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Beneath the oceans
of silence
and the storms
of endless chatter
you submerged
fathoms below
the bright waters
where I knew
Waters frozen in time
A Stagnant waters
Holding the Debris of the Past
In wrappers, Lilly pads, and used masks
So sublime.
Limited Time
You never realize how much time you have lost
Until you are "frozen in time"
From Virus Conditions to World Government Unrest
Your youth starts to shake in fear
as well as your mature part
Will I drown in a Body of Water like this?
In the Future in which I am headed?
Maybe so if I fail to keep active and vigil
and allow my soul to be ****** in and sink in Feelings
Resulting in The Frozen Ices of "Dread."
He cannot hear
I just now realized
He's deaf to it, it's all disguised
Everything, all of it, is crystal unclear
What's up is down and what's far is near

The radio boils
The microwave sings
The telephone listens, while his ear rings
But he hasn't noticed, his ignorance is loyal
To his strange world of backwards turmoil

His eyes tear up
At the toasters dull ding
Oblivious though, to orchestral strings
Crescendoing, divinus, in joyous buildup
An ode only heard as a course hiccup

Puts books to his ear
But hears no voice
Thumbs through jibberish, but his hands hold Joyce
The steak tastes like spam and the wine of beer
He's deaf to it, all of it, everything I fear

He runs in circles
And sits in squares
Drowns in shallow waters and falls upstairs
Nothings left of romance when passion dulls
But crippled hopes and shattered hulls

He cannot hear
He just now realized
He's deaf to it, it's all disguised
Everything, all of it, is crystal clear
What's up is down and what's far is near
Ending is a work in progress
Svetoslav Mar 3
crimson sky shivers
sounds of spring water heating
fuming snowy breath 🌷
from the haiku chain Of Changing Seasons
Payton Feb 25
I was the sea and you were the whaler.
You cast your harpoon into my waters.
It never did catch a whale.
But you caught me time and time again.
This poem? prose? pretty thought? was written in 2017.
Payton Feb 24
He stared down
                into the dark, twisting waves, as if
a voice spoke to him from
                                                         the watery depths

                                            It seemed to pull him in and
                                                                                              pool in him.
It swam circles
          in his curiosity.

The Sun stabbed at the waves, washing rainbows     over
glimmering abalone.
                Translucent bubbles danced
in its light.
Fishbones lay quietly on the ocean floor, forgotten.
                                                                                   Starfish whispered to him, tales
of how they had lost their arms to the
                      creatures that walk in the sun.

                                                        Urchins complained about the oil pooling in their waters.
Sharks gave him the silent treatment.
And despite the fact that he too had legs and walked in the sunlight,

                               he knew he was not made for the sun,
                      but for the sea.
                                                            And the waves whispered his name with
salt and foam.
This poem was written in 2016.
"Sea" was published in Rose State College's Pegasus 2016.
sea sparkle:
turns out that’s the name of a real thing,
a phenomenon.

i’ll write that down as a note for later poems
but then by mistake,
i let the sheet float away
through a window that i left open
only for it to find its way to the waters
and sink down to the bottom of the ocean
Sally A Bayan Jan 15
The house was simple...and small,
yet, sturdy were its base and walls,
it became the family's safest place...
its protective walls, were hushed
witnesses to the family's moments,
invisibly etched on their cold surfaces,
their silence was most comforting.

and then, came the waters...

the heart broke, wet with crystal tears,
people came....and people went
monsoon floods inundated the house,
a kind of centrifugal force drove peace
and happy winds astray...far, far away,
precious souvenirs became trash...

rain or shine made no difference,
nights became longer...i realized some
truths that played on and on in my mind:

"there's a time to be born, and a time to die,
a time to linger.....and a time to move on.

suddenly...changes happened...

after family, pets and all stuff were moved,
the old house seemed a wide gawking space...
on its glum doorway, echoed, a sad refrain:
..."Sally doesn't live here anyyyy...more."...

i turned the lights off, closed the windows
and locked the doors.....outside the gate,
a thought clawed on my chest:
it felt, i had caged inside
shadows...of a past life...

sally b

© Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
March 25, 2019
(twenty-two years ago)
colette alexia Dec 2020
My hopes were higher than the tide was
Who can get out the charm

the belle of the chilled

glacial waters of heavenly sapphire

love dipped, sanctity filled


I sat beside them

which impervious to express

like the occult hallucinations of one

compelled me to sob

To cry beside the waters

not on my sins

but on my known viles.
Mansarovar feelings
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