I used to think the moon followed me everywhere I went.
Like a beacon of light guiding me to where I needed to be.
Now as I sit in this car looking a the man in the moon asking,

Where to next?

Mister J Nov 24

Driving for miles
To get to where you are
Knees are aching
Hands are shaking
Fuel tank almost dry
Engines barely alive
Legs are tired
Tires wearing out
How long 'til I reach the end?

I'm driving to where you are
No matter how long or far
As long as the road ends
on the space beside you
I'll keep driving on
the highway towards you

I've been traveling and driving quite a lot this past few weeks.
I dunno if cars and love mix well.
But yeah, sometimes I love driving,
Sometimes I hate it.

M Rose Nov 20

Calling out into the canyon,
Echoing, echoing, echoing.
Sometimes I think I'll die there in the morning light, but then--
a Buzzing. You ask if I'm coming home.
I hear the rumbling of the semi trucks
and they sound so tired. They sound like me.
The Gray enshrouds me and it gets hard to breathe.
I think about that night so often.
I thought we would be a Long time
but you disappeared right before my eyes.
Steam rising from my flesh, with my last breath I ask you to stay;
you remind me that I held the blade.

When the shards of glass Pierced
your skin I felt the Stinging
alongside you.
Mouth gone Dry,
at last I see how my love turned Blind
for nothing more than a Flicker and a Shadow.

tw: violence, intrusive thoughts, etc.

It’s pitch black again as you’re driving home. The wind whirls around the world outside, the radio static barely drowns out the noises in your head. When did it get so loud? Each thought screams at you. Reminders of all of the mistakes you’ve buried in the backyard. Did you forget what happened the last time you dug them up? All of the ghosts coming out to play. The skeletons in your closet morphing into bodies of the people you used to love. People who used to love you. People who have found warmer homes elsewhere. It’s cold this time of year but never as cold as it is beneath your ribs. Drives like this feel like forever when no one’s riding shotgun in the passenger side. The laughter now an echo from the back of your mind.  When was the last time someone told you it was going to be okay? Or has it been so long that the word “okay” isn’t a feeling but a faraway place you uprooted from the day your mom stopped coming home. Trauma has many names but never this many faces. A deer jumps in your path and you almost step on the gas instead of your breaks.

Sean Flaherty Oct 26

Through another storm
I worried,
but your mother is fine, and
you're still not coming back.
It's a drive I can't make, by morning.

Dogs bark, you disappear.
I annoy you with the
same two low notes.
One stinks, the other screams.
And I can't play piano.

Are you there Nate?
It's the wagon driver.
You left the back open,
or I forgot to close it.
Either way you're on your own.

Were you God, Nate?
Or just some gorgeous meth-head?
If they don't have a bed yet,
tell them you'll take the couch.
Tell them I'll take the floor.

My blood pays by the heartbeat,
with my veins in rebellion.
Bleached is my skin and I'm
sold in pieces,
to the dust, to the dark, to the smoke.

Nate, I cry about it, every single
ride to work. I beg the cars in
front of me for your life. I beg you,
for mine.

I met Nate on Xbox Live. I hope he's alright.
Devin Domino Oct 25

I was chasing down the moon
Burning concave, sickle bow ahead

They thought you were cheese
They praised you
They feared you
They studied you
They tried to lasso you
They landed on you
They forgot you

And now I'm staring you down
Plain and laid in my sights
The deer to my lonesome, vague headlights

As I barrel into her labyrinth
I'm yielding onto her, and as I go
She eclipses the sky beneath her
And it's shrinking in my view

It's as so the distance
Barring us both,
Is fracturing with every inch of every mile
By time, we will collide in beautiful unison

The explosion wound send to fragments,
The line dividing
The candor of life
And the uncertain ether

Celestial dust and shrapnel
Will rain down a new gravity

Heaven involved itself;
Instead I am now driving with the moon
We team south as she occupies
The passenger side

She's my hitch hiker
Or if she were Bonnie
I'd have to be Clyde
We're gonna rob that big bank in the sky, baby

Weaving stories of home and the road
And love and loss and time and hope
And destinations and longings
And belongings and beginnings

And we disagree and we fear things
And we share dreams and we lose sleep
And we split gas and we drive fast
And we smoke grass and she laughs

But time passed
And she was due a few miles ahead
So she climbed to the back seat
To rest for a moment

And I drove on
With the familiarity she shone
She was quiet now
And so I kept to my thoughts and the road

I'd look back on occasion just to assure
She was still a pendant on the drapery of night
I glanced about enough to spot her
From the corner of my eye

And I sigh at the strike of reticence
But flood with saccharine
I remember her glow as a child
She was in a sidecar on every road trip

Again I turn to her,
But she made no appearance
Like a thief, she fled by window,
Not even a disturbance to the wind

I smiled for our ride together
And the protection she laid over me
It was finished now,
But everything always is

I caught the blemish in my rear view
As I moved on
She was a speckle behind me
And being swallowed by the hills and buildings

I couldn't know what anticipated in the remote
But I remember my old friend
As the slack between us
Became taut and expansive

helena alexis Oct 17

the cold wind
whispers through
the autumn night sky
“its getting colder”
i say as i shiver a little

“I was just thinking
the same thing”
you say as we walk
towards your car

loud music blaring through
the speakers once again as
the bass vibrates through my
body although this time was
different you had turned it down

i took a hit of my electronic cigarette
you instantly knew what flavor it was

you said with a smirk
i felt a blush creep
upon my cheeks

i replied and took another hit
letting the smoke enter my lungs

“can i hit it?”
i nodded and handed it to you

watching you take a hit
was mesmerizing
the way you inhaled
a perfect cloud of
white smoke into your
lungs then ever so
slowly exhaling
gave me shivers
down my spine

our night drives had turned
into something more
slowly but surely

we talked about other things
just simply getting to know
each other

i look forward to our
small talk conversations
every time you take me

he took me home last night, took a hit of my juul, and I have gave him a juul pod :)
loser Oct 11

six AM
on the road

the sky is screaming purple
and cars speeding
and headlights leaving trails
of orange tears

the air tastes like

and i lost my glasses this morning
mosaic mosaic
in the backseat
on century roads

like we're high
like we're high

can't see
past my the back of my hand
don't know
don't know

what to think
when I'm not driving
past it all
but I'm so slow
so dead

might as well forget

helena alexis Oct 11

it’s 9:30pm on a
chilly autumn night
i step into the
passengers seat
of your car as you
start the engine

music blaring from
the speakers as the
thundering bass
vibrates through
the entire car
i couldn’t get a word
out because it was so loud

we stop at a red light
I turn to look at you
as the red light
hits your face
i wanted to take a picture
it looked so aesthetically
pleasing with your side profile
as the red light shined in your face
making your face bright red like
the blush on my face when people
ask me about you

your grip on the steering
is so strong that i can see
your veins popping out
you look so focused
when you drive
it’s sexy
with only one hand
on the wheel
the other i wish
was gripping my thigh

late night drives
with you are
my favorite

- night drives

made it a little longer and detailed :)
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