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Alicia Moore Feb 20
do you simply enjoy travelling to dreamland,
or is it that living in reality feels too much like a nightmare?
mae Jul 2020
I’ll meet you there
in a place
where dreamers
are awake
and dreams
come alive

in a place
where the impossible
and the cruel reality

I’ll meet you
where you and me
are definite,
and our times together,

I’ll meet you in a place
where wishes come true,
tears dry,
heartaches heal—

some place where
I say I love you
and you say,
I love you too
October 14, 2017 – 9:50AM
Raven Mc Chim May 2020
A wonderful world
With all good and bad
There is a place in the corner of the world
Where the flowers blossom every second
Water falls from the sky
Which is always sparkly even you die
There lives an animal kingdom
Where everyone has wisdom
Their king was a wise lion
Humans don't exist there
But tourists does
That is a land of wishes
Where every wish of yours is fulfilled
This is the place where you find everything you deserve
For all this you have to lose what you love the most
just fantasy came that came up in my mind
Asominate Jan 2020
A hue of three
We princes stand
A half, a child, and one a man

The prince of blue
Collected, calm and cold
Died to the red hue
So've we've been told

The citrian prince
Mind; heart of child
Pure innocence
Energies wild

Red prince, of passion and love
To self his own
A brethren fell at his shove
Thus becoming grown
The three known princes of the Isle of Calm Calamities
Asominate Jan 2020
The Land of Calm Calamities
Here now it lies an island
Call out its name, if you do same
It'll rise from the horizon

Upon a hill
The palace still
Watches upon its city

Three harpies sings
Blue prince on string
Left behind him royalty
A land from my dreams, complete with history
Jay M Nov 2019
Shining brightly in the night
In the corners of our minds
Dancing with the dead
Wherever that may be
If there at all
But still you do
Smiling down from the heavens
Passing on your good wisdom
Then walking back among the living
Just for two days
One just for you
The other for the rest
But still you do roam
Lingering to say
Your greetings and farewells
Then ascending
Back to that magical place

- Jay M
November 1st, 2019
Today is the first day of the dead; All Saints Day.
sunshine Aug 2019
do i want to even dream?
fall into that loop of
                               you standing there
                               me breathless again
                               admitting all my mistakes
                               admitting maybe you're irreplaceable
but i wake up every time
taking a deep breath
catching up to reality again
because its been a while since
                                           i've seen you
                                           heard from you
                                           even thought about you
you make it so easy to fall in love
you make it so easy for me to hate you
do i even want to dream?
fall into a lucid cycle of
                                     thinking i was good without you
                                     kissing you hard
                                     letting your hands fall where they shouldn't
                                     regretting and breaking glass
but focus
wake up again
the sun rises and i'm back
knowing i'm fully in love
with everything i hate about you
i dream
i sleep
i wake up without you

Äŧül Aug 2019
A beautiful saga of love and longing,
Turns now towards its completion,
Ultimately turning into achievement,
Love gets stronger like black coffee.

A melodious voice says my name,
Not fearing the society or religion,
Demanding only love from me.

Jelling deliciously is this pudding,
Excellent is this sweet romance,
Neither shameful nor shameless,
Indians from two different religions,
Few attempt what we plan for us,
Alive for each other and our families.

Living for the good of all life on Earth,
I love her and she loves me back,
Veil of her face is an elegant blue,
Elegant are her eyes from the slit,
Deriving pleasure from my imagination.

How we must get together,
A married couple is by hard work,
People do get old and die together,
People otherwise die in loneliness,
I am so blessed in this togetherness,
Love me you do in an untouched way,
Yet I feel you by my side in my life.

Evening the odds through honesty,
Victory is definite for both of us,
Even for peace, it will be a union,
Reason will only be love, our love.

Actually, I think that we shall do it,
Fatwas will never work against us,
Threats will be there but relax,
Except the Maulvi, none will bother,
Rest of them, our love will smother.

Truthfulness in your kind young face,
Heavenly is the sight to behold,
Earnestly we must get married,
Irate letters we shall then face,
Rising higher in the heavenly eyes.

Marriage is not just a wonderful word,
Also it is a beautiful permanent bond,
Rings in our fingers will mean more,
Rings and a Mangalsootra as well,
In our dreamland, we are together,
Atypical life we shall celebrate,
Gleefully we shall see our babies,
Eternal gifts by this love story of ours.
A romantic acrostic.
Lived happily ever after their marriage.
My HP Poem #1756
©Atul Kaushal
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