Windows down through east Texas.
Feeling the dry, cool desert air.
Thinking how I miss her
As the wind blows through my hair.

Too many miles between us now,
Too many things gone wrong.
You know it’s funny how things just happen,
Like they did in some old song.

Stopping off in Lubbock,
To watch the sun go down.
Listening to “Peggy Sue”
Driving through Buddy’s home town.

Back on the road for Austin,
Trying to make that city limits sign.
Too many people around here though,
For a man who feels like cryin.

But there’s too many miles between us now,
Too many things gone wrong.
There’s nothing I can do about it now,
Except write it in a song.
The possibilities in front of you
outweigh probabilities
behind you
Ever been behind someone and realize you would of had a turn, got thru a light, if they weren't in front of you? :/ (I may have done this one before, I'm too lazy to go look :D)
KM Hanslik Jun 11
I pick up my pen again
I want these words to be everything
love letters
confessions, daydreams
plans? Or roadmaps, new
contracts, to-do lists, like
"make myself better" or
"stop messing up". I turn
you over but you don't give me what I'm looking for, I'm looking
for a place to dissolve this poison
I'm searching in the dark for halos that don't exist
I'm counting up nights of lost sleep,
calculating the probability of
our intertwined fingers as
remedies melt
drip off your tongue and run over
cracks in the pavement, oozing
sticky shower thoughts into our heads, like how
did we end up here?,& how
does the world end every night but go
on spinning the next morning?

I want this to be everything, the cure
our futures, soft plans,
collections of stitched together questions like how long
does forever taste on your breath
in the aftermath of all the anxiety you tend
to consume?

I want to pull the drapes on this thing and leave it to breathe in the
dark, leave it under
covers so these ailments don't seep
around my doorframe and pull
what is half-born into the light, let it be
let it live
let it cave in on itself and slowly
Chances come in
let the sun forget to practice her
old game of never
letting anyone rest; my fingers are warm & numb now and they remind me a little of
how you look when you're half asleep
they remind me
why this is fragile, why this is broken
why this can never
last and I'm sitting
in the passenger seat wondering
how the soft things stretch out their wings in
my lungs without
killing me, but they're
leaving their marks now, clawing
up my throat;
I close my eyes and give
them to the open air.
You don't know all of this; your eyelids
are heavy and you're keeping track
of who I am in little
notepads & reminders,
keeping track
of the way we move and how likely
we are to remember this moment in 5 years,
because right now you want
to capture it and tame it like a living thing.  

We are becoming dust
molecules, we are
burning, we are becoming
quiet we don't leave footprints
we don't leave traces
we are heading toward the end of the world with our hands
tucked into our pockets, we are headed
toward the end of the world dissolving each others names on our tongues like sugar packets, we are headed
toward the end of the world and when we get there,

it starts again.
Eric Draven Jun 7
It's 3 AM now, and the road has been empty for hours
No city lights are with her as mind travels to rose garden dreams and flowers
With her coat on, feeding her body with feeble heat windows wide open to the crisp air of the last bit of winter the nights events weighing heavy on her mind.

At long last, the woman gazed away from the windshield looking at the sprawling highway and lightless farmhouses and the lake with black water rushing through the thinning ice to the bridge before her vehicle, neglected and concealed coverd in rust.

The bridge that claimed the lives of many,
She wondered of the souls that once stood there, jumping to their deaths
"What a tragedy," she whispered in the cold, now going faster than before

She drove under the haunted bridge her heart beating faster in her chest.
She used to wonder the final thoughts made by those who stood on the bridge What kind of tears they wept, and what sense of comfort emerged
Yet now, for this one moment, she knew the answer already
After all, what were these thoughts in her head that made her unsteady?

The car crashed through the highway fence after a steep incline and along with it, the woman plunged as well, eyes closed no sounds escaped here lips she made no attempt to escape the lake below.

The dark waters have claimed her life, her doomed life as the other woman
And now, encrusted under the ice is the face of a woman that no one knew
Her skin as cold as the waters that drowned her, her dead eyes coloured blue.

It's 5 AM now, and the road has been empty for hours
No city lights are with her as she lay dead, dreaming of funeral flowers
As perusal. Spelling and grammars pretty bad.
Feedbacks needed.
Meg Wickham Jun 6
i was freezing, but i didnt mind
the windows were down
i couldn’t hear him
we were southbound
“when we hit the parkway
we are rolling the windows down and
singing along to Don’t Stop Believing”
how romantic
he called out to the winds and said
these are the nights we are meant to live
and i believed him.
don’t stop.
god he looked so beautiful in the street
lights. i giggled as he sang
and hoped to whatever universal power that brought
us together that
this moment would last.
he’d look at me,
i knew he was looking at me
but i didn’t look. i couldn’t
the parkway was empty. like we were on another
plane of existence.
alternate reality.
it felt too real.
i was shivering, holding on to his strong
arm, his hand on my thigh slowly creeping
“i like the way you hold my arm, it’s nice.”
he said
i was holding on a little too tight.
Jordan Ray May 19
I cried while driving today;

A heartfelt sob that not even the gentle purr of the engine could stop.
My heart sunk back into the driving seat.
My eyes filled with tears that the wippers couldn't wipe away.
My happy persona was left behind in the dust.
I was alone, free to be depressed.
Not even the street lights could brighten up my night.
Although, I felt like this was needed.
Ace Loren Apr 20
Heads bowed
Respect is due
Mindless slaves of prayer
Fingers tap a dedicated chant
The sounds of life fade

Life itself fades

Necks bent
Forever craned
Eyes worship the light
Don’t look away from the light

Screen shattered
Gravel stained
3477 sacrifices per day

Three thousand
Four hundred
Seventy seven sacrifices
Per day

One tap for likes
Two taps for loves
Three taps for Rest In Peace

Picking up the pieces of
Windshield, heart and phone screen

Three thousand
Four hundred
Seventy seven sacrifices
Per day

Heads bowed
I’m sorry for your loss
Respect is due
A moment of silence for
Mindless slaves of prayer

Evelyn May 17
You’ve got
one headphone in the left,
the radio in the right,
as a stranger drives measures in clefts of night.

You kiss him how
your feet kiss sand,
or a soloist breaks off from the band
before the pianist beckons them back,
tuning deft fingers to a single track.

This, too, you caress,
sound’s wordless talk,
beats in a measure a half-step off.
Blue’s lips tactless, sucking you down;
blue’s lips fastening ankles to ground.

Then sudden:
a rock in the road,
an anchor thrown,
you’re caught between verses
and words you don’t know.

Then sudden:
the break.
Pianist makes a mistake.
Notes slip under toe.
The ocean lets go.
Aa Harvey May 7
I have come undone.

I see the Devil sat beside me in the passenger seat,
As I’m speeding down the freeway.
He is egging me on to go past one hundred
And I am liking what he is saying.

The light on the freeway, I have become;
I never wanted to be much less than I could.
I fall apart now the sun is gone;
So set me free before I become undone.

Help me, to help me, to help myself.
I need you to change me and my thoughts, so I can feel safe.
I am scared this is the road to Hell;
So won’t you please help me?  I need to be saved.

The fires burn in front of me and I drive towards them at speed;
Give me all I want and I shall do as you please.
Heading into the future, a ball of flames;
The world comes crashing down upon me
And I am tomorrow and yesterday.

I am all things in an instant and timeless without a soul;
I am gone to forever with the Devil and so,
I am here and I am there; I am split in two.
I have left your world of pain behind me
And now I sink into the depths of sorrow.

I am sat inside this hole, looking up
And dreaming of once more feeling the sun’s rays upon my face.
Living in Hell all my life, I chose this life and the drugs,
Because that was the only way I could face this world
And face another day.

I am broken by any means and my existence in meaningless;
I am a mess, I am disintegrating and I am hopeless.
I am nothing and all things destroyed by a dark world;
I am gone to never be remembered
And now I am forgotten and nameless.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Jack Apr 28
Driving in the night, finally alone,
Ignoring faint buzzes from his silenced phone,
He’s tired of hurting everyone he loves,
To the back of his mind he violently shoves
All the pain spewed out from a broken mind,
Refusing help of any kind.
Trying so hard to be brave,
His head, a dark, lonely cave
When will he learn to just say no?
They’ll never know how he just wants to let go,
When will he get what he deserves?
When will his justice finally be served?

And all he wants
A goodnight kiss,
A girl to miss.
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