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Sam 2d
Today I drove past your house,
For a moment I thought I would scream,
For a moment I thought I knocked on your door,
Just like in my dreams.

The road felt like my own veins, winding throughout my body to keep me moving, to keep me alive.
I pull over,
Turn off the engine,
Hands tense around the steering wheel.
Eyes closed, I am taken back to the midnight conversations and coffee orders and that photo of us.
Oh, that photo of us.

Suddenly, I am home.

Sitting in my driveway, the time has passed me like a summer’s love affair: quick and disappointing. My knuckles clench until they glow white.

Nothing can change how I feel,
No highway hypnosis or holistic home remedy can heal this hurt.

Today I drove past your house and

Suddenly, I’m home.
Sometimes on days like these
I watch rain wash my skin like whispers
and it reminds me of you.
I remember when you taught me that the drops
splattering on your windshield like screams
(making it impossible to see
the impatient bloodlights in front of us)
were beautiful.
I couldn't hear you at first
from the ear-beating whip of your wipers.
Then with just one smooth, ink-like movement,
you silenced them...
and I sat in
as your eyes lit the falling tears on the
slowly diminishing glass-metal frame
that swathed us.
I forget when it disappeared...
but before I had the chance
to fashion your visage in my brain,
I was sitting naked in the rain,
letting you wash my skin
while you murmured sunlight in my ear.
This was written when I was 14 about my first boyfriend (and the man who raped me), and was the first poem I wrote in free-verse. Despite the pain obviously attached to it, this remains one of my favorite self-written works.
ashton Oct 2
If I could drive in the rain forever
I would

I don’t love the sudden tiredness that casts down
Pouring upon my body as the clouds open

but driving is an inbetween
you aren’t supposed to be working
you don’t have to talk
you don’t have to think about school
just about driving

I’d want to stay here
In the moments of rainy day traffic
that keep me safe
That let me escape
from the world around me
Melo Sep 30
Staring out my windshield
Eyes are numb to the roads
Street lights start to blend
Roll down the windows
Blast the music loud
Bring your head back to earth
Didn’t see that one
Ok no music
Just focus on th-
The fatigue seeps in
Too many late nights
So many bright lights
Arms drop to my side
Eyes close and my head falls
A loud blare still echoing
Jordan Hudson Sep 26
(No brakes, barely awake, for goodness sake
Yeah, get ready for story time, except this one happens everyday)
Rain, and soon snow will drench me as I ride away
From home to school along the trails as the sky is gray
But I will keep going despite the color of the sky
Yeah it isn't great, I won't deny otherwise
But it is better than other choices as I am trying to finalize
These months that pass slowly but surely
I am independent and can handle them maturely
The trails are soaked and so am I when I'm there
But that is me going for goals setting my future
Despite the consequences outside I can insure
I will be there on time everyday I have to be
As I ride the tree leaves fall alongside me
And I make it home equally to the others who go as a group
As I ride through rain like a military troop
Exposed and all, no rain coat, no roof
I don't need it though, I am virtually waterproof
Brakes make sounds, brakes don't work
Only I can stop myself from crashing in the murk
In the atmosphere while the rain falls and the puddles grow
But my strength grows too as I ride on the slick surfaces below
Wish we luck as I make my way pushing through the perilous snow
Me riding my bike before obtaining my license
Jordan Hudson Sep 25
It isn't to far before I will be with the rest
Cruising and being so blessed
Wind blowing fresh air through my hair
It is only a matter of time and I'll be there
One step closer, I already went up where I need to be
I'll get full potential soon, patience is the key
So much that I could do
So much to believe it is true
The next question where will I be next
Those thoughts make me more than perplexed
I can't even imagine although I have ideas
I guess we will have to see where my life is
At that time when the times comes
I would guess but I'd hate to ruin the outcomes
Predicting the future will jinx what could happen
Then my life would be messed up and misshapen
Some day I will be free
More free than anyone could be
Maybe that's an exaggeration but it will feel that way
I won't even be able to express or convey
The way it will be feel
To be open road and behind the wheel
I know others know but no one is the same
Every one of us would have a different claim
I can't wait to drive
there’s something remarkable
about the magical realisms
between the admixture
of writing and driving.
of course, it’s a difficult task
to literally write while driving
and I don’t recommend it
to anyone but the ideas you
can come up with in your head
become evidently transparent
like a clearing through the fog
and if I was given the chance
with a reliable car, a mixtape of
good tunes, a decent amount
of time to road trip from
Portland Maine to Portland Oregon
and getting lost in the
reverie of elucidation
and neglected dreams
along the countryside
and over the mountains
and through the Great Basin
I could easily write an overkill
of poems in my head and if I
could just get them down on
paper would be a
magical realism
in itself.
It’s best to wait a while
and live
than to take a chance
and die
these were the words
my mother gave
when she taught me
how to drive
She also taught me
to do what she says
and not what she does,
now I see why.
Anya Sep 9
Don’t cross the yellow line
She says
I do just that

Look in ALL the mirrors before reversing
She rehashes
I glance at one

Put on a signal before you turn
She insists
I turn without a pause

Full stop at the stop sign
She stresses
I slow down a fraction

Be careful with right turns
She warns
I nearly crash a curb

What will it take you to ever heed me???!
She demands in hopelessness

A week later, there’s an accident on 74th street
She gets her answer.
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