the cold wind
whispers through
the autumn night sky
“its getting colder”
i say as i shiver a little

“I was just thinking
the same thing”
you say as we walk
towards your car

loud music blaring through
the speakers once again as
the bass vibrates through my
body although this time was
different you had turned it down

i took a hit of my electronic cigarette
you instantly knew what flavor it was

you said with a smirk
i felt a blush creep
upon my cheeks

i replied and took another hit
letting the smoke enter my lungs

“can i hit it?”
i nodded and handed it to you

watching you take a hit
was mesmerizing
the way you inhaled
a perfect cloud of
white smoke into your
lungs then ever so
slowly exhaling
gave me shivers
down my spine

our night drives had turned
into something more
slowly but surely

we talked about other things
just simply getting to know
each other

i look forward to our
small talk conversations
every time you take me

he took me home last night, took a hit of my juul, and I have gave him a juul pod :)
loser 7d

six AM
on the road

the sky is screaming purple
and cars speeding
and headlights leaving trails
of orange tears

the air tastes like

and i lost my glasses this morning
mosaic mosaic
in the backseat
on century roads

like we're high
like we're high

can't see
past my the back of my hand
don't know
don't know

what to think
when I'm not driving
past it all
but I'm so slow
so dead

might as well forget

it’s 9:30pm on a
chilly autumn night
i step into the
passengers seat
of your car as you
start the engine

music blaring from
the speakers as the
thundering bass
vibrates through
the entire car
i couldn’t get a word
out because it was so loud

we stop at a red light
I turn to look at you
as the red light
hits your face
i wanted to take a picture
it looked so aesthetically
pleasing with your side profile
as the red light shined in your face
making your face bright red like
the blush on my face when people
ask me about you

your grip on the steering
is so strong that i can see
your veins popping out
you look so focused
when you drive
it’s sexy
with only one hand
on the wheel
the other i wish
was gripping my thigh

late night drives
with you are
my favorite

- night drives

made it a little longer and detailed :)
helena alexis Oct 10

it’s 9:30pm on a
chilly autumn night
i step into the
passengers seat
of your car as you
start the engine

loud music blaring from
the speakers as the bass
shakes the entire car

we stop at a red light
I turn to look at you
as the red light perfectly
hits your face
i smile

your grip on the steering
is so strong that i can see
your veins popping out

you look so focused
when you drive
it’s sexy
with only one hand
on the wheel
the other i wish
was gripping my thigh

late night drives
with you are
my favorite

he took me home last night so I decided to write about it :)
isabel o Sep 23

doll me up and fill my heart, i know you'd mess me up from the start.

so take me on ride.

first gear, second gear, third gear, the feelings change.

now everything's a blur and the breaks won't work. the pedals refuse to push, just like you as i stare.

shifting, shifting, fourth gear... then, back down, down, down. third gear, second gear, a sharp right turn.

we'd don't know where we'll end up.

riding a manual car with a lover
JasFow Sep 21

I'm not afraid to honk when people get to close
Alarming them of the mistake they're about to make
Don't get closer, for there's a crash awaiting just around the turn
If you get as close to touch me, there is no small tap
I crumble and implode completely
Too weak to take the hit
I leak all that's in me, not able to move again
Yelling when they frustrate me
Throwing concerns into the wind
How can people go through so carelessly
No seat belt to secure who they are
Running red lights to get what they want
Taking the risk, and usually getting away with it/
It's disgusting
Terrifying me to the point where
I don't want to be the one behind the wheel
Let someone else take control
Drive me to my next destination
Choose each road to ride on, less bumpy then my usual
When I drive myself it's scary
The driver can't be trusted
She swerves
Parks double spaced
Crashes more than others
Loses control and is unable to see where she'll end
It's better to sit aside and let some one else take on the challenge
Some days, when the sun is glaring into my eyes
I don't see past the next hill
I close my eyes lightly
Imagining flying
Off into the sun and living a bright life
I actually fly out out my lane and shake so bad it's bothersome
I let go and keep pushing my foot forward
Another step, another place to be
I don't want to be here
But I gain my stability again, and slow into my way
Which ever way I end up, be careful if I pass

This is actually about my life/... I'm a bad driver
Scrap Metal Sep 18

At a time where it seems so very hard, for me just to feel alive.
all I wanted then, was to drive
As ridiculous as it seems
it was the stuff of my dreams
all I needed was my car and vacant 4am roads.

Going through the gears, as if they were my final years
piston tatted-ring finger; hand firmly wrapped around the wheel
braking late into the corner
locking up the alloy steel wheels on my automobile  
the tires squeal
waltzing them back into rotation as I find the threshold
clutch in
twist of the leg at the hip, I blip the throttle with my heel
down into second
one swift movement
un-burnt fuel erupts in the pipes.
blitzing through the off ramp
keeping it tight, clipping the manhole cover in the apex
pedal flat coming out, bounce the tach' as its not worth the upshift
pitch the car into the long sweeping overpass bend
the back end kicks out on decel'
counter steer and slam the accelerator back into the bare metal floor
front wheels clawing in the direction that I please
keys slapping my knees
straighten out and I ease her back home.

reverse down into the narrow; dimly lit garage
as I climb out, I can feel the heat radiating from the machine I built
hot oil ticking as it finds its way back to the pan
I stand and watch my car slowly disappear behind the garage door
it is but another night survived
for both of us.

imagine your single most favorite thing to do is extremely dangerous, illegal and selfish.
Dan Sep 17

On a Sunday afternoon he sits with doubt
about the girl with long brown hair.
A couple months ago, when it all began, it seemed so potent.
The messages they would send to each other were endless.
He saw her last before leaving on his trip for two weeks,
it all seemed perfect, but, upon his return she’d lost interest.
She won’t agree to see him or return his messages with witty replies
as she once did.
Two weeks is too long to go without seeing someone at the very beginning
of the kindling. The fire was not yet ready to stand alone, it’s since gone out.
Perhaps someone else was there as he traveled the country,
an escape to see the world, something he’d only heard of in books.
At some point in your life you have to go for it, buckle up,
drink a coffee at 4AM,
see the sunrise through your windshield -
no matter how the world is going to look when you get back.

Cian Kennedy Sep 6

A strewn learner sticker

His ego was always too thick

Too thick for glass

A windscreen stood no chance

Now mourners melanchol

Of a young man taken

His mother saw the real him

She saw the fake

"A little angel" they say

Certainly the one he took away

tumbling up hills while running through air
singing songs underwater
lakes floating in space
spinning in circles and drawing  straight lines
needing to start but can’t find my pen
answering doors with nobody there
diving through snow escaping the heat
feeling my way through clouds that talk
wanting to wake but finding no strength
trying to speak with sand on my teeth
sweeping the floor and shifting the walls
chanting the prayers
throwing frisbees of lace
how can I sprint with skis on my feet
raging red sun bursting with ice
crazy these dreams unpacking my head


taking the last line of “falling”
after a week of crazy dreams
something in wind?

***challenge - give me a crazy line from your dreams #crazydreamline ***
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