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suspended in the air
creations of your own kind of flight

wispy strands protect and feed you
the weary that are trapped by your game

crawling and weaving,
flightless yet flying,
ever graceful,

the spider and his web.
spiders seem like they're flying because their webs are so translucent. kind of dreamy.
San-Pei Lee Jul 14
Sometimes I wake up
To seconds that float in oblivion
Before it all floods back in waves

Dreams sewed into webs of thread
Sunshine caught in shards of glass
Seashells echoed on ears' shores

But in a sanctuary of stars
Lies the peaceful silence of unborn stars
Nathalie Nov 2018
I knew of you before we met

I would visit you

During my nighttime wanders

Observing you from the cosmoses of

My active mind

At rest…

I felt your energetic touch

As it drew me closer

The dominance of your circuitry

Knitting our fields in webs

Of pulsing adoration

Signs of ardor

Remain present

When your soul companion

Is near…the communication

Is never amiss

The understanding

Between these two travelers

Are through surfs

Of invisible connections

Detectably palpable

Danielle Oct 2018
Ride through my veins, driven by your cruelty and anger
Leave me nothing, but those shadows and dark places,
You were afraid to touch, afraid to enter,
As my broken hands clenched red fabric,
Twisted it ‘round as whispered screams echoed.
The cracks though my being, held together by silken webs.
A rough touch enough to break me and scatter,
My mirrored reflection towards the stars.
Tara Jun 2018
All puzzles you have need to be solved
Some pieces will never be found
My mind is a puzzle
Each night it falls apart
Sometimes I don’t put it back together
The pieces collect cobwebs
I’m broken but I don’t want to be fixed
One day I’ll open up the Skeltons
I’ll spend hours trying to be “together”
My 1,000 pieces
Always missing more each time
I’m scared the day I’ll loose all my pieces
Strange how they only made of thin white hairs
They don't seem so scary when they dangling from an old lady's head
But when you caught in them,
Its hard to image them being harmless little strings of thread
I suggest caution around spiders
They hold a deadly weapon
Cat Lynn Mar 2018
Like a fly, I am capture too easily and quickly by the beauty of others...

Their web traps my gullible mind... and cages in my withering body... they couldn't choose another...

My vibrational screams of mine only caused their monster within to awaken....

Their eyes filled with delight in the blood dripping pain they'll cause, their fangs break in....

Finally... their scheme is revealed through their venom, and slowly... life is ****** out of me...

Senses betray me... as I am dropped from the laced-up web kingdom... dry and lifeless...but I can still see

I was caught in your web once...but when I come back... I swear I won't get caught in it again...

Sadly... I must always remind my self that we are fools... And we all can be deceived and be fooled and fall short...

It's so easy to get caught up in people, with their kindness, knowledge... but we must remember they are human...And they will fail you... and they will mess up...

The Fly can represent anyone... Anyone who looks up to someone, someone who is high in the knowledge of Christ, Spirituality off the charts... or anything

The Web represents us easily getting caught up in the glory and positive "they could do no wrong" mind set...

The Spider represents the sinner that they still are... They will make mistakes, however, for those who get too wrapped up in the web, see it as a BIG DISBELIEF. They are shocked and CRUSHED and DESTROYED AND HURT....

So this is why we shouldn't make others seem like they are higher then all of us, we can't lift them up too high... nor think of them as almost perfect... because it will crush us.... it's not bad to look up to someone however... There is a limit, and sometimes it will cause us to look down on our selves...

The falling of the fly represents the the looking down on one's self from looking at someone as more superior, OR it can represent the BROKENNESS  in love and trust....

The blame depends on the situation. Sometimes the spider may be innocent and the fly is guilty for it's thoughts

or the spider can be guilty for and the fly is innocent...

So...who is innocent in your story?
I spun a beautiful web of silver
delicate with lovely symmetry
Spun to catch your fleeting heart
instead the rains came
and left me tiny droplets
reflecting the tears of your absence

often intentions catch the unintended
no matter the mistake
find joy in the bounty
find beauty in the break
Webs are meant to catch, and sometimes they catch things never intended.
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