conscience.
Wakeup, & look around;
This is war, not merely fight-
For all that is just and right,
Stand-up, don't just die.
The fuse is sparked, the fire ignite:
Spread your wing and take flight.
Zywa Apr 4
At night, full trains standing still
between the erigeron
The grass **** wobbles a bit

The water sighs
little waves over the railway
Geese splash around

Bye Atlantis
Bye floating gardens
Thank you, all the best

We're flying out
the earth is open
Where to, where to?

Rombom, the sun will come
Zirconium sparkles, colours
expectation everywhere

It paints our desire
promises us love and happiness
- a fabulastic home
"Fantastic voyage" and the other songs on the album "Lodger" (1979, David Bowie)

Collection "On living on [2]"
Megan Parson Mar 26
Before the flight takes off
Before our ascent into the skies
Before I'm unplugged from the grid
Before I'm temporarily disconnected

I think about what I'll miss,
If the flight never landed.
I think about the goals unfulfilled
People unmet, sights unseen
Words unsaid, tears uncried
Emotions unshared, pain unfelt
Fights unhad, hands unheld
Stories untold, lives unlived

But most of all,
I think of you.
And feel
Written on a return flight trip. A few moments of introspection.

© Megan Parson 2023
Ram B Feb 11
A flight delayed
Can take a toll
Schedules remade
Like dominoes fall
Yet plan A
Can be overrated
Trust that plan B
Is what we truly needed.
Ram B Feb 11
Fasten seat belt while seated.
Life vest under your seat
Put your mask properly fitted
Take off only when you drink or eat

Oxygen masks drop
In case of emergency
Put your vest on
But inflation-free.

Be mindful of the exits
Which could be behind you.
Enjoy the flight.
Just safety reminders for you.
New Planes
They say peace will reign but in America/they build many new warplanes/the new B-21 Raider bomber/what a nightmare dream for enemies/plus the superb V-280 Valor tilt rotor/moving troops twice as fast/what will be revealed next?/state of the art lethal aircraft/utterly the best beyond compare/Red China and Putin's Russia has cool birds/but nothing to compare to America/peace does not and never will sell/prepare for war with new planes
Nick Armbrister
Lyn-Purcell Jan 31

Swathed in my caution
I search to find my daring
Fire cracks my egg
I've been long since lost
Colours of the creative
Dulled by daily trudge
I hear the wind call
Fearing the might of my wings
Fall before I fly

Guess who's back! ^-^ on my 995th poem too, ***!
I hope everyone's alright in their part of the world. It's long overdue that I reconnect with my past love. Daily life is droll but I'm slowly finding my colours again. I still don't feel worthy of my pen at times but this is a blessing. Hard to believe that we will be in February tomorrow. May 2023 be a fantastic year for you all! I'll definitely be posting more this year. To reconnect to my inner child and creativity. It's long overdue that I try to spread my wings instead of dealing with the constant fall.
Much love to you beautiful souls out there
P.S - Melissa, this one's for you! ❤️
Take care all!
Lyn ***
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