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We run together
You kick off the stilettos
Bounding through heather-filled fields
Boundless meadows

I lie next to you
Enamored, obsessed
Time stops as you steal
My heart and my breath

You lay your head gently
Across my chest
We release inhibitions
Let go of the stress

Our lips lock
Bodies intertwine
Passion burns
Beauty shines

Joy erupts in my soul
Reunited at last
Unrequited love
My blast from the past

My deepest longing
Clasping my hand
Too bad I know
It's all in dreamland

I sleep next to her
While I'm here by your side
Yearning to find you
As I drift off each night

She's not you
That makes my heart break
So trap me here in my dreams
Don't let me awake
Daniel 4d
Take me to your dreamland
A place where we can be forever

As our bones crumble to dust
Our souls will astray
Into your dreamland
Away from endless pain
Our hearts will be mended
Our minds will found
Located somewhere between Heaven and Hell
Let us live for the moment eternally
:') I wna dream happy thoughts
RA DeVito Sep 12
I've dreamt of lands,
far and beyond,
Where mourning doves
do sing a song
that is absent of the sadness
which has plagued the one's I've known.

And, here, the days
are longer, so,
In night there's peace
I've never known,
Where little children do not sleep
in fear of monsters perched below -

Their little beds
are filled with naught
but the sounds of restful sleep,
As imagination takes them on a trek
through gallant dreams.

And the nighttime gives to day
a long awaited,
in which the day may take admiring
all the beauties night conceives.

And, here, the stars shine brighter so
than any star I've ever known,
and, too, behind each twinkling light
there lies a promise in the night:

it's one which speaks of greater lands,
which we can't present envisage,

for anything we might conceive
would, so, fall short from where its come

And, so, they come to us in form of,
ephemeral, night-time, dreams.
Writ on August 12
one night i visited the dreamland
just to assess how many dreams stand
found many floored when explored
few were killed prematured
few flushed in the time's streams
few murdered by other dreams
few elightened ones crushed themselves
few learned ones locked them in shelves
few dated and were reset
future of this sort most of them met
found some lucky ones still dance
in the eyes of new romance
few could turn into reality
few survivor went till eternity!.....
Most of the dreams die....
Come with expiry dates
The date of your first job
The date of marriage
The day when you become parents
Or the day when you've heartbreak...
Sometimes killed by self....

A negative write provoked by one of my close relatives failed marriage...
Jade Louise Aug 12
I sit under the moon
And the night takes hold of me
It steals me away
Until Dawn
It hands me back to the sun
And I will rise for daylight

But in between
Being taken by the night
And being given to the day
I will dream
I will see this earth's
Brightest and darkest moments
And I will see everything in between
I will see it in my dreams

And then I will rise
And I will live in the sunlight
Only to be taken by the night again
And see all the world's color
I see it in my dreams
Every night
sunprincess May 3
When I close my eyes
dreamin is such a nice surprise

When I close my eyes
I float away to dreamland
Endlessly floating

Where there are no boundaries
Just endlessly falling away

Good nite everyone
I enjoyed your poetry
Brokewench Oct 2017
Night lights
Casting light in the shadows
Minimizing the hiding places for monsters and negative thoughts
Providing a false sense of security
As though if I could see the danger coming, I could protect myself from it
Weather it was monsters or hearing that voice inside my head telling me I'm not quite good enough.
Did you protect yourself?
Did you learn how it felt before you dreamed a reality that left you of short of breath on the edge of falling into the abyss?
As though the monster had sucked up all the air in the room and was holding it captive just out of reach
Just far enough where you are not brave enough to walk
Did you ever wake up from the terror thankful for it to be over just to realize as the second passed that the monster still held you in his grips?
Hand pressed over your throat, stifling your screams dragging you back in, as your fingertips bleed from scraping at air, trying to pull away
Waking up, scarce of breath, trembling like the knees of a girl who is fragile and weak, begging for a rush of air
Did his face pressed against yours and his hands caressing your skin vanquish the monster and fill your lungs?
Did he make you feel safe?
As the nights drag on and the night light persists when will enough be enough
When will the darkness envelope me in comfort instead of anxiety
Will it always be a constant battle of needing sleep but not wanting to dream?
Childhood covered in night terrors and sweat.
My Fears took root in the darkness, thriving on my constant thoughts and well wishes.
Soaking up my confidence and using it as a weapon
I am not scared of sleep I am scared of what hides in my mind as I drift off.
What new version of hell could my mind construct
Night lights make waking up less of a mental battle.
Night lights help make me realize that the fear and danger is no match for reality
Night lights help pull me out of the abyss and bring me back to you.
But if I believed that light always conquered dark then wouldn't the dreams have stopped?
Rebecca Kinga May 2017
It was like
Holding big dreams in small hands
Having no wings to fly in your lands
While I
Dreamt of touching stars
Mending never mending scars
And felt like
Gliding in the highest dreams
Floating in the deepest streams
And it was like
Holding big dreams in small hands...
Vachaspathi May 2017
Dance with my soul.
Otherwise, it has no further role.
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